Morning light

The soft rays of the morning sun fell across the floor, reaching to the pillowy bed where the buttery hues played among the cream of the sheets. The feline sighed as the light touched her face with a gentle, but insistent caress to wake from her dreams. Stretching her arms above her head she settled once more with a content sound, her eyelids fluttering open slowly as she surfaced from the darkness.

A smile danced across her lips as the night slowly came back to her. A night that, for the first time in a long while, she was free. She was free and happy and had the best, most restful sleep her bones had felt since that night millenia ago. It had been perfect. And the weight around her middle only served as a reminder

Rolling over, her fingers stroked up his arm that was wrapped around her waist and over his shoulder, thumb brushing over his cheek and her smile grew at the sleepy grumble she got in reply. Oh how could she had forgotten, the Jackal wasn’t exactly a morning person, was he.

Awakening Heart

The Goddess stood there, watching the people around her. Her maids dancing and spinning, some with partners, some not but still having fun. The music and laughter and chatter filled the air and she couldn’t help smiling. This was what she lived for, this happiness and joy that was almost tangible. The smiling faces, the eyes that sparkled with excitement as they disappeared down the hall of spare bedrooms or the content faces of full stomachs from the feast.

Slowly, her feet carried her around the table, fingers trailing the smooth fabric of the cloth as the sounds began to fade, leaving only the music. It warmed her blood, making her heart beat in time, and as she reached the corner of the table she spun. She stopped, arms raised and she closed her eyes. How long had it been since she danced in front of others, danced at all.

Three more steps, another spin with the beat of the music.

She sighed, steps and moves that she thought she would have long forgotten her limbs remembered and soon, her feet carried her to the center of the floor. Opening her eyes she saw not the people…She saw no one. She was alone. And everything was silent…

And for a moment she thought it was a mistake. The air around her felt cold, empty and it…Scared her. For a split moment she didn’t think she could. But then, out of the darkness, the emptiness, she saw her. The sun that lit her sky, the lioness that was her anchor. Her other half that had kept her going, that she loved with all her heart. There was the slightest of nods…

And the coldness melted away.

The music lifted into the air once more and this time, her body moved. Moving fluidly as she danced a slow dance, hips and arms swaying. The music took hold of her, possessing her senses as she gave into it, dancing faster, twirling and spinning until all she knew was the ups and down of the tones of the song as tears spilled down her cheeks, all of her barriers breaking and shattering at her feet as she danced, until she felt she could barely breathe.

It wasn’t just her first dance after thousands of years, it was the freedom of her soul once more. And as her soul danced, she almost felt those arms around her once more. Spinning her, guiding her from end of the dance floor to the next.

She could almost feel him in this first dance, the last dance.


“Bast…” The voice was soft, careful as he looked in the dark room. The drip drip drip of water the only sound breaking the silence that replied. After another minute ticked by, he carefully took a step in.

“Get out.”

He paused, looking at her as she lay in the bath, still as stone. Taking a breath, he shook his head. “No.” And he continued walking until he knelt be the side and reached out to touch her shoulder. She jerked back with a hiss.

“I said get. Out.” She growled, eyes glowing with anger as slow cracks inched along the walls.

“What happens if I leave? More chaos?” He sat back on his knees.

“There is nothing but chaos now. Don’t you get it?” She stood, hot, angry tears falling from her eyes.

“There’s you.”

“A half of a whole that is nothing without her.” She spat. “My purpose has ended and there is nothing left. Just an endless emptiness. I can’t walk without tripping, I can’t breathe without pain. I can’t think without thinking about her. I am nothing without my sister.”

“That’s a bit childish, don’t you-”

The candles and torches erupted into light and the look of pure hatred in her eyes made him stop. The floor rumbled and the walls shook, the cracks becoming gashes.

“Get out, dog, before I tear you apart myself.”


LEAVE!” She screamed as the stone around them shattered apart.

And the Jackal nearly tripped over the broken debris as he ran.