i feel like im alone in this but I really want to read more about the bitty/jack FRIENDSHIP. like, sure, pining and obliviousness is fun, but tell me about the time jack stayed up all night to help bitty rewrite a paper that accidentally got deleted and then held that over his head the rest of the semester any time bitty whined about Jack’s dad jokes. write sonnets about the way bitty chirped jack mercilessly for WEEKS for accidentally breaking the drink machine in the dining hall. pls show me all the times jack tried to wrestle bitty.

✨Z I M B I T S F R I E N D S H I P✨

“Jack,” Bitty whines, throwing his head back. “I am so tired. I can’t do this anymore.”

“Come on, Bits. You’re almost there,” Jack says encouragingly.

“But I’m so sleepy,” Bitty complains. “My arms are heavy. My fning—ah!” Bitty huffs. “My fingers hurt. Listen, I’m slurrin’ all my words.”

“Look at me.”

Bitty spins the desk chair to look at Jack, and pouts.

“You do look tired.” Jack gazes at him, eyes narrowing.

So tired,” Bitty professes. “I’ll finish up tomorrow.”

Jack sighs. “That essay is due at nine am.”

Bitty bites his lip. He’s well aware of that. “Sleep though, Jack. Sleep.”

“You hate waking up early,” Jack points out with a raised eyebrow.

“Once every now and then is fine.” Bitty tries to say it with conviction.

Jack puts his bookmark in his paperback. “How long until you’re finished?” Jack asks. “Referenced and proof-read finished, not first draft finished,” he adds before Bitty can reply.

Bitty shuts his mouth against his automatic response of twenty minutes.

“Uh… Maybe an hour?”

Jack checks the time on his watch, which he’d placed on the bedside table earlier.

“Alright.” Jack stands up and stretches, then gestures for Bitty to come over to him.

“Thank god,” Bitty mutters under his breath, saving his document and shutting the laptop without powering down.

He drags his body over to Jack’s and falls into him. He wraps his arms around his boyfriend and presses his face into Jack’s chest, breathing deeply. He loves how Jack smells. Like soap, and his deodorant, and a little bit of sweat.

Jack’s hands crawl up Bitty’s back, under his shirt, and he rocks Bitty gently side-to-side. Bitty swears he could fall asleep just like this.

Then Jack’s hands start to wander; down to Bitty’s ass, slipping under the elastic of his track pants. Bitty shivers as Jack’s nails scratch the skin, and when he leans back to ask Jack what he’s doing, Jack kisses him.

Normally, when Jack initiates, it’s soft—he appreciates a slow build up. Tonight is different. Jack pushes against Bitty immediately, leaning into him and over him so that Bitty’s body curves back harshly, and Jack seems even taller than normal.

Jack kisses and kisses, his lips moving and sucking on Bitty’s with fervour. Bitty matches him, suddenly wide-awake, and his hands move to bury themselves in Jack’s hair as he attempts to meld his lips to Bitty’s.

“Oh my god. Jack,” Bitty pants and Jack moves on, kissing harshly down his jawline. Bitty’s lips feel swollen and tender when he bites down on one.

Jack pulls back and smiles down, flushed, eyes alight. “How do you feel?”

“I don’t know,” Bitty confesses breathlessly, still reeling from the enthusiasm and spontaneity.

“Awake?” Jack asks.

Bitty nods frantically. “Oh yeah. Definitely. Yes.”

“Good.” Jack steps back from Bitty, and grabs his shoulders to turn him around. He leans in close, chest pressing against Bitty’s shoulders, and puts his lips against Bitty’s ear. “Now, go finish your essay.”

Jack shoves a speechless Bitty back toward the desk.

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Tantalizing: 05

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Tantalizing: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Ship: Jungkook | Reader
Description: Back in high school, you were nothing more than a nerd Jungkook wanted to deflower, to get a good fuck from. When he sees you at the club, though, things have changed drastically, and his dominance starts to teeter on the edge.
Warning: Sub!Jungkook, Sex Toys, Degrading Names, Choking, Spanking, Slight BDSM, Handjob, Oral, Orgasm Denial, Exhibitionism, Fingering, Gagging, Blinfolding, Slight Violence? Slight Angst?
Word Count: 7,599

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happy birthday, rans!

celebration - how rans cellies his bday with his bros


“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling twenty-two,” Holster croons, shouldering into the room with a tray filled with breakfast food and coffee.

“Mmm Holtzy,” Ransom murmurs, sitting up in bed. He pulls the covers around himself as Holster sets the tray down and snuggles up next to him on the bed. “Birthday cuddles starting early this year?” Ransom chuckles.

“I’d cuddle you all day if I could, birthday boy,” Holster whispers, mouth pressed to Ransom’s neck. He peppers kisses up the column of Ransom’s neck until Ransom finally turns his head to catch Holster’s lips in a proper kiss.

Bitty and Lardo:

When Ransom gets to Jerry’s, Bits and Lardo are already sitting at their usual booth.

“Happy birthday, Rans!” Bitty exclaims when he sees him, scooching over to make room for Ransom next to him.

“Happy birthday, bro,” Lardo grins, reaching a fist over the table for Ransom to bump. “We ordered you some mozzarella sticks and those wontons you like already.”

“And lunch is on us, so get whatever you want!” Bitty adds.

“Thanks, guys,” Ransom smiles.

“Now,” Bitty says, “Tell us what the dumb biology teacher said today.”

“Oh my God,” Ransom groans, ready to go in.

Chowder, Nursey, and Dex:

Ransom has to laugh when he walks into the Haus and is immediately greeted by all three frogs screaming what seems to be a rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Chowder practically tackles him into a hug while Dex holds out a beer for him and Nursey shoves a present into his hand.

“You guys didn’t need to give me a present!” 

“Just open it, bro,” Dex grins.

Ransom nearly cries when he sees the ‘Mashkov’ on the back of the jersey.

“Holy fuck, guys, we made him cry,” Nursey says.

“Shut the fuck up, this is so nice, I’m allowed to cry,” Ransom chokes out, grabbing the beer and taking a long slug.”I am now formally requesting a birthday frog cuddle.”

He’s knocked over onto the couch immediately and ends up wearing half the beer, but he figures it’s worth it.

Jack and Shitty:

“Shits, the fact that you’re naked is not helping me convince my teammates that this Google Hangout is not a weird sex thing,” Jack whines.

“Woah, woah, woah, are you saying this isn’t a weird sex thing?” Ransom laughs, “Then what is my birthday present?”

“Your present, young Justin, is our presence… and also the Falcs tix and Tim Horton’s giftcard,” Shitty answers, smiling widely on the screen.

Shitty and Jack start bickering, then, and Ransom loves it. It’s just like old times, with Shitty and Jack still in the Haus. It’s a good way to end his birthday - the same way he ended his last three birthdays, now that he thinks about it.

“I love you guys,” he grins.

“We love you too,” they both chorus back.

Lips || Jack

Jack masterpost found here

Word count - 1,326

Summary - The one where Jack gives you some assurance.



You and Jack were having a lovely evening in. After ordering pizza take away, drinking some wine, and watching a film, you were both now laying on your bed contently. Your head was on his chest and he had his fingers in your hair. As you looked up at him, you kept finding more things about him that you enjoyed. He was just so nice to look at. “Why are you with me?” you voiced suddenly. The amount of alcohol you had consumed (though minimal) clearly was impairing your filter.

“What are you talking about?” Jack almost laughed.

“I don’t know,” you said, still staring at him. He was looking down at you now too with a look of confusion written in his eyes. “You just, well, you look like that and I look like this,” you laughed lightly.

“Oh shut up,” Jack laughed back. “What are you even talking about?”

“I’m being serious!” you pressed. “You could have a million other girls who look way better than I do and who are way cooler than me and you choose me. I guess I still just don’t get it.”

“You’re being crazy,” Jack said with a shake of his head.

“I’m just thinking out loud,” you said. “Like, I mean, look at your eyes, right? They’re the clearest most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Mine are brown. Just plain old brown.”

“Now that’s not true,” Jack said, frowning a bit. “Yeah, your eyes are brown, but when I look I see little sparks of gold. I don’t have that.”

“I guess,” you mumbled. “Well, I like your hair. It’s always soft and looks flawless.”

“Your hair never tangles and somehow when you wake up you can put it in the most perfect bun,” Jack said. “How do you do that?”

“I like your tattoos.”

“I like your soft skin.”

“I like your smile.”

“I like your laugh.”

“I like your lips.”

“I like how my lips can touch you and you’ll react the same way every time.”

At this, you blushed a bit. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you huffed.

“Don’t you?” Jack teased. “So, if I kissed you right here,” he paused and let his finger trace along your jaw, “you wouldn’t let out the tiniest moan?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you said again firmly.

Naturally, as Jack was a guy who always had to prove a point, he quickly placed his lips on your skin, kissing softly along your jaw. He stopped just below your ear and nipped at the skin a bit. As badly as you tried to hold back a moan, a faint one escaped your lips.

