My favorite TV Show LGBT kisses~

  1. Alec and Magnus (Shadowhunters)
  2. Connor and Oliver (How to Get Away with your Murder)
  3. Cosima and Delphine (Orphan Black)
  4. Jude and Noah (The Fosters)

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ casts D.W. Moffett as Connor Walsh’s father in Season 4

I can exclusively reveal that D.W. Moffett has booked a role on Murder as Connor’s father. It’s all part and parcel of Connor going through some trials and tribulations this season. “Connor is going to be having an existential crisis about what type of person he wants to be, and I think that’s what the wedding proposal really does for him,” EP Pete Nowalk says. “Is he the marrying type or is he the guy that wants to be a shark, or a lawyer, and like a mini-Annalise?”

Band Member Snaps

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Against the Current
Chrissy Costanza - chrissycostanza

All Time Low
Alex Gaskarth - alexalltimelow
Jack Barakat - jbman
Rian Dawson - dawson.rian

Alternative Press
Alternative Press - altpress
Nick Major - Nick.major

As It Is
As It Is - asitis

Asking Alexandria
Ben Bruce - benbruce1
Cameron Liddle - camliddell
Danny Worsnop - snoptropolis
Denis Stoff - thatguystoff
James Cassells - skinswoodmetal
Sam Bettley - sambettley

Chris Fronz - chrisfronzak
Chris Linck - chrisattila

Blink 182
Travis Barker - travisbarker1
Mark Hoppus - mark.hoppus

Bring Me the Horizon
Oliver Sykes - sykojuice

The Cab
Alex DeLeon - Alexanderdeleon

Conquer Divide
Janel Divides - tastemyink

Cute Is What We Aim For
Shaant Hacikyan - shaantistaken

Fall Out Boy
Pete Wentz - peteweezy

Falling in Reverse
Ronnie Radke - ronnieradke13

Hey Monday
Cassadee Pope - casspopemusic

Hopeless Records
Hopeless Records - hopelessrecords

I See Stars
I See Stars - iseestarsmusic
Andy Oliver - dreambeachhh
Devin Oliver - devinoliversnap

Tyler Carter - tc4l

Lights Bokan - itslights

The Maine

Mayday Parade
Jake Bundrick - jakemaydayp

My Chemical Romance (Former Members)
Gerard Way - dannythestreet
Mikey Way - mwheezie

Neck Deep
Dani Abasi - necksdani

Of Mice and Men
Aaron Pauley - aaron_pauley
Alan ashby - alanashby
Austin Carlile - austinc88
Phil Manansala - filupmansalad
Valentino Arteaga - valentinosnaps

Panic! at the Disco
Brendon Urie - patdbrendon
Sarah Urie (Brendon’s Wife) - sarahuriesays
Dallon Weekes (Former Member) - dallonjweekes

Pierce the Veil
Pierce the Veil - ptvsnaps
Tony Perry - tonyperryptv
Vic Fuentes - piercethevic
Alysha Nett (Mike’s girlfriend) - alyshanett
Danielle Victoria (Vic’s girlfriend) - xomissdanielle
Erin Aschow (Tony’s girlfriend) - easchow

Hayley Williams - yelyahsnaps

Alex Babinski - alexbabinski

The Ready Set
Jordan Witzigreuter - readysetmusic

Real Friends
Real Friends - realfriendsil

Set It Off
Austin Kerr - austinsio
Cody Carson - codyccarson
Maxx Danziger - maxxsio
Set It Off - setitoffband

Sleeping with Sirens
Alex Howard - alexconditions
Gabe Barham - gabesws
Jack Fowler - jackfowlersws
Kellin Quinn - kelcoquinn
Nick Martin - nodirectionhome
Sleeping with Sirens - swsband

State Champs
Derek Discanio - dereksteez42069

Thirty Seconds to Mars
Jared Leto - jaredleto

Twenty One Pilots
Josh Dun - joshuadun

Waterparks - wtrprksdickpics

We are the in Crowd
Tay Jardine - dinosaurfart

The 1975
Matty Healy - yttamyttam

Artful Dodger is A.D/Caleb Rivers.

