BRITISH COMMON NAMES

Para quem adora fazer chars britânicos, tomei a liberdade de fazer essa masterlist com base nas minhas pesquisas. Abaixo do read more vocês poderão encontrar #200 nomes extremamente comuns na Inglaterra(100 masculinos; 100 femininos). {Under the cut you’ll find a list of #200 extremely common names in England(100 male and 100 female)}. Like or reblog if you use any of them!

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Rincewind’s Potato Madness, from Interesting Times by Terry Pratchett! (Although this potato obsession is referenced in several books, to be sure.)

Yes, that’s 3 different styles of cooked potato. And no, I could have done several more potato variations, but my husband cried uncle and curled up into a fetal position, sobbing about my “maniacal fixation.”

Rincewind, after being stranded on a deserted island, develops a bit of an attachment towards potatoes in all forms. However this fondness soon crosses wires with his other desires, which results in some confusion for our intrepid antihero:

Instead of the cheesegrater Rincewind was secretly expecting, the view consisted of a couple of young, concerned faces. One of them was female, but Rincewind was relieved to see that she wasn’t Pretty Butterfly. This one looked younger, and made Rincewind think a little of potatoes.

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Pick up lines I’d fall for

1.Roses are red, this is no prank, I’ll be Gerard, If you’ll be my Frank

2.If you’ll defend me, Then I’ve got your back, I can be Alex, And you can be Jack

3.Falling in love, Wasn’t part of the plan, I can be Phil, But only if you’ll be my Dan

4.Roses are red, This is no trick, Be my Kellin, I’ll be you’re Vic

5.We’ll fall in love slowly, Brick by brick, If you’ll be my Jaime, I’ll be your Vic