“Mhmm,” Jack hummed against your skin. “That’s what I thought.”

He had pushed you onto your back now and you stared up at him, your cheeks a little pink. “And if I kiss here,” he said, tracing down your neck to the low collar of your shirt, “I won’t get the same reaction?” Before you could even offer a reply, Jack began kissing down your neck to where your shirt exposed the curve of your chest. There, he nipped at your skin and began sucking harshly. You couldn’t help but arch your back a bit and let out another quiet moan.

Jack continued to do this all the way down your body. He had discarded your shirt and was now working at your leggings. He kissed down your body as every inch of your skin was exposed. When your leggings were off, he slowly (agonizingly slowly) kissed back up your right leg. He stopped when he got to the hem of your panties. You desperately wanted him to take them off of you, but he instead went to your other leg and kissed down that as well. “Jack,” you finally said, your voice coming out as no more than a whisper.

“What is it?” he asked, looking up at you with a cheeky smirk.

“You know what,” you said, almost begging now.

“I don’t,” he lied. “I need you to tell me.”

“Jack,” you whined.

“(Y/N),” he teased.

“I need you to touch me,” you said.


“Jack please.”

“I just don’t know what you want me to do.”

“Jack I need you to touch me, there,” you said. “Please, you know what I mean.”

“Begging is very becoming of you,” Jack laughed. He kissed back up your legs and, just when you thought he was going to touch you, stopped. “Now, do you want my fingers or my mouth or-”

Anything Jack,” you said. “I don’t care. Surprise me. Anything. I need you.”

Jack laughed again and hooked his fingers around your panties and slid them down your legs. He brought his face closer to where you wanted him the most, and you felt his fingers touch your skin. The small touch alone set a shock through your body. Needless to say, when you felt his tongue lick a single strip along your folds, you let out a loud moan. His tongue continued to work inside you as his hands held your legs apart. “Oh my god, Jack,” you said, gripping his hair in your fingers. He hummed and looked up at you with his tongue still sending waves of pleasure through your body. You could feel yourself getting closer to the edge. “Jack,” you whimpered, “I’m getting close.”

To push you farther, Jack pushed a finger inside you while still flicking his tongue against your clit. Only moments after he added a second finger, you came, calling out his name loudly as you did so. Jack stayed where he was for a moment, letting you ride out your high. By the time you managed to catch your breath, Jack was already stripped, pumping himself as he waited for you. When you looked up at him, he smiled and placed a kiss to your lips. Then, he lined himself up with you and pushed into you. Once he got to a steady pace, he looked down at you again with such loving eyes. He leaned down and placed gentle kisses to your neck while your hands reached up and tangled themselves in his hair again.

Jack was moving at such a loving pace which was somewhat abnormal for the two of you. Jack was usually so dominant and rough, so to see this side of him was making you fall in love with him all over again. “Are you close, babe?” he asked as he let his hand go between the two of you to rub your clit. The feeling made you gasp.

“Yeah,” you said.

“Me too,” he groaned, his lips still close to your ear.

“Fuck, Jack,” you said, wrapping your legs around his waist in an attempt to get closer to him (as if that was physically possible). “You’re so hot, Jack. And so fucking good to me.”

“(Y/N),” he said back, your name falling as a moan from his lips. Hearing him say that sent you over the edge, and that set Jack off as well. You were both breathing heavily when Jack pulled out of you and laid beside you on the bed. He was sweating and you turned on your side, reaching out to brush some hair away from his forehead. He gave you a tired smile then pulled you into his chest to lay on top of him.

“You know how much I love you, don’t you?” he asked, tucking some of your hair behind your ear.

“I do,” you said, smiling down at him.

“I don’t like when you doubt yourself,” he said softly. “You are incredible and beautiful and so so sexy. You shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone else, because you’re you and that’s what I like the most.”

You smiled and leaned down to press a small kiss to his lips again. “Thank you,” you said to him.

“For the sex or the compliment?” he teased.

You laughed. He couldn’t be serious for too long.


Relax (Jack x FemReader) short

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(( gif not mine ))

(A/n): Lmao if I had something intelligent to say I’d put it here

Request:  Hey hey! Firstly, your writing is amazing! I love your fics so much and I’m jealous of your talent. Secondly, can i ask for a story involving jacksepticeye x reader? Where they have a lazy day after a hard week and not being able to see each other?

Warnings: I believe there is swearing???


Saying you didn’t love your job would be a complete lie. You do; you do love your job. Like, more than life. But at times, it was both physically and emotionally demanding.

Being a (genre) youtuber was ninety percent hilarity smudged with experience and ten percent taxing. Though, you would never complain. If you didn’t have your youtube career, you also wouldn’t have half your cronies, humour, or your beloved boyfriend.

At times like this, you felt yourself submerged in that ten percent.

It’s been exactly nine days, fourteen hours and thirty six minutes. You hated yourself for consciously keeping track of the technical numbers. It was a disruptive habit of yours; a habit that would bleed through every time you were nervous, compressed, or antsy.

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Jealousy |Jack Maynard|

Summary -  Y/N and Anna have a girls day and Jack is really happy to see them together but gets lowkey jealous because he’s not seen Y/N all day.

Word Count - 1,329

Warnings - N/A

“What colour were you thinking Anna?” you asked, as you sat crossed legged on the bed, rummaging through the make up bag that already had half the contents spilled over the bed.

“Well, I was thinking like a peach or coral colour because I’ll be wearing like an apricot coloured top.” Anna smiled, her attention was currently on what colour nail polish to wear as she was going to a friend’s party.

I mean, she was deciding everything now and she didn’t leave the house for another 2 hours, whereas you were a more of a ‘leave everything until the last minute’ kind of person, but you had agreed to help your boyfriends little sister out.

Though Jack didn’t seem too pleased on the idea as you hadn’t seen him in a few days, he wanted you all to himself but helping Anna wouldn’t take that long, would it?

It made you laugh and smile because Anna was making such an effort; being 16 your looks were obviously important. You were the same when you were 16, but now being 22 years of age, you were lucky if you made the effort to get dressed as when you did spend time with him, Jack preferred it to just be the two of you, having a lazy day.

“What about this one?” you smiled, holding up the small bottle of nail polish.

Anna smiled and nodded, taking it out of your hand and held it up to the light to examine the colour as you laughed.

“Anna, it’s as close as we’re gonna get. You’re going to look amazing.”

Anna blushed slightly and looked down at her hands as a grin spread on your face.

This was something Jack always did as well, whenever you embarrassed him, he instantly looked down to his hands.

“Right, what did you need help with next?” you asked, as you heard footsteps approaching from outside the door.

“Erm, I think that the next thing was-” Anna started before being interrupted as her bedroom door swung open.

“Are you done yet?” Jack whined, a sad look on his face as you giggled.

“Not quite yet babe.” You told him, smiling as he sat next to on Anna’s bed.

“How long are you gonna be?” he mumbled, resting his head on your shoulder as he glanced over the mass of make up on the bed.

“I’ve still gotta choose shoes, what eye make up and jewellery I’m wearing.” Anna told him, not even looking up as she started to look through multiple eye shadow palettes.

Jack groaned in response, starting to pick a few make up products off the bed.

“What’s this?” he asked, holding a little black tube in his hand, looking at you curiously.

Glancing over at him, you knew he was going to ask many more questions and it wasn’t because he was interested in the answers, it was because his plan was to annoy you until you caved and left Anna to make her own choices and proceed to have your lazy day with Jack.

“Primer.” You told him, going back to look at what kind of eyelashes Anna should wear tonight.

“That stuff that you put on walls before you paint them?” he asked, looking at you and Anna like you were mad. “Why the fuck do you put this on your face?”

Anna rolled her eyes at her older brother, as you started laughing.

“It’s kind of like the same thing but for your face, before you put foundation on.” You giggled, ruffling his hair as Jack glared back at you playfully.

“Is that what this is?” Jack asked, reaching over your lap to pick up the glass bottle. You nodded in response, beginning to look through Anna’s selection of eyelashes again.

“Y/N, please can we stop this now, Anna can decide the rest on her own.” He begged, with the look of puppy dog eyes to follow his request.

“Jack, I really won’t be that long now, promise.” You smiled slightly, stroking his cheek with your thumb as his eyes closed at your touch.

“I just want to spend time with you.” Jack mumbled, barely audible as he knew Anna would start teasing him if she heard the conversation.

Looking down at him, Jack’s blue eyes sparkled as he looked back up at you.

“I know, and I will be done soon, I promise.” You told him for the second time, kissing his forehead.

Jack sighed deeply as he stood up.

“Right well, see you whenever then.” He mumbled, leaving the room quickly.

You sighed quietly as you heard him slam his bedroom door and glanced at Anna.

“You know what he’s life, Y/N. He always wants his own way. He’ll calm down in a minute.” Anna smiled slightly.

You nodded once and turned quiet as you put your concentration into choosing those bloody eyelashes, before passing the tiny box to Anna, though you couldn’t help but think of Jack sulking in the next room.

