What time is it?! Follow forever time! Since I reached my next thousand, I thought I’d make a list of the blogs that make my dash happy. Thank you to the most amazing Aly for making this edit for me. :) Also, it’s very likely that I forgot people on this list, but if I follow you, I still think you’re great

abc: cheekyjackharriescheekyjackamo caspyleecheekybritishtwins

def: eyesexwithfinnfinnisrealflawlessharriestwins fuckyeaharriestwinsfinnsrevengefinnharrriesfinnwithacutegrin finnfinnthetwin finnnnnyfinnsmuffinnfyeahyoutubeboys

ghi: harriescrewhandsomeharriestwins harriesheiress harriesthreesome helpful-harries

jkl: jaccksgapjackgapersjackgapp jacks-g-a-pjackandfinnwentupahill jackandfinntwins joeugg kissjack lovely-youtubers

mno: msdeyesnaughtyharriestwinsmufinnstwin ouryoutubebabies

pqr: phangirledphillipslesters queenzoella

stu: stuckwithyoutubers slutsparlee sexyyoutubeboystroyesivanplstroyeswinkthetwinfinntroyesuschristtwinsome

yz#: youtubebabeszoelladeyes zozeebo 365deyes

+the troyeblemakers (pw: troye)

+y a y

Lolla’s Naughty List!

HO HO HO! It doesn’t matter if you have been a good or naughty kid, you can still follow some of the coolest blogs in the youtube fandom. Actually I have no idea of what to write here, this is awkward. Sorry if I forgot anyone. Well, I hope you all have an amazing christmas and new year!

ps: Santa, I know I might not have been the greatest kid ever and I know I hate you since I was a baby but I still want my present and what/who I want is Jack ok, thanks, bye! xoxoxoxoxo - Lolla

b,c,d: breatharries, britaintwins, classyharries, decktheharries

f,g,h: f1nnharries, finncity, finneganharries, finnrainbows, finnsflipflops, frostyphilip, fuckableharries, gaytubers, h4rries, harriesaddict, harriesarmy, harryharries

i,j,l: ilyfinn, itsmufinn, jackandfinntwins, jacksfap, jackftfinn, jackgasp, jacksap, jaydenfinn, lesunrises

m,n,o,p: mistletroye, naughtyharriestwins, ohjacknfinn, perfharries, pleasuremeharries

r,s,t: ratchetharries, santaharries, sassyharries, sexyyoutubeboys, sirposey, twocheekyelves

w,x: weirdharries, x3jack

Merry Christmas! 

So I said I would do this a couple weeks ago when I reached my goal but I kinda forgot, soooo here it is now :) 

All the people here run fantabulous blogs and are the loveliest people I know on tumblr in no particular order. Some I talk to, some I just silently admire their blogs, but all of them I will follow forever :’) I promise you will not regret following these blogs xx

ps. I’m sorry if I missed someone! I follow so many darling blogs it’s hard to keep track!























Back to school follow forever !! Because who doesn’t need more blogs to follow in the school year lol

Hey guys ! I just reached my goal and I decided to do my very first follow forever :)

I love all of you and I’m so sorry if I didn’t include you


banananaslut, carriehopefuls, casparleave, cheekycheekytwins


ellasgap, evangelinelillys, eyesexwithfinn, finnthebettertwin, frayn-harries, fuckyouharries


jackandfinntwins, jackgapp, jacksgaq, lexitheliongirl, lovableharriestwins 


queenharries, sexyyoutubeboys, tangledupincolorstwinsome, utubefeelsyeahitsjackandfinn, zalfieismyship


Hello! so harryharries came up with the great idea of making a Harriesnews blog! They had asked me to be in the blog and i said sure why not ahah

What is Harriesnews?

Its where we only post about the twin boys, such as new videos, new pictures, and just to keep you up to date with everything the boys are doing.

Can i be a member of Harriesnews?

I wasn’t the one to make the blog, harryharries did so you would have to ask them not me :)

Who are the members now?

harryharries (admin), jackandfinntwins, sexyyoutubeboys, naughtyharriestwins, howellsass and finnsboner.

that’s all at the moment <3

so that’s it i guess? ahah so follow HARRIESNEWS!

anonymous asked:

1) Have you ever met the boys? 2) How do you make your blog so amazing? 3)If you had to choose which one to marry... Jack or Finn?

1. yes
2. thank you! i actually spend way too much time on it haha
3. Jack

anonymous asked:


Virgin: Give a description of the person you want to lose (or have lost) your virginity to.

  • I want someone who cares deeply about me and wants to be with me despite every flaw I have. Someone who doesn’t mind just being together.

Disney: Which Disney character are you most like?

  • snow white (idk i have pale skin)

Future: Do you think you’d feel better if you know what’s going to happen to you later in your life?

  • Yes and no. It might reassure me but I worry about the smallest things so I wouldnt want to know ya know?

iTunes: Top 10 favorite songs?

  • 1. Love is Easy - McFly
  • 2. Give the Love Around - The Script
  • 3. Sliding Doors - Olly Murs
  • 4. No Faith in Brooklyn - Hoodie Allen
  • 5. Pompeii - Bastille
  • 6. Summer Shade - Cody Simpson
  • 7. Forever - Matt Hires
  • 8. Nothing New - Jay Loftus
  • 9. Mirrors - Justin Timberlake
  • 10. Killing Me - Graham Colton

Turn: Who’s someone you wish you didn’t (have to) say goodbye to?

  • My best friend and my mom next year when I leave for college

Tattoo: What tattoos do you want or have, and what’s the story behind them?

  • I will never ever get a tattoo

Skirt: If you could learn any dance style, which would it be?

  • I just dont want to look like an idiot basically

Cinema: List of movies that have changed your life or your way of thinking.

  • Little Manhattan (lol)
  • Bully
  • 50/50
  • Pitch Perfect (lol)

Post: If an apocalypse were to happen, what do you think the situation would be?

  • Something humans caused directly

Years: Tell us a story from when you were in high (or middle) school.

  • Today in high school a guy I’ve never met in person promposed to me in front of dozens of people by singing a medley of songs to me and giving me flowers. I was so embarrassed but it was so cute!

Vinyl: Top 3 favorite albums?

  • Bad Blood - Bastille
  • Contrast - Conor Maynard
  • #3 - The Script

Blog: What’s something you’ve learned from having your blog?

  • Hard work pays off and you cant always be #1