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Imagine: Drunk Confessions

Text: You broke our promise (My personal fav)

Instagram/Twitter: Salty Derek (ft. Skate)

Text: I’m ready for you

Text: Bathing suit

Text: You’re worth it

Text: Wait til I get home

Text: Breaking up prank

Text: Fly out to Miami

Text: Wisdom Teeth

Twitter/Instagram: Appreciation

Text: Pick a place

Instagram: Interracial relationship

Instagram/Twitter: Flirting

Blurb: Skate argument

Text: Post it marriage broken

Text: Come Outside

Text: Hitting on my friends


Text: Advice to date you?

Imagine: Love at first sight

Text: Flirting through song lyrics

Text: Madison hooks you up Part 1 / Part 2

Text: Confessing Love (includes Gilinsky)

Text: Jealousy (Includes Gilinsky)


Text: Can’t go on tour

Text: Snapchat party argument

Text: Baby photos

Text: Webster Hall

Text: One Year


Text/Twitter/Instagram: Jack breaks up with Madison for you

Instagram: Traveling

Twitter/Instagram: Salty Gilinsky (ft Derek) / Part 2

Text: She’s mine (ft. Jack J)

Text: RWYA

Text: Cheats on Madison

Text: Cold

Twitter/Instagram/Text: Gang with Derek

Text: Where are you?

Text: Friend is jealous Part 1 / Part 2

Instagram: Break Up


Instagram/Twitter/Text: Salty Sammy

Text: Scaring Sammy with Skate

Text: Skiing trip

Instagram: Younger sister (ft Jack J)

Text: Chase the day video

Text: Instagram post

Text: Parent Fight

Twitter: Indirect

Text: Dad fight

Text: Slut shaming

Twitter: Fan’s ship you

Text: Derek flirting

Text: Guy keeps hitting on you Part 1 / Part 2

Text: Sammy gets into an accident

Text: You get into an accident

Text: Nudes

Text: More nudes

Text: Hate

Text: Bad weather in NC


Blurb: Movie Night

Instagram: I miss you

Text: World tour tickets

Text: Shawn Mendes are you jealous?

Text: I declare you

Text: Shawn gets jealous

Text: Will you be my girlfriend?

Instagram/Text: Camila

Instagram/Twitter: Flirting


Text: Front Row Fans

Text:Party mistakes

Instagram: Injury

Text: I want to change your mind

Text: Outfit

Text: He’s my cousin 

Text: Be Alright

Text: Car Accident

Instagram: Support from cheating boyfriend

Text: Vacation 

Text: Fan hate 

Text: Protective

Text: Cheesy pick up lines


Instagram: Mixed race hate

Instagram:Cheating boyfriend

Twitter: Roommate

Instagram: We miss you


Text: Hypocrite

Text: Party animals

Text: Girl from concert

Text: Still finna hit though

Text: Derek flirting with you


Text: Break up Part 1 / Part 2

Text: Scared to date 

Kenny Holland

Text: Pick out an outfit

Imagines Masterlist

A/N: Okay so tons of people kept asking about a masterlist for imagines I’ve written and I finally made one! You honestly don’t know how long this took me to make. I don’t want to put my older imagines on here because I think they suck, so some imagines may not be on this list (these include all personal imagines I’ve written for people).

Warning: Most imagines are smuts they will be italicized.  


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Sneak PeekHigh Rollers, Part 2, Part 3 (5sos)

Quatuor Bestias Noctibus (5sos)

Like A Snack (Ashton Irwin)

Chosen (Calum Hood)

New Man (Luke Hemmings)

Pheromones (Luke Hemmings)

Havoc, Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4 , Part 5 (Michael Clifford)

Dyed (Michael Clifford)

Coverings (Luke Hemmings)

Please Don’t Go (Ashton Irwin)

Side Chick, Part 2, Part 3 (Calum Hood)

Eating Pie (Luke Hemmings)

Capabilities (Michael Clifford)

Heartbreaker, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (Ashton Irwin)

Agent Hemmings (Luke Hemmings)

Lemonade (Calum Hood)

Could This Be Our Last Goodbye, Part 2, Part 3 (Michael Clifford)

Cough Syrup (Calum Hood)

Wrong (Luke Hemmings)

Forbidden (Luke H. & Calum H.)

Experimenting (Ashton Irwin)

Awkward Encounters (Luke Hemmings) 

365 Days (Calum Hood)

Reunited (Luke Hemmings)

Juke Jam (Ashton Irwin)

Presents (Micheal Clifford)

Lazy Days (Luke Hemmings)

Coming Home (Micheal Clifford)

Seductress (Ashton Irwin)

In Those Jeans (Ashton Irwin)

“Well this is a nice surprise…” (Calum Hood)

Lessons (Calum Hood)

Charge (Ashton Irwin)

Better This Way (Ashton Irwin)

Foolish (Michael Clifford)

“I messed up” (Michael Clifford)

Untitled (Luke Hemmings)

The Battle (Luke Hemmings)

Good Girl (5sos)

Mistakes (Luke Hemmings)

Fandom Insecurities (Calum Hood)

Birthday To Remember (Luke Hemmings)

A Living Nightmare (Luke Hemmings)

Home Sweet Home (Calum Hood)

Summertime (Ashton Irwin/Gabe Morales/Jack Johnson)

On Bended Knee & All My Life (Michael Clifford)

Soccer!Untitled (Calum Hood)

Untitled (Luke Hemmings)

Give Me Love (Ashton Irwin)

Sin is the Game,   Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, (Calum Hood)

Holding On (Luke Hemmings)

More Than Friends Part 2, Part 3 (Ashton Irwin)

Poison (Ashton Irwin)

IM5 & David Scarzone:

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“You gotta move your hips” (Gabe Morales)

I Don’t Disappoint (Dana Vaughns II)

Disappointed (Dana Vaughs II)

Forgotten (Dana Vaughns II)

A Thin Line Between Love and Lust (Dana Vaughns II)

Hot Summer Nights (Dalton Rapattoni)

Untitled (Dana Vaughns II)

Obsession (Gabe Morales)

The Hideaway (Dalton Rapattoni)

The Show Must Go On (Gabe Morales)

“I’m not in the mood to share” (Gabe Morales & Dana Vaughns II)

Sparks Flying (David Scarzone)

“We’re not going to be lonely anymore” (Dalton Rapattoni)

Untitled (Gabe Morales)

Untitled (Dalton Rapattoni)

Untitled (Dalton Rapattoni)

Untitlted (David Scarzone)

When Midnight Falls (Dalton Rapattoni)

Untitled (Cole Pendery)

Summertime (Gabe Morales/Jack Johnson/ Ashton Irwin)

Untitled (Dana Vaughns II)

Upgrade U (Dana Vaughns II)

Untitled (Gabe Morales)

Omaha Squad/OGOC & Swazz:

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Private (Jack Gilinksy)

Coincidence (Jack Gilinksy)

Instructor Maloley (Nate “SK8″ Maloley)

Inks and Pain (Jack Gilinksy)

Haters (Jack & Jack)

“I ain’t scared” (Nate “SK8″ Maloley)

Oh Brother (Nate “SK8″ Maloley)

Face In The Pillow (John “Swazz” Swift)

Gone (Jack Gilinksy)

Back Rubs (Jack Gilinsky)

Dry Spell (Nate “SK8″ Maloley & Sammy Wilk)

Unrequited Love (John “Swazz” Swift)

Control (Nate “SK8″ Maloley)

Bed (John “Swazz” Swift)

Crossing Boundaries (Jack Gilinsky)

Dangerous Snapping (Jack Johnson)

Summertime (Jack Johnson/Ashton Irwin/Gabe Morales)

Untitled (John “Swazz” Swift)


Badboy!Shawn Mendes Imagine

It was around midnight when your phone first went off. Sleep slowly released you from it’s sweet grasp due to the disturbance, but you thought nothing of it, and kept your eyes closed begging for the dark paradise. As soon as the unruly noise ended, it started back up again. 

 Groaning, you rolled over to answer your phone, ignorant the caller ID. “Hello?” You let out groggily, 

 "Y/n, you need to come down to the school parking lot,“

You would’ve recognized the speaker’s voice if it wasn’t for your foggy mind. "Ugh why?” You groaned,

 "It’s Shawn. You’d better hurry.“

 At this point sleep was no longer an option. Partially because you were too awake by now but mostly at the mention of Shawn. You had no clue if he was in trouble, in the process of getting in to trouble or if he just needed you. Since it wasn’t him that ringed you, you knew it couldn’t be any good.

