jack's rolled up sleeves

Anxiety is a Glitch

Jack: *at his desk working on a thumbnail*

Anti: *appears behind him whilst the Jaws music plays* DANGER! DANGER!

Jack: *looks up* What the–?

Anti: *Jaws music intensifies* WE’RE ALL GUNNA DIE!

Jack: *quickly getting up from his desk and ready to run or fight* What? What is it?!

Anti: *Jaws music cuts out* Oh, nothing. I just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.

Jack: *rolls up his sleeve* I’m gunna punch you.

High school reunion AU for @zimmbitty who planted the idea in my head. I hope my loss sleep makes you happy.


An AU where Jack and Bitty happened to go to the same high school for maybe a year or two. (Here their age difference is around 3 years.)

How you ask? Coach is filling in temporarily maybe not as a Football coach but in some other position. It doesn’t matter *waves hands to misdirect from possible plot holes* just go with it…

Bitty is still into figure skating and in this high school, they have an actual ice skating ring in the premises!!!

And his skating lessons are usually before the hockey team plays. At first, he avoids the team but slowly realises they didn’t really care what he did so long as he left the ice on time.

Then Bitty started watching the practices and hockey looked kind of fun, (if you ignored the checking…) and maybe if he got into hockey he and Coach would have more stuff in common to talk about.

So one day after hockey practice is over, Bitty sneaks back into the ice with a broken hockey stick he found in the dumpster and put back together with duct tape and a flatted out can, and starts trying to get a hang of how the sport works.

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Camp Brigade: Part One

Orphan Brigade [Baby Years]: The story of how an infamous crime lord became the guardian of three children and a teenager.

“There’s no-one who can baby-sit them?” Geoff complained loudly as he paced the kitchen floor.

“Not for the full week. Everyone my age has exams. And everyone your age you need for the heist.” Ryan explained, lounging against the kitchen counter and Diet Coke in hand. 

“Then what do we do? We can’t take them with us! It’s too dangerous.” 

“Well…” Jack started, digging some leaflets out of a kitchen drawer. “It is the summer. Why don’t we send them to camp?” 

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Is it that obvious?  (FP Jones-Riverdale)

Requested by the lovely @sunnylilac : Can you do an FP Jones one? Where you’re around 25 and you put your dreams on hold to help a dying family member, that lives in the trailer park. You don’t really know much about the town but when you catch FP’s eye he will gladly show you around and give you a good time. It can always contain smut😊😊

Sorry for the wait, hope that the 8  pages make up for it :) <3  (smut at the end)

“Oh for fucks sake!” A young girl in her mid 20’s cursed at her phone as she got out of her little car. The GPS stopped working 5 minutes ago and now she was  a 100%  sure she was lost.

She  pulled out her purse, digging in it to find an actual map. Once she finally found it, she opened it up on the hood of her car, looking down at it, feeling even more lost.

She felt a smile spread across her face as she saw a red truck pull over besides her car. “Thank god, actual people.”

“You seem lost.” A  tall,  dark haired man in his late 40’s or maybe early 50’s, said as he got out of his car and walked over to her. He had such swagger in his walk that made him look younger than he was.

“Is it that obvious?” The girl smiled flipping her hair before straightening up and walking over to him. “I’m Y/N.” She offered him her hand which he took with a smirk.

“Nice to meet you. You can call me FP.”

“Well FP, it seems like you’re destined to be my savior today. Do you by any chance know how i could get  to Riverdale and further more a place called.. South side?” She questioned him looking down at her phone to read off the exact name.

“Yeah, I’m heading there, so if you want you can just follow my car and I’ll get you where you need to go.” FP said that breath taking smirk still on his lips.

“That would mean the world to me.”   She said with a joyful smile on her face.

“Alright. Wanna tell me where exactly you’re heading?” The man asked as she started to close up her map.

“I’m going to be staying with my aunt, she lives on the Marcus’ park at the very end.”

“Ah, Nancy?”

“Yeah. Since her husband died she needs someone to take care of her. And  i guess that’s me.” She smiled as she threw her purse and the map back in to the car.

“I see.” He nodded. “Ready?”

“Yeah, thanks again.” She smiled and both of them walked in to their cars, FP, driving of with Y/N close behind him.

He couldn’t help but think about the girl driving behind her. She was so young and so beautiful. Yet there was something about her that made her different in some way. The way she carried herself the way she smiled.

Coincidentally the girl behind him was thinking the same thing about the man who saved the day.

He could almost be her dad, yet she couldn’t stop thinking about how his hand felt in hers, how his hand would feel caressing her face as his lips gazed over her, his scruff starching her  soft skin. Or how his hand would feel sliding down her naked back as his body would be pressed against hers… “No!” She had to stop her before her mind took her to an even more inappropriate place. She shook her head trying to focus on the road and not the handsome guy in the truck in front of her.

“What’s wrong with you?” She whispered to herself as she saw a sign that read ‘Welcome to Riverdale.’

The truck in front of her took a left turn, so she mimicked him and in about 2 minutes they both came to a stop.

She got out of her car just as FP did the same. He walked over to her. “Thank you so much, i wouldn’t be able to get here without you.” She smiled.

“It’s no problem.” He waved his hand as if it was nothing.  “That’s your aunt’s trailer.” He ponied to the  very last trailer in a row of others.

“Thank you, let me make it up to you.” She smiled looking up at him. “How about i buy you a drink? Please, it’s the least i can do.”