There is a big possibility that A.D. is Caleb and stands for Artful Dodger.


In 6B, Caleb gave Hanna that “bug-free” phone. But it maybe wasn’t for the right reasons. It could also have been a trick to track her. Let’s not forget that Ezra tracked the Liars’ in similar ways.

Worried that something bad may happen involving Haleb, Mrs. Grunwald went to Hanna in 7x08. She sensed a darkness around them which doesn’t actually suggest both of them are in trouble but maybe Hanna is in trouble and Caleb is involved with A.D.

In the same episode, Grunwald knew whoever was after them had a connection to the hotel. Hanna thought it was Noel because he was staying at the hotel for a little, but it’s really Caleb because he’s been staying with Hanna there and works for Ashley. Grunwald said how the person involved is “very close to Hanna.” I don’t think she meant Noel  who were feet from thembecause she is not that literal and what she said has a deeper meaning than we’d think. Caleb is the “darkness”.

Originally posted by phoebetonhkin

Caleb is a high-tech genius and not only has the skills, but time to perform A.D. technical things. He also works for RH and handles the security system.

He knows how to build an electric fence…Dollhouse anyone?

Originally posted by prettylittleliars

Caleb was suddenly in a rush to marry Hanna. Why? Legal spouses can’t testify against each other. He had to hurry to marry Hanna in order for them not to have to testify against each other in court.

Marlene said the reveal of A.D would be heartbreaking which means its most likely based on not only the characters, but fans as well. If Caleb is A.D., then all of the Liars will be heartbroken along with many fans of both Haleb, Spaleb, and the general show.  Marlene also said we wouldn’t know if Haleb would end up together until the very end, but we can see so far that they will, but not if Caleb is A.D.

PART 2: (Credits to @ pll-215-owls-b26-paris.tumblr.com/ )

Now all the cast and Marlene have said everything goes back to season one right?

Spencer(to Hanna about Caleb):What’s going on between you and the Artful Dodger?

Jack Dawkins, better known as the Artful Dodger, is a character in the Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist. Dodger is a pickpocket, so called for his skill and cunning in that respect. He is the leader of the gang of child criminals, trained by the elderly Fagin.

In the novel, he becomes Oliver’s closest friend (although Jack betrays him when Oliver stumbles onto a crime)

Later in the series, Spencer goes on to tell Hanna that this guy is dark and Hanna says at one point “he’s no Arthur Dogger or whoever that is”

Also in season one Emily tells Hanna to be careful with him and Hanna says she’s a good judge of character and Emily points out that Hanna set Aria up with Noel and Hanna says “well Noel Kahn had everyone fooled” and Emily replies “maybe Caleb is the same”

Mona in season 4 said to Ezra “I have had quite the DICKENSIAN life full of folly and FALSE IMPRISONMENT

As we know, Mona will try to solve the game board by herself and may solve it, but not before she is caught by A.D….Caleb. Mona is Oliver Twist but instead of manipulating her like Aria, Caleb will kill her as he knows she can’t be manipulated.


Arcturus the Avenger

The Oliver Twist novel is actually similar to the Arcturus graphic novel. Arcturus’ close friend was Lucas and he created the graphic novel with Charles who he didn’t know was Charlotte/Cece.

Lucas provided all of the details on how Alison bullied everyone.

But Caleb was with Hanna in the tent when A.D. drew in the rest of the second novel of Arcturus? How would this make sense? Caleb isn’t working alone.

A.D. also stands for Arcturus Drake. Originally, I thought Wren was Charles. But really think Charles may be another important character.

Together, the Artful Dodger and Arcturus Drake are A.D..

Caleb the criminal
Caleb the hacker
Caleb the Artful Dodger

Update Tomorrow Guys!

Caleb the criminal
Caleb the hacker
Caleb the Artful Dodger

Update Tomorrow Guys!

becitravel  asked:

Just wanted to share this My 12yr old cancer pt on the children's ward at my work I have looked after for many months is packing his green backpack Me: jack are you running away? Jack: yes Me: ok can ask where you are going? Jack: Oliver needs help. U saw the ep last night. Me: right Jack: u always said u have to help anyone u can who is hurt and Oliver is hurt. Me: okay that's awesome. I am pretty sure ur family will miss u. Jack: I left a note recruiting fans of the show i ❤ 🏹🎯😊

You just killed me.  I have no words.

