“...if you catch my drift” (Stargate SG-1/Pacific Rim)

genre: adventure???? romance????? sheer badassery??? idfk tbh
pairings: Sam/Jack, Cam/Vala/Daniel, past Jack/Kawalski, etc.
rated: m
summary: (*repost of my previous Stargate SG-1/Pacific Rim fanfic “Catch You In The Drift”*) She, the Jaeger engineer, is one of the brightest minds of the Kaiju War. He, the copilot ranger, is one of the strongest they’ve ever seen. Both are trying to find their place in an ever-crumbling world. Maybe they’ll find it within each other.
notes: This is my reboot of a Stargate/Pacific Rim AU idea that I’ve been brainstorming for a few months. This should take place more in the earlier days of the Kaiju War. Sorry for all the errors and weird plot things, I don’t have a beta :c

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All the times Sam and Jack call each other by their first names.

I chose to only include the times when our Jack and Sam are the ones saying it. AKA no AU versions, no imaginary versions (Grace comes to mind), etc.