The original Keating five, it seems that Connor is the most eager to get away from Annalise. Do you think that it’s purely because of all these murders they’ve been involved in or does he want a complete break from that; to have a normal life?

Honestly, the biggest thing for Connor has been Oliver. I think that he sort of became apart of this relationship sort of unexpectedly and it became the most important thing in his life. So I think his desire to leave and get away from  Annalise is really rooted in his desire to protect Oliver; to keep him safe.

FWB? (Jack Request)

“Hey Jack” You smile when you open the door to him on the other side.
“Hi” He replies, kissing you.
It was unlike him to come round just for a ‘chat’. Being friends with benefits meant that whenever you two had some time alone, he had other plans.
“Umm can we talk?” He asks, wiping his hands on the material of his jeans.
“Yeah sure I think that’s why you came round” You nod, “Come sit down”
You both walk over to the couch and you wait for him to speak. Really, you expected him to say he had found someone. A girl. Meaning he would want to end things. And, it did upset you to think it. Over the past months you and Jack had become closer. And not just in a physical way. You had started to develop feelings for him that you promised yourself you never would do.
“So we’ve been doing this for what 5 months now?” He begins and you nod, “And I don’t know I just think maybe we should try making this a bit more than just… This”
You stop. Was he saying he wanted a relationship? He wanted more than what you had now? A part of you was willing to say ‘let’s go for it’ and give things a try. But the majority of you was telling yourself that you couldn’t do it. He was too much of a player. You would start dating and he would find someone better. It would be that simple. And you would be left on your own. You couldn’t put yourself through that.
“Jack i-” You start and don’t really know how to finish it, “We’re good like this”
“But we could be better” He shuffle forward to take your hand, “We could give it a chance. Nothing would really change”
“If we started actually taking this seriously, we’d both have a commitment. No more flirting with other girls or whatever. You can’t do that. I’ve seen how you are” You explain.
“You’re saying im a player?” He frowns and you can see the hurt in his eyes.
“Well yeah” You look down, “I’ve been in relationships with people like that before, you know that. And in the end I get hurt and that’s it. I can’t put myself through that” You shake your head, “Not again”
“I’m not here to say we’ll take this seriously if I’m just gonna go off with some random girl” He comments, “I like you. I really like you. More than I have any other girl. So why can’t we at least try?”
“i-“ You pause and see the look in his eyes- truth. He meant what he was saying.
“There’s no reason why we shouldn’t” He mentions.
“Okay” You mutter, “We’ll do it"
“You sure?” He raises his brows.
“I like you too. But you know that if you-“ You begin.
“I’m not gonna be like other guys. I want this to work” Jack smiles.
You smile and he leans in to kiss you, you lean in the rest of the way and your lips are latched onto his. And it isn’t like it usually is, not just preparing for what you both know will come next. Instead, you both just needed that kiss. Like a promise.
And neither of you heard the door open to where your best friend Joe walked in with Oli and Mikey.
“Well looks like you’ve got a lot of stuff to tell us” Joe raises his eyebrows to you two.
Both you and Jack turn your heads in their direction and pause. Time for some explaining.

History Facts:: Olive Thomas
Olive Thomas was a silent film actress and model. In 1914 she won a contest as ‘The Most Beautiful Girl in New York City’. Since that moment, she appeared in a lot of movies during those years. In 1916 she married Jack Pickford, brother of the famous Mary Pickford. However the marriage was surrounded by scandals. The couple used to fight all the time. Also, Jack’s family did not seem to approve her much. Finally, they decided to take a second honeymoon and in 1920, they went to Paris. Jack had many affaires, reason why he was medicated as he contracted syphillis. On the night of September 5, both returned to their hotel after partying at a bistros in Paris. Around 3 a.m., Olive ingested mercury bichloride (the medicine prescribed at that time for syphillis treatment). The circunstances of her death are still unclear nowadays.  Due the liquid label was in french, she may confused it with water or other medicine. The rumors were strong at the time, mostly about suicide, some others even of murder. The truth is that her case was closed under the tittle of ‘accidental’. Despite her misterious death, her career is well remembered as she was the first flapper in Hollywood, even before the mithycal Clara Bow.

Too Late? (Part 2)

(REQUESTED) “Why the fuck are you even here?” You question.
Oli had quickly departed when he knew you two needed to talk. Telling you he was only a text away if you needed anything.
“I came to apologise” He sighs, “I didn’t mean to be like that. I was immature and pathetic and stupid"
“Well those are three words to describe it” You cross your arms, shutting the door behind him so the whole corridor didn’t hear your conversation.
“Look I just over reacted. I don’t blame you for getting annoyed with how I am with Lydia. I feel the same way sometimes with you and the guys” He admits, “But I always remind myself that you’re with me because you want to be. Well at least that’s what I think” He pauses.
“Continue” You say, a slight smile on your lips.
“And hell if you wanted to be with anyone else it would be easy for you to get them. So if having you means I get jealous of the boys sometimes, then I’ll accept that. I just hope you know I am already far too lucky to have you as my girlfriend and there is nobody I would ever put in front of you” His voice cracks slightly and makes you melt inside.
You have no words good enough for the moment, instead deciding to simply pull him into a tight hug. He returns the gesture, his arms wrapping around your frame.
“I’m sorry” He mumbles.
“Me too” You nod, “I was probably over reacting too”
Just before he says anything, his phone buzzes, “Sorry” He mumbles, pulling it out. He freezes when he sees what’s on it.
“What’s wrong?” You frown.
“Umm its Lucy. Her and Lydia wanted to go out for lunch with me and Conor tomorrow.” He admits.
“What’s wrong with that?” You smile, “I need to go help Joe with his new video anyway”
“Okay” He smiles, “So are you coming back home tonight?”
“Of course I am! I can’t stay with Oli for more than 24 hours!”
Jack laughs and holds your face his his hand cupping your cheek, leaning in and kissing you lightly.
“And Jack” You turn around from grabbing your jacket, “It’s never too late”
He chuckles and takes your hand, leading you back to the apartment, back home.