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This guy deserves the whole world in my opinion. He’s there every day to make us laugh, feel better or just for us to have someone. This guy spends so much just for us. And I’m not just talking about money. In a way he even gave up his freedom and I know that that’s his own choice but let me tell you HE DOESN’T DESERVE THIS.

I don’t really know what we can do to help him but please everyone SHOW HIM YOUR SUPPORT! He needs it now more than ever and I don’t care if it’s a dm, a comment on a picture, a comment on a video, a tweet or whatever. Just let him know that we are there for him and that we will do anything to support him and to make sure that he can keep making videos. Please just make sure that he notices how much his fans love and adore him and can’t live without him. Because honestly guys CALLUX IS AN AMAZING PERSON

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Hi! Can u describe me this Buttetcream team? I am sooo new to this thing🤷🏼‍♀️😭😄 And maybe something more about Jack Maynard? He is the cuttest😏😏

Describe them? Are you sure? Alright, you asked for it

First off we have Caspar Lee

Caspar is 23 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2011. He was born and raised in Knysna, South Africa and first came to London to film a collab and stay with Jack Harries (Jacksgap). Caspar is such a kind soul. He deserves every good thing in the world and he’s one of the most unproblematic boys of the group. Have you seen his #PositivityOverNegativity video? What a good guy. Outside of his YouTube success, Caspar has acted in a few movies (some including Spud 3 and Laid in America) and also has his own book which he wrote with his mom. He now resides in London and makes weekly videos (upload date usually Mondays). He is a beautiful human being who enjoys pizza, video games, and hanging out with his friends.

Next there’s Josh Pieters

Josh is also 23 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2015. Also born and raised in Knysna, he and Caspar have been best friends since their school days. They weren’t always friends, as Josh used to be quite mean to Caspar and they didn’t always get along. As they grew, they became closer and are now best friends (and roommates) in London. He makes weekly videos with a fairly consistent upload schedule of Wednesdays. Josh is an adorable ginger who has grown so much in the past two years and we are very proud of him.

This is Conor Maynard

Conor is 24 years old, born and raised in Brighton and now lives in London. Conor found success back in 2012 with his first album, Contrast. Since then, he’s focused mainly on his YouTube channel. He films a lot of covers but has also come out with original songs alone as well as with his friend Anth and his brother Jack. Conor is very dorky and sweet and adorable but then he sings and he’s very sexy and serious. There are many sides to this Brighton boy and we love all of them.

Here is Jack Maynard

Jack is 22 years old and is the brother of Conor. He’s had his YouTube channel since 2015 but had a channel once before that. He too was born and raised in Brighton but now lives in London. Jack is often referred to as the player/pretty boy of the group, but I think there’s much more to him than that. Not only does he make banging videos, but he also dabbles in DJing. Look at him in his fucking yellow shirt and fucking hat and fucking glasses thAT HE DOESN’T NEED FUCK WHY IS HE LIKE THAT HE’S TOO MUCH. *clears throat* anyway. Jack, Conor, and Josh were once roommates but moved out from the apartment they once shared a few months ago. Jack is also now working on a music project with Conor. Their “group” is called GOAT and their first single is titled Grenade. It’s hard to give Jack a solid upload date, but it’s usually either Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Jack is a smokin’ hot motherfucker whom we all love.

This is Mikey Pearce

Mikey is 24 years old and is from Brighton. He’s a childhood friend of Jack and Conor and also resides in London. He’s had his channel since 2016. Mikey enjoys making skits and collabing with the other buttercreams. Arguably his most popular videos have been his sponsored videos with Tinder. Mikey’s sort of the problematic fav but he is still part of the group and we love him for it. He has a very inconsistent uploading schedule, pretty much just posting whenever he’s ready to. Mikey is an awkward stuttering goofball who surely has a good heart inside him.

