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SPN as Dogs

Adam Milligan - Dutch Shepherd

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Castiel - Husky

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Dean Winchester - German Shepherd

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Gabriel - Corgi

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Henry Winchester - Dutch Shepherd

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John Winchester - Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

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Kelly Kline - King Charles Spaniel

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Jack Kline - Golden Retriever

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Lucifer - Golden Retriever (Nick/Jeff) Labrador Retriever (Vince)

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Mary Winchester - German Shepherd St Bernard Mix

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Rowena - Novia Scovia Duck Trolling Retriever

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Crowley - Pug

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Raphael - Rottweiler (M Vessel) Dashund (F Vessel)

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Sam Winchester - Saint Bernard

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Unknown Number // Z.Herron

FINAL - PART 19 (masterlist)

Zach x reader (1st person)

A/N: guys this is the final part and it’s really long, but i hope you’ve liked this series, because i really have, anyway enjoy xxx

Aren’t there five members to the group? Suddenly, a pair of hands land on my waist, making me jump, and a voice appears from behind me. 

“Hey, Y/N,” The voice is one I instantly recognise. My eyes pop out of my sockets as I immediately spin around to see who I think it is.

My mouth drops open.

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Castiel: I had a bad feeling about this Sam. *looking at Jack who is siting in Sam’s bed and watching some horror movies*

Sam: Dont worry Cas, he will be fine

*Jack got scared and accidentally distroy the tv with his powers*

Jack: Oh… Sam, I think I broke the tv

Sam: *sigh* dont worry, is fine.

Castiel: No more scaries movies.

Somewhere Only We Know (JS)

Request: sowk x joe sugg

Joe wasn’t a settle down guy, at least not yet. He figured he had a few years before he had to get serious. Before he could seriously consider love and give it to his other half or whatever. But somehow, the urge for it seemed to creep up on him.

He’d gone back home for a weekend with his old mates when two of them announced they were proposing to their girlfriends and another was complaining how stressful wedding planning was. Then, Alfie was planning a surprise anniversary party for Zoe and the way he was talking about her, the light in his eyes, made Joe feel like he was missing out on something. Then his mum tried to set him up with a girl she met at the farmer’s market of all places and Joe had had enough.

“Y/N,” he had called her up as soon as the train pulled into the station. “What are you doing right now?”

“Shaving my legs,” Y/N says. Joe knew she was being serious-that was what he loved about her. How straightforward she was.

“My weekend was filled with too much of other people’s romances, I need a friend to join me for a drink.”

“Aw,” Y/N says. “The big scary L-word?”

“Yeah the L-word,” Joe laughs, feeling better already. “How quickly can you be ready?”

“Twenty? If you’re ready just come by.”

Joe takes the underground to the stop near their flats and walks the rest of the way to hers. She lets him up and even though it’d been twenty minutes, she was still undressed with her hair in a towel.

“I meant twenty minutes once you got here.”

“You did not,” Joe groans. “Hurry up! I need a drink asap.”

“Sorry! I had a friend pop over,” Y/N says as she leads him to the living room. “Joe this is Greg, Greg-Joe.”

“Oh,” Joe falters before shaking the guy’s hand. He was really good looking, Joe notes. A mop of chocolate curls and a slim frame with full lips and intensely hazel eyes was the proof.

“I’ve heard a lot about you,” Greg says as Joe settles into the couch.

“Really?” Joe can’t laugh-his mind is still whirring trying to remember if Y/N had ever mentioned Greg.

“Yeah, she talks about you a lot-all the shite you get into together.”

“Right,” Joe laughs. “Sorry I can’t remember if she-”

“We dated back in secondary school,” Greg fills in for him. And that’s when Joe remembers. One of their late night conversations Greg was mentioned-Y/N’s first for many thing. First boyfriend, first love, first kiss, first time. This one meant a lot to her. But what was he doing here? Joe doesn’t even realise he’s grinding his teeth as a flash of possesiveness courses through him-insecurity…jealousy.

“Her first boyfriend!” Joe says. “An honour to meet you.”

