So I’ve just completed Jack and Daxter the precursor legacy. A game i loved as a kid and have completed before. This time round though i was treated to the whole game in high Deff 3D on the Playstation 3, Excellent!
The game was as good as i remembered. The silent but magnificent Jack and his fast talking quick witted Cocky yet loveable friend turned Rodent Daxter. The game starts off on an island beach paradise where your introduced to the games main characters and the amazing (almost unheard of at the time) open levels. Its not your usual world 1 level 2 kinda game instead J&D invites you to explore a vast beautiful busy world full of eccentric characters and creatures. All in all J&D is in my opinion the best platform game of its generation. Even if i dare say so surpassing its older more established and lived big brother Crash Bandicoot (also a Naughty Dog game)

If you didn’t play this gem the first time round then grab yourself a copy or download all 3 original J&D games for under £20 on the Playstation store. Bargain.


Jack and Daxter: HD Collection