5 Mens Accessories that are absolute must haves (and worth investing in!)

There is constant conversation surrounding what the best accessories are for women, but when it comes to men the question seems moot, even though there are plenty of fashionable additions that can keep you looking good throughout the seasons. So if you’re looking to add a new, fresh piece to your look, here are some great additions to add to any man’s wardrobe through the seasons.

1. The Jacket

A well-fitting and seasonable jacket goes a long way to making a great first look. Be sure to look for something that you can layer beneath, or wear open depending on the weather and temperature. For something both chic and affordable, try heading to a Barbour outlet store.

2. The Skinny Tie 

Long gone are the days of power—power suit, power tie, power steering—you know the story. Today, most clothing and accessories are worn in a more slim-fitting and hip style . Skinny ties, whether they are silk, wool, cashmere, or satin, are a great addition to any casual or formal look.

3. Sunglasses 

A good pair of shades is a staple for any man, and the current frames of choice tend to be something more retro—most notably the more rounded frames, like a wayfarer or Havana style. Many companies also make their retro sunglasses with modern additions, like folding arms and bridges, so they can be easily stored in your pocket. 

4. A Watch 

Nothing says class like having a nice timepiece on your wrist, and fortunately for all of us that doesn’t always mean having to break the bank. Sure it’s nice to wear a classic piece every now and then—think Tag, Rolex, etc—but a simple and clean face with dark leather band is also a great casual look. Just be sure to stay away from anything electronic—and that includes smart watches!

5. Money Clip and Cardholder

An oversized wallet is not only a pain to carry around, but it’s also an eyesore. Switching over to a money clip and cardholder is both a fashionable choice, giving an air of sophistication and streamlines your look

However you decide to dress this season, keep in mind these few easy fashionable additions that will keep you looking good.

Images by Jonathan Mueller and Domenik Suarato used under the Creative Commons License.