I really want to support htgawm cos its cast is a gift to acting but it would be great if Pete nowalk stopped pulling random plot twists out his arsehole and instead returned to the succinct writing of season one, that’d be great

DC CHARACTER ONYX VISITS STAR CITY — A rogue black ops team led by Onyx (guest star Chastity Dotson) breaks into Kord Industries and steals something lethal. Oliver (Stephen Amell) struggles to connect with William (guest star Jack Moore) so he reaches out to a surprising source for help. Kevin Tancharoen directed the episode written by Speed Weed & Oscar Balderrama (#603).  Original airdate 10/26/2017.
—  Episode Description for 6x03 Next of Kin
Popular Names from Across the Globe (2013)

The numbers are in! Here is a list of the most popular names of each country that releases statistics from the year 2013.

Girls: Nareh, Mari, Maneh, Milena, Ani, Anahit, Mariam, Mariya, Elen, Anna.
Boys: Davit, Narek, Gor, Hayk, Alex, Arman, Tigran, Erik, Samvel, Alen.

Girls: Charlotte, Ruby, Lily, Olivia, Chloe, Sophie, Emily, Mia, Amelia, Ava.
Boys: William, Jack, Oliver, Noah, Ethan, Thomas, Lucas, James, Cooper, Jackson.

Girls: Anna, Hannah, Sophie, Emma, Sarah, Sophia, Marie, Lena, Laura, Mia.
Boys: Tobias, Lukas, Maximilian, Felix, Jakob, David, Paul, Jonas, Elias, Alexander. 

Girls: Sofía, Emilia, Florencia, Antonella, Martina, Isidora, Maite, Josefa, Amanda, Agustina.
Boys: Agustín, Benjamín, Vicente, Martín, Matías, Joaquín, Tomás, Maximiliano, Mateo, Cristóbal.

Czech Republic
Girls: Eliska, Tereza, Adéla, Anna, Natálie, Karolína, Nela, Barbora, Lucie, Kristýna.
Boys: Jakub, Jan, Matyáš, Adam, Tomás, David, Lukás, Ondrej, Filip, Vojtech.

Girls: Sofia, Ida, Isabella, Emma, Freja, Clara, Sofie, Anna, Josefine, Laura.
Boys: William, Lucas, Noah, Victor, Emil, Frederik, Oliver, Oscar, Magnus, Alexander.

Girls: Amelia, Olivia, Emily, Jessica, Ava, Isla, Poppy, Isabella, Sophie, Mia.
Boys: Oliver, Jack, Harry, Jacob, Charlie, Thomas, Oscar, James, William, George. 

Girls: Sofia, Maria, Laura, Sandra, Lisandra/Milana, Anna, Viktoria, Emma, Mirtel, Mia.
Boys: Rasmus, Robin, Artjom, Martin, Markus, Nikita, Romet, Oliver, Oskar/Sander, Kristofer.

Note: These are the popular names amongst Finnish speakers.
Girls: Emma, Aino, Aada, Venla, Sofia, Emilia, Ella, Helmi, Iida, Siiri.
Boys: Onni, Elias, Leo, Oliver, Eetu, Veeti, Aleksi, Niilo, Eino, Leevi.

Note: Germany rates name popularity by name and not spelling.
Girls: Sophie/Sofie, Marie, Sophia/Sofia, Maria, Mia, Emma, Hannah/Hanna, Anna, Emilia, Johanna.
Boys: Maximilian, Alexander, Paul, Luca/Luka, Ben, Luis/Louis, Elias, Leon, Lucas/Lukas, Noah.

Girls: Hanna, Anna, Jázmin, Luca, Emma, Nóra, Lili, Zsófia, Zoé, Csenge.
Boys: Bence, Máté, Levente, Ádám, Dávid, Dominik, Dániel, Balázs, Milán, Gergö.

