mmmhhhmmm do i love sofa cushions i could fit a whole sofa cushion in my mouth and butt if I wanted oh man i want to pick up an entire couch by my anus and fling across the house how hot that would be

let’s see. i’m thankful fer fresh greens, sweet potatoes an’ red meat.

i’m thankful fer girls that chose t’ wear sexy shit that flatters their figures, ‘specially when they got cute round asses that i ain’t gonna say belongs on a pole, but that if they wanted t’ put it there, i wouldn’t be mad.

i’m thankful for al green, smith an’ wesson, and good ol’ fashion american muscle cars.

happy thanksgiving, fuckers.

anonymous asked:

Who is on your top ten would bang list?

why’re all y'all steppin’ on my balls today, huh? 

if yer talkin’ ‘bout th’ assholes i met on here, then it’d go somethin’ like this, in no particular fuckin’ order:

- Rose ( epineuxx )

- Biz ( deliriumbiznasty )

- Rose ( grimtherapist )

- Sebastian ( sebastian-strider )

- Dove ( tenaciousgyrations )

- David ( bastardkind )

- Auto ( arisenfestivities / arisenautonomous )

- Dave ( tarnishedgodling / frozengodling )

- Roxy ( tgypoqueen ) 

- Draco 

in terms a’ icons an’ shit: 

- Angela Bassett 

- Robert Redford

- Sofia Vergara

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- Marlon Brando 

External image

- Aishwarya Rai

External image

- Michael Fassbender

External image

- Dorothy Danridge 

- Idris Elba 

External image

- Gong Li

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- Hiroyuki Sanada 

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