What if every fucking time that Jack spends the night when he goes to Samwell he wakes Bitty up at four am because he doesn’t want him losing practice with the whole checking thing even if he is better than before and Bitty is like “you are not my captain anymore Jack why would you i went to sleep two hours ago c'mon I’ll bake you pancakes when I wake up” and Jack just laughs at him and literally drags him to Faber.

which rooster teeth worker should you fight by me
  • geoff ramsey:do it. he looks scary but he's not. he is afraid of snakes so if you wear a shirt that has a snake on it he will lose his powers. however if you catch him drunk, run. but if he's sober, do it. fight geoff ramsey but be careful
  • jack patillo:why would you ever fight jack. he is a perfect ray of sunshine. there is magic in his beard. he is large and made of love and probably like kittens or something. don't do it. don't fight jack
  • michael jones:fight michael. he's a ball of rage and if you let him get close he'll fuck your shit up but you can just put your hand on his forehead and hold him at arm's length while he tries to run at you like a bull. lindsay will probably cheer for you. do it. fight michael
  • gavin free:just sorta punch him in the nose and he'll probably squawk and fall over and start crying. but there will be no glory in fighting gavin free. only sadness. why would you do such a thing. you can fight gavin if you really want to but it will be an empty victory and you should probably rethink your life afterwards
  • burnie burns:don't fight burnie. he's 6'2 and he punched out a horse once. the laws of mortals do not apply to burnie burns and he will fire you even though he's not CEO anymore. don't do it. don't fight burnie.
  • jon risinger:you can maybe fight jon but only if you're okay with losing all your points. depending on what mood he's in he may award you points for winning. fight jon risinger but only if you're feeling lucky
  • gus sorola:he'll probably run away and bitch about you on the next podcast. it would be hilarious to everyone else and you would have brought laughter to the lives of millions. do it. fight gus.
  • joel heyman:you cannot slay a god
  • lindsay jones:you could maybe fight lindsay but only by being sneaky and even then michael would snap your neck if you win. distract her with conveniently placed cat pictures and you could sucker punch her because let's face it, you couldn't take her one on one. maybe fight lindsay but only with prep time
  • ray narvaez jr:he's already dead don't hurt him more
  • chris demarais:do it. fight chris. it'll be hilarious give him a wedgie and hang him off something by his underwear. take his lunch money. buy something cool with it. shove him in a locker. fight chris demarais
  • barbara dunkelman:she's canadian she'll just ascend into her moose form and headbutt ur ass to the nearest tim hortons. don't fight barbara

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someone said supernatural creatures and im like (perks up)i have an urban fantasy au bouncing around in my head where michael and ray are skyrim creatures (orsimer and khajiit specifically) and gaivn is half-elf and ryan and geoff are shapeshifters (and they also have a little lore behind them already) and jack is a wizard. and that's pretty much all i have planned.

shit, dude, skyrim is my jam and so are supernatural aus. i used to have one where geoff was a forest spirit and the lads were elves or something along the lines of that like!!! that’s some good shit, dude.

Cameron Dallas/Jack G fanfic- “It was Always You” (sequel to Stuck in the Middle) CHAPTER 3

all previous parts

SONG FOR THE CHAPTER: Stay Gold - First Aid Kit (i love this song :))

           My stomach felt like it had just dropped down a million miles. I felt like I was going to throw up. Jack looked at me with wide eyes. Madison narrowed her eyes at me before looking at Jack. “What is she doing here?” She asked. “She is friends with the other guys that actually live in this apartment.” I said, staring at Jack. “Why would you even come here knowing Jack is staying here? Especially after what happened at your wedding…” Madison said, grinning slightly. I walked over quickly to them and smacked Jack across the face. “What the fuck, Lauren!” Jack screamed. Madison jumped off his lap and looked at him with worry. “Baby! Let me get you some ice!” She screeched, running into the kitchen. “You, Gilinsky, you are a fucking asshole.” I screamed to his face. “Lauren! Chill out! It’s not my fault you thought we actually had something, when it was really…” Jack started to say, when the corners of his mouth turned up. “Nothing but sex.” He said softly, with a smile from the devil. I turned around to see Cameron, Johnson, Nash and Sam standing near the foyer. “And you, Cameron! Why didn’t you tell me Jack was here?!” I shouted. “They had just gotten here!” Cameron shouted back in defense.

