My outfit was cute today! 💛✨🎈💎💫🚀 (they/them)


visual line always gotta stay close ♡


Happy 40th birthday, Tobias Sammet! (November 21, 1977)


I finally managed to get around to creating Ducktales OCs! >3

Unfortunately I don’t have much information about them as I never really planned on making them offical OCs as they were a couple of doodles I drawn. The only things I can tell you is that with the kids on the left the one on the right is called Dakota and he’s a young cygnet/swan while his sister is called Emily whose a White Faced Whistling Duckling and yes before you ask she is in fact blind and they are both adopted by the duck on the right who I unfortunately haven’t given a name yet ^^;

But I hope you guys like them!