 You tried to contain your wandering thoughts the short ride to the school. The last thing you needed was to over think what Shawn may have gotten into while your body was enjoying the warm, relaxing blanket of sleep. You had spent time together earlier today and everything seemed fine. No lingering glares to or from anyone. He showed you the same amount of affection as he would on any other good day. He was happy. He was the Shawn you knew and loved.

 You brought your car to an abrupt stop in the parking lot not caring about the position you left it in, if it was in anyone’s way or not parked properly. Your eyes were glued to a crowd of shuffling students. An uneasy feeling welcomed itself at the bottom of your stomach and clung on.

 Shoving the drivers door open, you sprinted to the loud, obnoxious sea of teens, knowing damn-well that Shawn was at least one of the persons that were in the middle of it all. You wove your way in between people, trying to shout his name over the noise. Just as you broke through the crowd you saw Shawn take a nasty hard blow to the cheek. His head whipped in the direction the punch was thrown, while stumbling back a step. He regained his balance and turned back around ready to throw the next punch.

 Before he got the chance to, you stepped closer to the two anger fueled boys, "Shawn.” You called in a desperate voice.You hated him fighting, you hated seeing him hurt, and you knew he was capable of killing the other person if he didn’t stop.

 His eyes shot to yours at the sound of your calming voice. The crowd turned into white noise as your voice echoed in his ears. The man he was fighting turned to you, “Hey, why don’t you come back when we’re finished here,” he spat at you while shoving you, sending you stumbling back towards the crowd. 

Luckily someone had caught you or else you would have fallen to the rough pavement.

 "Hey!“ Shawn bellowed to his opponent. The man turned back to face him. He only made it halfway before Shawn’s fist came in bone crunching contact with the side of his skull, sending him to ground in agony. 

 Gasps’ and silent murmurs came off the crowd. Shawn kept his gaze locked on you. You could make out the sound his heavy pants, as his shoulders rose and fell in sync to it, clouds of his breath formed and disappeared in front of him. He didn’t dare move an inch toward you, in fear of you running away from the beast standing in front of you. 

 You took the initiative from his silence and took slow steps over to him. Your eyes glued to his, and his to yours. You stopped just before him and gently took his hand in yours. His fingers and palm easily over lapped yours and held them tight, not running the risk of you letting him go.

 "C'mon,” You spoke softly and quietly him, leading him through and away from the circle of students. You had him, you had him closer than anyone else ever could in his lifetime. 

He could never hide himself from you, his efforts to try were only useless. Just holding your small, silky hand in his could bring him to his knees for you. He wanted to explain himself to you, he wanted to tell you exactly why he had gotten into the messy feud, it was all at the tip of his tongue. But he was more desperate not to break the soothing silence. 

 The car ride back to your house was comfortably still. His hand still clutching yours. The tips of your fingers were stained with his blood that slowly seeped out of his bruised and cut knuckles. You escorted him through the door and up the stairs to your bathroom. 

He placed him self on the counter next to the sink as you rummaged through the closet for a first aid kit and rubbing alcohol. You stood in between Shawn’s legs and grabbed an old knotted rag and soaked it in the rubbing alcohol, 

 "Y/n,“ he began in a soft raspy voice. You shushed him before he could make out another syllable. You ran the rag over the first cut on his eyebrow, it wasn’t too deep but still dripped scarlet substance,

 "Ow,” he murmured under his breath. You let out a breathy laugh, trying not to smile,

 "Do you often find humor in other people’s pain?“ He smiled down at you, adoring your smile, and the way you tried to hide it.

 He was locked in on your trance, you didn’t even have to try, you had him wrapped around your finger, and you didn’t even know it, "Well no, but you just always make me laugh,” you smirked in response. 

You repeated your actions to the cut on his lip but applied more pressure than before, “Ow!” He let out, pulling away and curling his lip, 

“Alright you did that on purpose.” You giggled at his playful accusation knowing it was true.

 He grasped your waist and brought you in closer, locking his legs at the back of your thighs. He pinched your sides tickling you in revenge for your actions. You giggled even more, trying to hide yourself in his chest black clad chest. His chuckles rumbled out from his chest. His arms circled around you and relaxed on the curve above your hips. His head rested on top of your shoulder, his eyes fluttered shut peacefully,

 "You know,“ he started slowly and cautiously, waiting to see if you’d interrupt him again, "I only fought him because he was tormenting me,”

 "Is that all?“ You questioned him expectantly,

 "No. He was tormenting me about you. He knows that you mean a lot to me, but he doesn’t actually know you. He’s heard people talking. So he started going on about how weak I must really be, which didn’t bother me. But then he started going on about how ‘ravishing’ and 'sexy’ your body must look, and how he’d love to have a piece of you in 'a long night of fun’. I was seeing red and I lost it, I just-lost it.” He explained, tugging you impossibly closer to his body.

 "I get that you got angry and I understand that you hated what he was saying, but Shawn you’re better than that, you know you are.“ You said pulling away slightly and cupping his cheeks in your hands.

 He let out a sigh in agreement to your words. You landed a soft, delicate kiss on his forehead and went back to cleaning his small wounds, "The slice on my eyebrow is aching.” He groaned. 

 You smiled and leaned up to place a kiss on the cut, the sour taste of the rubbing alcohol still lingered over it, “Now that I think about it, the one on the lip is just killing me,” he smirking, waiting for his kiss, “Nah I think you’re good.” You giggled up at him, removing yourself from his warm hold and walking out of the room. 

 "No no no. Come back, I’m still hurting!“ He called after you.


“her name is gracie” - jack gilinsky text/instagram au

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Like A Virgin || S.M.

‘can you do a Shawn one where you’ve just started dating and you’re not a virgin but he is so for your first time he’s all cute and nervous and doesn’t know if he’s doing anything right and you keep reassuring him that he’s doing such a good job ??’

“Shawn, do you ever think about sex?”

“Well… yeah, of course, I do.”

“Do you… think about sex… with me?”

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Request: You and Jack break up but he won’t let go of your relation ship


Text/Insta/Twitter: OPEN

Blurb: OPEN

Imagine: CLOSED

Birthday sex- Jack Gilinsky

A/n: smut, Happy Birthday anon!

You pulled up into the neighborhood anxiously anticipating your surprise from Jack. All week he had been avoiding the topic of your birthday and you were hoping it was because he had a huge surprise planned. You went above and beyond for his birthday tomorrow so hopefully you were both on the same page. But as you parked in the driveway there was no sign of him and from the outside it looked like no one was home.

“I swear if he forgot my birthday.” you huffed hopping out of your car. You open the door almost bracing yourself for a surprise but when you open the door. Nothing. Not a sound. You sigh dissappointed as you flick on the foyer light heading to the kitchen. How could he have forgot- “SURPRISE!” “Gah!” you shout making fists and clutching them to your body. Your heart races as your brain scrambles to process what just happened. 

Out of the crowd of people Jack immerges “you didn’t think I’d forget baby girl’s birthday did you?” You blush sheepishly hating you admit that you indeed thought he had forgotten. “Aww come here Y/n” he says pulling you into a tight up.

“She thought I forgot” he announces to the room and a group “Aaaawwww” fills the silence. The next few hours make you question why you ever doubted him in the first place. He had somehow managed to get everyone to turn up and it made  your heart swell to know how important you were to them all.

As the party came to an end you looked around the room taking it all in. Cam and Nash were playing a game of beer pong against Johnson and Sammy whle Taylor was know doubt showing Aaron and Shawn the latest pictures of his new car. You wonder out to the back patio Nate and Jack smoking and who knows where the hell Matt is. 


You close the door behind the last guest turning off the outside light.

“Now it’s time for the real party” Jack beams behind you “Jack what are you talking about?” you laugh looking at him grinning wildly

Jack barrels into throwing you over his shoulder racing to the bedroom. “You’re crazy” you shout giggling as he tosses you onto the bed. “Crazy about you” he smirks grabbing the neck on his shirt and pulling it over his head. 

“Naughty girl were you this wet at the party?” he whispers places from your ear down your neck as he feels you through your panties. “Is this what you wanted” he coos sinking a finger into you. Jack’s pace is frustratingly slow so you begin to buck your hips into his hand. “It may be your birthday but I’m still in charge.” 

“Please just go faster” you beg running short of breath. He slips in another finger and taps rapidly tapping your g-spot. “Shittt” you cry lurching off the bed.

You clutch Jack’s body pulling him flush aganst you tightly wrapping your arms around his neck.

“F-Fuck” you stutter when you feel his thumb rub fast circles on your clit. “Please don’t stop” you whimper feeling your thighs shake beneath him.

“Oh I’m not done yet” Jack gets up on his knees pumping his cock twice before pulling your hips to his. He slowly rubs it against your folds tapping your clit lightly

“No more teasing I can’t” you pant ready to finally come. “okay baby girl” he smirks finally giving you what you want. Almost immediately you’re moaning in front of him. “Are you going to come for me babygirl?” All you’re able to do is nod your head as he rubs your clit. Jack groans when he feels you tighten around him. He continues too roll his hips into yours riding out your orgasm. 

