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Shiro's S/O finds out that Shiro is cheating on her with another women.

This is a pre- Kerberos mission Shiro.

It was a peaceful night, you and Shiro were lying in bed together.  You love these moments and you knew they will soon be gone for a while. Shiro was going to be one of the astronauts to fly to Kerberos in a couple months. You knew he would be gone awhile, but once he comes back, you two are getting married. You quickly gave a glance to your engagement ring and then you turn to face Shiro, to try and talk to him, but he was already asleep. You smiled and laid there watching him. You stared at him for a couple minutes and realize you could not sleep. You went downstairs to try and make some tea. You made it down to the kitchen, but then a cell phone vibrated. You notice it was Shiro’s, he is always leaving his phone on the kitchen counter. Without even thinking twice, you picked up his phone. He had received a text message for someone named Ivy. The text message read “Can’t wait to see you again. You always know how to cheer me up”. You look at the phone screen for a moment, but then you notice Shiro came down stairs. “Hey babe, what are you doing up,” Shiro said with Smile. “I was going to make some tea, but then you phone vibrated. Who is Ivy” you asked with a slight concerning voice. He looked at the text message and then he spoke. “Ivy is one of the pilots at the Garrison. Her mother just dead.  So, I bring her coffee in the morning to try to make it easier for her dealing with her mother death”. You then smiled at Shiro. “Hey, why don’t you go upstairs and I make you tea and bring it to you,” he asked with a big smile. You nodded and went upstairs. Shiro then put the teapot on the stove and waited for the water to boil. He then checked to make sure you were not downstairs. He grabbed his phone and texted Ivy “How about I meet you tomorrow morning at our usual spot”. Shiro made a face after he sent the text message. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he was still going to go see Ivy at her quarters at the Garrison

The morning had arrived and you were getting dressed and brushing your hair. Shiro was not home, but he is never home in the morning because he must go to the Garrison very early. He told you that he goes there early to use their track. You got to sleep in this morning today because today you did not have work, but you wanted to complete some errands today. So, you still had to get up somewhat early. You were about to leave, but then you noticed Shiro left his lunch. “That man would forget his head if it was not attached to his body,” you said to yourself. You needed to go give him his lunch because you guys always pack lunches to save money. Besides, you thought it would be a great idea to go surprise Shiro at the Garrison.

Shiro was in Ivy’s room and he was just sitting on her bed with his hand on his forehead. He is regretting what he just did. Ivy noticed Shiro looking upset. “Come on, I know it is not our best, but it was still pretty good,” Ivy said with a smile. Ivy was putting on her shirt and then she quickly passed Shiro his clothes. “You should get dressed before my boyfriend comes back, he will be here in an hour and I need to clean up,” she said with a smile. Shiro frowned even more after hearing Ivy’s comment. “What we are doing is wrong and we need to stop,” Shiro said when he took his clothes. Ivy looked at him and laugh at that comment. “You say that every time we sleep together, but you still come back,” she said with a smirk.

You were at the Garrison, you first headed to the track to see if Shiro was there. He wasn’t, but it was late in the morning and Shiro could be out doing something else. You walked around the Garrison looking for Shiro and saying hello to all the familiar faces. You then ran into Commander Holt and his son, Matt. “Y/n, what are doing here,” Commander Holt asked you with a slight smile. “I am looking for Shiro because he left his lunch. Do you know where I can find him” You said with a smile and slightly lifting up the lunch. You could tell by Commander Holt’s face, that he did not know where Shiro was, but Matt knew. “I saw him heading to the west quarters about an hour ago. He might still be there” Matt said. You then thanked both the Holts and then you headed to the west quarters. You walked through the hallway and you were coming around the corner, but then you noticed Shiro coming out of a room. He was fixing his uniform and his hair. Then another woman came out of the room. Both did not notice your presence, but you noticed something. The woman had a name tag on her uniform and it read “Ivy”. You hide a little bit more around the corner and just watched them. Ivy began to speak “Thank you for the quick pick me up,” she said with a smile. “Welcome babe,” Shiro said and then Shiro gave the woman a kiss. You knew now, that Shiro had been sleeping with Ivy. Your heart was broken and you needed to get away from Shiro fast.

Today you will not be dealing with any of your errands because you will be dealing with another task at hand. You grabbed trash bags and boxes. You then grabbed a beer and began to shove anything that belongs to Shiro in the bags and boxes. You were not careful and did not give a damn if something broke. All pictures of Shiro was taken down and shoved in a shoe box and you are planning to burn the shoe box later. It took you a couple of hours, but everything of his was packed.  You then started to throw all the boxes and bags into the front yard. You were putting the last bag in the front yard when Shiro was pulling up in his car. Matt was in the car also, but you did not notice and will not care. “What the hell are you doing,” Shiro said with an angry and scared look as he got out of his car and started to run toward you. “Throwing out all your shit, because we are breaking up,” You said with an evil smile. He had a shocked look on his face and he then noticed you were not wearing your engagement ring. “Babe, can we talk about this,” Shiro said trying to calm you down. Him calling you babe made you even more pissed. “Don’t call me babe. That is the stupid nickname you told that tramp you slept with today” you yelled at him with tears running down your cheeks. Shiro was speechless and Matt had his mouth wide open when you said that.  Shiro did not speak and minutes had passed. So, you started to speak again. “I was being a great girlfriend today and was bringing your lunch that you forgot. I wanted to surprise you but, of course, I caught you with another woman”. Shiro quickly grabbed your hand and tried to apologize, but you swiped it away from him. “How long have you been cheating on me,” you said crying. A tear ran down his cheek and he started to look at the ground. You then demanded him to tell you. “I have been seeing her for about three months now. Y/n please it was a mistake” Shiro said walking toward you. “Mistake my ass, you knew what you were doing” you yelled even louder than before. “Why would you do this to me? Why would you do this to us,” you did not yell that time, but you still said it with anger in your voice. “She was just there and I was very weak” Shiro answered you with a tear running down his cheek to the ground.  You then picked up a small box and handed it to him. In the box were your engagement ring and all the love letters he wrote you. “Find a new place to sleep because I never want to see you again,” you said before walking into your house and slamming the door.

Shiro stood there motionless but then he started putting bags and boxes in the back of his car. Each time he had to close a door, he would slam it. Matt came out of the car and started to help Shiro pack up. The two guys did it in silent and quickly. They both got in the car and Shiro then started to drive. He wanted to go anywhere far from your house. Matt was the first to break the silence “you are the biggest idiot and jackass I know” Matt said with anger in his tone. “I know,” Shiro said as he stared at the engagement ring in his hand. The car was silenced once more and Matt had to break the silence again “you can stay on my couch tonight” Matt said trying to help Shiro. Matt knew what Shiro did was wrong, but Shiro is still Matt’s best friend and Shiro was punished enough because he just lost the perfect girl. “It’s fine, I can stay in a hotel tonight,” Shiro said with an emotionless voice. Matt then had to ask Shiro questions. “Was Ivy worth losing y/n?” Matt asked. Shiro gave a quick look at Matt. Shiro was not angry at Matt at all for asking, but he was truly furious at himself. Shiro answered “no” to the question with a tear running down his cheek. “Are you going to break up with Ivy?” Matt asked. That question made Shiro even more angry at himself. “We were never dating, we just slept together and that makes me an even bigger Jackass, but trust me, I am breaking off my affair with Ivy” Shiro said. The rest of the car ride was silent.