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Banner: Carried

Day: Seized

Poor guy’s head: Spinning

  • les: them brooklyn boys so big!
  • leader of brooklyn boys: [is 5'4]

elmer appreciation post!!!

since y’all wanna say “racehorse” and “david and goliath” or even “polka dot spots” are the best newsies, i’m going to show you the true gem.


Some headcanon for this beautiful boy.

- He’s one of the more quieter boys in the back but his remarks are better than Race’s sometimes. Quality trumps quantity.
- Very happy??? Like all the time??? He is the embodiment of the sun.
- Never one to get mad at you
- Would wear fuzzy pjs if he could.
- Bakes. This boy bakes cookies, cakes and even Crème brûlée. anD NONE OF THE BOYS ARE LIKE “HE’S A PANSY” BECAUSE THEY LOVE THE SWEETS.
- He’s very good at hugs. Unlike Race, he’s hugs you just tight enough and doesn’t squeeze the life out of you. He’s a human teddy bear
- He loves hanging out with kids and he would be an amazing parent and just write that down. like when les showed up, they hang out and he helps him out (i have this thought that les has issues with stuff like tying his shoes, even though he’s 9?? cause nobody really got around to teaching him)
- very sleepy boy. wraps his arms around your waist (his arms are thicc af so it’s like a personal heater)

“i got you now”


+ it all started when you walked in on him painting for medda
+ ‘cause like, she’s your aunt or something
+ and you sometimes stay with her because your parents aren’t around too much
+ and you occasionally write ideas for her theatre that she always manages to incorporate
+ medda loves you to death
+ but she does not spoil you
+ no sir
+ a n y w a y
+ you were hanging out at medda’s and it was late at night
+ but you couldn’t sleep
+ and you wanted to write a good idea you had just dreamed about
+ but you left it in the basement earlier that day when you were looking at a couple of backdrops you could use for your ideas
+ whelp
+ looks like you’re going to do some late night sneaking
+ you make it there just fine
+ but before you walk down the steps you notice the light is on
+ which is a bit concerning
+ but you’ve got a brave heart and a bit of a stupid streak
+ so you go anyways
+ and jack kelly is painting
+ of course, you don’t know who the eff this guy is
+ but
+ damn
+ if he ain’t fine
+ and this guy can paint
+ which is an admirable talent
+ jack doesn’t realize you’re there for a long moment
+ and you kind of just stand there and watch for a minute
+ and when he finally notices you,
+ it’s awkward
+ it’s totally awkward
+ ‘cause, like,
+ what do you say to a possible intruder that’s painting in you’re families basement?!?!??!?!
+ but he sets you straight
+ but that takes a hot minute
+ as it should
+ but you and jack get along great
+ think friends
+ because this guy doesn’t do love at first sight
+ at least, not with you
+ but like, you guys are great friends
+ like
+ he lets you watch him paint
+ which is unheard of
+ i mean, elmer walked in on jack sketching one time and will now not be alone with him
+ and you let him read over your shoulder while you write
+which usually you hate
+ no lie, you probably popped a kid in the jaw for doing that one time
+ okay, so maybe you guys are bit violent when it comes to others
+ but you guys are really comfortable with one another
+ and jack has lots of sketches of you
+ and you have lots of writing about him
+ and he tells you about santa fe
+ he even says he’ll take you with him
+ you guys are closer than peanut butter and jelly
+ and then when he meets katherine you realize you feel really weird about it
+ jealousy??!?!!?
+ but jack is your friend
+ you don’t think of him that way
+ but then one day your reading through you’re writings and are like
+ guys, i totally have a thing for jack kelly
+ and around this same time katherine finds some of jack’s drawings of you
+ and she asks him who ‘his girl’ is
+ and at first he’s like
+ nah, girl, we’re just friends
+ but then he’s like
+ nah, girl we’re totally not
+ so he kinda blows katherine off but she’s cool with that because she’s lowkey got a thing for buttons
+ but i know what you want to know
+ when do you guys talk about your legit feelings for one another?!?!?!?
+ well, my friend
+ it happens in the rain
+ just a light sprinkle
+ you’re on your way to medda’s and have been trying to blow off your feelings for jack
+ which, by the way, has been a workout that has not been working out
+ jack has just finished selling his last pape and is taking a shortcut to the lodging house
+ you guys meet half-way to your destinations
+ “hey, jack”
“do you think santa fe’s real?”
+ the question kind of caught you off guard
+ “’course i do”
+ “why?”
+ you blinked
+ you hadn’t really thought of that before
+ “because we always had it together, i guess”
+ and he kisses you right there
+ and the two of you don’t need santa fe
+ and from that moment on, davey narrates your love life like a documentary


Newsies from Nationals 2012
We had a very special treat this season at Nationals!!! The Broadway Cast from Newsies performed Seize the Day for us!!! It was an amazing experience! They a...

do my eyes deceive me or does this performance have mike fucking faist as jack kelly?

(this might be the closest thing we have to a mike faist boot alright i need some assurance here) 

“King Of Brooklyn”?//Spot Conlon Imagine

Anon asked: Could I request a fic where the reader is sent to Brooklyn to give a message to spot or something like that and she’s the only newsies who isn’t scared of Brooklyn and when she gets there spot is trying seem all tough but he can’t cuz he finds the reader to cute and reader is just like “THIS is the ‘terrifying’ spot conlon I’ve heard about”

I finally finished this! It’s lowkey really rushed but I hope you guys enjoyed!

warning(s)- swearing, sex mention

“Jack! I’m not your messenger angel! Get Davey to do it!” You whined.

The seventeen-year-old took a deep breath. The lodge was loud and full of boys roughhousing after a long day of work. And you were tired too, not going to lie. All you wanted to do was read your book, maybe even just go to bed right out.

“Sorry Y/N, Ise gotta get this to Spot an’, anyways, you owe me from two weeks ago.”

You thought for a second about what happened two weeks ago until it hit you.

“God, really! You brought me paper when I didn’t have any in the outhouse. It’s not like you saved me from the bulls!” You groaned.

He smugly grinned and handed you a folded up paper. Upon further inspection, you could tell it was an old newspaper that he must have reused.

“It won’t take ya that long. Find Spot, give it to ‘im and wait for a response. Youse a girl too, he’ll treat ya better than Racer.”

You turned quickly on your heel and walked out. The other boys snickered at you but you shut them up real quick with side glances. But before you left, you delivered your grievances,

“Damn you, Kelly!”

“Now I got to go find this fucking ‘King of Brooklyn!’ and deal with his bullshit.” You muttered to yourself as you kicked a stone forward until it strayed off course, not caring enough to get it back.

Shivering, you wrapped your thin coat around yourself. It was early November but the weather dropped fast.

You finally came in front of the Brooklyn house. It took you an hour and a half but y’know, Jack can’t walk himself.

A few boys stood outside, huddled in a circle to hide from the biting cold. One lit a match and held it to the end of a cigarette. He took a long drag, visibly relaxing before he noticed and turned to you.

“Ay baby, you lost? If you is, stay in my bed until mornin’. I’ll keep ya safe.” A voice laced with a thick Irish accent shouted at you.

You rolled your eyes. Some of these boys…

“Here on Jack Kelly’s orders! Where’s Spot?” You walked forward.

The boy became ridged at the mention of Jack. While he isn’t feared as much as Spot is, Jack still strikes fear in the hearts of the newsies lower on the power bar. He took another drag and pointed to the door.

“He’s inside, countin’ the days’ profits. You can go deal with him.”

You nodded in appreciation and walked to the door.

While you had never met the ‘King of Brooklyn’, he was supposed to be pretty intimidating so you prepared for the worst

The door to the lodge squeaked on its hinges but it didn’t bother anyone inside. It was loud, if not louder, than your own house. The person you assumed was Spot, sat down at the end of the row of bunks. Halfpennies and pennies lined the table in neat piles. You decided to fuck with him a little bit.

“Oh dear, King of Brooklyn! There is a message for you from Jack Kelly, the ruler of the Manhattan colony of New York City!” You called out in a dramatic voice.

He looked up at you, confused for a second before he smiled.

“And what does Jack Kelly, ruler of the Manhattan colony of New York City, have to say?” He played along.

You pulled the folded up note out of your back pocket.

“Yeah, I ain’t reading this whole thing.” You held it out for him to take.

Spot finally stood up and you could finally gauge what he looked like. And once you did, you burst out laughing.

The ‘king’ stood at only a few inches above five feet. He had a mop of thick black hair and was built like a brick.

“You’re the big king of Brooklyn?” You attempted to wheeze out in between your heaving breaths.

His face turned bright red at your laughter. Was he embarrassed? You didn’t really care.

“Les completely led me on! He’s mentioned before,” You put on a higher, falsetto voice to intimidate the young boy, “‘Them Brooklyn boys is big!’ but maybe he didn’t meet you!”

“Alright, calm yourself. Let me read it an’ I’ll walk you back to your lodge.” He pinched the bridge of his nose.

You began to object but he shut you up with a flick of his hand.

“It’s either I walk you home or you stay here tonight. Pick one.” He snatched the note out of your hand and began to read it.

You pouted for a second until the ‘terrifying king of Brooklyn’ thought came to your mind and you began to giggle again.

He sighed at whatever Jack wrote and grabbed his jacket, shoving the note in his pocket.

“Let’s get ya back before it’s too late. Jack’ll kill me.”

“Are all Italians this small? I didn’t think so but now…”

You both were halfway to Manhattan by now and you had been poking fun at him the entire time. He had tried multiple times to recover smoothly but they always failed.

The sidewalks were empty but you could see multiple in the apartments, lights were gently glowing, most likely from mothers in their baby’s nursery. Except for that one time when both of you could hear moans coming from one house. Spot lead you away from there real quick.

You knew your teasing was building up a tension that was going to break but you didn’t care. He was fun to fuck with. But you didn’t expect it to break int this way.

“And hey, some girls like the short-“ Your sentence was cut short by Spot pinning you against the wall. Even before you could question the move, his lips met yours in a flurry of passion. They were soft and you kissed back with as just as much fire.

He pulled away and rested his forehead on yours. You both breathed heavily, neither of you wanting to ruin the silence. Finally, he leaned closer to your ear, his hot breath tickled you as he spoke.

“The king finally got you?” He asked.

“A king always needs a queen. I’m here to provide.” You grinned as you rested your head into the crook of his neck.

He pulled away and kneeled down in front of you. The moonlight illuminated his face, allowing you to see his boyish grin.

“Then Ise hear by declare ya queen of Brooklyn.”

You chuckled, pulling him up of the ground.

“Moving a little fast there, aren’t we?” You joked.

“Not when he wrote this.” He smiled.

He pulled a paper out of his pocket which you  quickly recognized as Jack’s note. He handed it over to you and you finally got to read it.

The handwriting was messy but it was easy enough to decipher.


You need a “queen” and need one quickly. Find the girl of your dreams. I’m getting you on the right track.

Jack Kelly

You groaned, crumpling the paper. That boy was right for once in his life and it pissed you off.

“Damn you, Kelly.” You mumbled and Spot just laughed.

“Hey, least I found a queen.”, He kissed your cheek, “Surprised that boy can keep Kath. Anyway, lemme get you home.”

You rolled your eyes jokingly. Both of them were such dorks. You glanced at him, a plan formed in your head. This was gonna be good.

“Race ya!”

anonymous asked:

Hey! Could you write a newsie imagine with Jack and Davey with a female reader to the lyrics "even when the dark comes crashing through, when you need a friend to carry you, and when you're broken on the ground, you will be found. So let the come sun come streaming in, cause you'll reach up and you'll rise again. Lift your head and look around. You will be found" from Dead Evan Hansen? I think it will be super interesting! Thank you!!!!

(i love dear evan hansen! also, your typo for DEAD evan hansen had me laughing in ap environmental, so good job)

Catching your breath is a lot harder when it’s already knocked out of you. So’s finding balance, or a good wind-up for a hook. You’re already behind in this fight, and it ain’t lookin’ good. You’re shoved from wall to wall, and something warm is trickling down your cheek. 

So this is what you get for talkin’ back. But this won’t serve as any lasting lesson– you’re stubborn, and you pull back to let a fist fly.

The scab catches it, and uses what little momentum you have left to pull you with your arm into the ground. Dust fills your throat, ears ringing, head throbbing; and the blood’s now smeared across your face. The footsteps sound quieter, the malicious jeers fading away; or maybe it’s just your consciousness. Your skull feels constricted, and then: black.

“(Name)! Jesus Christ, Jackie, I found her–” You feel yourself being pulled up in a tender grip. “Hey, wake up- oh, Christ. What’d they do to you? C’mon, wake up…” It’s Davey, capless, disheveled, and looking severely shaken. It’s also much darker outside, and your mouth feels numb. You can feel the dried blood crumbling off your cheek as you wake up, and you hold Davey back, arms wrapped around his neck. You can’t stop shuddering.

There are slaps against the concrete as Jack comes skidding to a stop, breathing heavily. “Well, you sure gave us a scare.” He takes in your appearance, and his eyebrows knit with concern. You pull away from Davey a little, weak like rubber, trying to give Jack a smile.

“S-sorry, pal.” You stretch your back, and sigh. “Old habits die hard. They was talkin about–”

Jack looks about ready to hit you himself, folding his arms and sitting by you and Dave on the ground. “Don’t matter. Maybe now you’ll learn to quit gettin’ in over your head.” You feel Davey’s arm slide around your shoulders, and you lean into the crevice of his neck. He rubs his thumb up and down your arm, and you’re slowly realizing you’re alive and awake. It’s a new feeling, and it feels like wanting to stay with Dave for awhile. Jack shakes his head, losing his words and taking in the silence between you three.

“S’almost sunrise.” He mumbles. “Took us damn near all night to find you, not to mention shakin’ up those guys real bad.” 

You take in the square around you, draped in a gentle lilac light, right on the edge of the morning. Guess you’ll be losing some selling hours, but it looks so peaceful now, you’re almost glad you got knocked out enough to see this. Normally you’re crashed in a cot by now, exhausted dreamless sleep keeping you from seeing a temporarily peaceful Manhattan.

Dave squeezes your arm a little, and you snap out of it. “Can you stand?” He asks, getting to his feet and offering an arm. 

You slowly nod, but that’s easier said than done. So Jack takes your left, though he’s much taller than you, he leans to give support; and Dave stays right by your side, warmth tingling between you two, and the three of you meander back to the lodging house, down the navy-washed block, the first rays of sun kissing your back.

“I don’ deserve this,” You whisper to Jack. “S’my own fault.”

“Shhhh.” He shakes his head, patting your shoulder, looking to Davey with a wry smile. “You’s family. We’ll always come find you.”

Dom! Jack headcanons

This was requested by an anon hope you enjoyed!




  *This is smut if you’re not comfortable with reading smut feel free to ignore this post I completely understand* 

 •So Jack lovessss being dominant

 •He also has a daddy kink

 •Just the thought of you whimpering underneath his while he’s in control just gets him so turned on 

 •He’s really into hair pulling 

 •Sometimes he won’t let you cum

 •”Not yet baby girl only cum when daddy tells you to”

 •And if you cum before he tells you to he spanks you 

 •A lot 

 •He also loves to tie you up 

 •Or putting handcuffs on you 

 •Only if you’re okay with it though 

 •He loves giving you hickeys 

 •And whenever he does give you hickeys on your neck,Jaw,ear lobe he makes you wear your hair up that day so he can show all the newsies that you’re his 

 •To show you who you belong to

 •And that you’re his 

 •He feels most dominant when you’re riding him 

 •Because he gets to grab your hips and make you feel good and hit that spot to make you orgasm

 •He feels so terrible the first time he gives you bruises but you reassure him that it doesn’t really hurt 

 •And and after a while he kinda likes them

 •Because like hickeys its like a marking that only he can make 

 •The reason he loves being dominant is he takes pride in the fact that he cause you immense pleasure with just his fingers or his dick 

 •He loves it when you beg

 •He loves to see you on your knees begging him to put his dick inside you 

 •Whenever he’s mad at you or you were flirting with another boy he won’t let you cum 

 •Or he will go agonizingly slow until you apologize

 •Or until you beg 

 •Sometimes you flirt with boys just to see this side of him 

•After all the roughness he’s sure to give you tons of cuddles 

 •Which you don’t complain about 

 •You know what gets him going even more than being dom? 

 •You being dom 

 //Hope you enjoyed that :)//

my favorite lyrics per track in a musical: newsies

(inspired by this post + raw background pictures are not mine but the editing is)

ah yes, my favorite brooklyn boy

sperm colon

spoon cartwheel

splotch college

spark cooling

spilt coffee

smart cardboard


bringing this back too bc everyone needs their daily dose of mike faist (feat. adam kaplan)

Love at First Sight’s for Suckers (at least, it used to be) - Jack Kelly

Anonymous asked: omg ok so I love jack kelly more than anything (I mean have you SEEN corey cott??) and I was wondering if you could write a love-at-first-sight imagine with him? I just want some cute fluff bc I’ve had a shit week. thank you!! 💖 Hello friend! I have seen Corey Cott (actually I met him after I saw Newsies on Broadway both times. I mean, what?) I made these into some headcanons because they’re a bit easier for me to crank out right now. Also thank you for setting me up for a great title :)

  • Okay, so obviously Jack is out selling the morning paper when you approach him.
  • You’re there digging through your purse for the coin before he can even tell you the headline, and he’s into it
  • But then you look up and make eye contact when you give him the money.
  • And he’s just blown away.
  • Your eyes are so beautiful???
  • And your hair? It’s perfect. It’s messy? Doesn’t matter. He’s amazed by it.
  • He almost forgets to give you your paper, he’s so awestruck. But you raise an eyebrow and sort of stick out your hand (he’s amazed by how much you can say without opening your mouth) and he hands it over
  • You’re a few feet away when he realizes you gave him a dime instead of a penny. So he calls out to you, thinking you had made a mistake.
  • You yell back “Keep it!” and wink and Jack’s just gone. He’s done. No more running, no more lying Everyone else can go home, he has found the winner of the most perfect human award.
  • You get a paper from him every day at around the same time. And you almost always over pay for it. (What can you say? You’re just as smitten)
  • But one day, you’re a bit late and Jack freaks out.
  • Did he say something? Did he do something? Are you okay? Was he interpreting things incorrectly? 
  • But then he catches a glimpse of you walking towards him, already digging through your bag for a coin.
  • And he determines right there and then that he’s just going to be forward and say how he feels
  • So when you approach him, you exchange coin for paper, and before you can walk away, he blurts out “Do you wanna get lunch?”
  • And at first you’re taken aback. Not because you’re offended, but you’re just surprised. He’s cute? And interested in going to lunch with you?
  • You smile coyly and agree. “Do you have a name?”
  • “I-uh… yeah-I… Jack. Jack Kelly.” He fumbles with his papers to stick out his hand for you to shake. 
  • You shake his hand politely and tell him what time to meet you and where
  • And you guys have a great lunch. He offers to pay, but you tell him just to worry about his portion of the bill.
  • This becomes your routine. You buy a paper from him at about the same time every morning and you meet at a deli for lunch.
  • After a few weeks, Jack arrives at the deli before you do and he preps himself to ask you out
  • But he chickens out because when you showed up, the hair and the eyes and the dress just really overwhelmed him and he was t e r r i f i e d to say something wrong.
  • But about halfway through, he just blurts out “I might be wrong here, but I think there’s somethin’ special between you an’ me and maybe we could see each other in the evenings I have a friend that runs a theatre and we could go see a show sometime”
  • And again, you’re taken aback. Partly because it was all one sentence and partly because did cute newsboy Jack just ask you out?
  • So you shrug and say “sure” and go back to eating your lunch
  • Jack is so confused??? Because you’re so casual about it??? But he loves it.
  • The two of you could be doing absolutely nothing together and he would rank it in the top 5 best times of his entire life. He’s just really smitten over you.


crutchie morris:


to be missed

halloween decorations



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fall ball


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to kiss a girl

french vanilla

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to be missed

take me with you

lost & found

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roller coaster

pumpkin spice cookies

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apple bobbing

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flannels & s’mores


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