Stargate is honestly the greatest Sci-fi series of all time and i will fight you on this

Samantha Carter and Janet Fraiser are two of the greatest female role models in scifi canon. Both are brilliant, super competent at their jobs, not sexualised but not desexualised, and they’re friends with and support each other.  Both are ranking members of the US airforce, and have a core belief of helping people and doing the right thing. But they’re both human. They get to be fallible, they get to be angry, and frustrated, and sad, and flustered, and it never invalidates their abilities or importance.

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Daniel Jackson is the scifi hero we all deserve. He’s kind, gentle, and so damn excited about learning. Just learning more. His life has been so crap any other show would have turned him into a broody mess but no, not Daniel. Even at his lowest and sourest, he still desperatly wants to help others, to preserve other cultures, and save people. He literally dies for it. Multiple times. He’s a scifi explorer who honestly loves exploring. He truly loves it

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And then Jack again could have been the most grizzled anti hero imaginable (hello movie!jack), but instead we have this kind, kooky, sarcastic space hero who just wants to be everyone’s dad and protect people from bad things. But at the same time he never folds on his principles, or who he is.

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Teal’c could have been this hostile angry alien, or this overplayed goofball who doesn’t ‘get’ humanity. But instead they gave us someone serene and gentle, but proud and fierce. Someone who actually believed that they might loose their fight against his oppressors, but was willing to die trying, and willing to help others along the way. 

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And finally general Hammond. He could have been an obstructive burocrat, a pencil pusher with no respect for the other races they encounter, but instead he is the most sensible and level headed man in the series. and he cares  This is a man who has the president on speed dial 2, behind his granddaughters, but he will miss his granddaughters recital if one of his team is missing in the field. This is a man who loves his team so much that he all but admits he would rather have Teal’c die than hand him over to the tortures of the goverment when he goes evil, because he ‘won’t do that to him’. He never over plays it into incompitence though. He is always logical and practicle about his decisions. This is a man who continously strives to do the right thing not just for his people, but for his planet, and his galaxy. 

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I could write a billion love letters to this perfect series that is an example of how amazing Sci-Fi can be if you just have characters who care.

  • What I Say: I'm fine.
  • What I'm Thinking: Stargate was such a beautifully rich and complex world, and I feel like they really screwed themselves over with Universe, but that is no reason to shut down that mythology all together. I mean SG-1 was so good, it was about exploring and it wasn't all sexed up, and really Universe went wrong the moment they opened their pilot with the Marine and the soldier banging in an actual literal supply closet. And has it been almost ten years since it went of the air? Yeah but I still miss my star children. And let's not forget Stargate Atlantis. Hello: Space Vampires! And like they were really terrifying, and Elizabeth Weir deserved so much more in the end. They all did. And not to mention we got 4 seasons of Jason Mamoa being a hottie badass. Suck it GOT. I honestly miss the G'ould. I mean they were pests, lets be real. They were dick shaped parasites, BUT Ba'al was fun. He was a nuisance, but he was fun to mock. He and Jack O'Neil were always funny to watch, I mean when Jack wasn't being tortured. I'm kind of afraid the new film reboots will fuck everything up, like why. Don't do that, just bring back my literal star children as a tv show that doesn't fuck up like Universe did. I was so angry as a little ten year old when Universe got too dark for me to watch. To this day I still haven't watched all of it because I'm angry at it. I will eventually, but at the moment I'm too pissed at Eli for being a fuck boi to Rush, who let's be honest was based on Geddy Lee. I just really really miss my Stargate. Give me G'ould, Wraith, fuck even the Ori, I just want my spinny ring portal back.

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