I’m glad so many of the Grumps got to touch Chris Pratt.

Here’s something I’ve been itching to draw for a long while! The Grumps continue to inspire me and make me laugh and I’m so proud to see them grow! I’ve met a ton of amazing people and artists because we all love what they do and we can enjoy their shenanigans together. Thanks for all the great videos, animation, art, and silly tweets you guys put out every day!

For anyone interested, I’ll be selling 11 x 17 poster prints of this at Anime Expo this year! I’ll put up more information once I know where I’m tabling and all that. In the mean time I hope you all enjoy the GG fam <3

Drew the Game Grumps fam ‘cause I’m seeing their live show on Saturday night and I’m super pumped!! Fingers crossed I can give them copies in person~ (despite not getting VIP tix)

I tried to draw as many folks as I could think of ‘cause I didn’t know who would be at the show and I wanted everyone to feel included! O:

Snow Dan and the 7  8 Grumps

This…took way too long (7 hours and 19 minutes to be exact) for a drawing based on one thing Suzy said in her Renne Faire video and suffering through SAI crashing three times is just a pain in the butt. BUt I still really love this picture and hey I drew Jack and Vernon for the first time (albeit their Grump heads but yeah) 😄

Game Grumps Asks
  • Arin: If you could run a business of your own, what would it
  • be?
  • Egoraptor: What is one thing that always grinds your gears?
  • Dan: Where would you travel to, if you could go anywhere in the world?
  • Danny Sexbang: Would you rather lose the ability to enjoy music or enjoy sex?
  • Barry: What is one thing you love doing, with a passion?
  • Suzy: What is your favorite article of clothing/outfit?
  • Ross: Who is your favorite villain (in a show/movie/video game etc.)?
  • Vernon: What pose do you usually take for photos?
  • Brian: What is your favorite specific topic that you learned in school (meaning what field of science, or time in history, or genre of literature, etc.)?
  • Jack: What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?
  • Jon: If you were to have chosen a different path in life, where do you think you would you be?
  • Holly: If you were to embark on a glorious adventure, what animal would you have as your companion?
  • Kevin: Are you a team leader or follower?

This is is just the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.  Dan and Arin are just so happy  to see Jack.  My heart can’t take it, you guys!