person: i want to watch a show with good character development
me: have you seen lost
person: and deep storylines
me: you should watch lost
person: and relatable characters
me: i would recommend lost
person: and a strong, gripping plot
me: there’s one show i can think of
person: and really good acting
me: have you heard of -
person: and a beautiful setting
me: there’s this show called lost
person: i just can’t find a show like that
me: really tho just watch lost


“Writing that scene — the one where Jack waits on the outskirts of LAX as a car pulls up… the door opens… and out steps Kate — was awesome. My process is riddled with doubt and self-loathing, but this was one of the rare instances where I felt like I was doing something undeniably great. I felt like I had been crouched down in the darkness of someone’s apartment with all my best friends (the writers) waiting to shout out “SURPRISE” to our unexpected birthday boy/girl (the audience) — and I KNEW they’d be thrilled when we did.

And by time Jack was shouting, “WE HAVE TO GO BAAAAAAAACK!” (yes, I added all those extra A’s in the script) and I typed SMASH TO BLACK, my eyes were wet. I was inside the thing… feeling what these characters were feeling… knowing we were, at long last, working toward an actual ending now. And finally…for one fleeting moment…

I felt peace.” — Damon Lindelof.


Voilà guys, the very first “What should you watch” ! I’ll improve the presentation with the next ones ^^”

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it. I plan to do this for a lot of other shows. I won’t be talking about crappy shows or really famous ones (like game of thrones, walking dead …) but I want to talk about really different type of shows, from dark and serious shows to teen shows to funny ones etc.

See ya