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Do you plan on making designs for Rise of the Guardians too?

I can definitely add it to the list. I’m thinking of Jack Frost’s hoodie, but instead of the many painted options we see for the frost effect, using varying colors of thread and a very detailed embroidery stitch in my new embroidery machine (once I order it next week XD). 

If anyone has experience digitizing embroidery stitches, contact me! I’m a beginner and would appreciate all the help I can get!!


PART ONE: How to make a Jack Frost Hoodie! (from Rise of the Guardians)

I used Marabu fabric markers (thanks to Lavi for the tip), glitter-string and little plastic stars.


Marabu Glitter-Liner 570


Marabu Acryl-Effects Metallic, 25ml, blue 752

PLEASE WAIT FOR PART TWO and THREE to see how I stitch snowflakes and little perls onto the hoodie!^_-

My FB-page for more photos of the finished cosplay, etc.


My tumblr:


My real work: Mangaka


BONUS: Me while I dye the trousers. 


So here is my Jack Frost hoodie tutorial, I nearly didn’t want to post (thank you for encouraging me!)

If you find any grammar mistakes, I am terribly sorry, I’m a bit tired. You can keep them as your pets and call them Klaus-Dieter. Hehe.

Well, I had to split the two parts into four because of the size.. but I hope it’s readable and I really hope it helps you with your own cosplay!

Have fun painting some stuff - I will definitely make myself a scarf like this or a bag ^^

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Close-up of my hoodie…

- Lavi

Poe junkie

The cold of London is forgotten in the glow of a lighter,
It is all you do to kill the grey,
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And a dead man they say,
as you get High another day,
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Paranoia but you do it,
Sweet lies its all like chocolate

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Inspired by the 1975 chocolate and my own addiction and self destruction

Hi there!  My name is Stephanie Turner.  I’m 23 and currently teaching English in Japan.  This is my second cosplay EVER and I decided to go for Jack Frost.  He’s someone that we can all relate to, root for, and fangirl about. XD  I didn’t really think this cosplay would get much attention…but thank you all for your kind words and your support.  I feel really welcomed here in the cosplay community and that means so much to me.  As mentioned before in a previous post, I entered this cosplay in a contest and I’m willing to do a Jack Frost giveaway if anyone would be interested!

This is for a different contest - Living Ichigo’s contest.  All you have to do is click the link and like the picture on facebook!  Thank you again for all the support. <3


Jack Frost Hoodie Tutorial

Dark Blue Pullover Hoodie (Target)

Simply Spray: Stencil Fabric Spray Paint / Silver Glimmer (Michaels)

While this is non-toxic, it still has an odor to it. You’ll want to use it outdoors or in a space with good ventilation.

Hope this helps those of you looking to make your own hoodies! Of course, there are multiple ways to go about this. This is just the method I found that I like the results of the best. c:

PS: If you want to see an example of some of the details I added later on, view this: [x]

SUSU my dear Simmers!

Jack Frost is now available for download!
Look at this cutie :3 

You can get his “body” in the gallery. Just search under Households->Hashtag: jf89 
Or you search for my origin ID Kerodia this is where you can also find my header girl ;)

For his clothes, his white hair and his eyes, you can download this pack:


I really hope you have fun with him! 
Show me some photos of him rocking the Game if you want! Just tag them with #JackFrost89Simstrees I would love to see it :D

Happy Simming guys!!

boop *freezes your nose*

after devoting my entire existence into this drawing that took a total of 21 hours to do, I finally finish it omg ;w; this ship is just so wonderful and tragic and beautiful and they deserve some love okay

[do not repost pLEASE I put so much effort into this, the last thing I want is someone taking it, thank you!!]


Jack Frost Hoodie

I noticed people had been making some of these and I wanted to give it a try so after a lot of shopping, shipping, returning, bleaching, dying and decorating I ended up with this :D I was not sure if I wanted to include the back stitches… you tell me, do you think it needs it?

In case you’re wondering I used fabric medium paint, gloss, and metallic pearl paint to do the frost. It shines under a light really cool :D

And…. in case you’re interested, I’d like to keep it  but since I’m low on money I would be willing to sell, just send me an ask for more info.



Took some pics of my Jack Frost cosplay via webcam. The blue of my eyes show up much better now….I-I may have gotten carried away making expressions. xD

Samuel:  "You look like you are about to fly out of that tree.“

Me:  "You should have seen me trying to get INTO that tree.”

This is the bf’s favorite photo from the shoot this past Sunday and I have to tip my hat to Sonja for capturing perfect moments of personality in these photos.  Jack’s playful nature just shines through beautifully.