After an hour or so, Anna had decided on everything from her outfit, to make up, to a handbag and jewellery. You had helped her do her make up and hair and you had to admit, she looked beautiful.

“Thank you so much for your help, Y/N.” Anna smiled as her hugged you, standing on her tiptoes even though she was wearing heels as you were still quite a bit taller than her.

“It’s fine Anna, just have fun and let me know how it goes.” You smiled, watching as she collected her phone and bag before Anna left her room and went downstairs.

You stood in the hallway as you heard Anna saying goodbye to her mum before hearing the front door click shut a few second later.

Letting out a deep sigh, you went into Jack’s bedroom, to find him sprawled out on his bed and the only light source was coming from his TV. Besides that, his entire room was in complete darkness.

“Jack.” You sighed as he glanced over to you, but still didn’t say a word.

“You can’t be jealous because I spent a bit of time with your sister.”

This got a reaction out of him, as he sat up and looked at you.

“A bit of time? You literally spent the whole day with her, Y/N. I hardly get to see you because we both work all the time, and when I thought I would get sometime with you, my baby sister steals you to talk about paint primer.” Jack frowned as a smile spread on your face.

Jack looked up at you, clearly confused as you smiled. “What?” he asked, still frowning.

“I told you, it’s not paint primer.” You giggled, causing Jack to roll his eyes.

“Oh come on, I’m sorry I spent so much time with Anna today.” You told him, sitting next to him on his bed as he turned his attention back to the glow that was coming from the TV.

“I promise, I am yours for the rest of the night, and tomorrow and next weekend.” You told him, taking the remote out of his hand; you moved into his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck.

Planting kisses all over his face, you smirked as he groaned when you missed his lips.

“A kiss and all is forgiven.” Jack told you, that sparkle coming back to his eyes.

You chuckled before leaning your forehead against his, leaving a gentle kiss on his lips.

“I love you.” You told him, those three simple words causing a deep blush to spring to his cheeks.

“More than you love Anna?” he smirked, wrapping his arms around your waist and gently tracing his thumb over the skin that was exposed on your hip.

“Way more than I love Anna.” You chuckled, resting your head on his shoulder and looking over at the TV.

Suppose you would both get your lazy day after all.

Kitty Cuddles

I’m very late to this theme but here is a small fluffy kitty!Jack drabble.
I hope it cheers people up!!


Gabriel stirred from his sleep drowsily – one hand lifting to bat away whatever it was that tickled his nose. His hand bumped against something quite solid and he heard a soft, indignant squeak – Jack flopped back with a pout, his fluffy, pointed ears pressed flat against his head in a gesture of clear indignation. Gabriel couldn’t help but chuckle as he blinked, slowly adjusting his eyes to the gentle sunlight that filtered through the nearby window. Jack already looked lively and awake, too golden and blue and bright.

“What time is it?” Gabriel reached out, cupping Jack’s face with his big hand, encouraging Jack to nuzzle up against his palm. He felt warm and safe and was in absolutely no hurry to move.

“Eight. So it’s time to get up!” Jack’s ears perked again as he was petted gently, a contented look passing over his face as he turned his cheek into Gabriel’s hand, rubbing against it with a soft, pleased sound.

Gabriel’s eyes slipped closed. “Let me sleep a little more …”

“No.” Jack whined softly. “Gabiiiiii ….”

Gabriel groaned gently in protest, but it was only half-hearted. He could feel Jack’s tail whisking against his legs and managed to trap the tip beneath his foot.

“Gabi pleaseeeee ….” Jack pushed his face back up against Gabriel’s beard. He started planting tiny little kisses over every inch of Gabriel’s face he could get to. “Please; I’m hungry, Gabi …”

Gabriel could feel Jack’s tail twitching beneath his foot and couldn’t help but laugh as Jack continued his pestering attack of little butterfly kisses.

“Stop it! Let me sleep-!” He tried to turn his face into the pillow, but Jack growled faintly and sank his teeth ever-so-gently into the shell of Gabe’s ear. “I’m hungry-!”

“Well don’t eat me, carino~! It’s the weekend! Let’s sleep a little more … I’ll make you anything you want in an hour, I promise …”

Jack grumbled, but when it became very apparent that Gabriel had absolutely no intention of moving no matter how much he was pestered with kisses, he gave in. Flopping back down, Jack set about curling himself up as close as he possibly could to the other man, pushing a very good-naturedly pliant Gabriel until they were a warm, snuggly tangle of blanket and limbs.

Gabriel pressed his face into Jack’s fluffy blonde hair – all mussed up and ruffled – and felt an ear twitch against his cheek. He grinned to himself. Mornings like this, he quietly mused, were wonderful. He’d gladly never get out of bed if it meant he could have an armful of this warm, sleep kitty all to himself.

No emotion. Just sex.

You rolled off Jack, collapsing on the bed beside him as you tried catching your breath. Your head still spinning from the mind blowing orgasm you just had.

“wow.” Jack breathed out, his chest heaving up and down, “that was incredible”

“I.Know” you breathed out, a dopey smile on your face.

You and Jack were close, and there’s always been something between the two of you ever since you met a few months back. Some sort of tension, but neither of you acted on it ever, especially with Jack and Jack being so popular, and your acting, you were both so busy, and constantly in someones spotlight, neither of you really wanted to bring some complicated relationship into the mix, since the two of you weren’t sure what was there. The two of you didn’t want to ruin your new friendship either, but one night at a party that logic went out the window when the two of you, both having a few drinks, snuck off upstairs and fooled around. Now here you are, 4 months later.

You sighed, getting out of the bed and searching for your clothes.

“what are you doing?” Jack whined from the bed, giving you puppy eyes as he watched you pull on your panties and bra and wiggle into your shorts, searching for your shirt now.

“I told you today had to be quick. I’ve got that music video today” 

“oh…right” he spoke, getting out of bed and pulling on a pair of basketball shorts.

The two of you talked while you walked through the house, grabbing a piece of toast in the kitchen and heading out, Jack walking you to your car.

“alright beautiful, kill it today at the music video.” he smiled, resting his hands on the top of the car, your door open, and leaning down.

“I’ll try” you smiled. “I’m not sure what I’m doing, but it can’t be that hard, I doubt I’ll have any lines.” you laughed.

“I’m sure you’re gonna do great.” he smiled, leaning in and kissing you before closing the door and watching you drive off.


When you arrived on the set you walked around. You hadn’t really heard much about this, all you know is that the artist requested you be considered for the part, according to your manager, who was more than thrilled, saying it would be a good ‘experience’ when being considered for other parts in movies and shows.

Your manager, Tyler, met you at the door as soon as you walked in.

“hey (y/n). Good to see you” he spoke, hugging you. Tyler was cool as shit, and definitely watched out for you, like a protective older brother, so you trusted him when it came to this part.

“yeah, I’m pretty excited for this actually” you smiled at him as you two started to walk through the place.

“I think you’ll love this actually” he smiled.

“yeah, I hope so. I just really wanna meet the artist. I mean, to be like personally requested.” you gushed.

“oh yeah, well he thought you’d fit the part perfectly for what he had in mind. He’s actually changing I believe, but let’s go talk to the director, he’ll give you the basic idea.”

After meeting the director, and getting the main idea, you were actually pretty excited. This would be the first, more intimate like scene you’ve done, but you thought it’d be good for you.

So Tyler showed you to your room and showed you your outfit, which you were pretty excited to slip on.

Walking out after changing, and hair and makeup had their turn with you, a robe around you, you were more excited than before. You walked towards Tyler, who’s face lit up when he saw you.

You approached him, and the director, and another guy, who’s back was turned towards you. The director saw you and smiled, nodding at the robe, and you undid the little tie, and slipped it off, the director and Tyler’s eyes both going wide, which wasn’t as creepy as it sounds, it’s not like they were 50, they were both late 20′s early 30′s, and I mean, you were 20, so it wasn’t that weird. 

You held the robe in you arms and watched as the director nudged the other guy, who lifted his head up to look at him, but when he nodded his head in your direction the other guy turned around, as if in slow motion.

Your eyes widened at you made eye contact. He was hot. So fucking hot. Tall. Scruffy. Man bun. Great style. Killer smile. Low eyes you could just get lost in.


When Jace nudged Nate, he was curious as to what he wanted. They were in the middle of talking about the video, Nate talking about some of his ideas, and input from Tyler, about things you’d be good at, and then just everyone throwing out ideas. Nate was seeing it really coming together, but looking at Jace expectantly, only to see him nod behind him, Nate turned to see what needed his attention.

You were even more beautiful in person, compared to the pictures on ig, and the few movies he’s seen you in. You were so beautiful. Nate was kinda taken aback. He eyed you up and down as you approached. Long legs, thin waist and god your eyes and timid smile were killing him. You screamed innocence, but your outfit completely contradicted that idea.


You bit your lip as you approached, eyeing him up and down so obviously, but he didn’t do a good job at keeping his eyes off you either, not that you minded whatsoever.

