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do you think Antisepticeye could cross into the crystal grumps au somehow? maybe as like a corrupted Jacksepticeye i guess. where hes just fuckin insane and will shatter anyone (im on an Anti kick lately bc of his videos lol whoops)

Maybe if his gem got cracked enough, he’d have a total personality shift…and insist that he be called ‘Anti’, which nobody understands but okay, sure. This is also bad because he doesn’t let anyone come near him, even Sam (who is afraid of him like this—anyone got some angst, maybe?) so Dan has a hard time being able to heal him. He’d be the total opposite of himself.

straight dude: im not homophobic im ok with gay guys as long as they dont hit on me *nervous laughter*

lesbian: i dont want straight guys hitting on me

straight dude:

straight dude: WH,AT THE FU CK

things i need straight ppl to stop doing:

  • comparing coming out stories with that time their mom found out they werent a virgin anymore
  • “i mean im straight but i dont care about peoples gender i care about peoples soul!!! i could fall in love with anyone!!  im straight though”
  • getting offended on behalf of queer ppl over jokes other queer ppl make
  • saying “what a waste :(” when they find out someone they find attractive is gay
  • existing