jack & jack

The Incredibles 2 is coming soon, matter of fact June 15, 2018, is the official release date.

At Comic-Con some viewers were able to get a sneak peek preview of Bob a.k.a Mr. Incredible being a stay-at-home dad with Jack Jack, as Elastigirl went off to fight some bad guys. In this clip viewers were able to witness the immense superpowers Jack Jack acquires between laser vision, walking through walls, duplicating, fire, and the countless other powers that even the Incredibles seems to be scratching their heads about.

The Incredibles 2 will be picking up exactly where The Incredibles (2004) left off.

if brad bird wont give us that timeskip then gosh dangit someone’s gotta

So like, in the Incredibles universe we know that baby supers begin displaying powers at an extremely young age, hence why Jack-Jack is a literal baby and is a “late bloomer”. And like I think people have already thought of the obvious comedy of Dash as a baby, but imagine Violet.

You’re first time parents and your baby just /disappears/ sometimes.

Your baby puts force fields around herself to avoid eating vegetables.

Obviously her clothes don’t turn invisible, but seeing as kids have a biological urge to strip naked in public places anyway, your toddler quickly learns if she takes her clothes off she is 100% undetectable.

And then when you find her, you still have a naked child.

Imagine turning around to a pile of clothes on the floor and your child /gone/

Anyways, Violet must have been the perfect chaotic nightmare child and I love her with all my heart.

The incredibles 2 might have a trans girl superhero! (no spoilers)

Ok, so my roommate and I just watched the incredibles 2 (it was fucking amazing btw) and my roommate pointed out something to me that has me really pumped!

So there’s this new character by the name of voyd

She’s really cool. She’s got the power to open extradimensional portals (think blink from X-men but more range). And she might be a trans woman!

First let’s take a look at incredibles art style. In this art style, men tend to have tall, slender heads

Where as women tend to have short, wide heads

Now scroll on back up to voyd. Her head is tall and slender.

Now, moving on to the body. Women in their prime in the incredibles art style tend to have big breasts (see elastigirl and mirage). But Voyd is a lot more flat chested. Also, she is of comparable height to elastigirl, but her shoulders are much much more broad.

Now take a look at the hair. The incredibles and incredibles 2 take place in 1962. Dyeing your hair outrageous colors was not commonplace back then, and for the most part the incredibles have normal hair colors and not like purple anime hair. But trans people will often dye their hair outrageous colors like that shade of blue, because it’s a part of their body that they can easily change. They may not be able to get on hormones yet, or it’s taking forever for the changes to happen, but you can dye your hair in just a few hours.

I am so excited about this! This is huge!Guys, let’s make this go viral!

why the incredibles 2 was worth the fourteen-year wait (no spoilers)

  • every. shot. of. this. movie. is. stunning.
  • it does the impossible—feeling absolutely seamless as a sequel after so many years
  • deals with some very relevant political/commercial questions—and promptly addresses the sexism of the era in which it takes place while not exploiting it
  • the action sequences are flawless and immersive
  • j a c k j a c k
  • on a technical level, it’s kinda without fault
  • i’m so blown away by this movie
  • i cackled like a maniac about ten times and stomped the floor so hard my foot hurt
  • the kids have a Cool Aunt
  • a main conflict is about society’s fixation on technology, which is obviously still a Thing
  • has that ideal pixar balance of mature/universal themes in a child-friendly movie
  • the story is 100% about this family growing together and it’s beautiful
  • tl;dr: i saw the original with my dad when i was six and we were both thrilled by every minute this one and it’s quite possibly my new favorite pixar film, do your soul a favor and see it