This is Joe Sugg

Joe is 25 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2011. He’s from Wiltshire, England and is the oldest member of the buttercreams and also has the most subscribers. Joe’s always had very original content (whether it’s pranks on Caspar or new challenges) and has come a very long way since his first videos. His sister is Zoe Sugg (Zoella) and he first started his channel with her help. He was once roommates with Caspar but they have since moved out of their shared apartment. Joe is very funny and genuine and has accomplished so much, even outside of YouTube. Joe has two graphic novels and the third is coming out later this year. Additionally, he and Caspar have two films together: Joe and Caspar Hit the Road and Joe and Caspar Hit the Road: USA. Joe uploads regularly on Sundays and has called them Sugg Sunday Specials for many years now. Joe is an incredible, good looking, down to earth, successful guy and deserves every good thing that happens to him in the future.

And here is Oli White

Oli is 22 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2012 but once had a YouTube channel before that. He is from Iver, Englad. Oli is such a sweetheart and is considered one of the most underappreciated buttercreams. He loves his family, friends, and fans so much. A regular guest in his videos is his younger brother James and they have a very good relationship with each other. Oli is known for his generosity, giving his friends and family incredible presents and surprises (whether for holidays or for no reason at all) and surprising his fans with his merchandise. Outside of his YouTube success, Oli has written two books: Generation Next and Generation Next: The Takeover. He uploads consistently on Saturdays. Oli is an amazingly sweet and beautiful human being and he is too pure for this world.


This is Byron Langley

Byron is 24 years old and has a YouTube channel called Langley and Mash. He is from South Africa and came into the group via his fellow South African friends, Caspar and Josh. Byron is one of the original buttercreams (according to Joe) but we weren’t aware he existed due to his infrequent appearances on the other boys channels and the small size of his own channel. Outside of YouTube, Byron has done a bit of acting (appearing in all of the Spud movies) and is a model and a bit of a musician. Byron appears in a lot of the other boys vlogs and has been in some main channel videos as well. Byron is one of the most beautiful and sweet human beings I’ve ever seen and I felt he deserved to be in this post.


There are you, that’s the buttercreams. I hope you’ve gotten to know them a bit more now. Welcome to the family! xx

Dating Byron Would Include:


Requested:  Can you do a Dating Byron Would Include? There isn’t any and I really really need one. If possible can you just put some in the answer to this??? Thanks vvv much

A/N: i actually wanted to do this at some point so thanks for requesting, also sorry for not writing it in the answer it was just a bit long so i wanted to put a keep reading thingy in.

Words: 830

Warnings: I’d love to but I’m teaching my dog how to yodel. 

- Him cuddling into the crook of your neck while he sleeps with his arms wrapped around you tightly.

- Always waking up before him and tracing patterns all over his arms and shoulders.

- Him pressing soft kisses on your neck as he starts to wake up.

- He would always insist on getting out of bed before you just to make you a cup of coffee.

- You would wear his shirts to bed as much as possible.  

- Spontaneously kissing the corners of his mouth when he smiles or laughs.

- You always fetching his glasses in the evening when you two are watching tv because he forgot them next to the bed.

- Falling asleep on the couch in each other’s arms.

- Him buying you flowers at any possible chance he gets.

- You rolling your eyes every time he shows up to your door with another bunch of flowers in his hands.

- “Our love is like a cactus, it never dies.” He said when he showed up to your apartment with a cactus for the first time.

- “I don’t care! I don’t need more plants!” You’d groan, “but at least I can keep a cactus for longer than a bunch of roses.” You’d chuckle.

- Him always helping with dinner.

- Slow dancing in the kitchen when you’re waiting for the oven to heat up.

- Going to many, many, many concerts.

- Sharing showers because “we have to show our support for South Africa’s drought.”

- Him buying tickets for your favourite band even though he doesn’t like them that much.

- Him saving all the blue jelly beans for you because they’re your favorite.

- Laying between his legs when all the boys come over because there’s no space on the couch and him playing with your hair as he talks to the rest of the boys while you drift off to sleep.

- His breath tickling you every time he laughs or talks.

- You fidgeting between his legs trying to get comfortable and once you’re still he whispers a soft, “you okay?” In your ear and when you nod he presses a kiss to your temple and carries on talking to the boys.

- Standing next you each other in front of the mirror while you brush your teeth.

- Him bumping you when you’re not paying attention causing a muffled laugh to escape him when he sees the stripe of toothpaste drawn across your cheek.

