jacket potatoes!


“[On preparing for role in Game of Thrones] I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything as much. I was getting quite comfortable. I was even developing a bust – all those jacket potatoes and bars of chocolate were paying off – and then I lost a stone in weight. I started working out, going to yoga, I completely changed my eating habits and didn’t drink for about two months, just in the service of this part.”

The Signs as types of potatoes

ARIES: Boiled potato

TAURUS: A hench jacket potato overfilled with tuna

GEMINI: French fries

CANCER: Mashed potato

LEO: Crisps

VIRGO: Sweet potato

LIBRA: A potato from the ground

SCORPIO: Extra burnt potato


CAPRICORN: A cold uncooked potato

AQUARIUS: Magic mushroom stuffed potato

PISCES: Apple bacon stuffed sweet potato

This one might offend so I apologise if it does. To preface, I am autistic and therefore know very well what it is like to be an autistic child.

Twice now, we’ve had mothers complain about our food selection because “my son is autistic and he’ll only eat certain foods.” One of them yesterday suggested we should sell more “simple” foods for autistic children. Okay, yes, I understand that autistic kids are picky eaters. Like I said, I was an autistic kid once - I was a picky eater and I still am. But we literally sell the plainest foods you can imagine. We sell kids sandwiches which have just ham, or just jam, or just cheese. We sell jacket potatoes! There is nothing plainer than a potato! But apparently that’s not good enough because we don’t have chips. The amount it would cost to get the chips in and fry them and get an extra staff member in to do it is not cost effective at all. Also, like, this is a café. Cafés don’t generally sell chips. We’re also inside an attraction, so if you’re taking your picky eater son out to an attraction, maybe bring food you know he’ll like? Just a suggestion.

Also, one of my biggest pet peeves - people asking if we have food that is clearly not on the menu. “Do you have chips?” Yeah, we do, love, we just don’t list it on the menu 🙄

Approx 30lbs difference

I’ve not been active on here lately, mostly because i work 12 hour shifts now and i would usually update and post on my dinner breaks but now i dont have time.

I have been doing really well diet wise. With working such long days i have to prepare two meals, one is usually a pasta mug/cous cous/savoury rice/jacket potato and the other is fruit and cereal. I snack on fruit all day at work too. Dont get me wrong i still eat treats but i dont see them as a biggy.

My last weigh in was last week and i was 67.5 kilos, so ive lost another couple of pounds which is nice as i havent been consciously trying to loose weight. As well as being on my feet and constantly moving at work i have been walking home regularly and hiking, and i try to aim for using the exercise bike once a week at the least.

I want to tone my stomach and get my lower abdomen tight, but ab workouts are hard!

Im going to try and get back into posting on here, its great to look back on.

Thanks for reading!

Not a fuck customers but what the fuck is happening today??

Okay a lot of weird stuff has happened today so TL:DR at the bottom

I work in a department store cafe and when I started first thing this morning, the coffee machine was letting out like really greasy kinda oily looking water..thankfully it wasn’t too busy and the other coffee machine was working fine and then the faulty one sorta just fixed itself.

Then when I’m in the kitchen talking to my coworker who’s on wash and sorting through cups that had been soaked overnight and I just hear her say “what the fuck?!!” mid sentence and I looked at what she was holding up and it was one of our regular cups…but it had two handles?? We just kept showing people and we were all so confused because no one has seen this cup before!

And then I knew we had gremlins when it got to lunch rush. The way the cafe works is you order your food at the till, we give a table number and a prep slip with what they ordered (not a receipt but we can print one off for customers if they want) and then as soon as your payment goes through, another order slip gets printed in the kitchen to let whoevers cooking know what the next order is.

Simple right? Not today. After I’m finished on till, I’m on food run. I bring a table a jacket potato with cheese to a table with a older lady (who I remember serving on the till) her daughter and two grandchildren. As soon as I recognise the grandmother, I knew it was wrong. The kitchen slip said it was just a jacket potato with cheese but I know it was with beans and a bacon roll and two kids spaghetti bolognese meals and their prep slip confirms it. Thankfully theyre very understanding and we’re all able to joke about it. I told the two little girls (7 and 3 y/o) that “life gets confusing when you’re an adult”!

And it happened two more times!! The right table numbers were coming up, but what they ordered was completely different! And again thankfully everyone was understanding (I think it helps that I’ve been told I have a “friendly face” and I really do like to go out of my way to help people). That situation calmed down and it fixed itself and went back to normal and we figured that because there’s two tills maybe the machine just got confused if two different payments went in at the same time.

We just haven’t figured out where the hell that cup came from..

TL;DR coffee machine started producing greasy water and therefore shit coffee. Fixes self. Double handled cup that no one has ever seen before appears out of nowhere. Printer in the kitchen is printing out wrong orders. Fixes self. Customers are understanding and nice. The double handled cup now lives on the till.

“tell me about yourself” is like the worse thing to be asked ever because how do you even respond to that??

“like everyone else I am a fundamentally flawed human being who is slowly decaying as time inevitably marches onwards”

“I really like jacket potatoes I think they’re so versatile”

Like either response is technically a repose to that question, it’s just TOO VAGUE

Progress so far on Horikawa!! I’m really liking the way everything is looking! I just need to adjust the armor at the base so that they don’t fall off and secure the shoulder area a bit. It’s coming together nicely d(^_^o)