Dragmire the Savior

Still haven’t finished BotW so I still don’t know jack about Ganon’s cannon (heh) state in that game, but I came up with the idea for an AU of Ganondorf reappearing as a human when Link doesn’t wake up and the Divine Beasts start wrecking the world. Rather than destroying the world, he presents himself as a savior, with Hyrule Castle as the one safe haven in Hyrule. With the Beasts and the Guardians he funnels the world’s survivors to him who begin praising him as a god. Any who speak against him tend to disappear without a trace except the occasional banana peel.

Only a few pockets of life exist outside of Hyrule Castle’s walls now, and the only significant resistance to his domination is in a Zora prince, a young Gerudo Queen, a Rito warrior, and a descendant of the Goron champion.

Sometimes I just get overwhelmed by just how important Jack and Shitty are to one another. Like, holy fuck. Jack would literally die for Shitty and Shitty would go to the ends of the earth for Jack. It’s cannon that frog Shitty fought some upperclassmen because they were making fun of Jack. There is no doubt in my mind that Jack has called Shitty his brother and they both cried and hugged for like an hour. Just, their relationship is so important to me. They love each other so damn much and we need to talk about it more.

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I hate here to ship hate but just to pitch in 'cause your blog is a nice discussion area, so I just have to say- I am SO UPSET that Jack/Ashi is cannon. It wasn't necessary AT ALL, and is honestly running the whole feel of what the show used to be. It's upsetting and has honestly ruined my whole nostalgic trip from watching this last season. I'm not even going to bother with the last three episodes of whatever-I'm done after this. It was a stupid decision to force romance.


i mean im going to finish it bc i love jack but


feels weird man

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head cannon: when Jack or Gabe have to go on a mission away from each other they started a habit where they would take a picture of the sunrise for each other. becuase mabey when they were in the Sep or fighting in the war the sunrise means they live another day together?

this is SO cute and sad, I love it

H: J - Jack! Get me out of here!!
J: But you look so cute with all the snow in your hair.
H: IT’S C - COLD !!!!
J: um…. Nope

I had time today so I drew some HiJack ^^

(ReBlog and add to their dialog)

I’m a sucker for time loop paradoxes.
So in samurai jack, Aku was destroyed by Jack who has been alive in the future for 50 years, so when he killed Aku in the past all the things he did in the future where vacuum sealed in a doomed timeline that came to a screeching halt when Ashi gained Aku’s powers and sent Jack back to the past. I wonder if that timeline Aku just was like “oh well we are all fucked.” And just stopped fighting or if he obliterated everyone out of pure anger like he just ended the entire world before it proofed out of existence.
Cause now in cannon, Jack never existed in the future, Ashi was never born and what happened was Aku tossed a nameless samurai into a time portal only to have that samurai reappear suddenly and kill him. Because Ashi isn’t a thing. Like from Aku and the timelines viewpoint Jack just pooped back into existence.There was no “Samurai Jack” and we don’t even know if he is immortal still. The only person who knows Ashi is Jack, everyone else just saw a woman with no name and if he asked them about it they wouldn’t know what he was talking about cause she didn’t exist.
Its super crazy and I love it.

Jashi cannon

wtf is with the “I told ya so” from the anti jashi ppl, most of us already new she would die but not on their wedding day, thats what made it so sad. 

Sad ending but in the end they were still cannon, N JACKS SMILE AT THE END ughhh touched my heart. As far as that petty feuding part of the fandom goes, NOBODY WON 0___0

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@Squad and parents, what are your favorite signature moves from dragon ball z/super?

Nova: Kamehameha.

Connor: instant transmission 

Jack: special beam cannon.

Sol: spirit bomb! RAWR!




Star: Galick gun

Marco: fusion honestly. 

Janna;. *shrugs* 


Jackie: I like trick buster