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Episode 66: Eric Looks Like a Blow Pop.
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Episode 66: Eric Looks Like a Blow Pop.

Episode 66: Eric Looks Like a Blow Pop.

“If you ever leave me, I’ll kill you.” ……………….. Is what a crazy psycho would say on their second date with a sweet foreign exchange student who’s just trying to find love. And everyone thought Caroline would be so sweet. Well. Think again. In this episode, Cheyenne and Rain discus Season 3, Episode 15: Donna’s Panties – in which Fez’s sweet Valentines Day takes an unexpected and dark turn, Jackie hates Kelso, until she doesn’t, Kelso loves Laurie, until he doesn’t, Donna and Eric argue about underwear ………………………… again, and Kitty makes an inappropriate joke about Donna sitting on her sons’ face! Exciting stuff, people. Exciting stuff! 

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Disclaimer: I’m so sorry I’m posting everything so late – I had a million issues getting things right this week. There’s some heavy fan action, as well, because our computers are from the dino period. We’ll try better next time!


Red Hugging His Kids

You don’t want a hug, do you?
‘Cause you’re not getting one.

For a man who doesn’t seem to like hugs, Red’s pretty much given some kind of hug to each of the kids that hung around his house at least once.