“Sure.” He let out a chuckle, knowing she won’t back down until he accepts. Not that he minded. Spending more time with this beautiful girl, no one would complain.

“Yay, so where to?” She asked, remembering that she has no idea where anything is in this town.

“Across the street. It’s a small bar called The   Whyte Wyrm.” He said  as they started to walk.

But four steps later Y/N stepped in a weird way and lost balance. She would without a doubt  have fallen, and probably broke her nose, if it wasn’t for FP who caught her.

“You sure you’re up for a drink?” He joked, setting her back on her feet, but keeping his hand on the small of her back.

“Yeah, believe it or not, I’m less clumsy when I’m drunk than sober.” She said walking close to him as they both laughed.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” He nodded before entering the bar he previously pointed at.

“FP, the usual?” A guy that was probably the same age as Y/N asked soon after the duo sat down behind the bar.


“And what can I get you, beautiful?” The guy turned to Y/N who smiled at him, before asking FP what the usual was.

“Beer and a shot of Whiskey.” He said shortly, glaring at the younger guy.

“I’ll have the usual as well then.” She said, her smile still playing on her lips.

“Coming right up.’'  The guy said and walked away.

’'So i take it you come here often?” She turned to the man who she came here with.

“That obvious?” He said in the same tone she did before, when he  asked her if she’s lost, making her laugh.

“Well not everyone has the privilege of having ’'the usual”.“ She winked as the guy from before handed them their drinks.


“Cheers.” She said as they clicked their shots, drinking them and washing them down with a sip of beer.

“So how come you decided to come help your aunt out?”

“Well i finished uni last year and worked at a local shelter for a year and then i got the news that his husband passed away. Her son is god knows where, so i felt bad for the woman.”

“You just doped everything and moved here?” He asked, surprised.

“Pretty much.” She nodded. “I know, it’s crazy, but i can build my career anywhere, so why not here, I’m sure i will be able to find a job soon enough, so i will be able to help her out while I’m here.”

“Wow.” He said, clearly impressed.

“So, you’re a local here?” She turned the conversation towards him, curious to find out more about the mysterious man who she literally met in the middle of nowhere.

“Yeah, born and raised.” He said, taking a sip of his beer. “I live a couple trailers west of your aunt’s trailer.”

“Oh, do you live alone?”


“I’m sorry, i didn’t mean to prey.” She quickly apologized, noticing the changed expression on his face as she asked him that.

“That’s okay. My wife, packed her things, took my daughter and moved away. And my son is living with his friend.” He said, surprising himself. She was just so easy to talk to.

“Oh I’m so sorry,  that must of been a big hit for you.” She reached for his hand, squeezing it gently. And for some reason that brought a small smile to his face.

“Yeah, but it was a long time ago. And it was probably for the best.”

“Everything has a reason, right?”

“I guess so.” He said smiling at her optimism. “So what kind of jobs will you be applying for?”

“I was thinking, that i should go ask if any of the schools need a  counselor or something like that. If not, i might just take up being a waitress. That’s how i got trough 5 years of university so, I’m pretty good at making cocktails and purring shots.” She winked.

“Makes sense. You seem to be a people’s person.” He said smiling at their touching hands.

They continued to talk for over an hour before Y/N’s phone rang.

“Excuse me.” She smiled at him before picking up her phone without looking at the caller ID.

“Hello.” She answered “Oh hey auntie Nancy.”

Then silence. FP took that time to study the girl in front of him. She wore a floral sundress that reached the middle of her thighs. Giving the dress an hour glass shape, was a big red belt positioned at her natural waist. The whole outfit complimented by black ankle high heel boots that matched her leather jacked with rolled up sleeves. Her face was pale and round, framed by wonderful long hair. She wore simple yet glamorous (for Riverdale at least) make up.

“Yes I’m here, I’ll bring my bags there in a minute. Stay put, okay?” And with that she hang up her phone.

“I’m sorry I have to go. It was really nice talking to you.” She said pulling out her wallet and paying for the drinks before he could try to object.

“Do you need help with your bags?” He asked, offering her his hand  which she gratefully took.

“I don’t wanna bother you.” She smiled.

“It’s no bother.” He said as they walked out of the bar. It was already dark.

“Okay.” She smiled and nodded. “I would really appropriate that. I have to warn you tho. I have a lot of clothes, which means a lot of baggage.”

“I wouldn’t suspect anything else.” He said, his arm making its way around her waist. “Safety first.” He said as they walked over the spot where she tripped before.

“Okay take what you can.” She smiled as she opened the car doors.

“Of course, princess.” He said with a smirk as he took four suitcases in his arms, making the girl raise an eyebrow at him as she took two and was  hardy able to keep them in her hands.

It only took them 2 trips from the car to the trailer before they were finished. 

“Thank you.” She smiled at the man in front of her. “How will i ever  be able to repay you?”

“Let me buy you a drink tomorrow.” Was all he said before wrapping his hand around her waist and hugging her goodbye.

“See you tomorrow.” She smiled before walking inside.

The rest of the night was pretty busy for her. She unpacked all of her bags and talked to her aunt.  She was getting old and could hardly do anything on her own.

Around 3AM she finally showered and got to bed. Well couch. There was only one bed and that one was her aunt’s. So she had to sleep on the couch which was very uncomfortable. But after a whole day of driving and cleaning she fell asleep the second her head touched the pillow.

“Good morning auntie.” She said with a cheerful smile, helping the old lady out of bed and making both of them breakfast. As her aunt ate she got dressed in a black tight high waisted pencil skirt in to which she tucked a white dress shirt, finishing the look of with black high heal shoes. She put on her usual brown eye shadow and black eyeliner with a dark nude lipstick.