- “Bru… I mean babe”

- Him taking you to South Africa every year for Christmas with his family.

- Holding hands when you cross the road.

- His hair always smelling like your shampoo.

- Him always putting a hand on your thigh while you drive and visa versa.

- Him asking you to take a bath with him at your flat just so he can use one of your bath bombs from your collection.

- Having Polaroids of each other stuck up on the wall of your room.

- Pillow talk usually ending up with ironic debates on what to name your kids on day.

- Cheeky and often not so discreet bum slaps, pinches, taps and holding.

- Him getting along insanely well with your family.

- You walking into the living room and holding a jar in front of him for him to open.

- Him always looking really confused for a split second before he chuckles in realization and opens the jar effortlessly.

- You thanking him with a kiss before you return to the kitchen.

- Him always bringing you your favourite candy when he comes over once you’ve come home from work.

- Very obscure inside jokes.

- Brushing your fingers through his hair at any chance you get.

- Going for walks in the park every weekend after he takes you out for breakfast.

- You and him laughing at each other’s jokes or antics until your stomachs ache.

- Not even checking with each other before you order food because you know each other’s orders off by heart.

- The boys loving your company and always wanting to film with you because you are so vibrant and funny.

- You always giving him your milkshakes to finish because you ate to much.

- Walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night and pulling his boxers down and putting your feet on his bum to warm them up as he groans in annoyance and pulls his boxers back up before wrapping his arms around you tightly and laying on top of you so you can’t do it again.

- You pulling up your shirt when you lying next to him and him not even getting excited because he knows he’s only going to end up giving you back tickles but he happily does it anyway.

- Loving each other no matter what and always wanting to give each other the world.

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Computer -Jack Maynard-

Pairing: Reader/Jack Maynard

Requested: By myself:)

Rating: NSFW content and mature language

Prompt: You are in desperate need of a computer, and your good friend, Jack Maynard, lends you his. What you find, is a dirty little secret of his most recent open tab.

A/N: Ok, because this is a multi fandom account, and Jack Maynard is the love of my life, I felt like a needed to write a little smutty drabble on my favorite Youtuber. I really like this prompt that I came up with, and Jack is too hot to not through smut into the imagines I write about him. And, the world needs a bit more of rough Jack Maynard smut anyways. I hope you enjoy me finally updating!

You bursted through the door of your close friends Jack, Josh, and Conor’s flat, tossing your purse to the floor and waltzed through your almost ‘second home’. You padded into the living space, seeing a single boy sprawled along the couch with his eyes glued to his phone screen.

“Ello Jack!” You greeted the blond haired boy, leaning over the cushions to tousle his hair teasingly.

You treated the three that occupied this flat as though they were your brothers, goofing off and irritating them beyond belief. Though, they always enjoyed having your company and rarely complained about your aggravating attitude towards them. If anything, it was a good balance to have you around and liven up their lives just slightly. And since you lived alone, the silence causes you to slink away to their flat on a regular day basis to find some comfort in having other bodies around. Jack shot you a glare as he ran his fingers through his now mussed locks. 

“Hi Y/N.” He muttered in return, having some decency to acknowledge your presence after your obnoxious actions.

“Are Josh or Conor around?” You cocked your head to the side, wondering why the flat was overtaken with silence when it was usually bustling about with rowdy boys.

“They’re out. Dunno where, but won’t be home until late.” He responded, gaze still latched onto his screen.

“May I use your computer? Mine is a wreck and I need to do a couple tasks for work.” You questioned him, but already rushed off to his room before he could respond with allowing you to or not, only hearing a muffled grumble from the lazy boy. 

You padded into his room, perching yourself on the stool near his desk to continue your work that was rudely interrupted by your useless computer. Your fingers flipped open the laptop belonging to Jack, only for obscene noises to emit from the speakers. With a squeak, you slammed the computer shut, a rosy pink dusting your cheeks at the sexual moans that spilled from the device. For a moment, you were stricken with embarrassment, wanting to slink out of the flat as soon as you could with the filthy noises you heard and the thought of why that would be the open tab on the blond’s computer. But, that feeling faded when curiosity snatched you up in its’ ensnaring claws. It irked you to reopen the computer and investigate the lewd sounds further.

