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NSFW - Septiplier Smut Fanfiction

This is my first fanfiction on Tumblr, I have a wattpad but I thought, hey why not share it with other people and spread the sin? Hope you enjoy:)

Third Person POV:

Jack entered hell, early Monday morning… wait, I mean school…yeah that’s what I meant…

Anyways, Jack was walking into class, receiving strange looks from the new freshmen at the two lip rings he wore, his gauges, and, of course, his hair, the colour of freshly cut grass. He wasn’t bothered by the looks because, frankly, he couldn’t care less of what everyone else thought, he was happy, so who gives a shit? Despite Jack looking and acting like a badass, he’s kind of a goodie-goodie. He is a straight A student and he has never gotten a detention. He’s also a teacher’s pet, all teachers like him, and Jack is quite proud of both his reputations.

Stepping through the doorway, Jack arrived at his English classroom, smiling at his teacher, Ms. Suzie, before taking his seat, not too close to either the front or back of the room. He didn’t want to look like a bad kid in front of his favorite teacher, but he didn’t want to look like a kiss ass in front of his fellow students.

After taking out his books and two pencils, freshly sharpened, he waited for Ms. Suzie to start today’s lesson. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Mark walk in, well, shoved in by his friend Wade, both giggling loudly. Letting out an annoyed sigh, Jack watched Mark take a seat in the far back, walking past Jack’s desk, flashing a small smile to the boy before looking away. Confused, Jack just brushed it off. Who gives a shit if the most popular dipshit in school smiled at him, they were probably making fun of him.

*Time Skip To The End Of Class*

Nearing the end of class, Ms. Suzie announced a project out of nowhere, “You will be working in partners, but don’t worry, I saved you all the hassle of choosing!”

Groans could be heard all over the classroom as Jack’s hand bolted into the air.

“Yes Jack?” She asked.

“Can I work alone?”

“No, I’m sorry but this is a partner project, it’s good for all of you to get to know each other and bond over some good ol’ literature!”

Jack sighed as Ms. Suzie began to call out names.

“Felix and Cry, Dan and Phil…” Jack slightly zoned out, almost having a panic attack over the idea of who he might be forced to work with, until he heard his name and he began hyperventilating. “Annnndddd….Jack and Mark! Alright! Try and exchange information and set up a plan for your project in the last 5 minutes!”

Jack’s breath quickened as his anxiety kicked in. ‘Fuck fuck fuck! I have to work with that asshole?!’ Jack thought. A tan hand landing on his desk broke him from his thoughts, the hand, of course, belonging to Mark, a smirk plastered on the red haired boy’s face. His warm brown eyes met Jack’s, stunning baby blue ones.

“Meet me at my house after school, ok?” Mark instructed.

Jack nodded just as the bell rang, and Mark left the classroom.

*After School*

Jack walked to Mark’s house, knowing exactly where it was, frowning as to why. Mark and Jack were best friends in primary school, they were always hanging out, practically connected at the hip, but…something changed. In secondary school Mark started making more friends, and Jack became more and more of a loner. They just drifted apart, and Jack became depressed because of it, but he met someone, Felix, who became friends with him. Now he and Felix are really close, they smoke pot together and hang out all the time, talking about anything. Felix convinced Jack to get all the piercings he loves and just become the person he is today.

What Jack doesn’t know is, Mark was jealous of Felix. Mark absolutely despises the Swede, and he’s become more of a jerk to the both of them. He started picking on them and calling them names all the time. Thus Jack’s hatred for Mark was created. Honestly though, Jack could never hate Mark, he’s always had the smallest of crushes on Mark. Although, he’d never admit it, Jack would jump at the opportunity to  hang out with Mark again, just like they used to. Jack wants to play video games and goof around like the good ol’ days! Sure, he can do that with Felix, but it’s not the same.

Arriving at Mark’s house, backpack slung loosely over his left shoulder, Jack rang the doorbell, hesitantly. After a few loud thumps, possibly of someone running down the stairs, Mark answered the door. His hair was messy and he wore an oversized red football jersey and some jeans that, not that Jack was looking, emphasized his bulge, quite nicely. A slight blush appeared on Jack’s pale face while he looked the jock up and down, noticing how attractive he looked.

Smirking at the way Jack’s eyes scanned his body, Mark spoke, “My eyes are up here, Jack.”

The Irishman’s face turned bright red as he cleared his throat awkwardly, looking to the pale grey pavement, “S-sorry, let’s just work on the project, alright?”

Rolling his eyes playfully, Mark led Jack into his house, “Feel free to grab a drink or anything. I figured we could work up in my room..?”

“Whatever you want, Mark. Whatever gets me out of here faster.”