“Here we go.” Y/N said as she helped the old lady to the other couch and turned on the TV.  “I’ll be gone for a couple of hours, okay?”

The old woman nodded as the girl took her purse and walked out of the trailer.

She most differently didn’t look like someone who lived in a trailer park. Once in her car she put on her glasses and put her hair in a neat bun before driving to the Riverdale high school.

“Hello, I’m Y/N, Y/N Y/L, I called last night for the job interview.” She smiled, fixing her glasses as she waited for the lady to tell her where to go.

“Second door on the left.”

“Thank you.” She walked to the door she was directed to and knocked.

“Come in.”

“Hello, I’m Y/N Y/L, I’m here for the job interview.” She said again. this time to the old grey man sitting behind a big wooden desk.

“Ah, the  counselor, right?” He said reaching out his hand for her to shake.

“Yes, sir.”

“Please, sit.”

“Thank you.” She smiled before sitting down and reaching in to her purse. “Here’s my resume and everything you need to know.”

The man took her papers and started reading them. “Impressive.”

“Thank you.”

“Would you be able to start working tomorrow?” He asked.

“Of course!” She said happy that she found a new job.

“You would be working 4 hours a day, mostly taking care of special needs kids and probably taking a lot of students who are still griefing for their lost fried, Jason Blossom.” He told her a bit about what happened to the teenager not long before her arrival.

“Thank you, i guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.” She smiled before shaking his hand and walking out.

She drove back to the south side where she, as soon as she got out of the car, saw FP.

“Hey!” She smiled, locking the car and walking in his direction.

“Y/N?” He looked the girl up and down. “Wow, you cleaned up nicely.”

“Thank you.” She smiled, doing a small twirl. “So guess what?” She said  walking over to him, hugging him as a greeting.

“What?” He smirked, after pulling away from the hug and leaning back against his trailer.

“I got the job!” She smiled with excitement.

“Wow congrats!” He said hugging her again, this time tighter, almost lifting her off the ground. Making her giggle.

“We need to celebrate.” She said remembering his invitation from last night.

“Yes. Come in, i have a couple of beers in the fridge.” He said opening the door, letting her walk up the small steps in to his trailer.  He bit his lip, as he saw her ass in that tight little skirt sway from side to side when the walked up the stairs. He quickly followed her. Closing the doors behind them.

“Y/N?” He said making her turn around.

“Yea-” She was cut off by his lips pressed on hers. She stood frozen for a second, surprised.

“I’m sorry, i shouldn’t of done that.” He pulled away when he realized she didn’t react.

“No. You should of done that sooner.” She smiled stepping forward, titling her head up and pressing her lips against his. Kissing him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

He quickly wrapped his hands around her waist, lifting her up with ease.  “Lets celebrate then.” He said as carried her over to his bedroom, letting her back on her feel before sitting down on his bed with her standing between his  legs

“Goddamn, you’re beautiful.” He said almost enchanted as he ran his hands along her soft curves, paying special attention to her hips and ass. He turned her around and she let him. FP quickly unzipped her skirt pulling it down and revealing a black lace tons covering her privates. 

He let out a low growl before grabbing and spanking her ass making her let out a soft whimper. She decided to speed things up and took off her shirt, before turning around, revealing a matching lace bra. She straddled his lap and started to unbutton his his shirt as he continued to squeeze and spank her ass. Soon his shirt joined hers on he floor.

“These,” She said motioning to his pants. “need to go.”

“As you wish princess.” He said, lifting her up and flipping them around so she was on her back and he was able to stand up. In less than a second his pants were on the floor and his erection spring up against his stomach. “Your turn.” He said motioning to her bra.

She quickly unclasped it and threw it somewhere behind him as he took off her thong.

He leaned down, kissing her soft stomach, leaving a trail of kisses down to her hip then her thigh, his beard scratching her, somehow making everything feel even better. 

Finally his lips found the spot where she needed him the most.

“Yes!” She moaned out, her fingers finding themselves in his hair tugging on it lightly.

His hand traveled up to her breast, massaging it gently as his tongue was working  miracles oh her clit.

“FP! I need you!” She almost begged.

“Anything for you, princess.” He said bringing herself on top of her, leaning down and kissing her. She could taste herself on his lips as he positioned himself at her entrance. And a second later he was slowly pounding in and out of her making her eyes roll back. Due to his size and the way he moved, his slow movements felt better than anything she has ever felt before. But slowly he started to pick up the speed, making her wrap her arms around his neck, bringing him closer to her, wanting to feel more of him, she wrapped her legs around his waist, moving in the rhythm he lead.

“Yes, just like that.” She moaned out, pleasure written all over her face and a minute later she was moaning out his name as he helped her ride out  her orgasm.

The final shakes of her orgasm passing just as his thrusts started to become sloppy and uneven. “Come FP, cum for me.” She whispered biting on his neck as he hit his climax, a mix of low groans and moans filled the room they were in.

Collapsing next to her he wrapped her in his arms, both of them having  content smiles on their faces.

“Now this is a celebration.” She smiled, making them both laugh, still breathing heavily.



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AN: Hey, i hope i did it justice. tell me what you think. Any more requests? You know what to do :) <3<3<3

From the moment they met, Jack knew this was the man with which he would spend the rest of his life. 

