AU Wishlist-

"Dad went on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home for a few days…"
"You let him go by himself?!"

Stilincest Supernatural AU: The Stilinski Brothers were born and raised hunters. After there mother was murdered when they were only seven, their family had been broken. Julian was daddy’s little soldier and Stiles wanted nothing to do with hunting. But when their dad goes missing, the twins set out almost instantly. But they never knew this was what they were getting themselves into…How far will these young hunters get before they’ve had enough with each other? 

Let’s talk for a minute about Meta Analysis. 

Meta Analysis writers are an absolute gift to fandom that should be cherished at all costs. They provide multiple viewpoints for the entire community to sift through. They think about every possible angle and meaning in every scene. They dig deep and do research and have a thousand and one thoughts floating around in their heads that they then have to struggle to type out in a coherent way.

In case anyone is confused as to what I’m getting at, here is a list of do’s and don’t’s when interacting with Meta Analysis. 

Acceptable things to add to Meta Analysis:

-Positive enthusiasm

-Helpful corrections

-Additional view points 

-A continued discussion

Not Acceptable things to add to Meta Analysis:

- “That’s really grasping at straws….”

-“lol you’re all so desperate”

-“Um this is kind of a stretch but ok”

-“you are thinking waaaay too much into this”

That sort of stuff is rude enough in the tags, so please don’t add it. If you don’t agree with the Meta, simply don’t reblog it. It may not be your view of things but it is a view. 

I don’t care if it’s an analysis that says the position of the clock’s hand in the background symbolizes the inevitable love between two people who haven’t even met. Don’t be fucking rude. Thinking too much into things is their job.

I don’t want to run the risk of a glorious Meta Writer hesitating to post a beautiful piece of Meta Analysis because of the backlash they fear they’ll get. 

Rock on, Meta Writers. You do your thing.