from our lost tour in 2011. from top to bottom:

the plane crash beach. if you look closely you can almost see christian shepherd by that farthest tree.

dharmaville. coincidentally it’s right across the two-lane road from the plane crash beach. they’ve painted the trim white since then.

the hydra station door. most of the interior was styrofoam and pvc pipe. :(

my husband under sawyer’s tree! we should’ve dug around in the sand to see if anything got left behind from his stash.

the survivor’s beach. 

the temple. the other three levels were added with CGI. and someone tagged it. you can’t get in it. it’s just a wood/styrofoam structure.

the island!! you can barely see the dock where the others nab kate, jack, and sawyer from. also seen in 50 first dates.

ben’s grave! 

the waterfall/pool where kate & sawyer found the dead people. and the gun.

the coconut grove where sawyer shot the polar bear. private property, no exploring. :(

we also saw the cages, but i didn’t get any shots without us or our friends in them. they were falling apart.