Greg laughs and shows off his perfect teeth. “Yeah you could call me that. Although she fancied my brother before settling with me.”

“Hey,” Y/N enters the room. “You’re not supposed to tell him that. And I did not settle.”

“Good thing I’ve got no brothers then,” Joe teases and Greg snorts. Y/N’s got a clip in her mouth as she twists her hair up but she rolls her eyes and turns away from him. Joe’s heart speeds up at the sight of her in her plain white t-shirt and denim jeans.

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14 with lj for my angsty ass

I hope you don’t mind that I took a different approach to this. This request gave me a great opportunity to reflect and contemplate LJ’s thoughts and inner motives.

Thanks for requesting, love! I loved writing this, it’s about time my LJ got a bit more depth to his character.

Also writing past perfect tense is not my strong suit so this may contain some massive grammatical errors >_<

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if brad bird wont give us that timeskip then gosh dangit someone’s gotta

Tickles and cuddles - Jack Kline x Reader

Title: Tickles and cuddles

Pairing: Jack Kline x Reader

Warnings: None

Summary: You are on another hunt and you don’t want to let Jack sleep on the couch of the motel room once more so you offer your bed for sharing. After him asking you how to show affection and some tickles he ends up admiting he likes cuddling with you.

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“There is no other option Dean.” you sighed “And no! He’s not sleeping on the couch!” you spoke up before he had the chance to retort.

“It’s big enough, (Y/n)!” Dean exclaimed and you gave him a harsh glare.

“Yeah, just like every one we’ve seen on all the motels we’ve slept in over the past two weeks! Oh and let’s not forget that in the last one he took the freaking floor! Forget it, my bed is big enough and Jack’s sleeping with me this time.” you huffed.

“This is ridiculous, (Y/n).” he rolled his eyes and you glared at him.

“If you don’t want to share a bed with Sam so bad then the couch is big enough.” you mocked him and he sighed.

“Whatever, I’m not gonna argue with you anymore. You do whatever the hell you want, but if you-” he pointed a finger at Sam “Don’t keep those freaking long limbs to your side I’m throwing you off the freaking bed.” he grumbled and Sam rolled his eyes.

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Imagine Sam warning Jack about the dangerous of liking Dean’s bestfriend


Jack watched from across the library as both Dean and (Y/n) laughed at something on Dean’s laptop, Sam who sat across from Jack at another table could see the smile forming on his face.
“Jack;” Sam called out loud enough to get Jack’s attention but not gain his brother’s or his brother’s bestfriends attention. “You okay there buddy?”
Jack smiled toward Sam before turning his face back in the direction of (Y/n), “Yes, I’m quite fine.”
“Jack;” Sam licked his lips staring at the side of Jack’s head, “Is there something you want to tell me, perhaps about (Y/n)?”
Jack’s head snapped over towards Sam a hint of red started appearing on both of his cheeks.
He was blushing, Sam noticed. ‘Could Jack like (Y/n)?’ Sam thought to himself before his mind started to wander off of many of the dangerous things (Y/n) has done on hunts.
He thought of the many times she’s come home covered in creatures blood and guts, the time’s where she would inject holy water into dean’s veins or bath them in a tub filled with gallons upon gallons of holy water, and grin when they screamed in pain.
Him and his brothers may be known in the famously known in the hunter community, but she was know as the women from hell.
And Sam was actually think that she might be from hell, but the testes they’ve ran on her would prove other wise.
“I- I’m not sure what you mean Sam.” Jack replies.
“Jack, do you perhaps like (Y/n)?” Sam askes.
“As a friend? Of course I like her as a friend.” Jack responds with his blush getting deeper, “She’s a very likeable person.”
Shaking his head Sam leaned over telling Jack to the same. Jack repeated Sam’s action a bit confused, “No I mean like do you like like her, do you get a weird feeling in your gut and chest?”
“I do not understand why I feel weird in my gut and heart section but I sometimes feel my heart pounding fast around her that she sometimes warns me if that is normal for me.” Jack explains.
‘This is bad. Very bad.’ Sam thinks.
Not wanting to hurt his feelings Sam gave Jack a nervous look, “Jack you cant like her.”
“Why not?” Jack says with his head tilted.
“She’s older then you.” Sam says.
“Dean says older women are the best.” Jack replies.
“She’s a hunter.” Sam replies back.
“She’s a nice hunter.”
“She’s dean’s bestfriend.” Sam says.
Jack pauses and looks back toward the direction of Dean and (Y/n) only to find (Y/n) gone and Dean looking up at them both.
“You look worried, fellas.” Dean says.