So, with a rapid pace, you opened the computer once more, muting the noises so that Jack wouldn’t come investigating into his room and catch you red-handed doing this dirty deed of searching through this open tab. Your gaze landed upon a screen of a man, his locks coated with sweat and pinned to his forehead, having his tongue planted along a woman’s clit. With widened lids, you watched intently as his tongue spun circles around her core, the camera panning to the blond woman’s face to gage her reaction to the ministrations happening on her pussy. Blunt ivories caught your bottom lip at the sight, as your eyes flicked up to the search bar that caught your rapt attention. The words ‘Daddy Kink’ were typed into the pornography site’s search bar, and that caused a hysterical laugh to escape your throat. Jack Maynard has a daddy kink? Oh, this is golden material to get under his skin once more. You quickly paused the video and skipped back into the living room where Jack was still laying down, unmoving as he scrolled through Instagram. You flopped down on the chair adjacent to him, placing your chin onto your fist as you grinned over at him, the dirty information itching to spill out of you mouth at any second.

“What?” He eyed you curiously, wondering why you are acting like such a dork and gazing at him oddly.

“Oh nothing, just saw something quite interesting.” Your grin stretched even wider, if that was possible, and Jack rested his phone on his chest to look at you, brow arched as he waited you to spill what you were on about.

“I was on your computer, and noticed a fascinating video was open.” You rambled on, not exactly touching on what you were so giddy about.

You noted that Jack shifted his position so he was sitting up more, a look of horror flashing across his features as he slowly caught on to your story.

“You did not…” His eyes were wide with fear at the thought of you searching  through his stash of porn that he accidentally still had up on his dash.

“I can’t believe you have a daddy kink!” You finally hollered, delving into a fit of uncontrollable giggles.

Jack just groaned, shoving his face into his hands out shame. He didn’t even want to look at you now that you knew his dirty little secret.

“Y/N, why’d you have to look through my stuff!?” He yelled with exasperation, a deep crimson flush crawling up his neck and face.

“I’m sorry, but it was just too good Jack!” You got out through your snickering, clutching onto your stomach as it started to ache in pain at the amount of laughing.

“Not fucking cool bro.” He huffed, crossing his arms over his chest as he fumed silently, still locking eyes with you as he focused on the window to the outside world, too humiliated to look at you.

“Aw, don’t pout daddy.” You poked at him, throwing in the silly word just to irk him once again.

His eyes darted towards you in response to that name you gave him, nostrils flaring as he blinked a couple of times.

“Y/N.” His tone was laced with warning, as though he didn’t want you to call him that.

“Oh, sorry daddy.” You were tossed into another fit of laughter at his reaction.

“I’m serious Y/N, don’t call me that.” He ground out, jaw clenched harshly as he eyed you carefully.

“Ok, ok, I won’t… daddy.” And that was all it took for him to jump out of his seat and pin you again the chair, his arms placed on either side of you so you couldn’t escape, gaze latched onto yours as he heaved through his nose.

“I said don’t call me that. Unless you want to get me hard, which I expect you to fix.” His eyes flickered between both of yours, looking to you expectantly.

It was as though he so desperately wanted that word to tumble past your lips once more. Your breaths intermingled in this oddly intimate moment, your eyes searching his clouded ocean irises. You could feel the heat radiating off of him as her towered over your enraptured body, your tongue darting out and flicking over your bottom lip as the two of you relished in the sexual tension resonating between you both. You were in a pit of astonishment at his words, never expecting such explicit things to be directed your way, but it made your legs clench together and your heart to stumble over itself. You only viewed Jack in a light of a close friend and a brother, seeing him at his strangest and goofiest times to never eye him with attraction, but this was different. It wasn’t like you were inches away from your best friend, but from a gorgeous boy that had the urge to take you right then and there. You were too caught up in this pool of lust and yearning to even understand the next few words you uttered.

“But I like calling you that, daddy.” Your tone dropped an octave, the word not being uttered to tease and mock your best friend, but to have this incredibly attractive man pin you to this chair and fuck you into oblivion.