Your legs flop on the body as you look at Jack through lazy eyes. He places a kiss on your forehead laying down beside you.

“Rest up tomorrow’s my birthday”

Mother Knows Best | A.P.

Summary: A visit back home to see Austin’s family suddenly turns sour when readers life is exposed.

Word Count: 1.2k

Pairing: Austin Porter x Reader

A/N: This is a bit of an AU fic. I know Mama Porter would never be like this towards Austin’s lovers but the idea came to mind while I was at work today. And I used him because our hearts need more Austin content on here so here you go.

“Be yourself, he said. She’ll love you, he said.” I angrily muttered as I tossed a T-shirt of mine back into my suitcase. “Love me my ass. I’m getting the Hell outta here.”

In the few hours I’d been inside of Austin’s childhood home, I believed everything was going according to plan. We flew from Los Angeles to Charlotte, North Carolina because somebody had been begging to meet me, Austin’s girlfriend of six months. I bonded with Ryan over simple guy topics; sports, TV shows, the latest video games, you name it. Mason wasn’t here due to prepping for his wedding but Austin promised to FaceTime him later for the introduction. Mr.Porter resembled my father; chill but made sure to remind his sons who the man of the house was. Mrs.Porter? Well, she was a different story.

I went along with Austin’s words prior to us flying out here: being myself. And I believed she accepted that. Like any other kid with their parent, I revealed my goals and dreams as an individual, how school was panning out for me, what I did to earn money, what my parents did for a living, and so on. His mom attentively listened, like she was genuinely interested in the life I was raised in and built for myself when my parents set me free. She offered advice when my struggles were exposed and throughout her speaking, Austin held my hand like the caring boyfriend he was.

I scoffed. Caring. It didn’t even fit him anymore! He was more than likely downstairs plotting how to tell me things were over.

Moments before I commenced my repacking, I was headed downstairs for the dessert Mrs.Porter promised was “the best in the household”. What stopped me from entering the kitchen was hushed but frantic whispering.

“I don’t know Austin. Something doesn’t feel right.” whispered his mother. “I don’t think she’s the right one for you.”

“Mom, what the Hell?” he responded. I knew that phrase with him. When said, it was laced with confusion and frustration because Austin was currently at a loss for appropriate words to fit the scenario.

“Watch your tone! I am not one of your friends.” A deep sigh was heaved. “Sweetie, I don’t think she has her life together yet. From the looks of it, she’s having a difficult time with obtaining auditions.”

“So? What does that have to do with me?” By then, he was probably crossing his arms.

“Your career Austin. You’ve been placed in a band by one of the greatest music critiques on the planet. Y/N is just your average girl trying to make it as well but it’s not working for her. She’s not getting anywhere.”

“Mom, one of my duties as a boyfriend is to support her in anything she’s determined to do. Of course, she’s struggling but at the end of the day, I’m picking her back up so she can try again and eventually make it.”

“The last thing you need to be doing Austin is taking care of a child. Y/N is still in college and you’re not. You’ve got a job as a singer and you can’t let her lifestyle pull you down. The minute that happens, there’s no coming back up for air.”

Then there was silence and my stomach dropped. Austin wasn’t saying anything and when he didn’t say something, it meant he was mulling over his opponents response. It’s what he did with me before he agreed that I was right.

The silence was cut but the words pooling from my so-called boyfriends mouth didn’t cure my nerves. “Alright, I’ll um… I’ll talk to her. I mean, I didn’t even think of it like that.”

“Good. I just hope she understands that what you’re doing is for the best. For you and her.”

Who was this woman? Who was she to be judging my relationship with her son? Oh, that’s right: she’s Austin’s fucking mother. And like the old saying goes: “Mother knows best.”

I had just zipped up my suitcase when the bedroom door opened. Knowing it was Austin because we were supposed to be staying in his room for the time being, I refused to look at him as I heaved my bag off of his bed and onto its wheels.

“Wh-what’re you doing?” was the first thing he said. The nerve of this guy, I tell you.

“I’m leaving.” I simply answered.

“And going where?”

“Back to Los Angeles, Austin.” I turned around to finally look at him and immediately regretted doing so. His eyes held sadness behind them, something I rarely caught a glimpse of when he was doubting his skills as a singer. But then I remembered why my hand was gripping the handle of my luggage so hard that my knuckles lightened. “Don’t try to play the Guilt Card on me. I heard every single thing downstairs between you and your mother.”


“Yeah, you forgot that I was coming back down for dessert? Seriously, if you’re going to talk about me, the least you can do is wait until I fall asleep or I’m at least a five minute drive from your house. You and her both had the audacity to question my life and how it would affect yours.”

He sighed in realization, placing his head in his hand. “Y/N, it’s not what you think.”

“Then what is it exactly that I’m thinking Austin? I heard her clearly: I’m not the one for you because I can’t get my shit together. And instead of you defending me, you side with her. What kind of bullshit is that?”

“Baby, you have to understand–”

“Don’t call me that, you do not get to call me that name after what I heard down there.” I snapped with my index finger pointing directly at him.

He huffed. “Fine. Y/N, you have to understand that she’s only looking out for you and me.”

I shook my head, appalled at his response. “Are you fucking kidding me right now? I’m the last person she’s thinking about. I’ve only known her for a few hours and she’s judging how our relationship is gonna end up because I’m not like you. I’m not famous and living on my own. I’m just a kid trying to graduate college and begin my career and she’s assuming my young adult life is going to ruin yours. Austin, she’s only thinking about you.”

“No she’s not!” he argued.

“Yes she is! And you’re too oblivious to see it because she’s your damn mother!” I yelled.

Both of our eyes widened in shock. I’d never raised my voice before, let alone Austin. And thinking about it now, my cheeks were wet from tears. Fuck, this is really screwing me up.

I shook my head and wiped my cheeks. Austin made a move to come forth and comfort me but I shoved his hands away, grasping the handle of my bag again.

“I have to go.” I spoke, a quiver obvious in my voice. Before I could exit the room, I faced Austin one last time. “When you finally go back to L.A., don’t even bother trying to hit me up on some friendly bullshit because that’s not what I wanted between us. Delete my number right now and don’t even think about getting your friends to contact me.”

He only stared with furrowed brows and watered eyes. All I could do was shake my head in shame and move on.

Part 2????


“blessed” - sammy wilk twitter au

decided to try something new!! i love it, i hope you all do too!! send in requests my loves!!

‘Clinging to the Past Cinco’ A Divorce Series

The snow falls lightly creating a Christmas Miracle as Aaliyah puts it. She’s been waiting for snow to fall since December came. I watch her eyes gleam with happiness as she watching the snow cover the ground. I laugh lightly as I watch push open the curtains more.

“Liyah sometimes I wonder if your a 5 year old trapped in a 18 year old body” I tell walking up behind and give her a hug. She shrugs and leans her head on my shoulder.

“On a serious note. Do you- Do you think Shawn and you will work things out?” Aaliyah says still looking out the window. Removing my arms from her I look for Manny it Karen in the living room. Not spotting them I tug Aaliyah to sit on the couch with me. It’s been a month since I came back from the hospital knowing I’m pregnant with Shawn’s child. A month of constant updates and missed calls from Shawn to talk about the divorce I presume. A month with the guilt killing me in not telling the Mendes family or Shawn about my pregnancy.

“Liyah I signed the divorce papers” she looks at me stunned with my sudden confession. “That’s not all, Liyah I’m pregnant” she looks back and forth between my face and stomach. A tear falls down her face before she embraces me into a bear hug. I hug her back crying as well as she sobs into my shoulder.

“So it’s final now? Are you going to do this alone? Are you going back to Illinois? Will you forget about us?” She says all in one breath looking at me frantic eyes wide. Mouth parted as she tries to catch her breath.

“I think so, I hope I won’t don’t this alone. I hope I still have you, Karen , and Manny to help me out. Along with my family and a few friends I made here. I’m still thinking about it, maybe going back home will help me heal instead of staying here you know. Don’t ever in your life ask such a silly question Aaliyah Mendes! Will I forget about you guys? No, because you treat me like family for the past 8 years. I don’t forget about the people who made Pickering and Toronto home for me. Who excepted me the very first moment Shawn introduced me to you guys. I love you and will always hold a special place for you guys in my heart. Doesn’t matter if I’m right here or a thousand miles away.” I feel someone hug me from behind and see Karen crying and Manny right behind her.