           “You’re really making a fool out of yourself, Lauren. Screaming at everyone, basically throwing yourself at me tonight… I seriously can’t believe you thought I actually still could ever love you. After all the shit you put me through with Cameron?” Jack said. The other boys dismissed themselves from the room, leaving only Jack and I. “Then you should’ve just told me no when I first started talking to you again! You led me on! You used me!” I screamed. Jack shrugged his shoulders. “You weren’t smart enough to realize.” He said. I looked up from my feet into his eyes. I used to see love and happiness in Jack’s eyes, but now, all I saw was hatred. “I will never be good enough. For anyone.” I whispered. “not when you fuck up constantly…” Jack said. “First it was Cameron with Tiffany… I would never be as good as her. Now you? I never thought you’d be the one to break my heart, Gilinsky…” I rambled on. “Neither did I. Until I realized that I deserved better.” Jack said. Right then, Madison walked in the room with an ice pack. She handed it to Jack, and he put his arm around her shoulder.

           “And she is my better.” Jack said, staring at me. I couldn’t sort through my emotions right now. I was heartbroken that Jack, my Jack actually turned into such a horrible person. I was also pissed, because he was back with fucking Madison. Lastly, I was embarrassed, because everything he said was true. I looked at Madison. “I hope you heard everything that was said, and know what Jack did to me. He actually was fucking me every night. Something he never did to you, even though you tried to break us up with that excuse. Whatever… you two are right for each other.” I said, before turning around and running out the door. I raced back to my house, and everything in here reminded me of Jack. This was the home we lived in together when we were dating, and were engaged. Although it was now late at night, there was no way I could sleep.

           I grabbed my laptop, and looked at furniture online. I had to change up this place. Make it look completely different. That night, I ordered a new couch, chairs, coffee table, and decorations for the living room. I decided to lighten it up and paint it a light blue with white furniture as appose to the classic sleek black and white Jack and I had before. By the time I had finished mapping out a plan to change everything up, it was 3 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep in my bed. At least not tonight. Too many memories there…

           I got a blanket and snuggled up on the couch for the night, but of course still couldn’t sleep. I turned on some Friends on Netflix and distracted myself, when my phone started ringing. Whoever it was, I didn’t want to deal with anyone right now. I looked at my phone screen, only to decline the call but the screen read “Cameron.” He was facetiming me. I answered. “What?” I asked, grumpily. “Laur, you have to believe me. I didn’t know Jack was even coming back tonight.” Cameron said. I sighed. “It’s okay, Cameron.” I said. “I’m sorry… I heard everything.” He said. “It’s whatever. People’s true colors always show.” I said softly. “You’re really okay?” Cameron asked. I smiled softly. “Yes, Cameron. I’m okay. I got what I deserved, like I’ve said a thousand times. I finally realize how bad I hurt both you and jack. I guess it’s fair that I end up single in the end.” I said. Cameron gave a painful smile. What was that supposed to mean? It was quiet for a few seconds. “Well, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Get some sleep, please?” Cameron said. I nodded before saying goodbye and hanging up.

a/n: this chapter isn’t very good… but thank you guys for all of the feedback! Please continue sending it and let me know how you feel about what happened!

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Jack having fallen off a cliff only to grab onto an unstable root that is going to snap at any moment and Mark can't reach Jack because he is too far and Mark just trying to keep Jack's eyes on him because Mark doesn't want Jack to die while afraid.


ask-his-puffiness-king-candy replied to your post: It’s not even August yet and…

“But if-if-if-if there'sth… JACK-o-lanternsth… on your nailsth, then… what if… why would… you put nailsth in a, in-in the pumpkin… where doesth the candle go?”

Trying her hardest not to laugh, she raised her hand to show him rather than attempt to explain things to the inebriated King.

“No, like- (snrk) like this, sir.”

