My thoughts on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

I recently rewatched this movie and all the yes! I’d forgotten how good it was! Every time I watch it as I get older, I find more subtle things to appreciate about it. I’m certain I didn’t catch half of what I did on this viewing the very first time that I watched the movie. I can really appreciate some of what they did with it. 

“I’ve got a jar of dirt” is still my favorite scene ever. Right there along with “I love to wave at those moments as they pass by” with that sassy little wave that Depp gives. 

And don’t even get me started on how Depp just walks, talks, runs, his facial expressions. Pure gold for Jack Sparrow. I mean, all the facial expressions in the movie are glorious. Orlando Bloom is hilarious with the faces he makes-mostly at Jack’s expense! Rewatching this movie just makes me all the more excited for the new one that’s coming out soon!

anonymous asked:

i feel like the show was supposed to be about stelena the epic love and then elena inspiring damon to be a better person while bringing defan back together, but instead the made de happen and ruined the premise

well there is that quote about a girl falling in love with one brother and helping the other brother be a better person, legit, i keep saying that trio’s dynamic was supposed to be will/elizabeth/jack from POTC