“I hope y'all like pecan pie,” Eric Bittle said. He was small, blond, and southern, with a smile that could brighten a room and a pie that smelled like heaven held gently in his hands. Ransom and Holster were on him in seconds.

“Holy shit, did you make this? It’s spectacular!” said Holster, pieces of pecan flying from his mouth. He hadn’t bothered to grab a plate, or a fork, or anything resembling kitchen ware for that matter. 

“Uhh, yes?” Eric looked scandalized. Ransom and Shitty had joined in, grabbing bits of pie and cramming it in their mouths with a voracity that challenged wild hyenas. 

Jack was perched on the edge of the dining hall table, watching the chaos unfold. This wasn’t how he thought it would happen. After a moment, he rolled up his sleeve, tracing his fingers over the soul mark that occupied the inside of his arm. ‘I hope y'all like pecan pie’ was written in large loopy letters. From where Jack sat, he could see the rest of the boys converging on Bittle’s pie. He smiled at the horrified look on Eric’s face. He would be easy to love, Jack thought. 

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Also imagine:

-Gratuitous bath scene. Jack sends the maids running out screaming. Lizzy rolls up her sleeves and makes him get clean, LOL. #give jack a bath is possibly my favorite potc trope

-Jack showing up to dinner in just shirtsleeves and breeches, [what? they’re clean!] dead set on scandalizing Lizzy. Rather than humor him she ignores it and keeps eating. Henry is trying not to laugh the whole time, too delighted to have this legend of a pirate at their table.

-“You’re different around him,” Henry tells his mother.


           “No. Happier.”

           She tries to ignore it but knows it’s true.

-Jack tells her about all the failed adventures he’s had since they parted ways and she holds his hand.

-He’s so annoyed with himself for opening up to Elizabeth, HIM, Captain Jack Sparrow, pitied, by the woman who broke his heart—Jack picks the lock of the liquor cabinet and gets drunk again. Elizabeth then burns it all in the yard to make a point. Jack is equally infuriated and nostalgic…

-Jack is itchy and bored, feeling everything all too keenly with Elizabeth under his nose again and no rum to numb the pain. He needs to do something mischievous or he’s going to lose his mind. She put him in the adjoining room to keep a close eye on him. This backfires when he decides to slip into bed with her late at night. And double backfires when she snuggles with him and he doesn’t have the heart to wake her up to rub it in that he’s being bad. He’s not the only one who’s been alone all this time. #jack sneaking into lizzy’s bedroom is my other favorite trope

-The next morning she’s in a good mood at breakfast because she had a lovely dream but won’t spell it out in detail even though Jack tries to get it out of her and makes her blush. Henry is Clueless in true Will Turner fashion, bless.

-Jack tests the theory further the next night. At first she snuggles—but then she wakes up. “A little cruel to take advantage of a woman who has been without a man for twenty years, wouldn’t you say?”

Two decades. Has it really been that long? Where did the years go? Jack dares to cradle her face in his hand. The words are on the tip of his tongue. But what does he have left to lose, now? “Maybe I have not exactly lived as a monk, Lizzy, but I’ve needed you just as long.”

- Jack admits in a veiled way that losing her was the beginning of his decline. Elizabeth admits that aside from raising Henry she hasn’t really been at her best either, and has certainly been bored out of her mind playing a lady again. Jack stayed away all these years because of the curse. But if Will is cursed anyway…what’s to stop them from taking what they want? Oh dear oh dear a torrid affair ensues #sorry not sorry

-Jack’s recovery only goes uphill from here, and finally he agrees to help Henry find the trident of Poseidon—but only if Lizzy comes along too. Lizzy wonders if the sword of Black Beard might be of use to get the pearl out of the bottle. They decide to go find Barbossa.

-Somehow they pick up Carina along the way, because I like her.

-Salazar is freed some other way besides “betraying the compass” because that was fucking stupid. Maybe someone is stealing Calypso’s  power with magic, and her power is fading, and that’s why Will’s curse is going haywire, and Salazar is freed from the Devil’s Triangle. Therefore Calypso wants to find the lost trident of Poseidon too… #bring back Tia Dalma cuz she was awesome

-Where the fuck IS Poseidon? Why’s he just leaving his shit lying around?

-This outline has gotten way out of hand, I’ll leave it here. XD

olderbynow  asked:

duuuuuude 🔨

(so this isn’t exactly an AU? oh well!)

Jack Robinson was having a terrible day. 

His latest case was thin on suspects and even thinner on leads. He had spent a wasted day in a small town just outside Melbourne, interviewing distant relatives of the victim, ending up with less information than he had started with. He was tired, he was hungry, and could really have done with a glass of Phryne’s best Scotch. 

He sighed as he stared down into the engine of the police car. It had just…stopped, and damned if he knew why. He had rolled up his sleeves and folded his suit jacked over the back of the driver’s seat. He wished hadn’t worn his favorite tie. 

“Any luck, sir?” Hugh asked, wearily. He had returned from the 40 minute round trip back to the town, in search of assistance. The tiny village didn’t have a mechanic, but it did have a telephone, at the post office.

“Afraid not, Collins.” Jack brushed the back hair falling across his forehead with his arm, only to remember, too late, that he was greasy from his attempt at repairs. He bit his cheek in frustration. “Did you contact Miss Fisher?”

“Yes sir. Do you think she’ll sent Johnson and Yates to help?” Hugh asked hopefully.

Jack shrugged. “Perhaps. But we can’t rely on it. We should probably head back to town and hope we can find some accommodation.”