“(y/n) this is Nate.” Justin spoke.

“hi” you smiled, reaching your hand out. “It’s nice to meet you” you spoke sweetly.

“trust me, the pleasures mine.” Nate flirted.

After your short introduction, Justin and Tyler went off to make sure everything was set, you and Nate following behind, just talking a bit.

“You nervous?” he asked, nudging your arm with his elbow.

“no and yes” you laughed.

“why’s that?”

“well I mean, I feel like I can do this no problem, and I mean, there’s always more than one take we can do, it’s just…I mean, to be requested personally, I feel like the pressures really on” 

“oh yeah, I just thought you’d fit the part really well, I mean, everyone loves a video with a beautiful girl in it.” he smiled.

“stop it.” you blushed, playfully bumping into his side.

“there’s really nothing to worry about. You’re gonna be fine.” he smiled, as the two of you got to the actual set where the cameras and lights and everything was.


Some scenes that were filmed, Nate wasn’t in, so he stood off on the side, and he was so glad he picked you for this. 

“she’s good.” Tyler smirked beside Nate, who had his eyes glued on you the whole time.

“y-yeah.” he stuttered a bit, biting his lip as he watched you 

god, you were stunning.


You were told to ‘act seductive and sexy’ and the outfit was half of it, adding to your confidence, so you literally just went with it. It started off, you filmed all the scenes you were doing by yourself, just so you could be a little more comfortable before just throwing you half naked in bed with a guy you just met.

But then came the scenes you had to do with Nate, which I mean, you were a professional, you weren’t gonna get all giddy, even though he was extremely hot and this was a rather sensual video.

You did as you were told, and god, you were actually pretty turned on.


Nate admired the way you moved, like it came so natural to you, and he couldn’t help but think about what it’d be like to actually have you like this. God, you were turning him on so much.


When you were done, you watched as Justin put it together, you and Nate standing pretty close, and you were actually surprised how well the whole thing looked.

“damn.” you and Nate said at the same time, looking sideways at one another with smiles on your faces.

“definitely. we should have it up by tomorrow after we edit it a bit more if that’s cool with you skate.” Justin spoke

“yeah, that’s cool.” Nate smiled.

“alright, well that’s a wrap then.”

Justin and Tyler stood and talked, both voicing and working on the editing a bit, more so, Tyler just voicing his opinion.

You and Nate turned and started to walk off, you were going to change back into normal clothes.

“hey (y/n)” Nate spoke, catching your attention.

“yeah?” you asked, your brow furrowed.

“you wanna go grab something to eat?”

“yes!” you exclaimed, overjoyed, but to be fair, all you had eaten was a piece of toast, Jack took a big bite out of as well.

“alright, cool” Nate laughed. “you go ahead and change and I’ll be out here waiting.”

“okay cool” you smiled.


You had never had so much fun before. You and Nate were really hitting things off, conversation just flowed naturally between the two of you and you guys couldn’t stop laughing. He invited you back to a buddies place for a party, and well, you couldn’t refuse.

You had Nate drop you off at your place, and he of course followed you in while you changed and got ready for the night, unsure of what to wear. Nate sat out in your living room while you changed.

After you finished getting ready you walked down the hall and joined Nate, getting his attention, and the two of you leaving and heading towards the party.

You were a little nervous walking up to the house, but Nate wrapped his arm around your waist as if it was the most natural thing, and you felt more comfortable.

“don’t worry, my friends are cool” Nate spoke.

“I hope so” you let out a little nervous giggle.


So far everyone was great. Nash was so chill and John and Tez made you laugh. Hayes kept hitting on you, which was flattering, and he was so adorable. You even bumped into Johnson, not knowing he knew Nate.

“so wait, is Jack here?” you asked as you were standing with Johnson, the two of you drinking together.

“yeah, I saw him around here somewhere.”

“hmm, I’m sure I’ll bump into him or something then.”

It was then that Nate came and ‘stole’ you from Johnson, pulling you downstairs.

“what are we doing down here?” you asked as you made it down the last step you saw John sitting on the couch, hunched over the coffee table.

“you’re gonna smoke with us.” Nate spoke, taking your hand and pulling you towards the couch.

When you guys finished like 3 bowls and 2 blunts, you headed back upstairs. You ended up hanging out with Nate for a bit, dragging him out to dance with you.

Jack found Madison as soon as he walked in, walking up to her and engulfing her in a hug. She wrapped her arms around him and the two were pretty much glued to one another all night.

Madison pulled Jack out to dance, and the two of them were getting sensual. Jack’s hands roaming her body as she grinded against him. Jack started kissing on her neck, when he looked up and saw Nate for the first time of the night, dancing with a girl.

You were having so much fun with Nate, and your eyes were glossed over, the alcohol and weed hitting you hard. You turned to look around when you were met with the image of a guy and girl making out, tongues down one another’s throat practically. 

Your mind went to Jack, a smile coming onto your face. It was when the two broke apart that you felt sick, seeing Jack smile down at the girl.

“I-uh, I gotta go to the bathroom” you spoke, shocked to see Jack all over another girl. Sure you were dancing with Nate, but, you just felt it was different. 

“alright, I’ll find you in a bit.” he smiled, his hand resting on your side as you slipped out of his grip slowly.

You did go to the bathroom, but didn’t go back to find Nate right away, you just wanted to go outside and get some fresh air, clear your head.

It was when you were outside that someone bumped into you, causing you to stumble a bit.

“shit my ba-(y/n)?” you heard the all too familiar voice.

“Jack” you spoke.

“what are you doing here?” he asked shocked.

“nothing” you muttered.

You knew you were being short and having an attitude, but you felt like you had the right to be. How could Jack just fuck you this morning, and then be all over this other girl with his tongue down her throat.

“hey, what’s wrong?” he asked, grabbing your arm causing you to look at him.


“don’t lie to me (y/n)”

“I’m fine really.” you spoke, annoyed honestly.

“something’s up”

“I’m fine Jack really, why don’t you go check on your little girlfriend from inside.”

“what are you t-Madison” he muttered, realizing who you were talking about.


“It’s not a big deal, she’s just a friend.”

“really? cause I don’t shove my tongue down my ‘just friend’s throat.”

“you’re being ridiculous.”

“I saw you” you laughed dryly.

“Honestly? why are you even mad?” he asked.

“seriously?! Jack, we just fucked this morning, and we have been for the past what now…4 months? did it literally mean nothing?”

“(y/n) come on. there were no emotions. no relationship. it was just sex.” he laughed, and it was then that you noticed his bloodshot eyes. Of course he was drunk, cause his words and actions tonight were completely different than the Jack you knew, but they do say drunk words are sober thoughts. So maybe you and Jack were just sex? You didn’t care; it hurt to hear him say it, and to have such a heartless tone when saying it.

“glad you feel that way, have fun with whatever her name is” you spoke, starting to walk about but turned around to look at him again “and don’t bother calling me again.” and with that you walked off.

You found Swazz and did a few shots with him before asking where Nate was, John smirking and pointing towards upstairs. “I think he headed up to his room”

“wait, he lives here?” you asked “he said it was a friends party” 

“yeah, we live here together” John laughed. “but his room is upstairs, second one on the left.

You smiled and headed upstairs, tripping but laughing it off as you made it to the top and then trying to find Nate’s room, knocking on the closed door.

When the door opened you were startled by a shirtless Nate, gawking at his abs before meeting his gaze, lip caught between your teeth.

“it looks like I-uh-I found you” you giggled.

“yeah” he smiled. He stepped back a bit, opening the door more and you walked in and looked around his room before you turned to meet his gaze.

“so, this is your house.” you spoke, raising your brow as Nate made his way to sit on his bed, sweats hanging low on his hips, sitting up against his headboard.

“yeah” he spoke, eyeing you up and down, practically undressing you, since he had a pretty good idea of what you looked like half naked anyway from the shoot today; as you stood at the end of his bed.

“so this is your party” you spoke, putting your hand on your hip.

“I guess you could say that.” he smirked.

“then why aren’t you down, enjoying your party?” you asked, walking and setting your cup down on his dresser, walking back slowly, Nate’s eyes glued to you.

“trust me, I’m enjoying this right now.” he nodded towards you as you stood at the end of his bed again. You were glad it was dark in his room to hide the small blush coming to your face, but it couldn’t hide your smile.

The music from downstairs, mixed by Dillon, flowed upstairs into Nate’s room, and it was a slower type of song. You unknowingly started to sway to the music, Nate’s eyebrows quirking up.

You bit your lip, noticing the way Nate was eyeing you up and down, and you decided to be a little daring.

You reached down and undid the button on your jeans, and slowly pulled the zipper down, turning and wiggling your butt a bit, looking back at Nate who had his lip between his teeth and his eyes glued to your ass as you slowly started to pull your pants down, bending over giving Nate a great view.

You stood back up, tossing your head back, your hair flying up above you, and then behind, bouncing a bit before resting on your back.

