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If you could train with any Real life person Dead or Alive who would your top 10 be?

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Number 1) since he has always been my Biggest Real life Inspiration 

Bruce Lee

Number 2) because He was THE KING Of Bodybuilders and one of my Major Inspirations

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Number 3) Any Man who at Age 75 could Swim an Ocean with 5+ Boats on their Back in Just LEGENDARY

Jack Lalanne

Number 4) Michael Jai White 

Number 5) Yayan Ruhian aka MAD DOG from the Raid

Number 6) Mike Tyson

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Number 7) Jackie Chan

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Number 8) MY FAVORITE YouTuber Ice1cube

Number 9) The ROCK

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Number 10) The Shaolin Monks Because Im convinced they are not mere mortals