That seemed to cause something to snap within the blond boy, face rushing towards you as he captured your lips with his in a heated kiss. One of his hands found a resting spot along your collarbone, thumb gently pressing into your windpipe while his lips stole the air directly from your lungs. It was a hungry kiss, teeth clashing and tongues intertwining rapidly. He yanked you from your sitting position to now shove you aggressively against the nearby wall. Your head smacked against the wall, causing you to wince, but you were so caught up in the sweet taste of Jack’s mouth and his hands touching your bare skin to care about your throbbing head. As the boy sucked harshly on your tongue, his fingers tugged at your jeans, hastily trying to get them down your legs. With a little assistance from you, your jeans were now discarded on the floor and his lips found a new destination along the hollow of your throat, suckling on the exposed skin there, leaving spindling marks in his wake.

“Jack.” You sighed, fingers intertwining with his thick blonde locks, tugging on them gently as he laved at your skin.

“Not my name, princess.” He hummed, pulling away from his attack on your skin to gaze you with droopy eyes and swollen lips.

“Sorry daddy.” You almost cringed at the lewd sounding sentence in this context, the blush once more returning to your face when the full realization of what you two were partaking in crashed over you like a wave.

“Wait, wait Jack.” Your hands that were fiddling with his blond tendrils were now gently shoving against his chest so he would halt his attacks on your neck.

“Hm? What? Are you ok?” Worry pooled in his eyes as he gazed at you in concern, hoping he didn’t bother or hurt you in anyway.

“Yeah, yes, it’s just… Jack, this is weird. We are best friends. Best friends don’t do this.” Your bottom lip was ensnared between your teeth once more, chewing on it out of nervousness for his response.

“Screw being best friends, Y/N. I want you so bad, and I know you want me too.” Honesty dripped from his admittance and damn, if that didn’t soak your panties.

You leapt on him, gathering the dominance reigns into your clutches as you battled his lips. It was more bite, than kiss, the burning urgency causing your head to swirl and heart to throb at the intensity of it all. Your hands curl around his neck, tugging him closer, if that was even possible, your teeth scraping at his lower lip. He snapping back, bruising, grinding your lips against your teeth as he forces his tongue to dip into your mouth. There is a coppery taste that intermingles with the flavor of his saliva, and you couldn’t tell if it was his or yours, but you didn’t let it faze you. By this point, you threw all common sense to the wind, and let this intoxicating boy have his way with you. His fingers tugged at the hem of your shirt, an exasperated sound emitting from him as he tried so desperately to rid you of it. You broke the ravaging kiss to toss your shirt aside, his clothes soon following in return. 

“Let me taste you.” Those few words caused chills to race their way down your spine and a warmth pool heavily between your thighs.

“Ugh, yes please.” You groaned out in need, as though you would tumble into a pit of insanity if his tongue wasn’t on you in the next few seconds.

He dropped to his knees at your plead, eager to follow through with his request. As his fingertips danced along the waistband of your not-so-sexy panties, seeing as you weren’t fully prepared for this encounter, his lips grazed along your protruding hipbone, barely touching the skin along there. Goosebumps trailed along behind each scrape of his delicious lips as he settled between your thighs. This was not the time for him to tease you with delicate kisses placed along your thighs and hips, so close to where you were throbbing for him, but yet, so far away.

“Jack, come on.” You hissed, impatient with his dragging kisses around your pulsing centre.

“Mm, princess, wrong name.” He hummed against your stomach, fingertips gently brushing along your clothed clit.

“D-daddy, come on. I need you.” You were past the point of frustration, and that about pushed you past you breaking point as you glowered down at the boy.

With those words, Jack ripped off your panties, the shreds tumbling to the floor as he finally, thankfully, delved his tongue into your dripping pussy. Your breath was stolen from you in that moment as his lips encased your clit and gave it a harsh suck. As he nestled himself between your thighs, it was like he was meant to be placed there. Like this was eventually going to occur and he finally found his favorite location to be placed, ravaging your core. Ecstasy beyond anything you’ve ever experienced spread through your entire being while he licked, sucked, and kissed places you’ve never knew could cause such pleasure. Your steady breaths’ grew to you heaving, gulping in the chilled air surrounding you too as though you were drowning in the bliss of his mouth on you. As his lips nipped and suckled at your clit, his fingers danced along the entrance of you, a single finger entered inside of you. Miserable squeaks and cries tumbled past your lips as your eyes clenched shut out of the spiraling pleasure that this boy gave you. As his finger curled and plunged in the depths of your centre, you felt your stomach tighten and spindle itself into a multitude of knots, an orgasm fast approaching.

