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The last chapter of The Golden Age That Never Was made me scream! Sera is so cute! I expected Pitch to like pop out from somewhere and yell at Jack to get away from her. Then he was so nice to Jack in the end until Jack was a jerk and now he's gonna get his ass kicked and I just want them to kiss! Sobs

Lol, he is gonna get his ass kicked! (Jack, that is). I’m 2600 words through that chapter right now and already Jack is like ‘fuck you and fuck everything’ and Pitch is like: B)

Pitch is definitely much more reassured re: Jack and Seraphina, since asking about what Jack’s reaction to Seraphina would be if she made him angry, re: his inner darkness. He also kind of knows that Seraphina does what she likes, and he doesn’t really have the heart to tell her not to visit Fyodor’s room. I think he just makes sure to remind her that Jack also needs his rest, and that they’re not the same (Jack and Fyodor).

Jack is definitely honing his ‘being a jerk’ skills, lol.


By Maria Layus

True Pain
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*all i want for christmas is you playing muffled in the distance*
gabe is really festive guy pass it on


Seriously, I’m not going to tell anyone who this person is. You can find them yourselves pretty easily. Don’t attack them. They look young as fuck. And saying anything won’t change their mind. You cannot deal with these idiots. They will probably grow up and hate themselves for this bullshit anyway.

But if you, the person who made the video about Amy and why shes “bad for Mark” are following me- fuck right off. Unfollow me right now. That goes for anyone who wants to destroy the relationships the Mark and Jack have. They deserve to be happy. Not pawns for your own fantasies. Newsflash, they do have lives of their own!!

I ship septiplier to a degree, I will be honest. I’m not trash about it, however…. Obviously.  I think it’s cute, but I don’t give a shit if it’s ever real because I know it won’t be. They are both straight. There is nothing more to it. It’s just for fun because of the bromance they have. And jesus fuck I have seen gayer straight dudes… lmao

Like said earlier, Amy is precious. Mark is precious. Signe is precious. Jack is precious. Let them live their lives and be happy. It’s their lives. Not yours. You have your own.

thank you.