Nate saw that happen as if it was in slow motion. He was so fucking turned on, and you only just took your pants off, but damn, you were so fucking sexy. The arch you had in your back when you bent over, and then slowly stood back up, god. You were so fucking sexy.

You turned back around, swiveling your hips back and forth, still dancing to the music downstairs, and you ran your hands over your body, starting in your hair and slowly making their way down you shoulders, over your boobs, down to the hem of your shirt.

You smiled at Nate as you slowly pulled the shirt up, exposing more and more of your flawless skin to Nate, who’s eyes were raking up and down your whole entire body, hunger in his eyes.

So you were left in just your bra and panties, and you slowly started to climb up the bed towards him, stopping when you were on your hands and knees, practically straddling him, your face centimeters away from his.

“y’know” he whispered. “I can’t get a show like this down at the party” he finished, his lips dangerously close to yours now.

“oh really?” you spoke in a low tone, your lips eager for his.

Nate slowly nodded his head before reaching up under your chin and meeting your lips. You melted into the kiss, sitting on Nate’s lap, his hands going to your ass and yours around his neck.

In no time his tongue was in your mouth and you had started grinding on him, needing some sort of friction.

Nate reached up and undid your bra, you just as eagerly as him reached to take it off over your shoulders and toss it somewhere in the room. It was then that Nate turned you over so he was on top, his lips leaving yours and moving down your jaw to your ear, leaving a trail of kisses.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about you all day” he whispered hotly in your ear before attaching his lips to your neck, slowly making his way down your collarbone and then to the valley of your breasts, one hand coming up to massage one, tweaking the nipple while his mouth went to the other.

You arched your back a bit more as Nate switched his mouth to the other, a shaky breath coming from your mouth and Nate’s name slipping through your lips in a hushed tone.

Nate smirked up at you while he continued his way down your body, kissing and sucking on your hipbone, right above your pantyline. He hooked his finger in the top band and slowly started to pull them down, you kicking them off as they got to your ankles.

Nate dipped his head down toward your heat, licking a bold strip from your entrance to your clit before he started to suck and kitten lick your clit. Your hands went to his hair, bunching it up between your hands, pulling it out of pleasure. His scruffy face adding a weird pleasurable feeling to the whole entire mix.

Your back was arched as Nate slipped two fingers into you while continuing to lick your clit. His fingers moving inside you and his mouth on your clit were driving you wild, and you were close. You had started to grind against his mouth and fingers, needing more to get your release. Nate picked up the pace of his fingers, and his mouth showed your clit no mercy, pushing you closer and closer to letting go.

Nate’s name and breathless moans came out of your mouth, mixed with small profanities. Before you knew it you reached your climax. Your back was arched off the mattress and your legs were shaking.

Nate let you recover from your orgasm, and when you could finally see straight, you pulled him up to you and smashed your lips to his. You didn’t care that the taste of yourself was still on his lips. You just wanted him…now.

You reached down between the two of you and started to tug at his sweats, causing Nate to smile into the kiss, and while balancing himself with one hand, he reached down and helped you pull off his sweats.

Nate laid back down on top of you, his tip at your entrance. He lined himself up and you felt him push his tip in, sliding his hands up and locking them with yours before her pushed all the way in, your eyes going wide at the feeling of him filling you up, you moaning quietly in his ear.

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Nate waited for you to adjust to his size a bit before he started to move, thrusting slowly at first, his lips on yours.

It didn’t take much for him to pick up his pace, thrusting faster and harder, the bed shaking with his movements.

His head by your ear, you heard him grunting with each thrust, and you were letting out shaky breaths and quiet moans.

No one has ever made you feel how Nate was. Your nails raked down his back as he hit your g-spot, back arching off the mattress, the two of you skin to skin.

Your head was spinning and all that was falling from your lips was Nate’s name and shaky breaths. Nate placed his lips back onto yours, never feeling as good as he did before. Your body just seemed to fit with his perfectly.

His thrusts started to get a little sloppy, and you had started clenching around him, trying to hold on a bit longer.

It was as if all at once though, the two of you both reached your climax, both of you letting go at about the same time. You moaned out Nate’s name, and he bit down on your shoulder, letting out a low groan against you.

Nate rolled off you, crashing down on the bed with a huff, his breathing uneven. He had never came that hard before, and it’d been a while since he’s had such great sex before as well. Sure, he would have loved to hit it from behind, but something about you, he wanted something more filled with passion, not just some quick rough fuck.

Nate turned on his side, and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest, kissing the top of your head as you snuggled into his chest a bit more.


You woke up the next morning to your phone going off. You were getting an incoming call, and you tried to ignore it, but this was the third time whoever it was tried, and you had a feeling they weren’t gonna stop until you answered.

Groaning, you rolled over and saw who was calling, and you answered sleepily.

“what?” you muttered into the phone.

“well good morning to you too” you heard Jack chuckle as you got out of bed and searched the room for you clothes.

“sorry, I’m just confused as to why…why you’re calling” you spoke..

“cause I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out” he spoke lowly, a smirk evident in his voice.

“seriously?” you scoffed.

“yeah? why wouldn’t I be serious?”

“last night you told me there wasn’t anything between us, no emotions or relationship between us, so sorry if I don’t wanna come ‘hang’”

“please, I was drunk I don’t even rem-” he started but you heard a tiny voice in the back “Jack, come back to bed”

you scoffed.

“(y/n) please.”

“no, don’t call me again. I just can’t deal with you right now, and clearly you need to figure some things out” and with that you hung up before he could say another word.

You let out a sigh of relief and settled back into bed a bit. 

Nate’s arm flew around you and he pulled you back into his chest more, you snuggling into him more.

“who was that?” he muttered.

“no one important.” you whispered a bit.

“alright.” he let out a little raspy chuckle. “let’s go back to bed for a bit, and then how about we go get something to eat afterwards.”

“perfect” you muttered, closing your eyes again, but feeling Nate’s lips push against your forehead.

“That's my girl”// Jack Maynard Imagine

Warnings: N/a

Word count: 825

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A/n: I have a lot of Jack Imagines on the way, I hope you dont mind! And for those of you who have requested imagines, they will be coming ! Love you guys !


I walked into my flat building and walked into the elevator. I clicked the floor and walked down the hall to my flat. I heard from inside 3 voices I recognized. I smiled and unlocked the door. I looked to see there were balloons scattered around the flat and my boyfriend Jack, his brother Conor -and our friend Joe on the couch.  I laughed and put my stuff by the door.

 "Hiii,“ The boys yelled simultaneously in high pitched helium-fueled voices. I smiled. "Hey guys,” I smiled. “Come hereeee,” Jack said. “Hold on let me go take my contacts out,” I said. I walked into our room and changed out of my work clothes into leggings and a loose t-shirt. I walked to the bathroom, took out my contacts and wiped off my makeup. I then threw my hair up after putting my glasses on. (Glasses that are round and clear-ish frames and are too big for face)

 I walked back into the living room to see the boys taking a break from filming. Jack looked up at me and took a picture of me for his Snapchat. “Let me see ittt,” I said walking over to them. He showed it to me and I looked at it the caption reading ‘she is so beautiful 😍’  My face turned red. “Aww,” Joe teased. I gave him a dirty look playfully.  I laughed and laid across the boys. My feet were on Joe’s lap and my head on Conor’s lap. “Hey Con,” I smiled. I had always had a good relationship with Conor. He was my best friend. “Heyyy,” he said. “Hey no fair my turn,” Jack whined. I laughed sitting up so I was sitting on his lap and my legs were still on Joe’s. I looked to see that Joe was playing with the balloon.

 "Do you think if I stick this up my nose and blow helium into it, it would have the same effect as blowing it into your mouth?“ He asked. I laughed and shook my head. "Try it,” Jack laughed. Joe tried to put the balloon up his nose and we were all laughing. It didn’t end up working but we all laughed about it. Jack wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek. I turned my head and quickly pecked his lips. “Ew,” Conor said. I smiled and kissed Jack again. “Can we finish filming? I’m so hungryyyy,” Joe complained. “Sorry Suggy,” I apologized, taking my legs off him and patting his head. He gave me a dirty look which made me laugh. I went to stand up but Jack held on to my waist. “I love you,” he said kissing my lips. “I love you too,” I smiled standing up. 

I walked into the kitchen and decided to order the boys pizza. I grabbed my laptop and sat on the floor across the room from the boys. I watched them for second and Jack made eye contact and winked at me. I smiled like an idiot and rolled my eyes playfully. I opened my laptop and worked on stuff that needed to be done for work. “I don’t fuck with you!” Joe sang. Jack and Conor both sang the next words but Jack got it first. Their laughs were contagious. I closed my laptop, not being able to work with all the noise. However, I didn’t mind one bit. I watched them as they played around with the balloons.

 "I can’t see why people look at me and only see the color of my face mm mm,“ Conor sang. I recognized the song immediately and smiled. Joe and Jack looked confused. "Is that from like Hairspray or something?” Jack asked. “Yeah I love that film,” Conor said laughing making Joe laugh. “The only reason I knew that is because Y/n love that film so much. It’s like an obsession,” he said. I shrugged. “I can’t help it. It’s just so good.” Jack laughed and did his outro. He turned the camera off and didn’t bother cleaning up his mess. 

