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re_ Kaia and Dean: Dean's had a shitty life. Sam has been in danger a lot, and so has Bobby and Charlie, and plenty of other ppl he cares about. And yet, I can't think of one single moment Dean actually threatened an innocent, let alone a firghtened teenage girl. Now, Sam - that's a different thing. But Dean - no, sorry. He can be harsh, but not like that. Also, the situation Mary's in is in no way his fault. Didnt work for me. :/

I assume you’re responding to the post I reblogged where I didn’t talk about this more in depth because it wasn’t my post and I was just adding my thoughts about the original poster’s thoughts; not wanting to go in a different direction because while, technically, I don’t think it’s completely OOC, I do think he was affected by whatever Jack did when he was doing that golden web mind thing. So, yeah, I agree with you, which is why I’ve been writing posts about Dean being affected by Jack being inside his head. Because the times when Dean has threatened an innocent person it’s been because he’s affected by an outside force, like the Mark. There are a lot of posts right now talking about Dean and panic attacks, for example, as a way to explain Dean’s actions (because of PTSD), but I honestly think the entire scene when Dean is looking so disoriented is ambiguous to the point where all of us are trying to scramble to make sense of what happened. Personally, I felt right away something was off, so when Dean pulled the gun on Kaia, it made sense to me because I saw him being affected by Jack, just like I saw Kelly and Cas being affected and so I said oh okay yep he was definitely fucked up by whatever Jack did. 

I think the show missed the mark here just a bit because it is so ambiguous. We can all sit here and posit this and that–for example, Dean had a panic attack or that he was suffering PTDS but we saw no visions which I talked about here. That’s why I don’t think it was necessarily a flashback situation he was suffering from. So instead, I’m seeing Jack having affected him. And, affecting Sam to a lesser degree, and instead of a knee jerk emotional reaction like Dean’s, Sam seemed to not like the situation but felt it was in their best interest/logical to go along with Dean which is a much more Sam reaction but also a little out of character as well. After all, Sam may have put up a token protest but that’s all it was; a token. But yeah, i don’t think Dean would have reacted that way normally, there was something definitely off about him in the scene with Kaia, but I was just trying to say his harshness/desperation wasn’t completely out of nowhere as he’s been known to be harsh when desperate in the past. 

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You're 5'7"–5'8"? Jeez, dude, YOU'RE TALL! For some reason, I thought you'd be more around my height. (I'm 5'1"–5'2".) —Jack Anon

Yeah, I’ve gotten that reaction from a few people before. XD; There’s pros and cons to my height, but yeah. There’s where my height is.

(OH SHIT, I finally managed to finish that Boneheads comic after a LOOONG hiatus, schedule conflict, and whatnot.)

Glorious context.

Someone should stop him.

And me.

–Jack Anon


Do you have any idea how difficult it is to go out and order food, and NOT start laughing like a maniac when something like this appears before your very eyes??

The wait was worth it to see this in all of it’s glory. I thought the outfit looked dumb on the plushie I was talking about in that stream, but to see any kind of artwork of Jack wearing that outfit is just….words fail me. 

Someone should stop him, but there ain’t no stopping this now. It’s too late. XD

Thank you for sharing this masterpiece.

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You know, imo, if Jack-the-nephilim truly wasn't evil he would've showed Cas that in "the future" he wouldn't actually need all those damn diapers. I mean, what a waste of money. Dick move, Jack. You coulda mentioned to Cas when you mind-zapped him that you were gonna pop out fully grown... I bet you don't even poop, do you Jack? I bet everybody poops but you. Stupid nephilim... >:(

This message is a thing of beauty, I’m not even going to respond, I’m just going to preserve it the way it is.


Doodles from tonight’s stream. The top image was a sketch I did before requests started popping up. Those were the outfits Mickey and Minnie were wearing in an image that was outside of the World of Disney shop in Downtown Disney. After that, the rest were sketches based off of a Halloween Art meme. Thank again to everyone who participated. this was fun!


dating stan uris would include:

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i love my noodle boy ok

- i love the idea of helping stan study the torah reading for his barmitsvah

- when stan struggled with his faith, you were there to reassure him that he would be loved no matter what he chose

- venting to him about anything and everything

- having long and deep conversations about the universe

- being best friends with beverly and she always refused to third wheel

- until one time she agreed and stan ended up third wheeling you too

- stan love love loves playing with ur hair fight me on this

- stan gaining confidence from the relationship after a while and not letting anyone give him shit for being jewish

- as you got older stan became so clingy

- you tried to study with stan but nothing got done

- you’d just end up building forts and lots of other cute shit

- stan isn’t really into pda, but lovesss hand holding

- stan would most likely have a fixation with your hands and would always play with them

- stan being super smart and worried you wouldn’t be able to get into the same college

- but stan helps you get a really high grade on your ACT

- stan sneaking out at night to see you

ok ik its bad but here u go anon!

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I would read the crap out of your bitty in the NHL fic

(anon is referring to these tags:  #b r a h#i have a solid 2k of backstory for how bitty could have started hockey earlier and been good enough to sign with the NHL after graduating#it involves bitty’s aunt connie john johnson’s mother and the edmonton oilers#idk if i’ll ever post it because i’m only done the outline of the fic#(thats just the 2k prologue lol) from this post

ME TOO!! I want to read it so bad, I just don’t…. want.. to write… it…… 

This is the summary though! 

Eric Bittle expected his first year in the NHL to be difficult. He expected the long road trips, the aggressive checks, the constant fatigue, the rampant homophobia lurking under the surface of a culture that put traditional masculinity on a pedestal. Less expected is the balancing act that is his social life. Putting up with a surly captain while keeping in contact with friends from college and slowly falling for an anonymous guy he met on tinder were not a part of Bitty’s contract with the Providence Falconers.

Yes, Jack is the guy he met on tinder. No, neither of them know that. 

I really want it to be a multi media story so it includes tumblr posts, newspaper headlines, text messages etc. for example, from chapter 3:

Tumblr post. fyeahjarse: Did you hear about Zimms helping Eric Bittle?? They’re doing extra morning practices together??? Look at my son helping my other son, what a good captain. -> reblogged and someone adds doodles of them as falcons a la the penguin artist on irl hockey tumblr (ninja omelet) 

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Aight, this is gonna sound weird and I'm not trying to brag or anything, but I feel like in a way I might've started the whole thing with anons going by an alias here. Or at least ever since I started going by Jack Anon, more anons started doing it, especially since I tend to message pretty frequently. I dunno, do you see it? —Jack Anon

I noticed that, too. I don’t think this kind of thing is anything new, but I have certainly noticed more anons adding a signature of sorts around here.


“Both friend and enemy reside within us. One lives by the rule of compassion, the other by the rule of hard knocks. Though potential influence of either extreme is inevitable, our actions bear witness to the one we embrace.”  
 ― T.F. Hodge



Being Will Turner’s twin sister getting along well with Jack Sparrow. 

••• Requested by Anon •••

“Hey, Jackie-boy!” Your voice suddenly called out upon deck where Jack Sparrow and your brother, Will Turner, stood together in a stony silence. “How do I look?”

Your brother was stunned and stared at you as you marched across the ship in a leather jacket that wasn’t your own and a pointed hat like Jack’s.

“Is your brain made of seaweed, Captain?” You asked Sparrow when he did not turn to look at you. “Or is it that you just did not hear me?”

“Oh, I heard you perfectly fine, love.” He turned around, but almost trip as he staggered back at seeing the point of the blade you held right in his face. “Point that thing somewhere else, would you kindly?”