He was about to shut the hood of the car when he heard the low rumble of a vehicle approaching from behind. “Collins, flag down that car,” he ordered. Maybe they wouldn’t have to walk back. He wiped his hands with a handkerchief and reached for his suit jacket.

“Uh, sir…” Hugh stammered, as the vehicle screeched to a halt beside them.

“Do you gentlemen need some assistance?” called out a familiar cheerful, voice.

Jack looked up over the roof of the police car. “Miss Fisher?” He couldn’t keep the surprise out of his voice.

“Hello, Jack!” Phryne cried, jumping out of her car. “Hugh said you were in a bit of a jam.” She wore a pair of cotton trousers and a linen shirt under her duster, managing to look both pragmatic and elegant at the same time. Her hair was tied back with what was probably a very expensive kerchief. She reached into the back of the Hispano and brought out a tool box. “Now, what seems to be the problem?”

Jack stared. “You drove all the way out here.”

“Oh it was no trouble,” Phryne said, peering at the engine of the police car. “Turns out the Hispano can do a bit better than 80 miles an hour,” she added.

Jack closed his eyes briefly, deciding not to pursue that particular fact. “What are you doing?” he asked. Phryne was bent over the engine, spanner in hand, doing…well, Jack wasn’t sure what, exactly.

“Coming to your rescue, of course,” she said.

“Good thing too, Miss,” Hugh laughed with relief. “We’d given up hope!”

Jack glared at Hugh, who looked befuddled in response. “Mr. Johnson and Mr. Yates too busy fomenting revolution to lend a hand?”

“Can’t let Bert have all the fun, Jack,” Phryne said. “Now, let’s see if that does the trick. Go on, give it a try.”

Jack got behind the wheel and turned the ignition. The car roared to life. Phryne grinned with satisfaction.

Jack couldn’t help but smile. He shook his head, mostly at himself. “Is there no end to your accomplishments, Miss Fisher?”

“No need to thank me, Jack,” she winked. “Just tell me the details of your new murder and we’ll call it even.”

“Fair enough,” Jack said wryly. At least he was going to get that glass of Scotch after all.

What if Bob tries his hand out at baking because of Bitty, and when he comes down to visit Bitty and Jack with Alicia at Bitty’s bakery, he’s just rolling up his sleeves and ignoring Bitty’s horrified protests of “No no you’re a guest what are you doing” and going behind the counter like “Shhh son-in-law I can do this I practiced at home a lot ask Alicia.” (Alicia is in the background shaking her head and laughing under her breath like Bob’s baking history didn’t only consist of three mutilated batches of cookies and one lumpy pie).

The regulars who nearly spit out their coffee when they see Bad Bob Zimmermann in an apron, flour in his hair and both his arms laden with trays of mini pies and bread. Jack comes in after practice and goes to the counter, expecting Bitty but not really looking ahead as he says, “Hey, sweetheart. How was your day?” Bob just sticks his head from behind the counter and says, “Pretty good, son. How was yours?” and Jack just chokes on his own tongue as Bitty and Alicia try not to combust with laughter in the back. 

Slugs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Orphan Brigade [Baby Years]: The story of how an infamous crime lord became the guardian of three children and a teenager.

Jack noticed that something was wrong the second she looked across at Ray and noticed that the young boy wasn’t wearing his glasses.

“What’s up Ray?”

“My eyes are itchy.” Ray pouted, rubbing at them.

“You’ll just make it worse doing that.” Jack informed him softly, crouching down to get a better look.

“What’s up with the kid?” Geoff asked as he walked into the room. 

“Ray’s eyes. I think it might be an allergic reaction.”

The lads had recently convinced Geoff to let them keep a puppy they had found on the streets. It had only been with them one night, but the effects on Ray were already pretty bad. His eyes were bloodshot and puffy from rubbing them and he sounded like he had a cold when he spoke.

“What’s wrong Ray?” Gavin gasped as he noticed the commotion, running over to check on his brother.

“I think Rays allergic to the puppy.” Jack told him.

“Well we’re not getting rid of Kain!” Michael protested with a highly defensive tone of voice. “He’s just a baby! He didn’t mean anything bad!” 

“We might not have to get rid of him.” Jack held Rays hands to stop him from rubbing at his eyes. “We’ll get Ray some medicine to prevent his allergies. And until it works, we’ll have to be careful with where Kain’s allowed to go. Just the living room and the kitchen for now. He’s definitely not allowed in your bedroom.” Jack warned. “A bed full of dog hair will just make Ray feel worse.”

“Okay Jack…” Michael conceded.

“Where’s Kain now?”

“….. Sleeping in Rays bed.” Michael admitted, avoiding eye contact with anyone.

Jack sighed. She picked Ray up and passed him over to Geoff. “Take the boys out.” She instructed firmly. “Fresh air will help Ray feel better and make sure you get some medicine for him. I’ll stay here and make sure there’s no trace of dog hair left in the boys room.”

“Yes sir.” Geoff saluted, balancing Ray with his other hand. 

Jack laughed as she rolled up her sleeves, ready to tackle an unexpected day of cleaning duties.

Patching Things Up

Author’s note: So. Since I’m a huge fan of Newsies, I finally wrote a fanfic about it! There’s not much Davey and Crutchie fluff out there from what I’ve seen, so I took the liberty to write some. Hope you guys enjoy!

“Extra, Extra! Blazing inferno destroys town! Hundreds killed!” Jack held his newspaper high above his head, shouting out whatever came to his mind. After the strike, the headlines went back to being mediocre. Nothing on the pages was juicy enough to make good money, so he let his mind wander. The crazier the story, the more likely someone would be willing to buy the paper.

