The last ‘chapter’ of the Pandora Heartchu book + Chibi Vincent 

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i was tagged by my child haedaeso thank u bby <3

1. Write your name in song titles.
Shadow of the Evanescence - Tarô Iwashiro (yeah thats on the red cliff soundtrack album. dont judge)

As Above so Below - Behemoth

Ravnens Banner - Myrkur

Autre Temps - Alcest

Helvetesmakt - Taake

2. Why did you chose your url?
ive had to explain this so many times already i kinda wanna change it. two of my first favorite bands ever were vildhjarta and slipknot, so the ‘knot’ part comes from slipknot (duh) and ‘thall’ is some weird not even funny inside joke for vildhjarta fans, so yeah. i still listen to vildhjarta there and then but i havent listened to slipknot in a while. idk i dont really like my url but i cant think of anything to change it to

3. What is your middle name?
Magdalena, named after my grandmother

4. If you could be a fictional/fairytale being, what would you be?

5. Favorite color?
turquoise (everytime i get this question i have to look up the correct way to spell it) also dark red (like cherries hmm) and black and white

6. Favorite song?
impossible to choose, theres just too fucking many. the whole new shining album, everything by taake ever, everything by solstafir ever, everything by carach angren ever. also anything that has dead and/or euronymous in it in some way. oh and Jonne’s Kuku Käki. i know this is not a satisfying answer but oh well. thats as close as it gets LMAO

7. Top 4 fandoms?
flok mettelz and blekk mettelz i guess. and the anti varg fandom if that counts. idk im not really in any actual fandoms lmao

8. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?
i dont lol

9. Tag 9 of your mutuals.
randyblytheswife, percees, sex-ruiner, carcsass, he-as-hollow-as-i-alone, engsteligtoner, blackmetalcarachangren, aegnor-anarion, ashes-in-the-ocean

there is a really messy post in the catholic tag about jacking off and I have no words why are yall so obsessed with sex I bet yall have eaten whole cakes by yourselves or gone on shopping sprees cuz yall deserved it or have a whole wall dedicate to trophies or successes you’ve had so



  1. a person who actively opposes or is hostile to someone or something; an adversary.