“You’ll always have us no matter what happens with you and our son Y/N” Manny speaks up before saying to wipe our tears and decorate some cookies. We make into the kitchen where a fresh batch of gingerbread men sit on the island. As we are decorating Aaliyah dots my face with pink frosting. In the end we are decorating each other’s face with frosting. The moment is so full of happiness and pure joy.

“Hey I brou—“ Shawn appears at the kitchen doorway watching us. Manny, Karen, and Aaliyah leave the kitchen hugging Shawn hello. “Hey Y/N….” he walks slowly towards making sure I’m comfortable in his presence.

“Hi” he embraces me in a hug. My arms stay by my side before slowly moving to hug him back. I’ve missed his familiar scent and snuggle into his chest. Shawn chuckles faintly as he finds it astonishing I still manage to snuggle into him despite everything he’s done.

“I’ve missed you” I sincerely tell him as he hugs me tighter in his embrace. One of his hands entangle themselves in my hair massaging my head.

“I threw them away” he says all of a sudden causing me to step away from his warm embrace.


“I threw the divorce papers away. It seemed so real that I wouldn’t have you in my life anymore. The past two and half months I’ve spent it in a hotel room wondering if I made the right decision. The next week I went to our house to look for you, but your stuff was gone. Dad wouldn’t tell me where you went, nor would Mom and Aaliyah. I was losing my mind trying to find where you were. The following week I took a flight to Chicago to try and see if you went back to your hometown. Your parents said you’ve been staying my parents for a while. I booked another flight to return home and found you in the guest room sleeping. Y/N, I’m an idiot who doesn’t deserve to be given a second chance to make our marriage work, but give me a second chance to make things right. I wasn’t afraid of commitment I know that now. I was afraid you’d wake up one day and realize you weren’t happy with me by your side” he says tears falling down his cheeks, voice cracking in the end, and his chest heaving up and down.

“So you put me THROUGH what you were afraid was going to happen to you! Do you know how much tears I wasted over a a stupid fear you had. I told you I wouldn’t leave you no matter what happened. THE WAY WE WOULD LEAVE EACH OTHERS SIDE IS WHEN WE DIED!” I yell at him catching the attention of the Mendes family in the living room. He tires to touch my hand, but I pull away.


“No Shawn! I actually thought something was wrong with me. Was I enough for him? Did he fall in love with someone else? Who will help me raise our child now?” I tell him raising my voice with each word.


“What??? What child???” I tell him knowing fully well I let it slip.

“Y/N’s pregnant Shawn” Aaliyah says from the living room peeking her head up from the sofa. Karen and Manny look at her then Shawn and I.

“Y-Your pregnant?”

“Liyah doesn’t know what she’s talking about” I tell him as she goes upstairs. I hear drawers opening and closing before ‘here finally’ from her. She skips down the stairs near tripping and hands Shawn an envelope. My heart stops as I see the writing on the envelope ‘Baby’s first ultrasound’ in my cursive hand writing. “How? How did you know where to find that Liyah?” I question her as she looks at me.

“You didn’t close your door all the way after coming back from an appointment two weeks after you got discharged from the hospital. I saw you hide it under your papers in the night stand. Everything added all up when you told me today that you were pregnant” Shawn opens up the envelope and two photos are inside. His mouth parted open sobs falling from his parted lips.

He looks up at me with happiness in his eyes. A smile gracing his features as he looks at the ultrasound.

“We’re parents!” He says as he keeps looking at the ultrasound photos. Shawn freezes and rubs his eyes over and over again. He blinks several times before looking up at me. “Twins?!!” I nod slowly as I watch him do a little happy dance in the kitchen.

“Shawn this doesn’t change anything” I tell him when he sets down the pictures on the island. He looks up at me and then down at the pictures.

“This changes everything Y/N. We’re going to be parents!! Our children need us to be together and love them.”

“No, Shawn. Our children need to have parents that love them and get along even though we aren’t together.”

“I won’t except that Y/N! We can work this out and— we can’t work it out Shawn! What happens when you wake up again one day and are afraid of me leaving you? Huh? Because frankly I don’t think I can go through what I’ve been through the last two and a half months. Especially if my children are on the way.” I interrupt him causing him to take a step back.

“Your children? You mean ‘our’ children. I won’t make the same mistake again. Believe me, trust me, and come back home with me.” Shawn pleads standing right in front of me.

“I want to believe you, but I can never trust you the same way I used too. As for going back home it isn’t a home anymore Shawn. And I’m total honesty I don’t think it will ever be one again.” I tell him my voice cracking at the end. Shawn looks at me like I just committed a crime. “I just need time Shawn….. it’s not about me anymore”

Shawn turns around walking towards his family who are waiting patiently in the living room. I hear whispers here and there.

“Merry Christmas everyone….. Y/N I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me and return back home again.” Shawn says as he closes the door to the house with a slam.

I watch him walk down the snow covered drive way and enter his car through the window. He wipes away at his eyes harshly as tears cascade down his face. Trust. Am I willing to trust him again only to be left heartbroken.

Love At First Sight


Request: Jack falls in love with a girl in the front row

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Jack J’s POV

“Dude what is wrong with you? You’ve been distracted this whole show” Gilinsky says smacking my arm. I didn’t want to admit it but I had to. “The girl out there with the red plaid shirt, in the front row. I don’t know what it is but I can’t get my eyes off of her. She’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” I explain to him. “You’re kidding me right?” Gilinsky snaps back. “Bro I never thought I’d say this but, pretty sure I believe in love at first site after seeing her.” I tell him. “Well if you like her so much then ask her to come on stage or tell her to meet us somewhere” he says sitting on the couch. “I can’t pick her out. That’s not fair to the rest of the fans.” I tell him. It’s weird. I’ve never felt feelings like this before. I didn’t even think they existed. Just something about her made it seem like we were the only two in the room, and I don’t even know her name yet. I can’t let her slip away I’ve got to find her after the show. Or on the Internet. I just have to.

Your POV

The concert ended but you were still shaking with excitement. It was one of the best concerts you’ve ever attended. “Girl, J was staring at you the whole concert” your friend said. You want to believe it but you can’t. Good things like that just don’t happen to you. “Come on let’s go to their hotel and wait outside. They might come out.” Your friend continues. You smile and nod your head in hopes they’d come out. You guys wait outside with about 50 other fans. It starts to get cold outside as it gets later in the night. You hear a couple fans scream as they see Gilinsky wave from their balcony. A smile appears on your face and you wave back. But where’s Johnson?

Jack J’s POV

I’m looking at all the pictures we’ve been tagged in tonight and I still can’t seem to find her photo. I start stressing out. What if I never find her? I have to. I keep checking Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. None of them are her. I want to tweet out to find her but it wouldn’t be fair to other fans. I can’t break their hearts like that. “Hey man you want to go down?” Gilinsky asks. “I don’t know. I’m still searching for this girl on the Internet. I can’t find her anywhere” I tell him. “Maybe she’s down there? It doesn’t hurt to check.” He says. I nod my head in agreement. We go to walk out but security stops us. “There is too many fans down there I’m afraid we can’t let you go.” He explains. We hate it when that happens. They’re all out there probably freezing waiting for us. I decide to go walk out the balcony and wave. There was a lot of fans down there I understand why they wouldn’t let us. I start to head back in but I see a red shirt catch my eye. There’s no way. “It’s her!!!” I scream to Gilinsky as I spot the girl from the concert. “I’ve got to go down there!” I scream as I run to the door “I told you, you can’t go down there” security tells me. “You don’t understand there’s this girl down there I have to meet her.” I explain to him. “Yeah there’s a lot of girls down there. That’s why you can’t go.” He says standing up straighter trying to intimidate me. “Just give me 5 minutes please” I beg him. “Im sorry I can’t.” He explains one last time. I lay in my bed on my phone continuing to search the Internet for her. Eventually Gilinsky turns the lights off and heads to sleep. I can’t help but stay awake and wonder who she was.

Your POV

The air got too cold and the time got too late. You lost your hope of meeting them and headed to your hotel down the road. You figured they’d be gone by the morning so you lay awake upset. “Hey, that was still the best concert ever you can’t deny it.” Your friend says. You admit it, it was. But it would of been better if you met them. You wake up the next morning and get ready for the day. Your friend decides to go out to breakfast instead of eating the hotels. You head to a little shop down the road and sit down to eat. You order your drinks and wait. You can’t help but look out the window and wait to see if J&J would walk by. You know they wouldn’t being long gone by now but something kept your hopes up. You ordered your food and it came quickly. The food was so good you almost forgot everything you were thinking about. You paid for your food and you and your friend decided to sit and chat for a minute.