He was about to spout another headline, when he heard Crutchie chuckling beside him. “What?” Jack crossed his arms in defense. “You think you can do better?” Crutchie shook his head, his eyes crinkling in amusement. “Nah. But haven’t you used the inferno story before?” Jack huffed and felt his cheeks heat up. Leave it to Crutchie to point out the flaws in his selling method. “So what? The headline’s lousy. I ain’t gettin’ nothin’ out of the actual stories in here.”

Crutchie laughed and nudged Jack’s arm. “Relax. I ain’t doin’ good either. I had to play the sympathy card today. He said, motioning to his crutch. “And you know I hate doin’ that.” Jack put his arm around Crutchie’s shoulders. “Yeah, I know. You wanna try sellin’ somewhere else? This spot stinks worse than the headline.” Crutchie nodded, and the two of them walked along the busy sidewalk, attempting to find a better spot to sell.

Jack glanced down at Crutchie’s boots, noticing one of them had come untied. He’d woken up late that morning, and hadn’t had time to double knot the laces like he normally did. Still, he didn’t think anything of it until Crutchie stepped on the shoelace, and proceeded to take another step forward.

“Crutchie, wait!”

That was the last thing Crutchie heard before he began to fall. As he did, time seemed to slow down, as if it was happening in slow motion. He barely had time to put his hands out before hitting the concrete.

Panic shot through Jack as he rushed to Crutchie’s side, searching for any signs of an injury. “Oh my god, Crutch, are you okay? I knew I shoulda tied those laces tighter, I’m so sorry!” His mouth was running a mile a minute, but he didn’t care. Crutchie tried his best to reassure him that he was okay, but Jack wasn’t buying it. “I know what I saw, Crutchie. You fell pretty hard.” He helped him to his feet and brushed him off. “Now, let’s get you home.” Despite Jack’s insisting, Crutchie stayed put. “Jack, I’m fine. I just tripped. It’s no big deal.”

Jack rolled up Crutchie’s sleeve to reveal a strawberry red scrape on his elbow. He raised an eyebrow. “You call that fine?” Crutchie crossed his arms in annoyance before the two of them began walking back to the Lodging House. It’s not that he wasn’t hurt, he just hated being fussed over. The guys did that enough as it was. He didn’t need this wound added to the list.

By the time they got to the Lodging House, Crutchie’s sleeve was stained with blood. He prayed that nobody would notice so he could play it off like he was fine. His hopes were dashed however, when he and Jack stepped inside and saw Davey sitting in a chair, his nose buried in a book. “Davey?” Jack asked. “What’re you doin’ back already?”

Davey jumped, surprised to hear other voices in the house. Jack snickerd. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to scare ya.” Davey rolled his eyes and closed his book, making sure to mark the page. “You startled me, Jack. There’s a difference. Anyway, I sold all my papers early. The headline stinks, don’t you think?” Jack laughed and nodded. “Tell me about it. Worse than the Trolley Strike, huh, Crutch?” Crutchie nodded before realizing the attention was now focused on him. “Oh, and speaking of Crutchie, he took a pretty bad fall on the way back here. Think you could help us?” Davey got up from his seat and set the book down. “Well, sure. There should be some spare bandages in–” He stopped when he saw Crutchie’s elbow. He whistled. “That’s gonna need a lot more than a bandage…” He muttered to himself, as he took a closer look.

Crutchie tried to ignore the nervous fluttering in his stomach. “Really Davey, I’m right as rain. ‘Sides, ain’t your folks waitin’ for ya?” Davey shrugged. “Let ‘em wait. This is more important.” He took Crutchie by the arm and lead him into the bathroom. “Now, c’mon. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

The fluttering in Crutchie’s stomach only intensified when he saw Davey soak a cloth with clear liquid. “Do you have to use Witch Hazel on it?” His voice shook more than he’d intended and he put his hand protectively over his elbow. “Do you want this to get infected?” Davey asked. Crutchie sighed, and shook his head.

There really was no reason to be afraid. After all, it was just a little alcohol. But Crutchie had experience with people tending to his wounds. And most times, it hurt. Badly. Which is why he yanked his arm away the minute the cloth touched his skin.

“Ow! Davey!

Davey crossed his arms. “You know, this would be over a lot faster if you’d stop squirming.” Crutchie put his hand back over his elbow. “I’m tryin’ Davey! I just– It hurts.” In that moment, Davey was reminded of all the times he’d patched up Les after he got hurt. He saw a little bit of that in Crutchie. The same panicked expression, and the same need for reassurance. “I know it does. But you gotta trust me, okay? I’ll be gentle, I promise.” With that, Crutchie reluctantly removed his hand, revealing the scrape underneath.

Crutchie shuddered as Davey began to dab at the scrape, and willed himself not to pull away again. Davey bit his lip. He hated hurting his brothers, even if what he was doing was ultimately helping them. “Hang in there, Crutchie.” Davey said, as he continued to dab at the wound. He hoped to instill at least some sense of security in the younger boy, but Crutchie still seemed tense. After a few more minutes, Davey wrapped a clean bandage around his elbow, chuckling to himself. “You know, you can open your eyes now. I’m all done.” Crutchie hesitantly open his eyes, relieved to find a bandage in place of the stinging alcohol from earlier.

