remember that time rans and holtzy made like……….an entire video presentation on hockey butts like……….that was so Gay……..they’re out here sneaking into jack’s room to admire his ass………….honestly @N…this isn’t Straight Behavior….

we have seen how good Bitty looks before a party but consider how he looks towards the end of the night

his face flushed from the alcohol and the dancing, a button or two have come undone sometime between monster and 7/11, his hair is mussed and his lips a shiny and full because things got a bit heated with one of those cute italian soccer boys

fratboy!luke (part 7)


a/n: I thought of this while hiking, go figure. I hope you like it. I mean if you hate it I guess that’s okay too. feedback is always appreciated!

word count: 3,656
requested: yes
warnings: nope

The sound of somebody crashing through Luke’s bedroom door shook you from your sleep several hours later. Darkness still hung in the sky, the sun having not yet broken over the horizon. Luke’s arms slid from around your waist as he was startled awake at the sound of Jack bursting into the room. You rubbed your eyes aggressively trying to adjust to the sudden pouring in of light from the hallway, barely able to make out Jack’s features in the harsh backlight, making him out as nothing more than a silhouette.

“Wake up sleepy heads! We’re going hiking!” Jack exclaimed in a sing-song voice, hand still on the doorknob. Luke groaned beside you, stretching his long body out, hearing his back crack at the movement. You sighed deeply, reaching for your phone.

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anonymous asked:

Hello pumpkin first off I LOVE THE COMIC and your amazing! <3 but I was wondering in an academy story-time Kristoff said he had to bunk with jack when all that stuff was going down with belle and Flynn but later in the comic we see jacks room and it's tiny and looks like it hardly fits 1 person. So how did that work out? P.S. I know I'm prolly over thinking this but it's just such a super awesome comic ;)P.SS you are awsome and *hugs* for writing this comic :D

I freakin’ love you “overthinking” and questioning stuff. Oh my gosh, when readers are keepin up and being beautiful - it makes my life. *hugs*

For your question, Jack’s room is actually pretty big. Probably the biggest dorm room.

This is his sleeping area:

It’s in this upstairs loft-ish area. He actually has a staircase leading to a small downstairs area.

That’s where Kristoff slept. 

Another reason I love his room. 


Deleted scene from Hannibal, S01E02, Amuse-Bouche

Will stands over comatose Abigail in her bed, holding her hand, feeling responsible. He is silent.

Inspired by this post made by @this-is-my-decline – check out their cool recaps! :)

[[Reaper76. Based off of post. Basically Blind!76 and Gabriel dealing with one of 76′s migraines. Brief mention of dissociation, also.]]


Gabriel pushes the door to Jack’s room open carefully. It’s dark and quiet with the only light coming from the hall. He takes a step forward, scanning the room. His eyes catch on something on the floor that has his stomach turning. He carefully scoops it up, inspecting the familiar visor. It isn’t cracked, at least.


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So I didn’t watch the APMAs. Here is what I’ve gathered from the wonderful people I follow here on Tumblr:

-Jack made out with someone’s grandma

-twenty one pilots won everything and people are angry

-more shade was thrown at Trace Cyrus

-the audio didn’t break this year!

-the maine wore leopard print suits

-Jack built a wall in front of Metro Station’s dressing room

-Jack was drunk

-Jack won the presidency

-basically Jack stole the show and everyone went along with it

Finding Mrs. Peel

Several of the episodes in Season 4 contain scenarios where Mrs. Peel has been taken by the bad guys or is in some other kind of danger and Steed has to find her before she is hurt or killed. These episodes are always harrowing for Steed: he cares very deeply about Mrs. Peel and wants to keep her safe, and his relief is always palpable when he finds her and the threat is neutralized. However, one episode among these, “The House that Jack Built,” stands out from the rest because of Steed’s reaction to finding Emma safe and sound. In “House,” Steed’s emotions upon finding Mrs. Peel are significantly more intense than in the others.

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Thoughts on how Leagues and Legends would be different with fem!Grey, based on this post:

Grey who lives in a room marked S. Grey where S is short for Sandra and hides that her real name is Samantha Graves.

Grey who knows that, as a woman, her options at the Academy are limited to sage or mage but doesn’t really care because all she wants to do is become a Librarian and stay the hell out of the mountains.

Grey who used to keep her hair long and in a sloppy braid over her shoulder but cropped it into a pixie cut when she left the mountains because with long hair she looks too much like her sister.

Grey who wakes up from nightmares and wishes that her sister were there, because some of her best childhood memories are of her sister braiding her hair when she crept into her room after a bad dream.

Grey who still rooms with Jack because he enrolled late and there weren’t any other rooms available but doesn’t mind because she knows that Jack just sees her as the little sister he never had.

Grey who was never the lady her father wanted her to be, more interested in books than parties and more willing to dress in casual clothes than a gown.

Grey who sometimes wonders if she’s the Lady of the Lake reborn and it’s not arrogance (or at least it’s not all arrogance), it’s the fact that she’s never seen another mage who’s as powerful as she is.

Grey who can still pull magic from the air without a second thought and tell you everything you need to know about almost any given subject but just happens to be a woman too.