Jack Sparrow being in love with you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him finding you so fascinating he can’t help himself but fall in love with you with each passing day

-Him letting you get away with nearly anything while on his ship as he can’t stand the idea of not letting you be happy, only for the crew to be jealous of you and for him to tell them to deal with it

-Him liking to spend his time with you so much he completely forgets about the rum and for you to jokingly point it out to him, making him get nervous and be a stuttering mess as he tries to explain himself

-Him enjoying to stare at you from far away just to look at you acting in your natural way as it makes him laugh and smile

-Him always convincing you in his own silly and drunken way that the pirating life is meant for you as he doesn’t want you to leave him

-Him hating to see you flirt around with other men and always butting in to bother you, even going as far as to claim you as his

-Him melting whenever you would touch or hug him as he can’t believe it had just happened and hoping you’d never let go of him

-Him willing to do anything to get you back whenever you are taken away as he isn’t ready to lose you

-Him wanting to take care of you and doing so in his own unique ways to let you know that you are not alone

-Him always confessing to you whenever you are both in danger, making you think he’s simply joking again but him being full on serious

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Tired of Gray

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Jack Frost x Reader

Tired of Gray

Prompt: I saw that you write imagines for Jack Frost. Would it be alright if I requested the soulmate AU where you only see color when you meet your soulmate with him, please?

Your whole life, you knew there was someone out there meant for you. Someone who would turn this dull colorless world into something breathtaking. Something amazing. And yet, as you sat in your boring Algebra II class watching the first snow of the year drift down on the quiet town, you had a feeling that waiting for that special someone was only going to get harder as time went on.

Some people waited pretty much their whole lives to find their soulmate.

Jack Frost went under the ice in a black and white world. When he resurfaced, it seemed that even his eternal afterlife was stuck in a dull shade of gray. Couldn’t the man in the moon have had some mercy on him? He had already lost so much, couldn’t he have been given one thing?

And so Jack, trapped in his dull world, tried to entertain himself as best he could by making mischief and causing snowfalls. Though only briefly, his fun-filled days kept him occupied. But after three hundred years, how much longer could he take this?


After school finally came to an end, you bundled up before venturing out into the cold. The walk home wasn’t very long, and on gorgeous days like this, you almost looked forward to it. The air around you seemed to tingle in anticipation. You didn’t know why, but today felt different. Today felt…important. It felt good.

You walked into your gray house and set your gray backpack on the gray chair. You sat through a gray dinner and watched some gray TV shows. Then, you went up to your gray room and changed into gray pajamas.

It wasn’t even until you were climbing into your gray bed that you heard the noise in the yard. Now, any sane person would write a noise like this off and get into bed. But no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t shake the feeling deep inside that something was about to change. Something big. And you hoped it had to do with your eyesight because you were getting sick and tired of varying shades of gray.

You quietly crept down the stairs and out into the yard. Your boots crunched in the fresh snow. Large white flakes drifted down all around you, some of them settling into your hair while others fell into the sheet beneath you.

“Hello?” Your voice was tentative, quiet, almost immediately swallowed up by the silence all around you. The bright full moon shone in the velvet sky, surrounded by glittering stars. Even in black and white, a night like tonight was still stunning.

You spun around, and when you did, you were met with about the last thing you expected to see. There was a spritz of sparkles in your vision and then an explosion of color. And then…there he was.


Jack couldn’t describe what had brought him to the backyard he was standing in. He couldn’t tell you if you asked why he had ventured there. But deep in his heart, he knew it was finally time. And when you turned around and his eyes met yours, the world around him burst into brilliant blues.

