Pretty Cool Webcomics: Bicycle Boy

Bicycle Boy is a Pretty Cool Webcomic by Jackarais / @bicycleboycomic! It updates once a week on Fridays.

While waking up with no memory of yourself isn’t typically seen as positive, there may still be instances where you find yourself in a good position regardless. Waking up as a cyborg in the middle of the desert with several corpses? Is not one of those instances. With no knowledge of who he is or what he’s doing there, our hero sets out in search of… well, he doesn’t know what, but it’s got to be better than dying in the desert. The abandoned bike he finds half-buried in sand helps make travel easier, at least.

His first contact with living people, however, goes less well. Sure they give him the name Poet, but something the cyborg carries with him ends up being cause for alarm, as well as having a post-apocalyptic mob boss on his tail. What’s in that vial, why is it so important, and what’s Poet’s deal anyway?

This comic has some fantastic atmosphere, using colour to provide context and storytelling when dialogue is sparse. It makes for a fantastic opening chapter where things are mostly silent, and once more characters are introduced it only serves to complement things further. The cast themselves are great as well, with nice diversity in design and personalities as you can see in the above sample, and while we’re still figuring out just what’s going on we’re doing so alongside Poet, which helps a lot.

This comic was originally a project for NaNoWriMo that got rewritten into comic form a couple years later, and wow am I glad it did. If you like this kind of atmospheric sci-fi tale with some nice slow-paced storytelling moments, then by all means give Bicycle Boy a read!

Bicycle Boy contains violence, coarse language, sexual themes, and other graphic imagery, and is recommended for older teens and up.

Thanks to arohoratio for the suggestion!

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Art and Storytelling: An Interview with Jackarais

Art and Storytelling: An Interview with Jackarais

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If you’ve done any exploring into the realm of webcomics, you’ve likely come across Bicycle Boy. Started in 2013 by artist Jackarais, it is a story of an android named Poet who wakes up in the middle of a post-apocalyptic desert, not knowing where he is, who he is, or why he’s surrounded by corpses. Over the course of the story so far, Poet has seen amazing places, met (and fled) fascinating new…

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