an almost reveal where adrien is super suspicious that marinette could be ladybug, clues like they’re not in the same place at the same time and she accidentally lets out information only ladybug and chat noir would know

random individual: how many spots are REALLY on ladybug’s suit?

marinette: 73

adrien [turns around because ladybug once told him this exact information] how do you know that?

marinette: uh uh uh JUST A GUESS!!!

so adrien starts paying more attention & asking sneaky questions to her and marinette is nervous that 1. adrien is taking to her and 2. her secret identity is in jeapoardy so she covers herself and sidetracks adrien from thinking she’s ladybug

adrien: you were grounded when jackaddy attacked? you were babysitting when volpina was akumatized?

marinette: yep yep absolutely adrien ask anyone ask alya as my parents I have multiple witnesses to vouch for me

cue adrien being incredibly disappointed because he was almost sure, almost certain, that marinette was his lady until she made it absolutely and evidently clear that she wasn’t.

plagg: “why so down l, kid?”

adrien: “I really hoped it was her. I wanted marinette to be ladybug.”