The way you were looking at him told him you were seeing the same thing for the first time in your life: color. And also: himself. That brought about another point. You could see him.

“You can…you can see me?” He whispered excitedly, taking a few steps closer.

In your state of shock, you could only nod as you stared into his icy eyes. They were the most amazing shade of blue you had ever seen, and they sparkled like the freshly fallen snow that was sitting all around you. His white hair was arranged in disarray, a chaotic mess that seemed to defy logic. And good God, his voice made you want to melt like an icicle in the sun.

“I-I think so, yeah. Unless this is an awesome dream, I mean. But uh, yeah. I can.” You replied. He tried to keep his cool, but he couldn’t help the thrilled smile that took over his handsome features.

“You have no idea,” his voice was hoarse and he took heavy steps towards you. You could swear there were tears in his eyes, “how long I have waited to meet you.”

“I’m (Y/N),” you told him.

“Jack. Frost.” He took a few more steps towards you. Your hands tentatively rose to his pale cheeks, warm fingers brushing against his chilly skin. You shivered, instead resting both of your hands on the fabric of his blue sweatshirt. His fingers tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, and moments later, his cold lips pressed a long kiss to your forehead. Then, after a patch of silent eye contact, you gripped the collar of his shirt and pulled him in for a real kiss. It was cold, but pleasantly so.

“Jack Frost as in the Jack Frost?”

“Yeah,” he smirked, looking down at you. His hands had found places on your cheeks, thumbs gently stroking your soft skin. No one had ever looked at you like this. Like you were their entire world. But you wouldn’t complain. You liked it more than you cared to admit. “Is that a problem?”

“Not necessarily.” You let your hands wander down his chest and then sneak around his torso. God, it felt good to let him hold you. He held you closer and tighter than anyone ever had, desperate not to let you slip away somehow. He had waited for you for centuries, and now here you finally were. He sure as hell wasn’t going to take you for granted. Ever. “As long as you can still show up in the summer and spring and fall, that is.”

He chuckled, and you fell in love with the sound of his laugh.

“I think that could be arranged.”

Imagine being Dean’s daughter and announcing to him that you are dating Jack.

“Him?” Dean’s rough voice broke the heavy silence that had set between the two of you “You are dating him?” he all-but-growled as he stared deeply in your eyes.

“Well, I- I wouldn’t say exactly dating yet, he’s not that familiar with the term and I’m-”

“Yet?!” Dean exclaimed, his voice coming slightly high-pitched “Yet? You mean this will keep going on?!”

“Well, yes dad of course it is!” you huffed, rolling your eyes “That’s why I am telling you, because this is actually important to me. And maybe Jack doesn’t quite understand the terms yet but I know that his feelings are real, that all of this between him and I is real as well.”

“Which again brings me back to my original question: Him?!” he looked at you with so much shock it made you groan and cross your arms over your chest.

“Will you try to be a little less surprised, please? I thought you’d be a little less shocked at your daughter-”

“Dating the son of Lucifer? Oh yeah!” he cut you off full of sarcasm and a hint of angst “Why the hell would I ever mind that (Y/n)?!”

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“It’s nothing, you weren’t yourself.”

“Actually, I was. I just couldn’t control my powers. I’m sorry.”

“You said that. But it’s ok, I forgive you Jack.”

Dating Jack Would Include
  • him constantly making sure that you’re safe
  • asking you what things are for and what they mean
  • “I don’t understand why people would need a rubber duck. Did I get that right? A rubber duck?”
  • always waking up before you so that he can see you smile when you get up
  • using his powers at full force when something tries to hurt you
  • lots and lots of cuddling
  • like lots of cuddling
  • him giving you his t-shirts to wear
  • you teaching him how to hunt
  • and about movies
  • and books
  • and emotions
  • and him being so in love with everything about you
  • you immediately fall in love with him 
  • the two of you listening to a lot of pop music
  • but only when Dean isn’t around 
  • the two of you being the happiest you’ve ever been together
  • because you love each other so much
  • and bring out the best in each other
  • being the only real life chick flick that Dean can secretly stand
  • and Sam and Cas just feel like proud dads when they see the two of you together

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