ok but can we talk about jack being really sensitive to tastes and textures because of his autism and bitty Getting It™?

like, for example, jack can’t stand pumpkin pie because the texture is Bad in his mouth. he’s kinda terrified to tell bitty bc he’s never NOT LIKED one of bitty’s pies before. he starts nervous-stimming (like hardcore chewing on lip and clenching and unclenching his fists) before just blurting it out.

everyone kind of freezes?? bc no one’s ever told bitty that they dont like one of his pies and no one knows how he’ll respond. for a moment bitty just stares at jack with wide, hurt eyes before his entire face just softens and he smiles warmly at jack. “ok, hon,” he says. “from now on i’ll make you a different kinda pie”

and thats when it fully cements in jack’s mind how much he loves bitty