jacket cardigan

based on an ask @richardgoranski got about nya emo phase Michael and honestly yeah

Akira Kurusu headcanons

I haven’t finished the game yet so I might add on to or modify these as I go along, but this is pretty much what I think so far

  • he’s mildly near-sighted, so he wears his glasses to read signs and the chalkboard and such, but he can make do without them when need be
  • the mask probably functions like his glasses when he’s in the meta-verse
  • he took gymnastics when he was young but stopped around middle school (because, look, we have ample canon evidence that getting a persona doesn’t suddenly give you the ability to do a triple back-flip out of a grid of lasers)
  • as we all know, there are two types of bisexuals (leather jacket and cardigan) and this boy is a classic cardigan bi (but Joker, however, is a leather jacket bi)
  • as bitter as Sojiro’s coffee
  • not a cat person, actually. he likes morgana and is generally okay with having him around, but he doesn’t get the urge to call morgana ridiculous nicknames or bury his face in morgana’s fur or anything a real cat lover would want to do