Miss Lawson made a surprising comeback after the subsequent destruction of the Cerberus headquarters and the death of one Jack Harper—known for her ruthless tactical mind and dedication to mission completion, Lawson has made a place for herself among the best of the best. her open-secret policy regarding the neo-Cerberus organization she now leads has been a success so far, but only time will tell if The Illusive Woman will outdo her predecessor.


If any Reaper would survive the war it would be Harbinger. An old story of mine was that an imperfect clone of the illusive man, using his original name, would take what’s left of Cerberus and reform it towards its original goals, away from indoctrination but still utilizing Reaper tech.

My idea was that he would be assisted by both remnants of Cerberus and the collectors, seemingly mindless drones under their control, or more specifically that of Robert. Who was a third android/AI created by Cerberus after the loss of EVA. He was never given a personality but in his last moments Harbinger was able to download his personality into the blank android. Giving him a body to survive the war with.

After the war he assists Cerberus efforts and directs considerable resources towards repairing his own body for obvious reasons. He is nowhere near as powerful as his Reaper form is but he is far stronger than he would seem. He still can indoctrinate but not as efficiently as he was before.

And this time he needs the organics. He is weak. And he is alone. If he is to reestablish the cycles he will need their help to repair his body and as ground troops to begin the harvests anew.

So he assists Cerberus. And hides his true nature until he can be certain he will have victory.

And his vengeance upon Shepard.

As for the collectors, his eyes glow when he controls them. As explanation, he states that Cerberus had made a breakthrough at the end of the war that enabled control. This is widely accepted due to sanctuary knowledge and the fact that they seem so blank.

Eventually there would be a power struggle between jack and harbinger. But that would happen down the road.

“We are eternal. We have no beginning. We have no end”


Mass Effect: Andromeda | Pathfinder Team Andromeda Initiative Briefing Hidden Gems Analysis

An in-depth look and analysis of the Pathfinder Team Andromeda Initiative Briefing for Mass Effect: Andromeda focusing on aspects of the briefing you may not have noticed. Mass Effect: Andromeda is currently set to release March 21st.

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