Mark frowned a bit, hurt by the statement before brushing it off and smiling again, “Don’t act like I’m such a nuisance, Jack, we used to be pals, remember?”

“Of course I remember those terrible times,” Jack joked, following Mark up the stairs.

“Whatever, you know you liked hanging out with me,” Mark stated, flopping down onto his bed, leaving enough space for Jack to sit beside him, which Jack did.

Jack pulled out his notes, flipping through, “Whatever, I guess they weren’t terrible memories.”

“You loved me, remember? We were best friends forever?”

“I guess forever doesn’t last very long..” Jack muttered, quiet enough so Mark could barely hear him.

“Remember when we kissed?” Mark asked, looking at the boy’s face turn pink.

“Don’t talk about that…”

“So you do remember, and I do too. I also recall you enjoying it.”

“I think you did too, Mark,” Jack said, trying to turn on him a bit, still flipping through his notebook, licking at his lip rings nervously.

“Maybe a little..” Mark said, noticing Jack’s nervous habit, biting his lip.

'Why does he have to be so cute?!’ Mark wondered.

“So shut up, we both liked it.”

After a moment of slightly awkward silence, Mark spoke up, “Didn’t we agree to do it again?”

Jack’s eyes widened, “Y-yeah..”

“But we never did..”

“No, we didn’t..”

“Perhaps we should then..? I’m a man of my word, Jack.”

Mark sat up, noticing the way Jack blushed, smiling at how adorable and nervous he was, “Would you want to do it again?”

“B-but we’re supposed to be working on the project…not kissing.”

“C'mon Jack, you know you want to..”

“Mark we’re supposed to be working..”

“Don’t be a pussy!”

“Fine!” Jack grabbed Mark’s face, kissing him deeply.

It took him a moment to realize what he just did, making him pull back when he did.

“I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have-”

Mark quieted the Irishman by connecting their lips once again, the cold metal from Jack’s piercings touching his lips, making him smirk. Mark always thought Jack’s piercings made him way hotter.

Jack kissed back, making the Half-Korean boy smirk, moving his lips faster while resting his hand on Jack’s thigh, rubbing slightly on his black skinny jeans. The small boy was the first to break the kiss.

“Mark we can’t, we have to work on the project..”

“I don’t care about the project, I want you.”

Jack blushed as Mark slowly pushed him back on the bed, kissing him roughly. Slowly, Mark inched his hand up the Irishman’s shirt, making Jack shiver from his touch. Mark’s lips moved to Jack’s neck as he began sucking and nibbling on his pale flesh, gently. A small moan escaped the small boy’s lips, making him cover his mouth quickly.

“Don’t be shy, you sound pretty when you moan,” Mark complimented, pecking the small boy on the lips before sucking on his jawline.

“M-Mark…” Jack whimpered.

“I swear to god if you say one more thing about the project-”

“N-no I want you to do something for me..”

“Oh, of course, what is it?”

“I want you to fuck me..” Jack said, softly, blushing and looking away.

Mark grinned, “Gladly.”

Mark pulled off his shirt revealing his honey coloured abs. Jack blushed and looked him over. Grinning, Mark kissed Jack, licking at the piercings on his bottom lip, asking for entrance. Easily enough, Jack granted the red haired boy access to his mouth, feeling his tongue travel his mouth. Deciding he wanted to stop taking his sweet ass time, Mark began to palm Jack through his jeans. Moans and whimpers filled the room, thank god Mark’s mom isn’t coming home for a few hours.

“Fuck, Mark~”

Grinning, Mark pulled away, “Take off your clothes.”

Jack blushed and stood up, noticing Mark watching him, waiting intently. Slowly, Jack pulled off his shirt, dropping it to the floor. Next came his jeans, which he inched down his waist very slowly. Mark enjoyed the show but noticed Jack was still in his boxers.

“Well..?” Mark questioned, in a slightly impatient manner. “Aren’t you going to finish? I told you to undress.”

“A-all the way?” Jack’s eyes widened as Mark nodded.

Shyly, Jack slid off his boxers, in an extremely slow manner. Soon enough, Jack’s boxers hit the floor and his half-hard cock was released, making Mark’s dick twitch in his jeans.

“Good boy, looks like you can follow orders.”

The praise made Jack harder than he was, but why? He loves praise.

“You like when I tell you you’re a 'good boy’? Someone’s got a praise kink, huh?” Mark grinned. “Lay down on you back.”

Jack did as he was told, watching Mark stand up and unzip his pants, pulling them off. Feeling even more turned on, Jack began to slowly jerk himself off. Mark pulled off his boxers, his cock springing free. Then, Mark noticed Jack pleasuring himself.