Me and Ginie wish 3
  • Ginie:Last wish
  • Me:I want to go to highschool
  • Ginie:That's easy
  • Me:Mc Kinley,Lima,Ohio
  • Ginie:It's still eas--
  • Me:And I want the Gladers there too
  • Ginie:I know I shouldn't ask since you're obviously weird but...why?
  • Me:Three simple reasons.1.I want The mighty Gladers to meet The Unholy Trinity.2.I want a conversation between Mihno and Santana.3.I'm planning on a double wedding between Newtmas and Faberry.
  • Ginie:
  • Me:Not only that but Newt would be adorable as a Warbler.
  • Ginie:
  • Me:Chuck can hangout with Brittany.
  • Ginie:
  • Me:On second thought it would be also nice if Jack and Elsa came too.
  • Ginie:
  • Me:Elsa would get it really quick since she's from Disney.I can imagine her singing all the time.
  • Ginie:
  • Me:And Jack would be like"Why are you people singing?This isn't a musical"
  • Ginie:
  • Me:And Jonathan Groff and Idina Menzel play on Glee and Frozen so it would be weird.
  • Ginie:
  • Me:I could make a tripple wedding
  • Ginie:
  • Me:I'll marry Jack with Elsa,Quinn with Rachel and Newt with Thomas.
  • Ginie:
  • Me:Gay marriages are legal now so they can get married
  • Ginie:
  • Me:I hope Marley catches the bouquet so she and Ryder will get married
  • Ginie:
  • Me:Artie must break up with Tina and get back with Kitty
  • Ginie:
  • Me:Tina belongs with Mike
  • Ginie:
  • Me:
  • Ginie:
  • Me:
  • Ginie:In a scale of weirdness from 1 to 10,you're 1000000000.

     A large sigh was released from the confines of Jack’s throat. This was just unfair. Not only was HALF of his hair brown, but his hands were a glob brown mess. The hair dye easily frosting over as it slowly dripped from his fingers.

                       HE DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS

      Trying to manuever his hands on the handle of the door, just to get into the beauty store was difficult enough. Yet, the sheer fact that he happened to run STRAIGHT into another, WITHOUT phasing through was a surprise that would of left Jack gleefully excited, except managing to get some of the hair dye not stuck to his hands on to the other wasn’t exactly COOL.

                                                                      galeforxe !!

Chapter 72: Scary pic

Jack will send some scary pics or link to some website to scare me sometimes.

(April 14, 2014)
Me: that pic is creepy.. fuck u jack. u shit. lol just kidding.. u bring nightmares to my dreams….. i will tell her to go find you. im thinking that she may move or something, then i realise it is facebook, so its not gif pic and  she doesnt move. if she moves, i will shit my pants.

Jack: maybe she will come and see you first :D|hahahahaha u make me laugh. how can the pic like that make you scared? :D

Me: hahaha. dont look into her eyes jack. she is ….i dont know. just dont look into her eyes. she should be in horror movie.

Jack: Why cant i look into her eyes?

Me: cause she would scare you. some guy is peeing. suddently her head comes out from the toilet bowl..

Jack: i laugh a lot when i see her face hahahaha still laughing :D

Me: she is scary although she has panda eyes. not enough sleep maybe. oh she has rabbit teeth..she eats rabbit..

Jack: hahaa maybe

Me: yeah dont eat rabbit. and panda

Jack: haha

Me: she gets beaten when she scares people.. thats what happen to her eyes

Jack: hahaha hope she wont come into my dream - i will kill her in my dream if she dares to scare me. 

Ringtone: Boy like you


What my muse thinks of the way yours texts: So messy, why is there a k?

How quickly my muse responds to your texts: 5 seconds later

How often our muses text: Every waking moment they can

How often our muses call: At least once a day

Does my muse purposefully miss calls from yours: Just to tease him XP

Last text sent from my muse to yours:to babe: Jack would you like to explain why our daughter and the house is filled with snow…AGAIN?

Link: boy like you

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So Jack Noir is there now? Are you okay with that, PM?

Why would I be? I shall try to contain and keep myself civilized… For now. I’m not scared or worried if that’s your concern. Trust me, He never brought himself to hurt me in the past. Majorly that is. I don’t expect anything different…

Jeez, It’s like my past decided to move with me… Guess you can never escape it, really.

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Unpopular opinion: Jacklas (Jack Ryan and Atlas from Bioshock) is a gross ship

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree 

Oh man Jacklas is such a bad ship; I don’t understand why people like it. It’s so manipulative and abusive. Is it because they like seeing Jack suffer? Or are they pairing him with ~Atlas~? Because either way Atlas isn’t even real and in BaS it’s pretty obvious Atlas is an awful potato man even without Fontaine being himself. Also Fontaine is like Jack’s second father in a way since Ryan had nothing to do with him so there’s that.