Jack J’s POV

Jack and I decided to go to this little shop down the street before heading out to our next city. We only ordered coffee as we had such a short time period. My eyes barley open from checking my phone all night. I didn’t get any sleep. I can’t believe I couldn’t find her. “Bro are you okay? You look so down. Please don’t tell me it’s about that girl you saw last night” Gilinsky says. I shoot him a disappointed look as it was because of that. “Alright I’ll help you find her. I’ve never seen you like this man damn.” It was nice he was willing to help but I don’t know what he could do that I haven’t already done. We pay for our drinks and start to head out. I open the door and feel Gilinsky’s large hand on my shoulder yank me back into the shop. “Dude that’s her isn’t it?” He whispers in my ear. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was her. Out of all the places why is she here? It’s almost like we were meant to be. “Are you going to talk to her or just stand here?” He asks. I start sweating getting nervous. I knew she obviously liked us because she was at our concert but what if she favors Gilinsky like most of the fans? I can’t let her slip away. Finally I find myself in front of the table. “Hey” I manage to get out before getting lost in her eye. They’re even more beautiful then I thought. She gasps and covers her mouth with her hand. Her friend jumps up and hugs me. I laugh. I love all of my fans so of course I have to show her love. “Omg can I please get a picture?” Her friend asks. We quickly take a picture then she walks over to Gilinsky. “I can’t believe your here” the girl says. “I can’t believe you’re here either.” I say to her. She looks confused “what do you mean?” She asks. “I was watching you all last night. I saw you out in front of the hotel but security wouldn’t let me down.” I explain shakily getting nervous. “Shut up, YOU were looking for ME” she says shocked. “Yeah, I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you.” I say. You can see she stares at me. She can’t believe the words I’m saying. I see our bus pull out in front of the shop. We had to go. “I have to go, can I please have your number or social media please? I’d like to stay in touch.” I say to her. She nods and writes her number on a napkin and hands it to me. I smile seeing the 7 digits written in perfect hand writing. “I’ll see you around” I say giving her a hug. I hugged her tight wanting to remember the feeling. I walked out and not once took my eyes off of her. I only did after the bus drove to a point where she was no longer in my vision. I sit back in my chair and look at the napkin. I type the numbers into my phone and realize something. I never got her name.



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Blurb: OPEN

Imagine: CLOSED

Just imagine: Nate is in a meeting with the guys to discuss about their new music. You’re back at Nates apartment, feeling bored, and kind of needy. So you text him about what you’re going to do with him as soon as he gets back. Nate is clearly distracted reading ur text, and he feels frustrated about not being able to get to you sooner. 

‘F*ck me’ he mumbles. “Nate, are you even listening?” Gilinsky asks as your boyfriend finally snaps his head up, muttering a “What?” while slightly covering his phone.

Oh god I just died writing this. Deal with it.
Back Home- Jack Gilinsky Smut

You turned over in the bed beside a still Jack and comtemplated waking him up, but decided against it letting him rest his first night back from tour. Well at least a little. He had already throughly fucked you earlier in the night glad to be reunited and now clearly spent he was knocked out. You loved every second of it but being without his touch for months left you wanting more. You craved his hands all over your body. Shaking off the covers you glanced at Gilinsky one last time before giving in and relieving yourself.

Against your best efforts your moans woke Jack from his slumber as he rolled onto his stomach burying his head deeper into the pillow. You layed there silently begging him to wake up but ultimately whispering out his name. “Jack. Jack Baby I need you” you murmured slowly stroking your clit. 

His head lifted from the pillow as his eyes blinked adjusting to the lack of light. “Y/n what’s wrong?” he mumbled barely audible but concern in his voice.

You slipped your hands further down dipping them in your wetness. “Please Jack” Leaning over he placed a kiss on your lips before sliding down your body. His soft lips trailed down your stomach only stopping when he reaches your hand. 

He gently pulling your hand from your heat as you whimper quietly. Jack locked his fingers with yours dipping his head down to your core. He peered at you waiting for your confirmation as you nodded you head and lifted yourself to his face. 

He smirked at your eagerness licking all the way up your slit. You shivered clutching the sheets anticipating more. Jack lapped at your folds hurrying to make you come in his mouth. His tongue danced around your clit while he slipped two fingers inside and when he tapped your g-sport your body lurched off the bed. 

“S-Shit” you screamed through strangled breathes with your fingers knotted tightly in his hair holding him in place. “Oh m-my god Jack I’m cum-mming” you pant. He quickened his movements sending you into orgasm. Your back arched off the bed as you felt a wave of euphoria wash over you.

Jack attempted to clean you up but the sensitivity was too much. You pushed his head away from and as he came up his entire face was glistening. He removed his shirt wiping his face and used in to wipe down your thigh. Confused about the mess to too tired to fully process it. 

“Does my baby girl feel better now after cumming all over my face?” he whispered. You nodded weakly blushing slightly from the mess you made. “If you didn’t look so tired I’d make you do the again” he whispered into your neck “That was so fucking sexy baby girl” he kissed. 

You shifted onto your side tangling your legs with his “God I missed you” you murmur cuddling into his neck breathing in his scent as his skin on yours lulled you to sleep.


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A/N: So this was like a very unrealistic request. So I’m gonna change some stuff. Also I kind of cut this imagines into three sectioned parts

     You stood up on your toes to look over the crowd of people as they cheered loudly. That could only mean that one of the guys had come out to greet fans and you were hoping to be one of those lucky people. It had been months since you’d bought your tickets to see the Jacks perform and now that the time has come you were excited to see them. Luckily for you, you had gotten a great deal on the tickets; second row seats and a meet & greet. “I swear it happened! She said Brendon Urie looked right at her and even pointed her out in the crowd,” your best friend, Lilia, shouted. Your attention was brought back on her and you rolled your eyes.

“In a crowd of like a hundred plus people? Sounds completely unrealistic,” you told her, “And from what I heard Kaitlin was in the fifteenth row!” You went back to trying to get a glimpse of at least one of the guys. Like all concert gatherings some people started to push about from the excitement and you found yourself clutching Lilia’s arm to keep your balance. 

“Eh you’re probably right I mean Kaitlin is known to be a liar,” she continued to talk. You found yourself becoming easily distracted and soon the screaming of fans could be heard closer to you this time. 

“I wonder which Jack is out here,” you mumbled to Lilia, who had abruptly stopped talking and was staring behind you dumbfounded. “What?” you shouted, covering your ears as the screams grew louder. Lilia’s eyes widened and her eyebrows rose. Instead of answering you verbally, Lilia pointed behind you. You slowly turned around only to come face to face with Jack Gilinsky. The smile on his face grew as he looked at you. “H-Hi,” you managed to say, subtly pinching at your thigh to make sure this was actually happening.

“Hi,” Gilinsky repeated, before he was able to say more Johnson had shouted out for him. He gave you a sheepish wave goodbye before jogging back inside to get ready. You couldn’t help but to feel butterflies. It was unusual and you had never seen Gilinsky look at someone the way he had looked at you before. Just as fast as the Jacks had left, everyone was ushered inside the venue. 

     Gilinksy had been too quiet for Johnson’s liking. It was as if the darker haired boy had seen a ghost and was too petrified to say anything about it. Johnson waved his fingers in front of Gilinsky’s face. “Yo,” he said, dragging out the vowel, “Are you alright man?” Johnson questioned, flicking at Gilinsky’s nose this time. Gilinsky shook his head and blinked twice in response to Johnson. 

“Have you ever seen something so beautiful?” Gilinsky asked in a mutter. Johnson’s eyebrows furrowed and he shrugged.

“That depends on what you’re talking about… What’s going on did you see someone?” Gilinsky nodded in response. His mind tracing back to the girl he had just saw. The two had barely said a word to one another and he was already sprung. 

“She’s here and she’s beautiful and I-”

“And you don’t even know her name,” Johnson butted in. He let out a small chuckle and laughed at his friend. “Besides there’s like a ton of girls out there, she’s lost in the crowd man.” Gilinsky wasn’t amused at his friend’s joking mood. He wasn’t sure why, but he had felt such strong emotions the minute he looked at you. It was almost like love at first sight, but it couldn’t have been that. Jack barely knew you and Johnson was right, he had no idea what your name was. 

“I have to find her after the show, or at least try looking for her in the crowd,” Gilinsky said. He shook his head, knowing good and well that find you in that crowd of people was impossible. “Let’s warm up a bit,” he suggested, starting to sing a few lines from “Cold Hearted” all the while thinking of the girl he had just met. Soon they were headed out towards the stage. 

The crowd cheered as the Jacks ran up on stage each one of them shouting out a greeting and even grabbing some of the fans hands. “How’s everyone doing tonight!?!” Johnson shouted, eliciting more cheers from the crowd. “Well Gilinsky and I thought that since it’s the weekend we should start off with All Weekend Long. What do y’all think?” More screaming can be heard and both of the guys smiled.

“I think they like that idea, Johnson,” Gilinsky laughed, the starting chords to “All Weekend Long” beginning to play out. Gilinsky began to sing, the concert picking up from there. It was halfway through the concert that Jack recognized the familiar face he had seen earlier and for a moment the girl could’ve sworn Gilinsky had stared right her too.

     You felt giddy. Bouncing on the balls of your feet as you waited to meet the Jacks. You were very much excited to see Jack Gilinsky. You weren’t sure if it was in your head, but it felt almost as if Jack had been singing to you throughout the concert. Like his eyes had been following your every move. You knew it was crazy and completely impossible for him to have noticed you, but of course like every stan, your thoughts ran wild. “I’m going to ask Johnson to hold me for the picture, what do you think?” Lilia asked, poking at your side and looking over everyone’s shoulder. 

“That’ll be a cute picture,” you mumbled, chewing at your bottom lip as the two of you neared closer and closer to the boys. Lilia could tell something was on your mind and she poked at your side to get your full attention.

“Alright what’s wrong? You’ve been too quiet and that’s unusual especially with Jack & Jack standing less than five feet away,” she questioned, crossing her arms over her chest and raising an eyebrow at you. You knew Lilia wasn’t going to let up until you told her the truth, so you of course had to tell her.

“Okay maybe it was just in my head, but did you notice Gilinsky looking in our direction… mainly at me throughout the other half of the set?” you asked her. Lilia raised an eyebrow at your words and a small smile embraced her face.

“Who’s sounding like Kaitlin now,” she teased with a roll of her eyes. You frowned at her words and the two of you moved closer towards the topic of interest. “I’m kidding,” Lilia said, sending a playful punch to your arm. You let out a sigh and mumbled something under your breath. “I have to admit Gilinsky was looking in our direction, but like you said in a crowd of people it’s not possible,” she said, “Look we’re up next, so put a smile on that face.” You shook her words from your mind and did as she said. Johnson was the first one you greeted, his smile wide and eyes sparkling just like you’d seen in pictures. You couldn’t believe you were actually meeting them today.

“Hi,” you smiled, giving him a hug. You moved to the side and allowed Lilia to say hello, knowing Johnson was the one she really wanted to see. You turned around and was greeted by Gilinsky’s grin. Though the minute he laid eyes on you, his smile faded into shock. 

“It’s you,” Gilinsky blurted. Your eyebrows furrowed at his words and he cleared his throat. “From earlier. I remember you from earlier,” he cleared up. Your lips parted in understanding. 

“Oh yeah! You said hi to me… You remember that?” you muttered in confusion. After seeing so many people you weren’t sure if Jack had remembered at all. Jack leaned in towards your ear and you waited to hear what he had to say.

“I could never forget a beautiful face,” he whispered making you smile. “I know this is probably a b-” before Jack could finish his sentence the two of you were interrupted by the photographer telling you to pose. Lilia hopped up so that Johnson can pick her up and Gilinsky draped his arm over your shoulder and pulled you into his arms. He buried his face into the side of your neck and could feel his breath fan over your skin. Once a few pictures were taken, all with different poses, the two of you pulled apart. You waved goodbye at the two of them, but before you could leave Gilinsky pulled you back. “Wait for me afterwards? Please,” he said, looking at you hopefully.

“Yeah-okay,” you found yourself saying. You felt a tingle run down your spine and smiled at the thought of what Jack wanted to tell you. 


“happy hour” justin bieber text au here’s some more text aus, I absolutely love doing these. please send in requests you guys. i love you all so much xoxox

Haunted Love

The wind blows through the window elevating the curtains high to the ceiling. Goosebumps arise my skin as the wind blows harsh against the windows. The lace nightie does nothing to block out the harsh breeze knocking against my body. I hear footsteps down the hallway get louder and closer to my door.

“Shawn?” I call out as I place my hairbrush back down on the vanity. All I receive is silence alarming me slightly as the footsteps inch closer to my room. I turn around to close the windows and strip out of my nightie as the footsteps diminish in thin air. As I’m adjusting my black jeans around my hips a freezing cold hand wraps around my neck.

“Ahh” I hear laughing and turn around to see Shawn trying to hold in his laughter. I elbow him in the stomach causing him to double over.

“Y/N jeez it was joke” he groans out as he rubs his stomach. I slip on my shirt and cardigan before sitting on the bed. Shawn composes himself and sits down next to me. Shawn kisses my cheek before reaching my lips in a slow but passionate kiss.

“Are you ready for tonight?” Shawn asks as he gets up reaching for my hand slowly lifting me up to my feet. I stand hesitantly as he leads me to the front door.

“On second thought…. I’m not feeling so hot maybe I’m coming down with so-“ I’m lifted off the ground onto Shawn’s shoulder as he walks out into the dark and starry night. I smack his back repeatedly before he sits me down on the passenger side of his Jeep and straps me in like a toddler.

“Don’t move or you don’t get to go” he says kissing my lips once more. When he pulls back I have a small grin on my lips. “Don’t think about it Y/N” Shawn says as he runs to the driver side and quickly reversed out of my apartment drive way.

As Shawn’s song “There’s nothing holding me back” softly plays on the radio Shawn leans over to kiss my cheek. I intertwine our hands together as we near the Pumpkin Orchard. When the music dies down we hear screams and people laughing. I look outside and see a enormous line for the ticket booth to gain entrance to the haunted corn mazes.

Before I know it Shawn’s out of the car and is opening my door ready to take me out of the safety of the car. You can hear people scream and feet shuffling around in the hay. I grip Shawn’s hand tightly as we make our way to the end of the line. People around us laugh and talk as they wait to buy an admission ticket. Shawn’s hand leaves my grip alarming as I try to hold on tighter than before.

“I’m right here princess” Shawn whispers as he pulls me to his chest, so my back is touching his front. I slowly nod as we hear more screams from various people in the maze. As the line grows shorter Shawn secluded himself to go restroom.

“Watch out okay? Keep a lookout for people in costumes. Love you” he whispers as he walks away to the John’s farther down the road. A few girls I front of me scream and one falls to the floor in fear. I look everywhere but I front of me and try to keep my calm. Don’t let them know your afraid. I repeat myself over and agin as they near. The higher powers where listening to me as they skip over me and continue walking to scare others. A hand is on my shoulder and I turn around to find Shawn by side once again looking at the line getting shorter. My head is down watching my feet drawing line in the mud. I hear faint whispers of my name but don’t look up.

“Y/N.. Y/N” I finally look up and feel someone to my left and see a gorilla. I’m too shocked to scream or do anything as he stands in-front of my face.

“Hi” is all I say with a fake smile plastered on my face as Shawn is trying hard to hold in a chuckle. Another Gorilla comes to stand in front of me looking at breathing hard on my face. “Hi” I repeat before they turn away looking for their next victim.

“You did so well baby” Shawn whispers as he hands the lady $26 for our entrance ticket. We wait in line as the Lady starts forming groups. Another scream erupts from the maze on the opposite side a group of girls come out running with a Psycho clowns hot on their heels with a baseball bat. The flows retreats as they are fully outside of the maze evilly laughing.

“Next group!” She shouts and Shawn pulls me forward. “How many in your group?” She asks while reading off her clip board. Shawn turns around and starts counting, before removing himself out of line.

“Are we leaving?” I ask him with high hopes before we hear a group of guys coming closer.

“Brian, Matt, Andrew Geoff!” Shawn yells before running to them and giving them a high five or a hug. Brian comes over and lifts me off the ground hugging me. I laugh a little as he sets me down again.

“Haven’t seen you in so long! Shawn stopped bringing around” he says as he wraps an arm around my shoulders.

“Yeah! I wonder why? It’s not like you get all flirty and handsy with my girl” Shawn says a He comes near us. Brian looks at him and starts laughing.

“Babe he discovered us” Brian says runs behind me and is using me as a shield.

“Oh no! Thought we could keep this up for a while longer” I say as I squeeze Brian’s hand closer to me.

“Haha very funny guys” Shawn says as he keep walking towards us. We don’t move but hold each other tighter.

“I’m sorry Shawn….. we tried so hard to hide our feelings, but we started hooking up 3 months ago. I’m so sorry baby” I tell trying so hard no to laugh as Brian starts kissing my cheek and hugging me closer. Before we can go any further with this we are interrupted by the lady again.

“How many in the group?” She says.

“6” Brian says as we get in line again. Shawn comes up behind and squeezes me tight against him and whispers in my ear.

“You think that was funny, Princess?” Shawn tells me as the woman take our tickets in her hands.

“Well the look on your face was totally worth it Baby” I whisper back pecking his lips.

“Okay listen up. No flashlights to phone lights. No Swearing. No inappropriate remarks or comments. No touching of any kind towards the people in costumes and they know not to touch you either in anyway. And most of all do not for what ever reason lose your group members. Have fun!” The lady says as she moves away from the entrance to let us pass by.

My hand grabs the one nearest to my right. The hand squeezes mine back a deep laugh is heard from the person holding me hand.

“Don’t worry… I’ll protect you sweets” I look up and find myself holding hands with a guy wearing a bloody mask and a chainsaw at his side. The guy let’s go of my hand and starts turning on the chain saw. “Hate to do this but it’s always the pretty ones who are the first to go” he laughs out before he turns the chainsaw in my direction.

I trip as I walk backwards falling into the arms of someone. Chainsaw man keeps stepping closer towards me as I try and step back. I can hear Matt and Brian trying hard not to laugh, but eventually that’s all I hear as the guy quickens his pace.

“Y/N he won’t do anything” I think Shawn says before I can even tell who’s voice it the chainsaw guy grips my hand. I let out a small scream as his hand tightens in my wrist. He gets up close so we’re face to face.

“Y/N such a pretty name” he says and let’s go running back to the corn. My breathing slows down as Shawn grips my hand once again. He whispers a quick sorry as we walk behind Matt and Brian with Andrew and Geoff trailing behind us.

Two people come out and scare Matt and Brian who are in deep conversation. Matt leaps into Brian’s arms as the Zombie Doctors things retreat back into the corn. As we continue walking a faint sound of a chainsaw is heard in the distance and making me tighten my hold on Shawn’s hand. My name is chanted as we stumble across a bridge.

“Shawn…. why is my name being called” I tell him as we walk on the bridge. Soon a herd of children appear chanting my name in low whispers.

“Let’s play” they all say reaching their hands out. As we near them blood coats their faces. A little girls dress is shredded as fake blood drips down her arms. They form a circle and a start swaying side to side. The little girl turns towards me and reaches for my hand “Y/N let’s play! Let’s play! Let’s play!” Each time she repeats the words her voice changes. “Don’t you want to play? Let’s play and You can make mother happy” she points towards the corn and a woman comes out clothes bloody and a scream is heard almost making me pee my pants for the second time tonight.

The children gather around her chanting my name once again. The little girl appears and screams right next to me, shocking me with her reveal. “You made mother mad!” I go to grip Shawn’s hand and find nothing. Two hands clasp on my shoulders making me let out blood boiling scream. When I open my eyes I find no one there.

Steps are heard quickening their pace as I start to run looking for the nearest exit. I trip over a stick on the ground as I continue to run. Shouts are heard calling my name and my heart reset increases.

“Y/N stop running” Brian’s voice is heard.

“Princess!” I slow down as and a muscular body runs into me. I let out a small cry as the persons arms tighten around me.

“I’m done. I can’t do this anymore” I tell the person with tears cascading down my face. I may look like a big baby, but frankly I don’t care.

“Shhh… Baby it’s okay just a couple more minutes of this” Shawn whispers in my ear. I shake my head and remove myself from his grip. Shawn reaches out for me again, but I step back. His face shows hurt as I move away from him gripping Brian’s arm. I don’t look his way as we continue to walk down the path.

Brian and I are in front as a clown pops out causing me to fall backwards soaking my jeans in the muddy water on the path. Brian and Shawn stand in for the of me extending their hands. I grab Brian’s as he hoists me up and walks with me. I turn around and watch Shawn talk to Andrew with a saddened expression.

As I walk I feel a hand on my leg.

“Brian stop” Brian turns to look at me and raises his hands. I look down and faced with a woman who looks like the grudge. Her face pale against the moonlight illuminating the path. Mud on her clothes which are ripped near the bottom. Her body almost skeleton like as she moves to grasp my leg tighter. Lips are blue like the ocean and her eyes a terrifying red as she looks up at me. Whoever did her make up did a great job because she seems to have no teeth. All you see is rotten red in the inside of her mouth. Worst of the noise she makes cause me to scream uncontrollably as she pulls me down with her.

My heart stops as she crawls on top of me. She keeps making that horrifying noise as I continue to scream. Brian reaches me first and pulls me up to feet. The grudge retreats back into the corn while she keeps her eyes on me and I nearly let out another blood boiling scream as she says “Y/N next time no one will help you”

Brian turns me around and I bury my head on his chest. “Let’s go” he says as he walks me down the path my head still buried in his chest. I only nod and whisper ‘sorrys’ since I soaking his shirt with my tears. He whispers back ‘it’s an okay’ as we walk and hear someone hitting a bat on the ground.

“Dude don’t even think about at all” Brian yells before we make it out of the maze. Andrew, Geoff, and Matt are behind us running as the clown is right on their heels. Shawn’s no where to be found. A second later we hear a voice yelling at the entrance where the managers of the maze appear to be at.

“The rules specifically say ‘No touching of any kind towards the people in costumes and they know not to touch you either in anyway,’ but that rule clearly wasn’t followed. The person at the beginning of the maze grabbed my girlfriend’s wrist while tightening his hold on her. At the bridge the mother of those ‘dead’ children hand her hands on my girl’s shoulder’s. Not only that but while walking ‘the grudge’ appears and pulls her to the ground, climbs on top her. So next time you say no touching to your employees make sure you mean it.” Shawn says his nose is flared, face enraged as he talks to the guy and women selling tickets. The woman starts talking only intensifying Shawn’s angry.

“We are sorry about that. You know a little contact won’t hurt anybody” She says as a group of people turn their way to listen to the conversation.

“That’s were you are wrong Ma’am. A little contact can hurt somebody. Next time follow your own DAMN rules and tell your employees. If I have to I will shut this place down” Shawn says as he walks away and turns to the parking area. We hurry behind Shawn as he stomps his way towards his Jeep. I say goodbye to the boys as I walk to the Jeep heading into different directions.

“Shawn” I call after him which in turn I hear the drivers side door slam close. I walk up to the passengers side opening it and sliding it to find a towel and blanket waiting. I stretch the horizontally over the seat not to get mud and wrap the blanket around me. Shawn’s quiet staring straight ahead as people start to come out of the maze.

“Sh- I’m sorry I know how you don’t like places like this, yet I still brought you hear. What hurt the most was not being able to be there to comfort you like a good boyfriend should. Instead Brian did that and maybe you guys should start seeing each other. He can be there when I can’t and he can love you like a good boyfriend sho-“ I cut off his rant with a kiss. Shawn’s fingers pull me closer tangling themselves in my hair as he deepens the kiss. He reluctantly pulls away and looks into my eyes.

“Shawn I don’t want Brian. I want you, you are the one I love. Yes I went to Brian because he’s my shoulder to cry on when you go on tour. That’s all he is besides being a great friend as well. Yes, I went to him because I hated how you brought here even after I told I hated places like this. But I can’t stay mad at you because you live for places like this. It it still doesn’t justify my actions to tonight by going to Brian instead of my own boyfriend. It’s something I’m going to have to get used to. You are not and don’t ever doubt yourself Mendes a bad boyfriend. You everything but that and all the little things you think I don’t notice proves that. The small notes on the fridge each day when your home from touring around the world. Giving me simple reason why you love me brightens my day. Leaving a picture with a quote saved as my new lock screen which is motivational, loving and inspiring. And I personally don’t like it but you do it anyways, and watch me sleep and whisper I love over and over again. You are always will be a good boyfriend Shawn” I kiss his lips once more as he exhales a sigh.

“I love you, Y/N. Don’t know what I would do without you” Shawn tells me pulling me close and burying his face in my neck.

“Don’t know probably not making sold out tours” I say back a smile on my face as I feel Shawn let out a throaty chuckle. He pulls away reclaiming my lips in another kiss.

“You are probably right” he responds back and he reclines his seat back. Shawn places me on his lap and places my head on his chest.

“ all jokes aside though. I love you Shawn and always will” I tell him a as I elevate my harms with my crossed arms. Shawn looks down at me a wide grin on his face.

“And I love you Princess” Shawn says as he locks the doors of the Jeep and covers us with the blanket. We stay like that until a worker from the maze bangs on the window kicking us out of the Orchard parking lot. I remove myself from Shawn’s warm, comfortable embrace so we can leave.  As we exit out of the empty parking lot I turn towards window looking at the lights turning off to the entrance of the maze. I look towards Shawn watching him as he softly sings The Weeknd’s song “Nothing Without You” from Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack. I lean over the console and kiss his cheek taking him by surprise which quickly turn into a smile. He looks away from the road a bit to place his lips on me causing me smile into the kiss. I may not have liked being dragged to the haunted corn maze, but at least I got to experience it with Shawn.

Love At First Sight Pt 3

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3


Your POV

You wake up lifting your head off of Johnson’s chest. You start to remember what happened last night. You’re still curious as to how you were going to get home. You got up and walked to the bathroom ton wash your face and brush your teeth. You go to leave the bathroom but stop as you walk into Johnson. “Good morning” he said with a smile on his face. “Good morning” you say smiling back. You were nervous, but you are also excited to be with them. You walk and sit back on the bed you slept in. “Sorry about that last night” Gilinsky says to you. “Why are you sorry?” You ask. There was no reason for him to apologize. “I feel bad, maybe I should have went a little easier on her” he explains. “She shouldn’t have gone after someone with a girlfriend. If anything I should be apologizing.” You say. He laughs. “Thanks. You’re pretty cool you know?” He says before joining Johnson in the bathroom. You open up your suitcase and grab some clothes to change into. As soon as the Jack’s walk out of the bathroom you walk in to change. You stare in the mirror for a while, you still can’t believe what is happening. You’re four hours away from home completely alone with two, technically, strangers. You hear a knock on the door

“Hey we’re going to go check out the venue you want to come?” Johnson asks. You open the door. “Yeah sure I’d love to.” You say enthusiastically. Johnson is in a dead stare at you. Both of you are silent for a minute. “Is everything okay?” You ask breaking the silence. “Yeah, you just look amazing.” He says. “Thank you.” You respond. You walk out and head into the elevator. You notice the two Jacks fight over who pushes the button. You couldn’t help but laugh at how immature they were acting. But it was cute.  You get outside and they walk into the tour bus, you’re hesitant at first, but then follow. The bus was huge and the interior was gorgeous. You’ve never been on a tour bus before so it was exciting to finally see one. They’re almost like mini hotels. You sit down on a couch in the front of the bus and Johnson sits next to you. You look out the window and watch the buildings go by. You’ve never been to this city before, it was cool to experience new things.

When you got to the venue the bus parked in the back area. You guys start to walk inside and when you get through the door you feel Johnson grab your left hand in his. He looks at you and smiles. You follow his lead. Your head looks down to the floor and your cheeks start to cramp from smiling so hard. You get to the main part of the venue and look up. It was cool to see the venue empty before anybody got there. It was only you guys and the crew. All of the equipment was already set up so they decided to start practicing. You stood in the general admissions area and watched in awe. You never thought that you would have your own private show by the both of them. It was a dream come true. Your phone starts ringing halfway through the set list. It’s your mom. You pick it up. “Hey how is everything going?” She asks. You didn’t want to tell her about your friend lashing out and you being there alone with two guys yet. “Everything is going great!” You respond. “Awesome. Take lots of pictures for me!” She says. “Trust me. I will” you say. You finish up the call and hang up. “Who was that?” Johnson asks. “Just my mom checking in” you say. “You didn’t tell her about your friend did you?” He said laughing. You laugh back. “No and I don’t plan to” you say. “Don’t worry, one day I’ll meet her and she’ll be okay with us hanging out.” He responded winking. He shoots you smile before taking your hand and walking you around the venue. He takes you through the backstage area and in the green room. You can’t help but let your focus drift off to him. He was so excited to be around you. He wanted to tell and show you everything. It was amusing to see someone cares that much. Especially someone who you’ve devoted your life to buying all of their music and tickets to their concerts.

After a couple hours you guys decide to go get lunch. You walk outside and you notice about 10 fans out there. You get nervous. “Who is that?” One of them says. “Why is she holding hands with Johnson?” Johnson walks towards the fans and takes pictures. He signs a couple things as well. While he is doing all of that, you stand off on the sidewalk. A couple of the fans shoot you dirty looks when the boys aren’t looking. Johnson constantly turns his head back to you to make sure you’re still there and safe. He then said goodbye to all of them and proceeded to take your hand and walk away. “Why is Johnson with someone so ugly?” You heard someone scream. Your heart drops. Why would someone be so mean? You hold your head down to the ground. “She’s a lot prettier than you!” You hear Gilinsky yell, traveling not too far behind you guys. You laugh at his comment. It was nice to see him stick up for you. “Please don’t listen to them. They’re just jealous.” Johnson says. You guys eat lunch and then head back to the venue. Passing a group of about 40 fans this time. None made a comment. Just a bunch of dirty stares.

Johnson’s POV

During the meet and greet I kept looking over to Y/n. She would always laugh at the funny pictures some of the fans would make us take. It was cute to see how much she would support us. She never showed jealousy. It was pure confidence. But not in a cocky way. A laid back, chill way. Before the show started I got nervous. I know she saw the last one but this time I knew she was here. We did our regular prayer before heading onto stage. I gave y/n a tight hug before running out. The show went as per usual only I could not keep my mind off of what the fans said to y/n. I don’t want to scare her off, she is one of the best things that has ever happened to me even though I only met her a couple days ago. If we do date I do know that is going to come with it but I did not think that it would happen this soon. All’s I know is I will protect her from it as much as I can. Every once in a while I would look off the stage and see her jamming out. I wish I could have recorded it. It was priceless. She knew every word to every song. I knew in that moment I definitely chose the right person to be with.

Your POV


The concert ends and security walks you out onto the tour bus before the fans get outside. But it was too late. There was already 30-50 outside. “Hey there’s that bitch again.” “Leave them alone you whore!” The words echo through your mind. Not only are you stressed about just losing your best friend and being stranded four hours from home, but now the fans hate you. You walk to the back of the bus and cry. You wanted to get it out before the boys got back on, which didn’t take long. You hear them climb onto the bus and you quickly dry your face. You lay down and pretend to be half asleep. Both Jacks walk in. “Damn were we really that bad?” Gilinsky says. You can’t help but laugh. “She’s pretending” Johnson says sitting next to your head running his finger through your hair. You open your eyes. “You guys were unbelievable” You say. Gilinsky bends his head down to look at you. “Are you crying?” he exclaims. “Damn Johnson we must of really fucked up tonight we have to get back on our game.” He says jokingly. Johnson takes it seriously. He kneels down in front of you. “Is everything okay?” he asks. Making eye contact. “Yes I’m just stressed and home sick I promise.” You say. “Home sick? You just got here” he says. “Yeah but I’m out here alone with no way home.” You explain. “The fans didn’t say something to you again did they?” Gilinsky asks. Shooting you a ‘you better tell me look’. You go to say yes but then hesitate and shake your head no. Johnson catches on. “Don’t lie to me.” He says staring deep into your eyes. You finally nod yes. He pulls you into a hug. “Please don’t let them get to you. I know it’s easier said than done but, I need you out here with me.” He says. “My mom is expecting me home tomorrow she doesn’t even know my friend left what am I going to do?” You ask. The Jacks look at each other then look back at you. “Looks like you’re running away and coming with us.” Gilinsky says before laying down in his bunk. You give Johnson a distressed look showing you were being literal. “Come on let’s get some sleep. We’ll talk about it in the morning.” He says quietly. The bus ride back to the hotel was dark and quiet. You head up to your room and sit on your bed. You look around and feel empty. No one is there with you. Instead of being depressed and letting it take over you, you knock on Johnson’s door. “Do you think I can sleep on the other bed in your room tonight?” You ask him. “Of course” he says laughing. You lay down and you’re finally calm enough to fall asleep.

*This is not edited so I apologize a head of time for grammar/spelling mistakes*


-him being over protective/possessive of you when he’d see you talking to a male friend.
-him not letting you go to parties alone and inviting you to go to parties with him to make sure you’re okay
-taking care of his drunk ass
-holding his cheeks in your hands trying to convince him not to fight someone when he’s mad/because they made a comment about you in front of him
-him only being able to trust you, to have his back and to not leave him
-him coming to you after getting into a fight because he wants you and only you to take care of him
-people teasing him about how much of a softy he is with you
-him worrying if you take too long to reply to his texts
-long meaningful hugs
-hella ton of forehead kisses
-him sneaking into your room through the window at night because he wants to sleep next to you
-you feeling most comfortable with him than with anyone else
-um hella ton of hot sex
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Roommate! Gilinsky would include...
  • Making you coffee in the morning
  • “It’s your turn to grocery shop”
  • “Fine I’ll go with you”
  • Sleeping in your bed because it’s better
  • Being his wingwoman
  • tripping over his shoes
  • wearing his grey sweatshirt
  • Bringing him food at the studio
  • “Check out this hook”
  • inside jokes
  • Working out together
  • Fans shipping your platonic relationship
  • bursting in the bathroom while you’re showering
  • “Sorry babe nature calls”
  • Hooking up that one time
  • Playing card games
  • deciphering his girl’s text messages
  • basically living with Johnson
  • locking himself out

Special: Kian Lawley

(I had hella feels after watching the chosen)