A satisfied smirk grew on Davey’s lips as he saw Crutchie’s body relax. “See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Crutchie crossed his arms and gave a mock pout. “Yeah yeah, whatever.” Davey laughed and nudged Crutchie’s arm. As the two of them walked into the living room, Crutchie couldn’t help but smile too. Despite his protests, he was glad Davey was willing to patch him up when he needed it.


Jack + Top 10 Favorite Civvies [top 5, in order by episode]


Pairing: Jack/Davey, Spot/Race, Finch/Crutchie, hints of Jack/Katherine
Verse: Modern!high school AU


Jack sighed, leaning back in his chair. “You going to homecoming?” He asked.

Dave looked up. “Don’t do that, you’re gonna break your head open. And no, I wasn’t planning on it.”

Jack set the chair legs back down with a bang. “Aw, you have to go. It’ll be fun.”

“I don’t like dances for one. And who would I even ask?” Dave asked, shuffling through his notes.

“You don’t need to have a date, most of the guys fly solo anyways.” Jack replied, coming over to lean on the back of Dave’s chair and look at his notes.

“I could take Crutchie.” Dave said wryly.

Jack laughed. “Crutchie’s staying at home with Finch this year. The words ‘dance’ and 'leg brace’ don’t really go together.”

“Well then who are you taking?”



“She’s a friend. We had sorta, a thing for a while. But now we’re just friends.”

Dave felt a stab of jealously shoot through his body. “Hm.” Was all he said.

“Please go, Davey.” Jack leaned over until he was half on top of Dave. “Pleeaaasseeee.”

“I don’t have anything to wear.” Dave complained, shoving Jack off of him.

“It’s just a fucking suit, it’s not like you’re going to meet the president.”

“You wear a suit to meet the president.”

“Daaaaavvveeeeyyyyy.” Jack whined.

Dave sighed. “Fine. Fine, I’ll go.”


Dave stood awkwardly in the corner of the dance. He had already dreamed up several creative ways to kill Jack for making him come. He found himself exceedingly jealous of Finch and Crutchie who had been watching movies for the past three hours, as they texted him. Dave looked across the room. Spot, Race, and Specs were tearing up the dance floor. Well, at least Specs could dance. The same couldn’t be said for the other two. Dave’s eyes landed upon Jack and Katherine. He had to admit, she was very pretty, but he couldn’t stop the sting of jealousy that ran through his veins whenever he saw her. As he watched them, Jack leaned down to whisper something in her ear. Katherine nodded, gesturing at something in some vague direction behind her. Jack smiled down at her, pressing a kiss on her cheek. Dave’s heart dropped down to the floor, his hands clenching into fists. Katherine laughed and shoved Jack away, whacking his head lightly. Jack smirked, sauntering over to where Dave was standing.

“Having fun Davey?” Jack yelled over the music.

“No.” Dave yelled back.

Jack laughed. “D'ya wanna go home?”


“Well comeon then.” Jack started to pull Dave out of the gym where the dance was.

“Wait, what about Katherine?” Dave asked, stopping him.

“She’s going home with one of her friends, Hannah, I think it was. They’re having a sleepover. Now comeon.” Jack got them out of the gym and into the cool air. “Isn’t that better?”

“Much.” Dave agreed, loosening his tie.

“I’ll walk ya home.” The two boys started to walk next to each other. They both knew the route back to Dave’s house like the back of their hand. Jack took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves. Dave did the same. The silence stretched out between them. Finally, Dave broke it.

“Did you have fun?” He asked quietly.

Jack shrugged, looking up at the stars. “It was okay I guess.” He looked down and smiled. “To be honest I only came because you did.”

Dave looked up at him in shock. “Well I only came because you asked me to.”

Jack smirked. “I know.”

Dave rammed him with his shoulder. “Asshole.” Jack laughed, the streets echoing with the sound of it, making Dave join in.

“Sorry I made you come.” Jack said, a few minutes later.

“It’s fine. Just don’t force me into any more dances.” Dave shoved him lightly again.

“Deal.” Jack smiled at him. They came up to the fire escape in the alley leading up to Dave’s window. “Sorry, about tonight.” Jack said, ruffling his hair.

“It’s okay. At least I got to spend some time with you.” Dave replied, grinning.

Jack looked at Dave, his hair a mess from him ruffling it. Then moved forward and kissed Dave on his cheek, well more the corner of his mouth then anything. When Jack withdrew, his cheeks were flushed.

“Sorry. Davey-I. Uh, Jesus.” Jack got out. Dave was still standing there in shock. Jack turned away to go, but then Dave said the only thing he could think of.

“I had a boyfriend.” Jack stopped, his back still to Dave. “His name was Darcy, we were together before I moved.” Dave continued. “We broke up because we decided long-distance relationships weren’t going to work. He was a reporter for the school newspaper.” Jacks shoulders stiffened. “I guess I have a type.” Dave smiled. Jack spun on his heel to face him. “You can kiss me again Jack.” Dave said quietly, Jacks eyes widened a bit. “But make sure you get me on the lips this time.”

Jacks eyes were wide, he stepped forward hesitantly. Dave was standing there, a hint of a smile on his lips. Jack reached up, one hand going around his waist and the other to cradle the back of his neck. Then, gently, he pulled Dave into a kiss. Dave tossed his jacket onto the fire escape, using both hands to pull Jack even closer. Jack made a shocked little noise at the enthusiasm Dave responded with, making the other boy smile a little. Then Jack pushed Dave back against the metal fire escape, kissing him equally as fierce. A small laugh escaped Dave’s lips because they were making out in an alley after homecoming which was so teenage cliche it hurt. But Dave wasn’t complaining. It may be cold and Jack may taste like spiked punch, but it was absolutely perfect. Except for-

“Ow.” Dave muttered. Jack drew back quickly.