There was a knock on the door. “I got it,” I said. I stood up and I opened the door and the pizza guy stood there. He looked at me, “That will be £16” I smiled slightly and walked back to my purse grabbing money. I heard a whistle come from the door. I turned around giving the guy a dirty look. “You must be wearing space pants because damn your ass is out of this league,” he said. 

Jack stood up, walking towards him. “Excuse me?” Jack said. “Actually their fucking baseball pants cause my ass is out of your league,” I said throwing the money at him. I grabbed the pizza and slammed the door. Joe and Conor were laughing their asses off. I looked at Jack to see he had a satisfied smile on his face. “That’s my girl,” he said pulling me into his arms.

Head canons where couples know each other so well that they know the one thing they could do to exploit the other person - but they never use it for evil because happiness.

  • Davey knows how much Jack likes kissing him. He’s incredibly tactile and when Davey protests that he has to work and not make out with his boyfriend, Jack just pouts and whines about it. The only time he’d ever held it over Jack’s head to get what he wanted was when Jack tried to grow a beard and the stubble was scratching at Davey’s face so he withheld kisses until Jack shaved.

  • Race would probably do anything to cuddle after sex, Spot reckons. He curls up and leeches off his body heat until he falls asleep and Spot is certain he could get Race to say or do anything in that moment if it meant the physical contact continued. But he’d never try, because that was the most vulnerable Race ever got and all Spot wanted to do was protect him, not be the one hurting him.
  • Sarah uses coffee to get kisses from Katherine sometimes. When she’s gone into a ‘writing coma’ where she won’t pay attention to anything but the article on her screen, the one thing that will get her attention is freshly brewed coffee so Sarah will make some and wait for Katherine to look up, handing over the cup only when she’s had a gentle kiss and a small apology for Katherine being so absorbed in her work.
Septiplier Smut (untitled)

Mark whined as Jack kept recording. He wanted him so bad…he was extremely horny and all he could think about was Jack. He wanted to push him over his desk and fuck him senseless.

//But, what if he did that to me?// The sudden thought startled Mark at first, making him shiver. Then, images of Jack looking down at him with a cocky smirk while he was on the brink of orgasm filled his head. He flushed as he thought about Jack bending him over his desk and fucking him so hard he wouldn’t be able to walk for a week. The more he thought about it, the more he liked the sound of it.

He rolled on his back on the bed, running his hands over his chest slightly and breathing heavier. He moaned softly and arched up, “Jack~…” He whined with a soft sigh, making the Irishman blush and look at him oddly through the camera. “Oh, Hah~…ah, Jack…yes~…” He moaned teasingly, arching off the bed slightly. He moaned, “H-Harder…oh god, please~…” He begged, causing Jack to shuffle and look at him uncomfortably. He moaned again, this time sounding desperate and needy. “G-God, Jack~…Please, just fuck me!~” He whined, arching up and rubbing over the bulge in his jeans.

Jack licked his lips and stood up, pinning Mark to the bed. “What t'he fook are ya doin’? Hm? Yer distractin’ ya know t'hat?” Jack growled, pulling Mark up and bending him over the desk. “Now, ya got me all hot ‘n bothered…I can’t work like t'his…yer gonna be punished.” He growled in Mark ear, making the older male shiver in anticipation. He moaned softly and looked back at Jack, “Fuck me~…” He begged.

Jack only smirked and grabbed the lube, pulling off his and Mark’s clothes. He lubed his fingers up and circled one around Mark’s entrance before pushing in at a teasingly slow rate. The action made Mark mewl in need and moan softly. Although the sensation was very weird, Mark liked it. Jack pushed his finger in and out, circling it inside, before he added the second one.

Mark gasped and gripped at the desk, moaning loudly. He had never felt full like this and he loved it. There was a little bit of discomfort,but it wasn’t enough to make Mark want to stop. He pushed back on Jack’s fingers and moaned helplessly. He wanted more. “Ya like t'hat? Ya like my fingers deep inside of ya?” Jack asked with a growl. Mark moaned, “Yes!~ I love it! Oh god, please~…!” He begged, his voice getting higher in pitch. Jack scissored his fingers, making Mark groan. As Jack stretched him out, Mark could feel the discomfort that was with it. Jack rubbed his back, feeling him breathe shakily. “I’m gonna add another, okay?” Mark nodded and choked back a moan when Jack pushed the third finger into him. Mark panted and looked at Jack with needy eyes as Jack started to thrust his fingers in him. He moaned and bit his lip shyly, cock throbbing for attention.

Jack pulled his fingers out and smirked, “Ya ready?” Mark blushed and nodded, watching Jack lube up his cock. He felt the tip press against his entrance and he moaned slightly, ready for it. Before he pushed in, Jack leaned over, “If it starts to hurt too much, tell me 'n I’ll stop.” He whispered before carefully pushing the tip into Mark. “Oh…god…” Mark moaned, wiggling his hips. The pain wasn’t horrible at all. In fact, Mark kind of liked it. Jack slowly pushed in and moaned, “Ah, shite…yer so tight, Mark…” He moaned. Mark sank his teeth into his lip as embarrassing noises threatened to spill out. Jack smirked and pulled Mark back, fixing the camera so it was right on him. Mark looked up and flushed red as he could see himself and could see Jack slowly sliding into him. “J-Jack…the cameras…” He said shyly. Jack smirked, “Ya…I’m gonna keep t'his recordin’ fer myself when ya go on business trips…” He said with a small pant. He slowly pulled out and pushed back in, holding Mark’s hips and thrusting softly. Mark moaned loudly and held onto the edge of the desk tightly. “F-Faster~…!” He begged, covering his mouth shyly. Jack smirked and thrusted faster and slightly harder, making Mark moan loudly. “Jack!~” He choked out as Jack hit his prostate. He reached down and stroked his cock, feeling his orgasm slowly approaching.

Jack moaned loudly and grabbed a fist full of Mark’s hair, pulling him up to look at the cameras. “I want ya t’ see yer'self cum, Mark.” He demanded. Both actions made Mark moans and stroke faster. “I-I’m close…Fuck~…” He whined, biting his lip. When he looked at the camera he turned bright red and moaned loudly. He sank his teeth into his lip, whining loudly. “Cum fer me, Mark~…” Jack growled, biting Mark’s neck.

Mark cried out and came on his hand and Jack’s desk, panting and whining when he felt Jack cum inside of him. Jack reached up and turned the cameras off, pulling out and smiling. “If ya wanted t’ bottom ya could'a jus’ said…” Jack teased as Mark stood up. “Oh shush.” Mark said with a blush.

Settle Down || Jack Maynard

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summary: where jack’s unsure if he can finally commit

word count: 1026

A/N: this is my first imagine on here sorry if it sucks bskdfj also sorry for third person the next one won’t be xx

dedicated to those whose writing i adore so much they inspired me to start my own blog x @buttercream-imagines, @cursivesugg, @buttercream-squad-imagines, @buttercream-squad-trash & @thatchermaynardimagines


It was never easy for Jack to settle on just one girl.  It wasn’t in his nature. He thrived on the attention he received, he prided himself on always being the friend to pick up the most girls on the weekends. He was the infamous player; it was a reputation he didn’t think he would ever be able to shake. And he didn’t know if he wanted to. What was the fun in that?

But then there was her. There was something he couldn’t quite put his finger on. All he knew was that she was absolutely alluring. Maybe it was the way her hair framed her face, and her constant efforts to tuck loose strands behind her ear. Maybe it was the fact that he couldn’t walk by a flower shop without remembering how enticing her scent was on the night they first met. Maybe it was that she was one of the few people who could genuinely make him laugh until his stomach hurt. Or that she was the last thing he caught himself thinking about before he fell asleep each night.

Worst of all, he knew exactly how she felt about him. Too many shots led to accidental shared secrets behind her slurred words last Friday night.  She couldn’t remember a thing that happened the next day, but her announcement was on repeat in his head.

“Jack,” she whined, cupping his face in her right hand, a drink in her left.

“Yes, (Y/N)?” He smiled.

She pursed her lips slightly before she continued.  “You know that you’re one of the only guys I’ve ever loved? I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it.  I really do love you.”  

He took a deep breath before responding.  It wasn’t exactly what he was planning on hearing when he walked into the club that night.

“You don’t mean that, (Y/N), you’re drunk,” he answered, gently pushing her arm to her side, trying to reason with her.

“Yes I am, but yes I do,” she answered, giggling up at him. “I know it’s stupid of me to.”

In that moment, his heart stopped.  The contents of his drink almost spilled out from shock. He didn’t know what to do, or what to say.  He evaded the conversation by excusing himself to the bar.  He ran his fingers around the rim of the glass, trying desperately to process what (Y/N) had just confessed.  Her? In love with him? Sure she didn’t think Jack was good enough for her.