“Did I tell you you could touch yourself?” Mark’s dominant voice made him pull his hands back from his cock, nervously, shaking his head. “Good boy, don’t ever touch yourself without permission, or daddy will have to punish you, baby boy.”

Mark’s warning made Jack bite his lip, while Mark referring to himself as 'daddy’ made him hornier. Jack also enjoyed the nickname, 'baby boy’ was both cute and very hot.

Their lips rejoined, Mark beginning to palm Jack once again.

“F-Fuck, Mark~”

“Ah ah ah,” Mark corrected. “Be a good baby boy and call me 'daddy’”

“Yes daddy,” Jack whimpered. “I’m a good boy, see?”

“Yes you are, you’re such a good boy, Jack.” Mark stated, starting to jerk Jack off while nibbling on the smaller boy’s collar bone.

“Daddy, please~” Jack moaned.

“Mm, please what, baby boy?”

“Fuck me.”

“Only if you beg for me.”

“B-but, daddy,” Jack whined, feeling Mark release his cock.

“Beg, slut.”

“Fuck, please daddy, fuck me! I want your huge cock inside me! Please, I’ve been a good boy for you, daddy! Please fuck me!”

Mark grinned, flipping the Irishman onto his stomach, taking in the view of his perfect little bum, “Do you want daddy to stretch you?”

Thinking for a moment, Jack shook his head. He knew he enjoyed the pain he received while being fucked before being stretched. Sure, he had only fucked a few times, his first time with Felix, but he knew what he liked.

“Are you sure? It’s going to hurt a little..”

“Please just do it daddy, I can’t wait much longer, I need your thick cock inside my tight hole, please!”

Well, Mark couldn’t deny Jack what he wanted. He wanted to please the small punk boy the best he could. Unsure of the next time he’d be able to fuck the boy, Mark decided he’d better make the most of this opportunity. Spreading the boy’s legs a bit, Mark aligned his cock with the his hole, preparing to thrust into him.

Giving a small warning, Mark pushed inside Jack, quickly. Whimpers and winces escaped the Irishman’s lips. Mark gave him almost no time to get used to his size before he began thrusting in and out of Jack, quickly. Jack was overwhelmed by pain, so much pain that it began to seem pleasurable. Soon enough, the punk boy began to moan as the jock thruster faster.

“Daddy! Fuck, faster, harder, please~!”

Doing as requested, the red haired male began to thrust harder and faster. Jack felt he was reaching his high, attempting to warn Mark in between moans.

“Daddy, I’m g-gonna….I’m c-close~”

“Me too baby boy,” Mark said, aiming his cock in different directions, trying to hit that one spot that would make Jack scream for him.

Then, he hit it. Jack came as if on command.

“F-Fuck, DADDY~!”

Hearing Jack scream for him made Mark cum almost instantly. A warm sensation filled Jack’s rear before he felt Mark pull out of him. Both of them were panting and laying on their backs on Mark’s bed, smiling like idiots.

“H-how was that?” Mark breathed out.


“Good, then we’ll have to do t again sometime.”


“I am a man of my word, I hope you are, too.”

“Of course, I would jump at an opportunity to do this again.”

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(feat. from left to right: Mark, Cry, Pewds, Marzia, Jon, me, Holly, Ross, Sam, Jack, Starexorcist, Wiishu, Arin, Cranbersher, Suzy and Danny)

TKKS - IM transcript
  • Jack: Ianto?
  • Ianto: Captain
  • Jack: The others have gone. I thought you were coming up? :-)
  • Jack: God, did I just use a smiley? I really am going native.
  • Ianto: LOL. B wid u in 5mins, m8. Lking 4wrd 2 it.
  • Jack: Haha.
  • Jack: Ianto?
  • Ianto: Yes Captain?
  • Jack: How are you feeling?
  • Ianto: Fine. Any reason I shouldn't be?
  • Jack: The glove. It brought Suzie back.
  • Ianto: Yeah.
  • Jack: And?
  • Ianto: And?
  • Jack: And? you know we could have used it to on Lisa. Is that what you meant about there being a second glove?
  • Ianto: You think I've got the second glove?
  • Jack: No! No, I don't. But if you did?
  • Ianto: Would you let me bring her back?
  • Jack: You've not asked us to.
  • Ianto: You haven't offered.
  • Jack: You don't want us to?
  • Ianto: Lisa's dead, sir.
  • Jack: I know.
  • Ianto: And I miss her. Every day. But I don't want her back like that. Not like how she was in the end. Not like Suzie.
  • Jack: Good. See you in a minute?
  • Ianto: On my way.
  • Jack: Oh yeah, forgot to say. Loving you in that suit. The Cute Suit.
  • Ianto: Thank you sir but it's probably best if I do the rhymes.
  • [ conversation ends ]
  • (source: torchwood archives, the official torchwood website)
Some people are easily pleased. Give Ianto Jones a stopwatch and he’s more than happy. Still, when you consider the fact that the stopwatch he’s grown so attached to has seen him through the harrowing experiences of raising two friends from the dead (who wasn’t counting the seconds with him when they brought Owen back and the hand ticked over the two minute mark?), not to mention the rather more colourfiul used he and Jack have hinted at…
Just like Ianto himself, it works perfectly with barely a sound, and you can rely on it for a hundred different uses! Truly, there are lots of things you can do with a stopwatch, even if you need a rather filthy mind to conceive of even half of them. So it’s understandable that he (and we!) love it. It’s all about the button on the top, you know…
—  Little Reasons Why We Love Torchwood - 01: Ianto’s Stopwatch (Torchwood Magazine Issue #14)

