“Bang! You’re dead, old man.”
“Someone had to do it, I guess.”

Mc76 commission for @spacemageember!

In which the former Commander and his spicy cowboy argue about who’s the good and who’s the bad, because none of them is the ugly. 👀

Thank you for commissioning me! °W°

  • Soldier 76: *pointing rifle at Reaper’s head* We all remember you as a friend.
  • Reaper: Oh, really? Well, I remember you as a whiny little piece of shit, Jack.
  • Soldier 76: Oh, yeah?
  • Reaper: Yeah! I’ve got about a thousand memories of your dumb little ass and about six of them are pleasant. The rest is annoying garbage. So why don’t you do us both a favor and pull the trigger? Do it! Do it, motherfucker! Pull the fucking trigger!
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Communication problems - aoimotion - Zootopia (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
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“You two… I still don’t know if you get along very well or hate each other. Which is it?”
Jack shrugged. “Half ‘n half, I suppose. Overall, we sort of… communicate.”
“You’d make a great duo.” Kohle called him over; then, when Jack was close enough, he pointed out the weasel Cynthia was questioning. “She’s got the dialectics you lack, and you have a self-confidence she can only dream of. You complete each other.”
fight each other” Jack replied. “Quite often, actually. I think she despises me for some reason.”
“She doesn’t, trust me. Cynthia is just a little… uncooperative? And shy, terribly shy.”
Shy? Walker?’ Jack frowned. “With all due respect, colonel… I wouldn’t call Walker shy not even by mistake. As for uncooperative, though, I think it suits her very well.”



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Michael... M8... Bro.. Dude.. Throw it at me man- are you sure you haven't heard from your 'player 1'? Not even subtly? Because the dude could POSSIBLY be a fan ; )

Especially with what happened during our senior year. HE was the one that- …Never mind. I’m sorry.

Anyways, don’t be silly. There’s… There’s no way he could be my fan. But if that were the case, oh man- that would make things a heck of a lot easier.

oldmanyellsatcloud replied to your photoset: Trying to figure out how to differentiate Jack’s…

Have you ever done a ‘what makes young jacks skin/face age into old jacks’ study? Besides the hair and scars and few wrinkles, very little art done of him seems to suggest just HOW he ages. Supersoldier serum or no! IDK if working ‘backwards’ from that’d help figure out what is unique about 'young’ jack.

It’s hard to get very in-depth with it because the only unmasked 76′s are either obscured by paint, facial hair, or are sfm mods, so there’s not a lot of clear material to compare, but mostly it seems like they gave him paler skin, extra crow’s feet, and a receding hairline. Otherwise, his face is pretty young looking, all things considered. I feel like 76 looks slightly gaunter, too, but that may be my imagination.