For the next few days, Jack went back and forth with himself for hours.  He knew he had always felt the tiniest bit of something for her, but he had never come to full terms with it.  There were always new girls waking up in his bed, new numbers in his phone.  He didn’t have the time to think about his love for (Y/N).  Was it love?  Maybe it was.

To be honest, he was scared out of his mind. It was the first time in years that he was nervous about the potential of being with someone.  He hadn’t thought about having a girlfriend for what seemed like forever.  He was busy having too much fun to be caught up with the drama that comes with relationships. But he couldn’t forget what she told him.  Her words may have been slurred but the sincerity in her eyes was there. She was in love with him.

“Is she worth giving it all up for?”  Jack thought, sitting at his desk, distracting himself from getting any work done. What if it all went sour?  It would be time and a friendship that he could never get back.  He didn’t think he could make her happy.  At some point, he would be bound to to mess it up.  He was scared of ruining her.  It would kill him if he were ever the reason she was unhappy.

But what if it all worked out? It would be weekends out where he couldn’t play his usual games, he would only be allowed to dance with (Y/N).  It would be giving her all of his attention whether he liked it or not. He would finally have to put someone else before himself.

He knew he couldn’t sit in the same room with her and pretend he didn’t know how she felt.  Rather, he knew he couldn’t keep pretending that she wasn’t everything he had once described as someone he would want to end up with one day.  Her humor, her drive, her compassion for everyone around her. She was selfless, something he wasn’t.

All the times she had been the one to take care of him when he could hardly stand without ever asking for anything in return. When she was the one who remembered the smallest details about him that even his brother forgot. Or seeing how she interacted with his family when he introduced her for the first time. When he realized he was terrified of hearing her call any other guy hers.  

He imagined everything his friends would say if it actually happened.  The Jack Maynard settling down with just one girl? They’d never let him live it down.  It was a rarity he showed any bit of emotion, and he was about to do a complete 180.  

It was now or never.  If he didn’t stop sitting around contemplating what to do with his feelings, someone else would see how breathtaking she was before he could get the chance to tell her how he felt.

The hardest part was trying to put it all into words.  He must have typed, deleted, and retyped everything a thousand times.  Sentences turned to paragraphs and yet nothing was coming out just how he wanted. In this case, maybe less was more. Maybe he didn’t need a novel to say it in just the right way. His thumb grazed over the ‘send’ button, rereading it once more before gathering up enough courage to press it.

“(Y/N), I know you don’t remember telling me, but I love you too. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to realize.”

Your Just Jealous - Jack Maynard

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A/N: Super, super fluffy and cheesy, and sappy

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You and your boyfriend, Jack Maynard, had been dating for a year and three days. You had been counting, of course. You and Jack loved each other so much, strangers you meet would often ask if you guys were married. You dreamed that you would get married to him someday. Currently, Jack and you were doing nothing but laying in bed, cuddling, like you always do on Saturday mornings. Jack was on Snapchat, taking snaps of you and him. You were laying on top of his bare chest, his chin on your shoulder. While scrolling through Instagram you saw a picture of one your friends and her boyfriend doing a cute yoga pose. She was being lifted up in the air by her boyfriends feet, while holding hands for support. 

“Hey babe?” you said.

“Yeah.” said Jack.

“Can we try to do this?” you said showing the picture to Jack. He laughed. 

“We are never going to be able to do this.” he laughed. 

“Yes we can! Let’s do it! Please!!!” you pleaded with him. 

“Fine, fine, lets do this thing.” he gave in. He set his phone on the side table, and then grabbed yours and set it next to his. You got up off of him and stood up on the bed. Jack kicked the duvet back and put is hands and feet up in the air. You grabbed his hands and he put his feet on you waist. 

“Wait.” you said. Jack stopped. 

“Is everything okay?” asked Jack, concerned. 

“Yeah,” you paused, “Just don’t drop me on the floor.” Jack chuckled. 

“You worry to much.” he said. Jack slowly lifted you in the air and the higher you got the more you squeezed Jack’s hands. Jack was very wobbly, but he kept his grip on you. You let out a giggle. Jack let you down slowly. You stood up. 

“Again!” you said with excitement. 

“But we did it already!” whined Jack.

“Oh, come on Jackie-poo!” you said. You got down and kissed him. “For me?” You batted your eyelashes for extra cuteness. 

“Okay, just one more time.” he said. You scrambled up and got back in position. Jack put his feet on your hips again and grabbed a hold of your hands. He lifted you in the air again. You were giggling like mad. He lowered you a little bit so your face could reach his. You pecked his lips with a smile on both of your faces. Jack put you back in the air again. All of a sudden you heard a voice. 

“What are you guys doing?” asked Conor, Jack’s brother. Jack lost focus and dropped you. Luckily he dropped you on top of him. Jack let out a grunt. 

“What the fuck Conor? Why are you here?” asked Jack. You crawled off of Jack and sat next to him in bed.

“Why would I not be here?” retorted Conor. “I was standing there for two minutes straight and you guys didn’t notice me. You guys have to many sickening cute moments with each other.”

“Your just jealous Conor.” you teased. 

“Whatever, I can get girls when ever I want.” Conor shrugged it off. 

“But you can never get one to stay like I can!” teased Jack. He gave you a big sloppy kiss on the cheek. 

“Ew! Jack!” you giggled. You were only in your Calvin Klein bra, so you used a pillow to wipe of the spit that was left on your cheek. 

“You guys are gross. I’ll be in your kitchen, eating everything there.” said Conor leaving the room. 

“Your just jealous!” called out Jack. 

Rage Golf

Fic request: 
“ After yesterday’s videos, I really wanted to request something with Ethan and Jack where the Reader plays Golf with Friends with them and rage and laughter ensues, please?” 

It’s my boy Jack and little Ethan! Woohoo! 

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You were just about to do intro’s when the two boys started screaming. You looked into the camera, glaring playfully as your ears were ruptured by the noise. 
“Well then,” You said and Jack laughed. 
“Why didn’t ya join in?”  He asked. 
“Because you two are already making a fools of yourselves.” You said, “There doesn’t need to be a third idiot in this Skype call!” 
Ethan pretended to weep at your words while Jack chuckled. “Alright, lets start this!” 

You were just lining up the first shot, a straight line with the right amount of power would get you a hole-in-one. 
Then, just as you released the button, Jack shot off and his little green sphere rammed into yours, knocking you away from the hole. 
“Jack!” You yelled. 
“I’m sorry!” He replied, “I didn’t mean too!” 
“Ethan! Quick give me a boast!” You said as Ethan rolled towards you. But his ball slowed down, and with a little nudge to your ball, he stopped. 
“There you go,” Ethan grinned as you rolled not even an inch forward. 
“Thaaaanks” You joked. “You’re so much help.” 
With another little nudge, you rolled towards the hole. But Jack fired his off just as you were tipping over the edge of the hole, and it collided with you. 
“Jack! I swear to the almighty!” You screamed as Jack laughed. 
“I didn’t mean to!”  He told you as Ethan too slipped into the hole. 
“Stop hitting me!” 
“Well stop getting in my way!” Jack hollered with a smile. 
“This is going to be fun,” Ethan mumbled.

The next three holes didn’t help your score at all. Ethan accidentally knocked you off the course and sent you to the start. Then as you made it back, Jack’s cube bounced over you, halting your roll to the hole. 
“Jack,” You whined. “We talked about this!” 
“You’re deliberately trying to cock-block me.” Jack exclaimed. 
“We need to communicate more,” You said. “I think we should see other people.”
“Ethan!” Jack yelled, “Get over here!”
“But I’m already in the hole,” Ethan giggled.
“Fuuuuck” You and Jack whined together. 

“(Y/N) I see you over there,” Ethan laughed. “Don’t do it!”
You chuckled, lining up your shot with the little blue ball as Ethan rolled onto the green.
“(Y/N) I just made that jump!” Ethan pleaded, “Please, have mercy! I’m just a boy!”
“You’re in the lead, Ethan.” You said as you pulled back on your mouse. “I have to regain some sort of lead!”
You didn’t get to finish your sentence, for Jack ran into you, knocking you away from Ethan’s ball.
“Go! Go! GO!” Jack yelled dramatically as the two of you rolled into a corner.
“Jack! You saved me!” Ethan cried, shooting into the hole. “Thank you!”
“You’re welcome buddy!” The green-man said. But his grin turned to a frown as you shot into him, sending him flying off the course. 
“Now it’s just you and me, Irish-boy.” You said, grinning at the camera as Jack’s ball teleported back to his last spot. 
“Bring it on!” He replied and shot your ball off the green. 

“We’re never playing this game again,” You mumbled as the last score was added. 
“I enjoyed it,” Ethan said. 
“You won.” Jack laughed. 
You groaned and slid down your chair, disappearing from your camera’s view. 
“I’m just gonna go regret my decisions now.” 

