Jack Frost Hoodie

I noticed people had been making some of these and I wanted to give it a try so after a lot of shopping, shipping, returning, bleaching, dying and decorating I ended up with this :D I was not sure if I wanted to include the back stitches… you tell me, do you think it needs it?

In case you’re wondering I used fabric medium paint, gloss, and metallic pearl paint to do the frost. It shines under a light really cool :D

And…. in case you’re interested, I’d like to keep it  but since I’m low on money I would be willing to sell, just send me an ask for more info.



Jack Frost Hoodie Tutorial

Dark Blue Pullover Hoodie (Target)

Simply Spray: Stencil Fabric Spray Paint / Silver Glimmer (Michaels)

While this is non-toxic, it still has an odor to it. You’ll want to use it outdoors or in a space with good ventilation.

Hope this helps those of you looking to make your own hoodies! Of course, there are multiple ways to go about this. This is just the method I found that I like the results of the best. c:

PS: If you want to see an example of some of the details I added later on, view this: [x]


Took some pics of my Jack Frost cosplay via webcam. The blue of my eyes show up much better now….I-I may have gotten carried away making expressions. xD


Pants [Women’s Decree American size 11 (pleather with one repaired tear in the knee)], Hoodie [Men’s S/M (never checked sorry)], and Arda Wig [Jett style, silver- currently clean and not styled]

Also I’m a female, 5'5", and approximately 150lbs. 

$120 - staff not included because temperature change in my house melted adhesive and it was a mess. I have the structure of it though.

I have been meaning to post full body pictures. The leg straps have since been removed and replaced to look- well… better obviously.

/however as i was making this I remembered how much fun i had in this cosplay and ugh I’m too sentimental for this shit. Not to mention I still don’t know if my friend is willing to take hijack pictures with me aksjadakh. Kinda holding out in the respect, too. -coughjiidesucough.-/


This hoodie is sold, thank you!

Are you thinking to yourself “wow what a nice Jack Frost hoodie I want it.” Well lucky you,THIS HOODIE IS FOR SALE!! (please buy it)

  • Never worn, except for these pictures!
  • Super soft and comfy tbh
  • Size: Medium
  • Price: ONLY $30 !!! (This includes shipping in the US!!)
  • I really want this thing out of my house please take it

If you have ANY questions or are interested in buying this hoodie, please contact me!! If I don’t respond within a day, I probably didn’t get your message, so please try again!

Want my Jack Frost Hoodie?

Good! Because I’m opening one or two slots for Jack Frost hoodie commissions!

Unfortunately, because my hoodie takes a really long time and a lot of work, I am probably only going to open one slot unless there is a high demand.

Here are some photos:

Videos of the hoodie in action can be found on my YouTube channel as well under the name TheAlchemicFox.

My hoodies usually sell over $150 and up, but I am opening these commission spots for $130 (this includes shipping price). This price is due to how intricate the ice is on my hoodie, the amount of paint I end up using, and that its all hand painted and takes multiple days.

If anyone is interested, message me and we can work out details and how long it would take to have it made and shipped to you.

Thanks guys!

Guys i finished my jack frost hoodie and it took me forever asdfghjkl. But this is literally the best thing ever i am cry. Theres insane detail on it but u cant see bc of the blurry mobile camera. :((( Anyways, i feel like the coolest person ever. Jack better be satisfied okay, this took a lot of effort. If any of yall wanna know the materials or where i got the hoodie or whatever my ask box is always open.