listen…. middle aged ships are my jam. there’s something hopeful about seeing two older people fall in love (or still being in love) on my screen. 

give me two workaholics who realise there’s more to life than their job when they meet each other. 

give me two people who’ve been to hell and back together for years and have always had each others backs.

give me two people who’ve been married for decades and are more in love than ever. 

give me two lonely people thrown together in a life or death situation and let them realise they would’nt want anyone else by their side. 

give me two people who’ve been heartbroken more times than they can count who find hope in each other.


True Pain
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Imagine: Your older brother, Dean hears some strange noises coming from your bedroom.

Dean was on his way to the bunker library when his spidey senses start tingling. Dean knew when it was too quiet something was up. Dean decided better to be safe to be sorry to make a quick detour through the hallway before going to the library. 

Don’t get Dean confused, he trusted his baby sister but after they brought Jack back to the bunker you’ve been acting kind of weird. Dean confronted you about your feelings and you very defensively denied you had any feelings for the half human half angel. 

Dean wanted to believe you, but he couldn’t help being on the fence a little bit when it came to you and guys. You were young, naive, and curious. Dean remembered being the same way when he was your age, but he wanted to stop you before you did something stupid or that you would regret for the rest of your life. 

Dean was your brother but he also the only father figure in your life. Dean traveled the hallway with caution. The sound was definitely coming from your room. Dean was preparing what he would say to you. Dean took a deep breath and burst through the door without knocking. 

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Tickles and cuddles - Jack Kline x Reader

Title: Tickles and cuddles

Pairing: Jack Kline x Reader

Warnings: None

Summary: You are on another hunt and you don’t want to let Jack sleep on the couch of the motel room once more so you offer your bed for sharing. After him asking you how to show affection and some tickles he ends up admiting he likes cuddling with you.

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“There is no other option Dean.” you sighed “And no! He’s not sleeping on the couch!” you spoke up before he had the chance to retort.

“It’s big enough, (Y/n)!” Dean exclaimed and you gave him a harsh glare.

“Yeah, just like every one we’ve seen on all the motels we’ve slept in over the past two weeks! Oh and let’s not forget that in the last one he took the freaking floor! Forget it, my bed is big enough and Jack’s sleeping with me this time.” you huffed.

“This is ridiculous, (Y/n).” he rolled his eyes and you glared at him.

“If you don’t want to share a bed with Sam so bad then the couch is big enough.” you mocked him and he sighed.

“Whatever, I’m not gonna argue with you anymore. You do whatever the hell you want, but if you-” he pointed a finger at Sam “Don’t keep those freaking long limbs to your side I’m throwing you off the freaking bed.” he grumbled and Sam rolled his eyes.

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Everybody needs everybody this season.

Lucifer needs Mary. 

Mary needs Lucifer. 

Michael needs Lucifer. 

Jack needs Cas.

Dean/Sam need Jack. 

Jack needs the boys. 

Dean needs Chuck/God.

Asmodeus needs Jack. 

But let us not forget where this all started my friends:

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Picking Flowers

Title: Picking Flowers

Pairing: Jack x Reader

Word Count: 1362

Warnings: Fluff with a hint of more fluff.

A/N: This is for the anon who requested some Jack Fluff. If you’re reading this anon, this one is for you  I hope this satisfies your Jack fluff urges!

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Jack had been wandering outside in the woodland area above the bunker where he found a patch of wild flowers. He specifically remembered a scene he had seen on the TV where the man had given the girl he likes flowers. An idea came to mind and he smiled, picking a few of them. He retreated back into the bunker with purpose.

“Hey buddy, where’ve you been?” Sam asked as Jack entered the library.

“I found some flowers,” Jack yelped in excitement. Sam looked down and his brows furrowed slightly.

“Huh, didn’t know there were flowers growing around here,” Sam stated. “And you shouldn’t be leaving the bunker. It isn’t safe to go out alone,” Sam scolded.

“I’m going to give it to Y/N!” Jack had the biggest grin on his face, which spread onto Sam.

“She’s going to love it,” Sam assured watching Jack wander off. “They grow up so fast,” Sam whispered his joke to himself, getting back to his reading.

Jack walked into the kitchen knowing that you loved to spend your time there munching on snacks, however he was met with a very focused Dean. Jack’s shuffling drew Dean’s attention away from the sandwich that he was assembling over to him. Dean seemed a bit taken aback at the sight of the flowers, wondering where the hell he got those from.

“Hello, Dean.”

“What’s up?”

Jack looked at him questionably, peeking up at the ceiling.

“Well, the ceiling. And above that, I’m sure there are clouds, birds, possibly flying vehicles, and…”

“You know what? Forget I asked,” Dean shook his head grabbing his sandwich and walking out.

Jack’s eyes followed Dean’s figure until he was out of sight. Jack then proceeded his trek through the bunker to find his favorite person. He walked to your room to find you asleep. He stared at you before looking down at the flowers. He was a little conflicted on what to do. Should he wait till you woke up, leave the flowers for you to find, or should he wake you so he could present his offering? Jack pouted before walking out.

