jackie balboa


Well… I guess I’m going to have to explain myself to you eventually, huh? Might as well do it now. I wasn’t really the most popular kid growing up. Most of the people at school didn’t like me and I got made fun of a lot.

Ah. I’m sorry to hear that.

In case you’re wondering, that’s why I’m so uncomfortable with being a werewolf. I was terrorized for it, and in high school it got really bad. I won’t go to heavy into details, but that’s what made me decide I wanted to be a police officer. I want to help people who need it and make sure that the people who deserve to be punished are punished.

That’s very noble of you, Marilyn.

I wouldn’t say that… I just want to make a difference.

Is that how you met Cricket? 

Let’s see here…well, for one, I’m pregnant.

I thought so. Congratulations!

Thank you! But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. They’re opening up a new children’s hospital in Appaloosa Plains, and one of the head surgeons that they had hired dropped out last minute. They offered Mike the position, and with me being pregnant with his child, there’s no way I’m going to just stay here. We’re leaving next week.

Oh, wow. Congratulations again! Mar and I will miss you but there’s no way you should turn down an opportunity like that. Were you offered a position as well?

Once the baby is born I’ll be working as a nurse. And thank you. I’m gonna miss both of you too, but I’m really excited.

You should be, Lacey. A lot of amazing things are happening for you.