A discussion of Chat Noir

So, we’ve all seen season one, or at least the majority (possible spoilers below). But i have noticed something that has been bothering the fandom quite significantly, and that is Chat Noir; or more specifically his battle prowess. 

Within the show itself, Chat Noir has fought Ladybug on a number of occasions despite being her ally and partner. This has been down to a variety of mind controlling effects that have been employed by the Akumatised souls. 

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OKay. Listen up, nerds. It’s tHEORY TIME.

Everyone is freaking out about the Jackaddy (or whatever the fuck it is) episode because the idea that Gabriel Agreste is Hawkmoth just got a WHOLE LOT more obvious, but there are still some doubters out there who are saying “How can Mr. Agreste be Hawkmoth? There’s no way he can detransform and run between rooms/buildings that quickly!!” Well, I have a theory that might explain that:

Both of these pictures are from the scenes shown right before we see Hawkmoth again. And look what’s behind him in both scenes….

The portrait of his wife and Adrien’s mom. Now, my theory/headcanon is that the room that we always see Hawkmoth in is in his own house. Where, you ask? You guessed it: beHIND THE PORTRAIT. THE PORTRAIT IS A FUCKING DOOR. Which would explain why he would be able to go between rooms and change into Hawkmoth so quickly.

(Also, tbh, I think that is pretty cute)

Yep. So, that’s my theory. Now, I’m gonna go back to obsessing over a kids show. Byyeee~