This is my one and only best friend that I’ll ever have! His name is Onslow and he’s a strange lil pup [I say that, he’s actually turned 4 on the 4th July] and he’s a cute Jackadoodle :) He loves his cat toy [which he has destroyed], and i think its because it reminds him of my cat!

Love him, such a cutie and lovable little guy :) (submitted by itsapetslife)

Jackadoodle 1

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I saw that Jack did last episode of The Final Station, but i have no freakin’ time to watch that :v And no time for even draw something good xD I try fix this tomorrow :v At least the first one cuz i kinda like how it looks :v


December Doodle #3

We all know who love candies, aren’t we? :v xD Jackaboy! :D
Also we all know who love failing arts, aren’t we? :v It’s me! XD


Today was super cool day 8) Only because it was snowing >u< For a little while but still C:
Still don’t have a fineliner to finish this, sorry .-.

Little WIP kinda thing of doodle that i make in school but i didn’t finished xD For good night C:
Cuz it’s damn time for learn how to shade things :v xD


Guess who ended up fineliner :v xD I need my fineliner dammit! XD
Also if you don’t get it, this is the True or False jackadoodle C: And i kinda like it xD