“Daddy, I’m, I’m about to-” Your warning was immediately cut off by Jack removing himself from between your legs, a growl of disappointment leaving you as your orgasm tampered off.

“What the fuck?” You narrowed your eyes at the blond youtuber, watching him rise to your feet, your juices smeared along his swollen lips.

“I can’t wait any longer, I need to be inside of you.” He snarled out, dropping his boxers to reveal his hardened and wanting member.

Your gaze was caught on the thick cock that he sported, tongue flickering along your lips at the sight. You decided your lost orgasm was worth him fucking you into oblivion. As he turned to search through his wallet for a well needed condom, you unclipped your bra from your chest, standing before Jack fully naked for the first time. As he spun on his heel to return to taking you as his, his jaw seemed to unhinge from his mouth, eyes drinking in your nude body. For a split second, your self-consciousness seeped back into your mind, and you moved to cover yourself before the blond’s words stopped you.

“Damn, you are so fucking gorgeous.” He groaned, rolling the condom smoothly onto his length as his eyes returned to yours.

A grin spread across your lips at the compliment, sauntering towards him, hips swinging slightly as you slung your arms around his neck.

“I need you to fuck me, right now.” You stated, fingers fiddling with the hair along the back of his neck.

He didn’t need to hear anything else escape your full and delicious lips as he gripped onto your hips, hoisting you up so your slender legs could wrap themselves around his waist. His lips attached to yours once more, though, this kiss was sweeter than the one before. Your lips waltzed along with one another, his tongue dipping between your lips, exploring your mouth as though this would be the last time he ever could be this intimate with you and he wanted to remember each part of you. As his cock plunged into you, a drawn out moan escaped your throat, and was gulped down by Jack’s mouth. The kiss grew with passion and intensity as his hard member dragged along within you, hitting each of the right spots. Your nails tenderly ran along his rippling shoulder muscles, a soft gasp emitting from him at the slight pain caused from your action. He rocked his hips at a languid rhythm, the intense and raging moment you guys were partaking in earlier changing into an emotional and sweet occurrence. This wasn’t a lust filled moment between you two, but something more. Something that meant more than just fucking. 

“Jack, I’m close.” You signaled to your friend, as his thrusts picked up their pace slightly to bring you closer to tumbling over the edge.

“Me too.” He hummed, a hand tailing down the length of your body and fervently rubbed circles along your sensitive bundle of nerves.

You chased the high that was millimeters away, moans echoing through the barren apartment as you were tossed into the pit of your orgasm. As your legs trembled from the intensity of it, Jack followed closely behind as your walls clenched around him. His thrusts allowed the two of you to come off of your highly slowly, dragging out the earth shattering pleasure that caused you to see white and your eyes to roll into the back of your head. Soon, he pulled out off of him, gently placing you on the floor. You gripped onto his bicep as your quivering legs were untrustworthy in this moment.

“Wow.” Was all you could let out, chest heaving from intensity of what had just occurred. 

“That was…” Jack trailed off, not knowing how to follow up with that world crumbling sex.

“That was amazing.” You admitted fully, eyes catching his as you glanced up at him.

A grin tugged along his puffy lips, nodding his head in agreement. A peaceful silence settled between the two as you cleaned up your mess. 

“So, what now?” You questioned, perching yourself next to the boy on the couch after a well deserved shower, his shirt draped along your naked body.

He tugged you closer, so that you were nestled up against him, fingers running along your arm as he thought for a moment.

“I don’t know.” His shoulders rose and fell in a shrug, really not knowing what would occur after this.

“I still can’t believe you have a daddy kink.” You snickered once more, looking up at him as he shot you a glare.

“Oh fuck off, you love it.”

Well that was hot as fuck.

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