Girls: Saanvi, Aanya, Aadhya, Aaradhya, Ananya, Pari, Anika, Navya, Angel, Diya.
Boys: Aarav, Vivaan, Aditya, Vihaan, Arjun, Reyansh, Muhammad, Sai, Arnav, Ayaan.

Girls: Emily, Emma, Sophie, Ella, Amelia, Aoife, Ava, Lucy, Grace, Sarah.
Boys: Jack, James, Daniel, Conor, Sean, Adam, Ryan, Michael, Harry, Noah.

Girls: Sofia, Giulia, Aurora, Emma, Giorgia, Martina, Chiara, Sara, Alice, Gaia.
Boys: Francesco, Alessandro, Andrea, Lorenzo, Mattia, Matteo, Gabriele, Leonardo, Riccardo, Tommaso. 

Girls: Tess, Sophie, Julia, Emma, Lisa, Fenna, Mila, Sara, Lotte, Zoë.
Boys: Sem, Levi, Bram, Daan, Finn, Milan, Lucas, Luuk, Jesse, Jayden.

New Zealand
Girls: Charlotte, Emily, Ruby, Sophie, Olivia, Isla, Amelia, Ava, Isabella, Ella.
Boys: Oliver, Jack, James, William, Mason, Liam, Samuel, Lucas, Noah, Thomas.

Girls: Emma, Ingrid, Sofie, Nora, Emilie, Ida, Julie, Thea, Ella, Sara.
Boys: William, Oliver, Mathias, Magnus, Liam, Sebastian, Emil, Jonas, Henrik, Noah.

Girls: Lena, Julia, Zuzanna, Maja, Zofia, Amelia, Hannah, Aleksandra, Wiktoria, Natalia.
Boys: Jakub, Kacper, Filip, Szymon, Jan, Antoni, Michal, Wojciech, Mateusz, Bartosz.

Girls: Maria, Matilde, Leonor, Mariana, Carolina, Beatriz, Ana, Inês, Lara, Margarida.
Boys: João, Rodrigo, Martim, Francisco, Santiago, Tomás, Guilherme, Afonso, Miguel, Gonçalo.

Girls: Maria, Elena, Ioana, Andreea, Alexandra, Antonia, Daria, Stefania, Ana, Gabriela.
Boys: Andrei, David, Alexandru, Gabriel, Stefan, Ionut, Mihai, Cristian, Daniel, Darius.

Girls: Sophie, Olivia, Emily, Isla, Lucy, Ava, Jessica, Amelia, Ella, Millie.
Boys: Jack, James, Lewis, Oliver, Daniel, Logan, Alexander, Lucas, Charlie, Harry.

Girls: Sara, Eva, Lara, Ema, Ana, Nika, Julija, Lana, Zala, Zoja.
Boys: Luka, Nik, Jakob, Filip, Zan, Mark, David, Jaka, Jan, Ziga.

Girls: Lucía, María, Paula, Daniela, Martina, Carla, Sara, Sofía, Valeria, Julia.
Boys: Hugo, Daniel, Pablo, Alejandro, Álvaro, Adrián, David, Mario, Diego, Javier.

Girls: Alice, Maja, Elsa, Ella, Julia, Ebba, Alicia, Olivia, Alva, Wilma.
Boys: Lucas, William, Oscar, Oliver, Hugo, Charlie, Liam, Alexander, Axel, Elias.

Girls: Zeynep, Elif, Ecrin, Yagmur, Zehra, Azra, Nisanur, Nehir, Belinay, Hiranur.
Boys: Yusuf, Berat, Mustafa, Amet, Ömer, Emir, Mehmet, Muhammed, Emirhan, Eymen.

United States of America
Girls: Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Isabella, Ava, Mia, Emily, Abigail, Madison, Elizabeth.
Boys: Noah, Liam, Jacob, Mason, William, Ethan, Michael, Alexander, Jayden, Daniel.

Girls: Amelia, Olivia, Ava, Ruby, Emily, Poppy, Ella, Mia, Isla, Isabella.
Boys: Oliver, Jacob, Jack, Charlie, Alfie, Noah, Harry, Riley, William, Dylan.

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