anonymous asked:

[pt.3] Ross is trying to calm Holly down after her hair turned to snakes. Now she can't take care of her birds because the snakes snap and try to eat them. Ross is trying to do like what Barry did and cuddle her until she feels better. Kevin and Mark and well... I think you can guess what happened to Jon and jack


Dan and Barry go to see Suzy and Arin first because Barry is like, “I need my best buds right now. LOOK AT THESE WINGS i can barely drag myself across the street.” They get there and Suzys like “Were in the bathroom, come look at this!!” And Dan stops right in his tracks bc Arin…is a siren???? Hes got the gills, the fins, the PINK TAIL DUDE YOU LOOK SO PRETTY!! And Suzys just beaming like omg dude it totally suits you. Arin just sits there silent because hes not used to the attention and hes in water against his will and his tail feels so so weird, hes just a little outside his comfort zone at the moment.

And Arin suddenly notices that Dan…is not Dan…hes A CAT. And he starts swishing in the tub in a futile attempt to reach out and touch him. “DUDE, a snow leopard, that totally fits you dude haha COME HERE i wanna pet you!!” Dan scoffs at him, but leans in close so Arin can pet the top of his head. “Dude, ur still skinny as fuck how do you manage that?

Suzy and Barry are sitting down on the floor because goddamn these wings are too fucking heavy and just thinking about moving makes them tired.

Holly and Ross eventually come over and Suzy is so shocked to see the snakes on her head. They dont see friendly either as the ones facing Ross are constantly hissing and snapping at him while he winces and whines. “Suzy, youre good at this.” He carefully gets behind Holly and pushes her towards Suzy. “Fix this. The hair situation, i mean.” And while hes talking to Suzy, Barry is staring at ross because “Dude, what the hell are you?? Your neck…is really fucking long, like a ferret maybe??” and Ross is like “THATS WHAT IT WAS dude i could not figure out what the fuck i turned into. Ive seen them before! I just couldnt put two and two together.” Hes around Arin and Dannys height and hes currently wearing a tank so you can see how fuckin weird lookin his neck is haha. and his arms are long too. Barry goes to reach out and touch him and hes really soft too. Barry looks around the bathroom confused:

“This is strange. Bodyswaps are never a good thing…” Ross butts in to correct him. “I dont think is body swapping, its more like, a species-swap? or at the very least, a harmless transformation spell.” Suzy pouts. “A spell? This is a really strong spell dont you think. And from what I can guess, this all happened at once, in the middle of the night.” She looks at Arin, sitting in the tub still feeling a tad uncomfortable. “Id hardly call it harmless either, Arin started choking, he couldnt breathe in his sleep. I had to carry him to the bathroom to give him some water, that was really scary…” Ross sits there for awhile before deciding nothing was being explained properly and theres only one other person he can trust to have some sort of answer.

“Thats it, im calling Brian.”

Meanwhile Mark is trying to calm down a hysterical, transformed Eldritch!Jack while calling Arin and Suzy. He cant even get to his fucking contacts because Jack keeps texting him “Whats Happening?” and “Mark im scared.” over and over again. He has to assure him that “We’ll figure this out with the others, but in order for me to ask for help, you have to calm down so I can make this call okay??” and just like that, he phone stops going off the hook and instead theres just one message on his phone. From Jack. “Okay, I trust you.” and Mark feels like absolute shit, Jack is too sweet for this nonsense. He cant transform like Jack can, it feels too foreign to him, so he tries to hug him and tell him without words that theyre gonna fix this.

It took a while for me to do, but here it is, finally!!~

Congratulations, Game Grumps, on reaching 3 million subscribers! You guys have grown so much ever since Arin and Jon started up the channel, and I can’t wait to see how much more the family will grow <3

Keep up the great work, and I hope to stay as one of the increasing 3 million until the day you all retire. c: