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Just a little Newsies Headcanon
  • Okay so Jack Kelly is often scared by the smallest of things, like someone coming up behind him and whispering ‘boo’ in his ear or something.
  • But unlike normal people, Jack will jump 5 feet in the air.
  • And of course, no one expects this, so one day when everyone is hanging out, Davey goes to tap Jack’s shoulder to get his attention one day and Jack freaks, everyone is surprised.
  • Soon Race, Spot, Kath, and Crutchie all swear to never let Jack ever have another moment of peace as long as one of them is around.
  • So now, whenever Jack hangs out with one of them, he demands that Davey come with him, because Davey (the best boyfriend ever) doesn’t try to scare Jack.
  • Also since, Jack, absolutely refuses to not take on a challenge, Spot and Kath dare him to watch a horror movie, begging to end, at night with all the lights off.
  • So of course, Jack takes on the challenge, and everyone ends up sitting around the TV, with bowls of popcorn, making fun of Jack.
  • Jack basically latches onto Davey, refusing to let go.
  • “Jack get off me.”
  • “No.”
  • “Jack, I can’t move.”
  • “No.”
  • About halfway through the movie, Spot realizes that he chose a movie too scary, because even he is scared and Spot is never scared.
  • After the movie is done, everyone starts talking about how scary that movie was, and then Davey goes and says “that wasn’t that scary. what are you talking about?”
  • Now instead of scaring Jack, everyone tries to scare Davey.
  • Nothing works until, Crutchie mentions something about a teacher (they both share) saying everyone failed a really important test and Davey loses his shit, and doesn’t calm down until Crutchie tells him it was a joke.
  • Jack: And the strike starts right damn now!
  • Davey: *leans over to whisper to Crutchie* Did he just cuss? I thought this was a Disney Musical.

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Headcannons on how Jack Kelly falls in love with female reader?

Omg yes! I hope you like these! (I love your icon btw. Thomas Sanders is the best!)

WC: 571

Warning: Actually a significant amount of swearing (I mean, it’s no Connor Murphy but it’s close), Flipping Crutchie off, that’s it, I think


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Mistletoe ~ Jack Kelly x Reader Headcannons

Tag: @icevinolusola 

-So you and Jack are friends

-But you both like eachother

-And you’re both super blushy and awkward around eachother

-So it’s Christmas Eve at the lodging house

-And you’re exchanging gifts with the boys

-They’re all super excited because it’s one day they can just relax and have fun

-So you give Jack his present

-And he gets all weird and fidget-y

-He stands up and is like “follow me”

-And you’re so whipped that you literally don’t even question him

-You follow him all the way up to the penthouse

-And he makes you stay where you’re standing

-And he goes over to his bad he keeps up there

-Jack digs in his bag for a while

-He suddenly stands and is holding this small box

-And that boy suddenly gets very shy

-He hands it to you and you quickly unwrap it

-It’s a small necklace with your first initial and  his on it!!!

-You’re so happy you’re like “JACK THIS IS GREAT”

-Jack looks up and laughs

-You look up and see what he’s laughing at

-It’s mistletoe that was tied to a telephone pole not too far from where you two are standing

-You blush and pull Jack so you both are standing under it

-“Jack, aren’t ya gonna kiss me? It’s a Christmas tradition.”

-Your boy is super smiley and pulls you super close and


-He loves you a lot and is really happy to kiss you

-You feel the same way

-After your kiss, you follow the boy downstairs, your hands intertwined

-All the boys are smirking because they just know

-Happy Jack and happy (Y/N)

Newsies PJO au Headcannons 1/?

So, If you can’t tell I’m slowly becoming PJO trash so I’ve decided to make a Newsies au! It’s still in the works so please talk to me about it!!

•Jack is a son of Aphrodite. (I know this sounds weird, but hear me out!)
•Jack is know for his persuasion while selling papes, and he doesn’t really get why people always seem to fall for the fake headlines. But, then a satyr brings Jack to Camp Half-Blood.
•He is very suspicious of this whole Demigod thing and doesn’t really understand it at first.
• But, then He gets claimed by Aphrodite, his mother.
•At first, Jack has the same reaction as Piper in HoO. He just doesn’t believe it, like there’s no way his mom is the goddess of love. Right?
•When he’s being shown around the cabin someone mentions charmspeak and he’s just like, “wtf is that???”
•When, he gets it explained everything Clicks into place.
•The reason why people always believed his made up headlines and always bought his papes is because he was unintentionally charmspeaking them.
•Jack reacts really well to having siblings though. He really enjoys having a family that’s there for him.
•He’s one of the few Aphrodite kids that actually enjoy capture the flag and fighting. Probably, because he grew up on the streets of Manhattan and had to learn how to fend for himself.
•He’s used to relying more on his fists than a weapon, but he become accustomed to a sword.
•Jack is the only Aphrodite kid that will actually try to punch someone in the face. Like he’ll fight anyone if you mess with him or his friends.
•People are always very surprised that he’s the son of Aphrodite.
•Aphrodite DEFIANTLY meddles with his love life
•She’s the reason why Jack got hurt and ended up in the Infirmary. Where he met Crutchie ;;)))
•Jack was bleeding and had a concussion but still tried to flirt with Crutchie as he was healing him.
•Jack then starts getting hurt on purpose so he can see him more.
•They finally get together, and after the campfire that night his whole Cabin throws him a “You finally got your shit together” party.

•Crutchie is totally a son of Apollo
•Like Will he’s more of a healer than a fighter
•But, he isn’t totally defenseless
•Crutchie has been at camp ever since he was little, like around 6 or 7
•He got claimed pretty quickly actually.
•The way he got claimed was probably the least traditional way ever. He didn’t show off any super great healing, archery, or musical talents. Oh no, he accidentally cursed someone to speak in rhyme for a whole week. (It was Race)
•Crutchie started working in the infirmary almost right off the bat.
•He eventually became the head healer there
•When, Jack came in though Crutchie was pretty nervous.
•He had been low key crushing on Jack since Jack had got to camp
•And then Jack starts flirting with him and he’s just a blushing mess
•Crutchie becomes more comfortable around him as they get to know each other
•Jack kisses Crutchie before dinner one night in the back room of the infirmary
•He was so surprised by it he accidentally knocked down a bunch of bottles of Nectar
•Both of the Apollo and Aphrodite Cabins had bets with each other in when they would get together
•Crutchie is the Apollo’s “Actually Ray of Sunshine” son
•Both Apollo and Aphrodite had been watching their relationship

•Katherine is literally the easiest to place she is such an Athena kid
•Katherine was brought to the camp at around 7 by Pulitzer
•Since, Kath was never to fond of her father she became a year round camper.
•Katherine had always been great at strategizing as well as using a spear and shield
•Despite her Dyslexia she is still an avid writer
•She starts a camp newspaper
•It’s not very successful, and she knew it wouldn’t be. Like she’s expecting a bunch of ADHD and Dyslexic Half-Blood teenagers to care about a newspaper, let alone read it.
•She easily became the Athena Counselor, like the pervious counselor just kinda gave her the position because she was always leading the capture the flag games it seemed like.
•Katherine is just a Junkie for all of the different equipment and old books and myths in her cabin. She just loves it
•Katherine gets forced to lead an escort mission/quest with Jack and Race to help a satyr escort 2 twin half-bloods to camp
•When, they get to the rendezvous spot with the satyr who has the two half bloods, said satyr Is trying to fend off some hellhounds. While said half bloods are freaking out because they are having being attacked by hellhounds in a remote spot of Central Park.
•Kath sees the girl and is just like, “Oh, shit I’m so gay.”
•Kath trying to be a Knight in Shining Armor, intercepts one of the Hellhounds and the girl just before it was about to attack her.
•She ends up taking out one of the Hellhounds as Jack takes out the other one
•On there way back to camp they explain the whole Demigods, Greek Gods being real, Monsters, and the mist to the new kids.
•The girl, Sarah Jacobs, (as Katherine now knows) is having an easier time believing this than her brother, David
•David: “Those just had to be feral dogs there is no way those were hellhounds!”
•Kath: “What dog is the size of a Cow?”
•Sarah and Davey end up being claimed by Hermes
•Katherine takes it upon herself to train Sarah personally even though she should be taking classes with her Siblings
•Both of them are super flirty during the lessons
•On the last day of Summer Kath makes her move and they end up getting together
•Jack loses his bet with Race on it

•Easy, Spot is totally a son of Ares
•He literally fights anything it doesn’t even have to be living, he will literally fight a rock don’t test him.
•He becomes Cabin Counselor by dueling the previous one
•He can use any weapon though he prefers the standard Sword or Dagger
•He may not be the tallest Ares kid but you sure as hell don’t mess with him
•He leads his team in Capture the Flag
•Him and Race became a gambling duo
•They win every bet and every game of Poker
•Even though they bicker a lot they’re really close
•They just kinda get together over time nothing special it just kind of happens
•He’s the son of Tyche, Goddess of Fortune and Luck
•He’s one of the few Tyche campers at camp
•Race is actually pretty relieved there’s not many Tyche children, only 2 others beside him, because he doesn’t like sharing his living space
•He gambles A LOT
•People always tend to forget he’s a son of Tyche and end up playing poker with him or making bets with him
•He always wins
•He has been cursed by so many Apollo kids for “cheating” during poker

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dom!!!! jack!!!!!!! kelly!!!!!!!! smut!!!!!!!!!

Hoooo boy, you have no idea. This is NSFW, my dudes

- Dom! Jack is one of why favourite things

- He is gentle when it comes to sex, he always makes sure that you’re okay but this boy is kinky as fuck

- I’m talking bondage, blindfolding, lil’ bit of choking (only if you’re comfortable tho), edging (for real, he’s a little shit about edging you)

- If you call him boss or daddy he’ll be finna nut

- Definitely into teasing you in public, he loves to whisper things into your ear to turn you on when you are in Jacobi’s or around the other boys

- If you make him jealous oooh mate, he’ll take you to the nearest alley and fuck you against the brick walls telling you how naughty you’ve been 

- “Thought you could get away with flirting with him, baby? Let me teach you a lesson.”

- Boy, he won’t let you finish sometimes so you know who’s boss

- This boy will cover you in hickeys just to show that you’re his and he can show off his artistic abilities on you

- “You’re my favourite canvas to paint.”

- Huskily giving you commands when y’all are getting rough

- “Don’t cum until I say.”

- “Fuck, you take me so well.”

- “Shit baby, you feel so good.”

- He loves missionary when he’s jealous or angry (not necessarily at you) because he can hold you tight by your hips, pull your legs over his shoulders and really give it to you

- Sex when other people are around, he’ll hold a hand over your mouth so you won’t make noise

- Dom! Jack is still a sweetheart though, he is all about that aftercare, he’s soft and kisses you gently

- He’ll tell you how good you are

- “You did a good job, baby.”

- Mhm, fucking Jack Kelly, I love that man

Hope you enjoy!

D’you think Jack was scared, when he realized he was trapped?

D’you think he got nervous when Pulitzer first commented on Katherine? Nervous that Pulitzer would hurt her?

D’you think he felt sick to his stomach when Pulitzer told him who she really was?

D’you think he was afraid when Pulitzer continued to taunt him?

D’you think it was fight or flight that made him run when Snyder showed his ugly mug? Did adrenaline surge through him and make his blood turn ice cold?

D’you think he could see clearly when he bolted? Or was he just seeing his nightmares play out in front of him?

D’you think he panicked when the Delanceys caught him? That desperate kind of panic when you have to get out or it may mean your life, that makes you flail blindly?

D’you think they had to wrench his arms back so hard they almost dislocated to get him to stop? Were they sore even days later, just like the rest of him?

D’you think his heart bottomed out into his chest in that horrible way it does when you realize you’re not getting out of something? That awful sinking feeling?

D’you think adrenaline was making his breaths shallow and his hands shake and his ears ring and his chest feel tight?

D’you think he wanted to scream when Pulitzer gave him the choices for the deal but forced himself to keep up the bravado because he could not let them win?

D’you think he instinctively wanted to turn to Katherine, because his panicking brain registered friend, but he stopped himself because not anymore?

D’you think he felt so helpless that he wanted to cry but refused because he wouldn’t let them see him break even when he knew they had beaten him?

D’you think he kept running his mouth off because it was the only defense he knew?

D’you think he knew what was coming when he was locked in the basement with the Delanceys? How much it would hurt? How he wouldn’t be able to fight back or escape at all?

D’you think he tried to fight anyway and got an even worse soaking for it?

D’you think the dark room and the locked door reminded him of the Refuge at all?

D’you think he flinched everytime footsteps so much as approached the door?

D’you think the adrenaline eventually ran out and left him exhausted, heartbroken, betrayed, and defeated, as he sat there on that printing press?

D’you think he was still so afraid it made his heart stutter but that he didn’t have the energy to stay on-guard after around three in the morning?

D’you think he knew he would be all but exiled from the newsies family for doing what he was about to? Did it make him feel even more sick, even more trapped, heartbroken because he was about to all but crush those kids? Betray them in the way he had just been betrayed? Lose everything he held dear?

D’you think he actually got sick at the thought of Crutchie and Davey and Les stuck in the Refuge for even a day?

D’you think he cried at all, locked down there in that basement?

D’you think he was scared? Because I do.

javid head canons that nobody asked for but i will contribute anyways

disclaimer: these are hardly HCs and really just turned into a bunch of run on sentences that could compose a bad fic that i will never write! anyways:

• Jack meets Davey cause they live on the same floor in their dorm and it’s 2am and
Jack is sitting in the hallway sketching because his roommate has a girl over and Jack had no where to go on late notice

• Davey is walking back from the library and not expecting any one to be out so he isn’t looking and trips over Jack’s legs that are sprawled out across the floor

• He doesn’t get hurt but Jack is very worried because this cute stranger just fell over and oh no is he hurt but he’s not and David is more worried about somehow messing up Jack’s art

• Dave gets really flustered and Jack is just repeatedly apologizing and Davey is trying to take all the blame and they finally just stop and look at each other and Jack just smirks and Davey can’t stop blushing because oh lord this boy is cute

• Davey asks why he’s sitting in the hallway at 2am and Jack explains that he’s been banned cause his roommate has a “special friend” over and Davey’s roommate happens to be back home for the week and it’s totally out of his character and he would usually never offer this but something about this cute boy sitting in the hall by himself at 2am really gets to him and he offers to let Jack come sleep in his dorm room for the night

• Jack takes his offer graciously and slides a note under the door that he’s gone for the night to his roommate that undoubtedly does not care and then follows Davey down the hall to
his room

• They stay up until 7:30 talking and then eventually Davey falls asleep in his bed and Jack doesn’t want to sleep because he’s too happy because he’s already smitten and so he just quietly climbs off the extra bed and leaves a note thanking Davey for the hospitality and his
phone number asking dave to call him if he ever wants to hang out in the daytime

• Dave tries to play it cool and wait a few days but gets too excited and ends up calling Jack by 3pm that same afternoon

Newsies Monopoly Headcannon

• One day, Kath decides to bring Crutchie, Jack, Les, Spot, Race, and Davey monopoly when they all are hanging out.
• While setting up, Kath and Jack start arguing about who is. Kath ends up banker, but only got that on the term that whenever Jack lands on her property he pays half the rent. Jack gives out the property cards/houses.
• Just as they are about to start Davey just says, “What’s Monopoly?” and everyone loses it.
After the uproar, Jack says Davey and him can play together.
• At first everyone thinks Crutchie is easy to manipulate/a horrible player but he is actually better then all of them
•Jack is a good player, but Davey is too polite/doesn’t listen to Jack at all.
• Kath isn’t bad but she isn’t good- she’s the fine line between the two
• Les is really good at striking a deal(maybe because no one can say no to him)
• Spot ends up becoming bankrupt by his seventh turn because whenever he lands on anything Crutchie and Race keep saying ‘You better not buy that… You’ll go bankrupt’ ‘That’s really expensive Spot. You sure you can pay for it?’ while Spot just looks at them defiantly and hands Kate the rest of his money.
• On Spot’s next turn he lands on Race’s property(which already has a house) and has to mortgage half his property just to pay the rent.
• He gets out on his next few turns because he lands on another property he just needs to buy.
• The only reason Race doesn’t get out of the game before Spot is because he’s in Jail half-the-time
• Every single time Jack and Davey land on someone else’s property unnoticed Davey will start to say something about it while Jack covers Davey mouth with his hand.
• At the end of day, it’s only Les and Crutchie playing until they decide neither one of them is going to win so they just do a draw
• They all decide to play monopoly every Friday after school and order pizza even though they all stay up until about midnight and then sleep over at whoever house they play at(usually Davey’s because their parents don’t want Les sleeping over at anyone else’s house yet)
• Sarah and Kath meet each other through the games of monopoly but Sarah refuses to play but instead becomes the banker
• No one notices that she passes extra money to Kath from time to time
• Jack and Davey always play together even though Dave is the reason Jack and he will lose more than half-the-time
• Everyone knows why Jack is still partners with Davey, but don’t say anything about it because no one wants to hear Jack rant for hours about how he isn’t in love with Davey Jacobs(again) • No one will let Jack forget, that he and Davey came out by Jack kissing Davey to make him shut up about landing on Crutchie’s property
• Of course it didn’t work because Crutchie already had an idea that they were dating
• The game always ends with Crutchie and Les drawing for winner, while everyone else is laying around waiting for them to finish

random Jack Kelly headcannon

This is my first headcannon for anything ever so buckle up it’s gonna be a wild ride folks.

  • being a newsie is rough and there’s always someone having a bad day
  • so if one of the newsies is having a particularly crappy day they’ll let jack know (code word is probably santa fe tbh)
  • after they’re done selling their papes for the day they’ll meet jack in his penthouse in the sky
  • jack wouldn’t say anything unless they want to talk about what has them upset
  • so most of the time the newsies will just wordlessly take off their shirt and lay on their stomach and jack would just start painting on their back
  • all the newsies love it because it helps them relax (honestly it feels like a really light massage unless jack is having a bad day too) and they normally end up taking a much needed nap
  • plus jack gets to paint santa fe to his hearts content
  • also the newsies keep the paintings on their backs until they can bathe next
  • which leads to several of the boys, having paintings on their backs at the same time, walking around the lodging house shirtless showing off their painting (they think it makes them look pretty and it does
  • it always puts a smile on jacks face when he walks into the lodging house and sees his paintings on the boys
  • daveys mom always wonders how he gets paint on the inside of his shirts

feel free to add on :)

Spot Colon Fluff Headcannons

Requested by @megnog

Originally posted by fanficnstuuff

Before we start, LOOK AT MY BABY’S LIL SMIRK It’s just agjuftbdbaifhwvd

  • When cuddling, he just kinda engulfs you in his amazing musuclar arms
  • Pretty sure he smells like the wonderful smell of Old Spice *The stuff make me wEaK*
  • Short kisses don’t exist to this guy, he M U S T smother you with love
  • Just, he must show you affection
  • Will 120% Make out in the middle of the street must to show your his
  • This boy, cannot stop smiling
  • Too proud
  • Race will flirt with you just to get a rise out of him
  • It works almost too well ;)
  • Weekly dates, even the little stuff
  • New flowers planted in the park? Let’s go babe
  • Stargazing? He’s got the snacks
  • Showers together? I think YES
  • Will steal you shampoo to smell nice
  • Needs to have some sort of contact but acts like such a tough guy
  • Brags about you all the time to the other newsies
  • “(Y/N)’s got the most gorgeous, smile I tell ya,”
  • But at first the entire house was just- wtf Spot, plz stop lying
  • “Who you callin’ a liar?”
  • Brings you to prove that you ExISiT right after that
  • “…. oh …. you aren’t fake”
  • Que Jack handing cash over to Crutchie
  • But over all Spot’s the best boyfriend ever

Sorry for these being short again, I’m writing some drabbles and imagines now so that should help for the crappy writing. -Lynn

Davey: Lets all synchronise our watches.

Jack: I don’t know how to do that

Spot: I don’t wear a watch

Race: time is a construct


Newsies Christmas Tree Headcannon (feat. Jackcrutchie)

Ah this is my first original headcannon ahh maybe I’ll do more of these if y’all like it

Here we go…

- So Medda has a 20-foot Christmas Tree in the theater

- And every year she has the Newsies help Decorate it along with the rest of the theater

- They all have their favorite ornament

- Jack- A paintbrush that he hand-painted when he was 10

- Davey- He has 2 favorites: a menorah one that he bought because “I️ don’t even celebrate Christmas” and a little red book

- Race- A brown horse with white spots

- Crutchie- A gingerbread man with a Crutch and a hat that Jack made for him for his birthday

- Spot- A candy-cane that’s red and gold

- Specs- An asexual pride flag

- Albert- He couldn’t convince Medda to let him get a gun-shaped ornament so he likes this little silver sword

- Kathrine- A blank piece of lined paper

- Les- The same as Albert’s but gold

- Sarah- A stocking colored to look like the trans flag

- Romeo- Literally just a red ball

- Medda- A framed photo of Jack standing next to his first ever painting


- Jack knew which shelf the box that had Crutchie’s favorite ornament was stored on

- So being the sneaky shit he is he hung some mistletoe right above it

- Because he has a huge™️ crush on him

- So on December first he wore his favorite shirt and made sure his face was clean

- And everyone went over to Medda’s as planned

- So when Jack and Crutchie went to get the decorations out of the storage room, he grabbed onto Crutchie’s hand and he turned to face him

- “Look up, Crutch”

- Crutchie looked up and turned bright red at the sight of the plant

- Poor guy gets soooo flustered because “is Jack gonna kiss me?”

- “Uhh… J-Jack…”

- Jack leans forward and plants a sweet kiss on Crutchie’s lips

- At first he’s nervous because “shit what if he doesn’t like me”

- But he kisses back and they’ve both never been happier

Hope you guys enjoyed!

jack kelly synesthesia hcs

okAy i had this idea a while ago and like it’s in a newsies x oc fic im writing that so far only @spoonon has read oOF but anyway yes i hc that our very own whiny baby strike leader has synesthesia !!

-okay okay so like for music and people talking he sees colors, and like the more time he spends with people the more crisp and clear the colors are and they blend well and mMM

-when he was young, his mother would always sing him to sleep, and her colors would be a very light violet and periwinkle

-his father was gone at work a lot, but was still close to him before he died, and his color was kind of a dark purple, and some grey tones due to his greying hair

-that’s about all he can remember about his parents colors :(

-crutchie’s color is a hay like duckling yellow and jack adOres it it’s his favorite shade of yellow because it’s his best friend (or his bf if you ship jackcrutchie (; )

-kath’s colors are magenta and a rich purple wow he was so heart eyes for her and all he painted were purple and pink sunsets for so long

-davey’s colors are a navy blue and a forest green, he adores the color combo and paints it all the time for davey and the first time he gave davey a painting with his colors on it the soft boy cRied (if you ship javey this works too!)

-les is definitely a yellow-green color, the kid is so energetic and always covered in grass stains it’s so perfect for him

-spot colon is a red orange because that boy is a tiny fucking ball of flame that makes jack scared for his life at times

-race is a light orangey yellow and every time he laughs it gets more yellow wow this boy is so cute we stan (1) legend bUt jack adores it when race laughs so he tries to make him do it as often as possible


The newsies are all superstitious as hell. Jack is highly protective of his lucky shirt. Everyone constantly knocks on Crutchie’s wooden crutch to avoid jinxes. Race won’t bet on a horse with four white legs. Romeo won’t even consider walking beneath a ladder. Even Spot swears by the old sailors’ superstitions he picks up around the docks. Davey thinks they’re all crazy for it, and looks to Katherine for backup, but she resolutely informs him that if he opens that umbrella inside she will personally beat him with it.

Sleepy Race HCs

Oh yeah



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Requested-no I’m just bored lol

Warnings- none :)

Just ask to be added to taglist! Ships, asks, and requests always open! Please request, I’m running out of ideas

-if Race is tired

-R U N

- he’s the worst person to be around when he’s tired

-whiny whiny whiny whiny whiny

-he just whines at anyone who will listen (people who aren’t listening too)

-“I’m so tireddddddddddd”

-“I wannnnna go to beddddd”


-the emotional tired person

-like if he’s too tired he’ll just break down and cry about how tired he is and how he wants to go to sleep

-you kinda just have to drag a crying half asleep Race to his bed

-gets so frustrated too

-“bUt I dOnT fEeL lIkE sElLiNg ThE rEsT oF My pApEs”

-latches on to you

-will not let go

-he wants attention and love when he’s sleepy

-begs for attention

-“yyyyyyy/nnnnnnnnnnnn please love me”

-and if he’s already half asleep he just mumbles shit

-“Race what was that?”


-it’s like dealing with a 3 year old

-but when he finally gets rested he makes sure to thank you

ok, so, jack w a service dog headcannons

bear with me if I say anything wrong/offensive, I try to do my research but if anything is inaccurate I don’t mean harm! and this is wayyy longer than I expected so it’s under a read more

  • so, crutchie’s had a service dog for a long time
  • (he lives w medda by the way)
  • and the dog like, helps pull his wheelchair when he’s using it, keeps him from overextending himself, gets him out of sensory overload situations, ect.
  • but jack’s been bouncing around lots of foster homes and is always labeled as a problem child or something of the sort
  • enter snyder
  • now you’ve all read the fanfics, snyder is abusive emotionally and physically and when jack is finally gotten out of that situation, he goes to live with medda!
  • but not only is there the issue with all of the anxiety and depression jack already had, both just because of how he was born but also the stresses of being a foster kid your whole life, snyder has left jack w some major ptsd and added issues
  • of course medda (the angel she is) notices that jack has big problems with anxiety, especially in groups of people, and that he has depression and can have trouble getting up in the morning
  • she asks crutchie to go talk to him, as the boys have already seemed to get pretty close
  • jack is unwilling to talk and crutchie can’t get much out of him, but he doesn’t push it
  • fast forward to a few months later
  • jack seems to be adjusting well to his new life and everything is going smoothly
  • that is, until one day something is said in class that reminds jack of snyder
  • the word/phrase totally freaks him out and he’s sent into some intense flashbacks, and ends up having a major anxiety attack in class
  • luckily crutchie and davey are in class w him and get him out of the situation and call medda
  • jack goes home and they eventually talk about it, and, with lots of tears and hugs involved, medda suggests he sees a therapist
  • the therapist basically takes a few sessions to decide jack is a hot mess with so much emotional baggage it won’t fit in the suitcase and diagnoses ptsd, general/social anxiety, and depression
  • since jack has always loved dogs (he freaked out when he saw crutchie had one when he first got to the home) it’s a pretty easy conclusion that he should get a service dog
  • now the school doesn’t have any problem with it, they’re a very open environment w plenty of special needs kids eg. crutchie, davey (he’s deaf fight me on this)
  • so now that that’s settled they have to pick a dog
  • they end up w a australian shepard whom jack names bumblebee (bumble for short) and loves very much
  • she starts going everywhere with him and his anxiety is getting a lot better!
  • she’s trained to do a number of things (which I googled and are real service dog commands for dogs trained for people w ptsd) like:
  • she wakes him up in the mornings and brings a toy to him to motivate him to get out of bed
  • she can be commanded to ‘cover’ which is basically standing directly behind him so no one can come up behind him and surprise him
  • she can open doors for him to lead him out of places
  • she knows what he looks like when he’s having/about to have an attack and is able to comfort him and alert help
  • wake him up from a nightmare, help him control his breathing, and be an all around piece of support and grounding presence
  • at first jack isn’t used to it cause he’s never had a pet but soon he learns to love her and his health starts to skyrocket
  • he’s more confident and happy and less afraid to be out in public
  • when medda offers to adopt him he starts crying and shanking and bumble starts to try and comfort him but he just laughs through his tears ‘no no no, I’m happy!’
  • she’s also there when he asks davey out for the first time
  • when he goes to college
  • when him and davey move in together
  • it’s an all around great time
  • and when she gets too old to work, he retires her and gets a new service dog who’s best friends with her and they go to the river on weekends to have picnics
  • she’s also feircely protective of his and davey’s kids but that’s a whole other story
  • ok that’s it
  • this was way longer than I expected
  • please reblog and tell me what you liked!! also I do read tags
  • and feel free to write this if you want I’ll cry
  • ok thanks for coming to my ted talk
  • bye
another Jack Kelly headcannon

this is a modern au i think???? also jack kelly x reader???

  • so you and jack have been friends for years
  • you’ve both secretly liked each other for a while (obviously) and don’t want to ruin your friendship
  • but jack started taking you to art museums because he’s always told you about his favorite paintings and he wants to share them with you and for you to see them in person
  • the first time y’all went, he takes you to all his favorites first before the two of you just walk around the rest of the museum looking at all the other paintings
  • where you see a Monet painting that you fall in love with
  • after that day at the museum you don’t see jack for a week but when he reappears he hands you a present
  • when you open it, it’s a perfect replica of the Monet painting you saw a week earlier
  • so that becomes a thing that the two of y’all do every other week and every other week he gives you a new painting
  • soon your walls are covered with the paintings jack has replicated for you
  • the next time y’all go, the museum is boasting a special edition to their gallery that they’re only going to have for a limited time so you and jack rush off to find the painting
  • when you see it you stop dead in your tracks as you see van Gogh’s Starry Night and tell jack that this is your favorite painting ever
  • so the next week rolls around and you and your family are about to go on a week and a half long vacation
  • so jack stops by your house as you and your family are getting in the car and he gives you the painting and when you unwrap it
  • it’s a picture of you
  • jack had captured the exact moment you saw and fell in love with the Starry Night 
  • you thank him and tell him how beautiful it is but you don’t have time to properly express how much you love it because your family pulls out of the driveway and you don’t see jack for another 10 days
  • but when you get back and go up to your room to unpack there’s jack with a lopsided grin on his paint smeared face standing in front of the Starry Night that he replicated as a mural that covered your whole wall
  • he then proceeds to ask you out which you happily agree to 
  • and the rest is history

feel free to add on :)