“I have thoughts. Not exactly the same as you, but similar. They tell me that I’m fat or psychotherapy is… is not a worthwhile exercise, that it’s not real, that I should’ve aimed higher than a government job, that my potential is being squandered, that I’m unworthy of love.”

“But none of that’s true. So what do you do about it?”

“Well, I can't shut them off entirely, nor would I want to. But I can argue against them.”

The Voices (2014), dir: Marjane Satrapi.


David Tennant and James Strong have worked together quite a lot in the past few years:

  • Doctor Who - The Satan Pit / The Impossible Planet (2006)
  • Doctor Who - Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks (2007)
  • Doctor Who - Voyage of the Damned (2007)
  • Doctor Who - Partners in Crime (2008)
  • Doctor Who - Planet of the Dead (2009)
  • Monty Python in Aberystwyth (2009 - David narrated)
  • United (2011)
  • Broadchurch (2013)
  • Gracepoint (2014)
  • Broadchurch Series 2 (2015)

Thank you to the fans/photographers who took & posted the 2 Gracepoint photos above - dexterpine [X] and chrismorinbc 

Helena Bonham Carter, because I think she’s the epitome of beautiful British, English eccentricity and I mean that in a complimentary way. I love the way she dresses, I love the way she speaks and presents herself. I think she’s a brilliant actress. I think every job she does is fabulous. And on top of that she’s beautiful and intelligent and very, very sweet and I said, Helena Bonham Carter, I love you, and she said, that’s absolutely sweet of you.
—  Jacki Weaver on a person she loves