Feature: The Birth of a Leader [a study of Kurt Weller and Jack Shephard]

I absolutely love when shows remind me of other shows, and stories remind me of other stories, and characters remind me of other characters, especially when they’re ones that I absolutely love. Blindspot in its first season reminded me a lot of Alias and that led me to an Alias rewatch and to be honest, watching Alias again, and studying Sydney Bristow again, has really helped me understand Blindspot and Jane Doe more clearly.

And so Wednesday night (well, Thursday morning) while I watched this week’s episode of Blindspot (202 - Heave Fiery Knot), and as I watched Kurt Weller’s storyline develop, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Lost and Jack Shephard. And the funny thing is, Thursday was September 22, marking the 12th anniversary of Lost’s premiere. Now as some of you might know, I (the Yas half of this rambly duo) is a huge Lost fan. And I mean, huge. It is my favorite show of all time. For me it sets the bar for any other show. And so far, in my books, no show has come close to it. And so to say that Kurt reminded me of Jack… that’s huge.

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-Awhile ago, I was in this kind of psych ward and there was this guy, Leonard. All the time I knew him,all he ever said were these numbers. “4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42”. Over and over and over again.

-4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42: You are all candidates. 

person: i want to watch a show with good character development
me: have you seen lost
person: and deep storylines
me: you should watch lost
person: and relatable characters
me: i would recommend lost
person: and a strong, gripping plot
me: there’s one show i can think of
person: and really good acting
me: have you heard of -
person: and a beautiful setting
me: there’s this show called lost
person: i just can’t find a show like that
me: really tho just watch lost