jacquipoirier  asked:

any idea why Jackie said she didnt feel anything in Jackie Bags Hyde when she kissed Steven? She was chasing him for a while and then once she kissed him she was like "oh i felt nothing"

The real answer is that the writers thought ending that story line like that wasn’t going to left as many questions as it did. Who knows why they decided to break it that way. One of the many things went wrong.

The in universe answer may be something I think most of us agree, that she just couldn’t identify was what she was feeling in that moment, because it was too diferent from what she once felt while with Kelso.

It’s not familiar and we tend to get scared at unfamiliar stuff, especially when is too intense. My headcanon is that she felt numb after the explosion inside her belly, because honestly this kiss looks like the bomb:

The other option is that she just decided to lie because of the intensity of it. Again, she has been hurt many times before and she knows Hyde’s story with girls. He doesn’t date, he has a record of having the same girl for the long of a week. What tells her it could work out?

He rejected her a million times, and would had he said the truth? We know that there’s a big chance that he would, but she doesn’t. She needed the Kelso experience all over again to finally understand that she doesn’t need that shit, and that she needs to start trusting him and her instincts.

This Week in Star vs The Forces of Evil...

- Miss Heinous returns and invades the Diaz household
- Marco gets in another Karate feud with Jeremy Birnbaum
- Star destroys a possum statue then tries to make it better by fixing things
- The Starco vs Jarco ship wars really hit the fan

And of course, we learn how the Book of Spells end up back in Star’s possession.

Yeah, thought we wouldn’t remember that little image in the recent promo, didn’t you, Disney?

Still, won’t be as big as the two half-hour episodes next Monday.

clydeandjanie  asked:

Do you think Hyde and Jackie would had kids?

Yes. Jackie definitely would want one or two kids (probably not more than that – for several reasons).

Pre-Jackie, Hyde would likely not be interested in having children. But he falls in love with Jackie and grows and changes because of his relationship with her; therefore, he’d: a) be willing to have kids because she wants them, b) view his potential ability to parent more positively, partly because of her, partly because of the Formans, and c) believe that he can – and would want to – end the abusive and neglectful cycle of his and Jackie’s parents’ and raise a kid (or two) to feel loved, safe, and respected.

Something I love is going to the That 70s Show tag and find the majority of new posts are people saying how much they love Hyde/Jackie and/or how much they hate season 8. It’s like if we were a big family on sunday reunions, talking shit about the neighbor’s new trashcan or something.


Jackie - Natalie Portman “Pablo Larraín”