He sat in the hallways, his back pressed against the wall near your door. He still wasn’t sure what to do so he decided to just sit and wait. Staring at the flowers in his hands, he admired their simple beauty. They were red with yellow edges and a fuzzy middle.

“What are you doing?” You called out as you walked out the door, causing Jack to flinch with surprise.

“Y/N!” Jack smiled before jumping up to his feet. “How was your nap?” He asked.

“It was nice,” you grinned, “thanks for asking.”

“Oh, and I picked these for you.” Jack stretched out his arm slightly, giving you the flowers.

You looked at them taking note on how pretty they were. You were going to ask where he had gotten them from but knew that was just useless information. The main thing was that he had actually thought about you when he picked them.

A slight blush scattered onto your cheeks. For the spawn of the devil, he was such a sweet guy; definitely getting it all from his mother. Kelly Kline was one of the nicest people you had ever met, and it was nice to see that Jack took his mother’s side than his biological father. If his father was actually Castiel, you were certain that there would be no bad bone in his body. Jack, the 100% good boy. You giggled at the thought.

“What’s so funny?” Jack questioned, a smile etched on his face.

“This is a very sweet gesture. Thank you Jack.” You took the flowers from him and walked into your room again, Jack close behind.

“Your voice,” Jack started, you turned to him in curiosity of where this was going. “It’s nice. It reminds me of my mother,” he finished.

Somehow, your heart felt like it was swelling up. Jack had never met his mom face to face but the fact that he remembers her voice and he’s relating it to yours, felt like the biggest compliment. Kelly was kind, caring, sweet, optimistic, strong, and so much more. The fact that your voice could be ‘nice’ was strange to hear. You were a hunter; your voice was anything but nice. You’ve said some pretty nasty things in your life time.

“Thank you. Your mom, she… she was a really good person. You’re a good person.” You planted your hand on his cheek, caressing it gently with your thumb.

Jack closed his eyes relishing in the warmth of your touch. You couldn’t help but smile, admiring his delicate features. How could someone warm their way into your heart so quickly?

“Your hand is warm. I can feel the warmth all over my body,” he confessed.

“Good,” you beamed.

Flowers still in hand, you wrapped your arms around Jack’s neck which caught his full attention, his eyes opening to lock with yours. They were filled with question, yet were warm and calm. You licked your lips, catching his eyes watching the motion. Unable to stop yourself, you stood on your tipped toes and pressed your lips softly against him.

The kiss was short. Jack just continued to stare at you, his cheeks now red. His eyes drifted down back to your lips, wondering how it could feel so amazing. He could feel the tingly sensation it gave him shoot through his entire body, his heart beat picking up a bit, and he couldn’t stop thinking about how much he wanted you to do that again. Your lips were soft, warm, a little wet, and it overall felt… magical.

“What was that?” Jack breathed.

“Your first kiss,” you giggled. Jack smiled at the sweet sound. How he wanted to hear it again, after feeling your lips pressed to his again.

“I really liked that. Can we kiss again?” He questioned.


This time Jack leaned in, cupping your cheeks in his hands and kissed you. There was more pressure and it lasted longer. You instantly got lost, your hands pulling on the collar of his shirt to bring him closer. When he pulled away for air, your bodies were flushed against each other, the both of you red in the face.

“I like kissing,” Jack stated.

“You learned quick,” you winked, pulling away. “Now, let’s go to the kitchen so I can get a cup of water for my lovely flowers.

You and Jack walked through the halls when you met Sam and Dean in the library. Dean seemed to have been pacing around while Sam was sat by the table with his laptop in front of him.

“Hey,” you greeted.

“Hey, Y/N. Jack.” Sam called.

“Yeah, hey,” Dean shrugged.

“I like kisses,” Jack admitted, walking up to Dean with a huge smile. Your face went red.

Of course the guys were going to find out that you had given Jack’s first kiss, but you didn’t think they would find out immediately right after.

“E-excuse me?” Dean raised his brows and pushed his head forwards a little, unable to comprehend what Jack had just said. “Kissing? What’s that supposed to mean?” He was scowling now. “Y/N, did he kiss you? Did he force himself on you?” Dean spat with fury.

“N-no!” You shouted when you noticed Dean was about to reach under the table for the gun that was hidden there.

“Y/N, gave me my first kiss!” Jack chirped, as if it was nothing to be embarrassed about.

“What?” Dean and Sam snapped at the same time.

Before you could reply, Jack had grabbed Dean by the face and planted a kiss on his lips. Dean flinched away completely mortified. “What the hell?!” He shouted, starting to make gagging noises and wiping his mouth on his sleeves.

“It doesn’t feel very nice kissing you,” Jack frowned with confusion.

“Jack, that’s not how kisses work,” Sam choked, trying to keep his laughter at bay.

“Don’t you ever do that to me ever again, or so help me, God, I will kill you!” Dean spat, storming towards the kitchen, most likely to wash his mouth with soap.

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