Jackass~ Luke Hemmings

Your husband, Luke, was part of the oh so amazing movie, Jackass. Of course, he was always pulling pranks on you so you had finally decided to get him back. You were 36 weeks pregnant with your first child and lately he has been doing a lot of things to bother you, including trashing the entire house, along with the baby’s nursery. So, you had decided to call him and tell him that you’ve gone into labor. 

“I’ll meet you at the hospital!” You shrieked into the phone before hanging up. Of course you knew that Luke was freaking out and you were just sitting at home drinking a milk shake while he was probably driving way over the speed limit to the hospital, now all you do is wait. 


“I’m looking for y/f/n y/l/n!” I shouted at the lady at the front desk. 

“Okay sure, calm down. I will look her up for you.” She calmly said and I was freaking out. She searched for what seemed like ever before looking at me. “Sir, there is no one here that goes by that name.” She said. 

“What?! She called and said that she went into labor!” I shouted. “She a month early! She has to be here!” I shouted before dialing her number and she didn’t answer. “Jesus christ! What do I do?!” I shouted at the women. 

“I’ll look again sir, just please calm down.” She said holding a hand up in defense. I wasn’t going to hurt her. It’s not her fault that she couldn’t find her. “Sir, she must be at a different hospital.” What? But this is the hospital where he doctor is. 

“Thank you!” I said before I went flying to the house to see if anyone was there. Her car was in the driveway. 


I was nearly on the floor laughing when I heard Luke’s car pull in. I had camera’s fall him around to the hospital and such. 

“Y/N!” He shouted as soon as he entered the house. “I’m going to kill you!” He screamed and I laughed even harder. 

“That’s what you get for trashing my house you jackass!” 

“You scared the shit out me.” He said nearly in tears which made you feel bad but you were sick of him messing with you. 

“You’re a jackass, but I still love you.” 

“Don’t scare me like that ever again.” He said and you kissed his nose. 

“I won’t. But you gotta stop messing with me.” 

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  • Name: jo(ana)
  • Four letter word: jade
  • Boy’s name: james
  • Occupation: janitor (???)
  • Something you can wear: jumper
  • A food: jam
  • Something you find in a bathroom: jacuzzi
  • A place: jakarta
  • A reason for being late: jam (as in traffic jam)
  • Something you shout: JACKASS
  • A movie title: jackie
  • Something you drink: juice
  • An animal: jackal
  • A type of car: jaguar
  • Title of a song: judas by banks