The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon has been really good lately! Updates are slowing down now and it’s a perfect time to catch up, so here’s a link to page 1 if you don’t want to be spoiled. It starts out slow, but be patient, because the art and story get markedly better with every chapter.

I really wish I’d linked to it back on this page. (spoilers)

Suonare un arranger non equivale a suonare su basi musicali

Suonare un arranger non equivale a suonare su basi musicali

Questa volta mi rivolgo a chi si avvicina al mondo delle tastiere per la prima volta e ha qualche difficoltà di base ad orientarsi in mezzo alla variegata offerta. Ho pensato a costoro quando su YouTube ho scoperto causalmente un filmato che, nella sua semplicità, ci rivela la sostanziale differenza di chi fa intrattenimento suonando e di chi si limita a premere il pulsante Play sulle basi.


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Please make a different tag

If you have rhack hate please make a different tag! I mean some of you are correct in saying the cannon jack and Rhys are terrible together. (Because they are) but that’s why some people have made nicer AU’s where jack actually loves Rhys. I totally understand that you guys have an opinion but if the select people who I’m talking could either, make a new tag for hate or could talk to each other over tumblr with private message, that would be great! Thank you!

definitelyjack asked:


👍 Theories about your kintypes that you enjoy?

oook mmm well, y’know i do like the ones that say jack made me get a scar like his after the incident, cause i am 90% sure that that did indeed happen MM and the trans headcanons because !!! yea !! yeayeayea they’re right they’re right !!! OH OH MAN andand when ppl say i went to college for creative writing like YES thats me thatsmethatsme !!!!! and the glasses too !!! aaaaa that’s just im glad that’s a wide spread thing it makes me happy :^D !!!

✋ Theories about your kintypes that you hate? 

 mmm,, this is, hard to say kinda since i, avoid my tag hhh, um ive expressed i dont like the cinnamon roll bullcrap because, im not im not at all, OH MAN NO I GOT IT, ah, damn when ppl act like id be buddy buddy with jack in cannon :^T i would not ! i constantly mumble under my breath about him and think he’s a straight up asshole from day 1 and it only got worse aaafter the incident, dont get me wrong hes my boss, has some jokes and there are perks to lookin like him but, buddy buddy, mmmnono no nooot in canon