  • Jack finds a stray dog one day sheltering under the same closed storefront as he is from the rain so he sits and talks to it 
  • “So youse an orphan too, huh? Sucks to be alone don’t it, bud.”
  • When the rain’s stopped the little puppy follows him on his way back to the lodging house and he’s not mad about the company so he lets it
  • It follows him up the fire escape steps and he’s like ??? how far up are you going to come? but it gets all the way to the top and can’t quite get over the ledge onto the roof itself so just sits there whining until Jack takes pity on it and lifts it over
  • It falls asleep with its chin on his knee
  • The next day it comes to Newsies Square with him, and then out selling Whenever it wandered off Jack would get sad and assume it was gone for good but then it would come find him again after an hour or two
  • The newsies conspire sneak it into the lodging house the next night and it sleeps at the foot of Jack’s bed
  • He calls it Sandstorm because, hey, now there’s one of those in New York too so really it’s not that different from Santa Fe after all
  • The first time Davey meets Sandstorm he tries to explain to Jack that it is a very big dog and Jack’s like ‘Dave it’s tiny, I could carry it around in one hand’, but the puppy has massive paws and Davey’s right (obviously) and it grows into a really big mongrel dog
  • It eats a lot but it’s also really cute so it helps Jack sell more papers and more than pays for itself
Night Of Surprises

Joe was determined.

Determined to get his best friend to join him and the boys on a night out.

It was long overdue, really.

Over the past four years of friendship, he had yet to get her to go out on the town with them, although he knew she went out with some of her girl friends occasionally.

The boys respected Y/N’s decision though, because they knew she was busy with school. She had a scholarship to maintain, and a job as well to help support her living, between work and studying, there just wasn’t much time to go out, so the rare occasion she had time to do so, it was with her girls.

The boys had groaned and moaned about how Y/N liked her girl friends better than them, but she was quick to remind them that all her other free time was spent with them. And even when she was studying she was around them.

So the boys were quick to shut up, knowing that there wasn’t much else they could say, because she was right, they did get her a lot of the time.

But Joe was still determined, because he wanted to have a fun night out with all of his best mates. Y/N included.

He waited until finals were done and all her papers were handed in. He had stolen her work schedule one day while they were hanging out, and so knew what night would work best.

Now he just had to convince her.

“You want me to come out with you guys?” She asked one night while they had dinner at Joe’s.

“Yes. You haven’t been out with us, and I’m sure Mikey and Jack could use a wing woman.”

“I just…” She pushed the food around her plate, “There’s probably more fun people to go out with.”

“Love, you’re my best friend. There is no one better. Please?”

“Fine,” Y/N finally sighed. “I’ll go out.”


“Yes, really.”

“This is going to be the best night ever.” Joe grinned, practically bouncing in his seat.

None of the boys knew what to expect.

When the night finally arrived, the boys were buzzing, ready to take their female friend out and show her the nightlife of London.

They figured that the girls nights she had had were probably pretty tame to their nights, and were excited to show her what an actual good time was.

“Ready?” Y/N asked, appearing from upstairs of Joe’s flat, smiling over at the boys, who had all fallen silent at her appearance.

The outfit she was wearing was unlike anything they had seen on her. They had seen similar outfits at the clubs, on the girls they had tried to pull, but not on their quiet and studious friend.

“Holy shit,” Jack broke the silence, “You look hot.”

“Awe, thanks Jack. Now, are you ready to go?” She asked again, spinning around on her heel and heading for the door, “Let’s go boys!”

The moment the boys stepped foot through the door of the club, the surprises continued.

Y/N lead them over to the bar, ordering a couple rounds of shots, and a few of the boys exchanged hesitant glances, wondering if she’d be able to handle them.

Until she threw back her shots, and a few of theirs, with ease, smiling casually at them.

“Time to dance!” She told them, pulling Joe and Conor out onto the floor with her, letting the music wash over her body as she began to dance.

Joe and Conor stood in shock as they watched her for a moment, unsure of how to react exactly, and judging my the looks on the other boys faces, neither did they.

None of them had seen her like this, so used to the quiet and reserved side, she was the type of person to throw herself into her studies, to roll her eyes when they did something stupid or Jack made an inappropriate comment. Now they were watching her become someone entirely different, but in a way so confident that they were mesmerized.

Because it was clearly still their Y/N, but letting loose and having more fun.

After the initial shock, the boys did their best to simply work with this newly discovered side of their friend, but continued to exchange shocked and confused looks throughout the night.

And the most surprising part was when she slipped her way through the crowd over to their small group to announce that she was leaving.

“Alone?” Joe asked worriedly, already preparing himself to leave as well.

“Nope,” Y/N shook her head, a sly smile on her lips, “With him.” She turned to point over her shoulder at a man standing a little ways back, who nodded over at her.

“Wait,” Jack shook his head, “You pulled?”

“Jealous?” She replied.


“Good.” Her smile switched to the one they were all used to, a beaming smile, “Thanks for dragging me out tonight, you guys. I had fun. I’ll see you tomorrow for dinner, right?”

Once they had all nodded, she winked and turned away from them, making her way back to the man waiting.

“Holy shit.” Josh mumbled, taking a long sip of his drink.

“This just isn’t fair,” Jack pouted.

“Did you know?” Conor asked, looking over at Joe, who shook his head.

“Had no idea. She’s full of surprises.”

“How do I find myself a best friend like that?!” Jack whined, “I want a hot party girl for a best friend!”

“Maybe one day,” Joe laughed, patting the younger man’s shoulder.

Attention Envy (Drabble)

“Seaaaaaaan!!!!” A distorted voice echoed throughout the apartment. “JAAAAAAACKABOY!!!!!”

“Whaaaaaat?” The Irish youtuber shouted back from his office through his open door.

His somewhat evil alter ego materialized at his door, his figure slumped forwards. “Seaaaaaaan!” Anti whined.

“I can hear you. Just taaaaaaalk!” Jack whined back.

Anti dragged his feet towards his human counterpart. “Dark is taking all the attentiooooooon!”

“So whaaaaaat?” Jack rolled his eyes. “And can we stop whining? I gotta finish preparing for PAX!”

Anti scoffed. “Just because Dark appeared in a tux all handsome and shit in that stupid Date with Markiplier video, everyone forgot about me!” The glitchy demon crossed his arms, all sassy. “He’s nothin’ but a goddamn copy cat!”

Jack didn’t give Anti an answer.

“Seaaaaan! Are you even listening to me?!” Anti shouted.

“Yes yes yes! I can hear you!” Jack sighed. “You’re worse than Signe when she’s being her tiny anger ball self.”

“I heard that!” came Signe’s voice from down the hallway.

The youtuber finished the last bit of the editing along with conversing with Robin, his editor, and turned his chair to look at Anti. “So what do you want to do?”

“I want people to direct their hype back onto me!” Anti threw his arms in the air.

“I did sneak peeks of you in some of the previous videos.” Jack said.

“That’s not enough…” Anti pouted. “Mark gave Dark a proper debut this time. And it’s an interaction ‘game’! How the hell do I beat that?!”

Jack shrugged. “I’m going to PAX like really soon and all the prepared videos are done. No way I’m sticking you in that collection, buddy. I’m tired.”

“Isn’t there someway for me to play around?!” Anti asked. His mind clicked. “How about I show up in front of the audience during your panel?”

“What?!” Jack exclaimed. “You’re not showing up and scare the shit out of everyone to ruin everything!”

“No, I don’t mean in my physical form! How about like an opening video for your panel?” Anti suggested.

“A what?” Jack shook his head. “Anti, I am really really tired. Let me rest up for the flight tomorrow, will ya?”

“Sleep is for the weak, you idiot! And I wanna join!” Anti used Jack’s own whining voice. “I wanna join! I wanna join! I wanna joinnnnn!”

“Sean! Make your demon shut up!!!” Signe shouted, obviously annoyed.

Anti frowned. “Why are you even with her?”

“To shut you up.” Jack simply answered. “Ever since she’s here, you rarely come here from your void.” He gave Anti a small smug smile.

“Because she’s a tiny anger ball!” Anti shouted.

“In your face!” Signe shouted.

Jack laughed and leaned back on his chair. He pondered for a moment. “Alright alright. I suppose the community would wanna see you again. I have to chat up with Robin for a bit.”

Anti pumped his fist in the air. “YES! Suck on that, Darkiplier!”


Across the ocean from Ireland to the USA in Mark’s home, Dark suddenly sneezed, scaring the crap out of a focused Mark.

“Gesundheit.” Mark said.

“Thanks.” Dark said. “Someone must have been talking shit behind my back.”

“I wonder who.” Mark asked.

Amy came in the room, throwing a bottle of hand sanitizer at Dark at full force.

“Oof!” Dark grunted, as the bottle landed smack dab onto his face.

“You are not spreading any germs in this house.” She pointed at Dark and left the room.

Dark’s eye twitched as he rubbed his poor injured face. “Why are you even with her?”

Mark laughed. “To get you to stop annoying me in this house.”

Dark rolled his eyes. “If you wanted me to go back to my dimension, you could have just said so.”

Mark smirked. “Where’s the fun in that?”