It´s ok, the bean wakes up later and spends 15 minutes trying to get the blanket over Jack without waking him up lol.

Was real busy last week and inspiration finally stuck lol! Mb I should draw Reaper with some Jack beans too. Don’t want to leave them out.

This is from the anime Nichijou I think?

(Also thanks to everyone who’s been real nice to me lol! The messies and tags and stuff!! Uuhh! I’m terrible at this but plz belive me lol! Thank you so much! I’m trying to get over myself! And you have helped me a lot! <3)


“(…) Isn’t that strange―it’s almost like something you would say! but when he said it― I understood. It meant something. (…) I thought you were a great man. I was wrong. Atlas is a great man. (…)“

― Diane’s letter to Ryan, Bioshock:Rapture (2011)