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Happy Valentine’s Day, I bear headcanons. Spock and Kirk, after retirement. They have an interview together because they’re famous starship captains, but Spock prefers to be known as the First Officer. They’re both past caring about decorum, so they show up dressed in civilian clothes. Kirk’s dug out his old green shirt and a jacket with a vintage NASA pin. Spock is bundled up. They’ve got a ton of in-jokes; the interviewer is bemused but entirely delighted over how affectionate they are. The vulcans are no longer scandalized—“It’s that science genius with his human again.” 

NCT Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan and Jaemin's ideal type (appearance)


Anon: hi hi !! could you please do the next 5 members for the ideal type post? if you don’t want to that’s okay, too. Thank youuu!

Anon: Please please please do the ideal types of the next 5 members, personality and appearance. <3

Sorry that this has taken a while to come out! Hopefully it was worth the wait! Please remember that these are all just assumptions. Tell me if you want the next 2 members (Chenle & Jisung)! Also thank you to everyone who sent in messages and helped me with this! It really helped!

Ideal type (appearance)

Ideal type (personality)


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Mark wouldn’t really have type or preference when it comes to appearance. As long as your personality was spot on, he literally wouldn’t care. He’d, of course, be one of the members who’d be the most open to dating someone from a different country and looks different to himself. He’d be able to make them feel confident and unafraid of people criticising your relationship; he’d just have that effect over people. He’d be happy to date someone very sim, or slightly chubbier; someone shorter than him or taller than him. He might slightly prefer shorter people though, because he is still quite young and probably would want to be the one who dominates and looks after the other rather than vice versa. Someone who dresses simply and doesn’t like bright or weird designs or patterns. Definitely someone who laughs and smiles a lot and will always laugh at his jokes even tho most of the time they r CRaP lmfaooo.


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Someone who’s not too short nor too tall, so about his height. Dresses with beanies and sweaters and likes odd patterns and colour matches. Someone with long wavy hair, who will let him braid and play with it. Likes to smile and giggle and tends to cover their mouth with their hands subconsciously (I think he’d like those kind of habits that only he noticed) Someone with big, innocent eyes that are warm and inviting. Someone with a calming aura who usually is surrounded by people who are instinctively drawn to their chill self, but always spots him and will focus their attention on him. Someone who wears a lot of denim and has matching denim jackets with him, with matching pins, badges and patches on it. Someone who smells really nice; a flowery and light scent that’s kind of unique and reminds him of home.


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Someone who’s a little more on the curvy side and likes to look after themselves and work out. Doesn’t have to be a gym-junkie or anything, but he’d like it if they at least ate healthy and did a little exercise. Someone who can be a bit daring with their look whether that be with their hair, clothes or makeup. Someone on the taller side but still short than him, and acts very adorable and sweet. Maybe someone with shorter hair with highlights that catches the light well and suits their face shape very well. I see him liking if they wore a lot of necklaces and bracelets and rings all with meaning and symbolic reference to them; he’d be the type to want to have couple accessories and gift you very expensive and special jewellery.  


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Someone short and a little curvy or chubby! He’d love how innocently cute and adorable they looked, and would probably tease them about their height too. Really though, it’d make him feel very responsible and manly if they were way shorter than him. Someone with darker skin who will share in his problems with some people thinking they should have lighter skin. They’d really help them through those kinds of things and would give him a good-old ego boost, without even having to try. Someone who has a feminine sense of style, but still looks good in simple things like jeans and doesn’t mind altering their look once in a while. I don’t know why, but I think he’d really like big lips? sorry if that sounds weird lmaooo but He’d just like the look of them and would think they suit them really well.


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Someone with dark and glowy skin; he’d find it really attractive and exotic and would totally be the type to gush, to your and to other people, about how well it suited you. In general, he’d be the type of boyfriend to compliment you a lot and talk about you a lot to other people. Someone with a big smile and a feminine and sweet laugh, who’s not shy about their smile or looks. Someone who likes pastel colours and skirts/shorts. Still manages to look good in simple clothes, and won’t mind wearing clothes that he’s picked out and bought for you. Doesn’t really care about height; he’d find all heights attractive and not a deciding factor in whether or not to date someone. Someone whose hair is always styles differently and looks very glossy and smooth; will let him play with it and run his fingers through it.

percy and vex are that couple where they go grocery shopping together and the cashier puts a divider between their things because like

vex has her hair all braided nicely and her makeup perfect, and she’s wearing a leather jacket covered in pins and patches and a pair of ripped jeans and combat boots. like, she looks like a model. an intimidatingly hot punk rock model.

and then you have percy, who hasn’t shaved in a while and his hair is all over the place and he looks vaguely like he just rolled out of bed - and it doesn’t help that he’s got a dorky sweater vest and khakis on and fucking UGLY dad shoes with a blue hoodie over everything that absolutely does not match the rest of his look

and percy has to spend two minutes trying to convince this poor cashier that no, their stuff is together because they’re together, yes really - vex stop laughing and help me

More College AU Headcanons

-Taako sings 24/sev but canNOT hold a tune to save his life.
-Noelle: “Y'all’d’ve”
-Lup has lots of small tattoos, some of them stick n pokes, but Taako is like “This body is my fucking temple okay? I’m not inkin’ this masterpiece.”
-When Taako is too tired to get ready but has to run errands/go to class, he goes full Celeb-Hiding-from-Papparazzi. Huge ass sunglasses, big shawl, and an enormous hat.
-Kravitz is perpetually overdressed but makes it work, secretly runs a fashion blog that’s like health goth-meets-business casual under the name Modern Mortician.
-Magnus works on his friends’ cars, and always tells them they can “repay him later”, usually Taako’s because…
-Taako drives an absolute junker of a car, but it’s got a ludicrous paint job and about twenty trinkets hanging from the rear view mirror.
-Lup is the Queen of Bumper Stickers and also jacket pins.
-The way that you know you’re officially Lup’s friend is she has somehow managed to permanently “”“borrow”“” one item of your clothing. She has a tie-dye shirt from Merle, a pair of Magnus’ basketball shorts, and one of Killian’s flannels. One Saturday she wears them all together.
-Carey helps Angus make friendship bracelets for everyone.
-Lucretia secretly has the voice of an angel, which is revealed at a post-exam karaoke night that has resulted in some truly amazing blackmail footage.
-Killian is a Birkenstock Lesbian.

Melomaniac (m)

» one who is passionate about music.


Words: 11,191 (i’m sorry)

Genre: Smut, punk!jeon by night, school prep boy!jeon by day.

Summary: “Your mother had always warned you about boys in ripped jeans and messy hair but she never warned you about boys like Jeon Jungkook.”

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the lesbian aesthetic denim jacket is complete. (the fries pin says fries before guys, and the pride heart pin was a gift from my dad) 🌈