“What is it? Did I hurt you?” He asked in a panicked voice.

“No, there was a stupid metal thing poking me in the back.”

The moment was gone. Jack stood a ways back, not knowing what to do with his hands.

“I-uh I better go. Your folks will be wondering where you are.” Jack glanced up at the window.

“Yeah.” Dave said quietly. Jack looked at him, then moved forward to kiss his cheek. Then Dave pulled him into a proper kiss. Jack reluctantly pulled away after a moment. “See you Monday.” Dave offered.

“Yeah, yeah. See you.” Jack smiled at him, before walking back out to the street.

Dave stood there for a moment, grinning stupidly, before he picked up his jacket and climbed up the escape to his room. As he was sliding inside the window, he heard a voice from inside the room.

“He’s cute.”

Dave turned around, but forgot his legs were still outside the window, causing him to fall flat on his face, slipping inside the window. He looked up to see Sarah sitting in a chair, a book open on her lap. She was smiling with a self-satisfied look on her face.

“What?” Dave asked, still in a heap on the floor.

“Saw you kissing eye candy down in the alley.” She expanded.

Dave’s eyes widened. “Sarah, please-”

“Relax little brother.” She interrupted. “I’m not going to tell mom. That’s something for you and your boyfriend to decide.”

“He’s not my boyfriend.” Dave protested.

“Sure he isn’t.” Sarah stood up and closed her book, sauntering out of the room. “He’s cute.” She said again.

The Big Four eating together

Jack: “Bitches, leave!”

Rapunzel: *gasps*

Merida: … It’s go time. *Rolls up her sleeves, prepares to beat up Jack* 

Hiccup: NONONONOnonono *holds back Merida* We’re playing “Guess the Movie Quote.” That was from Robo Cop.

Thinking about: Eric Bittle in his kitchen mixing pie filling. Jack sits at the counter, watching, admiring the sure movements of Bittle’s hands, the elegant turn of his wrist. His sleeves are rolled up, and Jack watches the shifting muscle of his forearms, thinks about that skin beneath his palms, warm and smooth. Bittle says his name. Jack blinks at him, aware it’s not the first time, aware he’s been caught staring. He blushes and meets Bittle’s gaze, basks in the fondness he finds there. “Sorry,” he says, “I was enjoying the view.”

Say Michael - Michael Clifford Smut

Summary: Your brothers friend Mikey and you don’t really know one another but you have a little bit of chemistry bubbling just below the surface.

Word count: 2.2K

You would think that working in an ice cream parlour would have some great advantages but I can assure you that none of them are worth it. I don’t care how good the ice cream is, it’s totally not worth it. Especially in my work. My work has a uniform in place which is a pink and white striped pinafore and a wicker hat, yes a wicker hat. We also have to have our hair tied back and barely any makeup is allowed. Try and look good whilst wearing that, not even a supermodel could pull it off. Believe me I’ve tried every trick in the book but I think it’s the wicker hat, it’s unbeatable. Also add to my list of ever growing pains is working on a Saturday whilst it’s scorching outside and no air conditioning. Yes, I think that just about sums up how I’m feeling right now.

Obviously because it’s so hot out everyone has came flooding in too. Days like these feel like they last an eternity, it’s just and endless flow of people in and out the door. Normally in a job you’d like to be kept busy but when you’re sweating and on your feet all day it drags in. At least the freezers work and the ice cream is cold, that’s a welcome distraction on my break.

I shuffled over to the sink near the back and wet a paper towel before placing it on my forehead, just trying to cool down for a quick second before I had to go and serve another customer. Before I knew it the bell on the door chimed, cutting my indulgence short. I threw the towel in the bin and walked around to the counter only to be met by my brothers smug face.

“Y/N, you look like shit!” He exclaimed, laughing lightly. I rolled my eyes, a taunting from my big brother is not something I’m up for today.

“Derek would you please just piss off. I’m having a shit day and you’re not helping!” I quickly looked through to the back to see if my manager was around, he doesn’t like me serving family, mainly he just doesn’t like my brother and I don’t blame him either, he’s a pain in the ass.

“Y/N, that’s not a very nice way to speak to your customers now is it?” He smiled at me with that stupid smug look on his face. What I’d give to be able to punch him right now.

“You know that you look like you just stepped out of Mary Poppins right?” He taunted, pushing my hat back and trying to knock it off my head. I grabbed my hat and slapped his hand away. Then I noticed that his friend started laughing too, I turned my focus towards him, I’ve never seen him before. He was tall, like really tall. He must be over six foot. His hair was black and messy but at the same time it looked like he’d styled it to perfection. He had an eyebrow piercing too, accentuating his bright green eyes and really red plump lips that contrasted against his pearly white teeth. His denim jack was rolled up at the sleeves too, showing off his tattoos on his arms and hands. I always liked tattoos, I had some of my own that I loved and would most probably be getting more. He was nothing like the guys that Derek normally hangs around with, he seemed a little darker.

I studied him over for a second before snapping back into reality “If you two aren’t going to but anything then you can get out.” I stated crossing my arms over my chest.

The boy with the green eyes stopped laughing and bit his lip as he snickered away. What an asshole.

“Okay, okay. Don’t get your knickers in a twist, I’m only teasing” Derek said, holding his hands up.

“Mikey, do you want anything?” He turned to look at the boy with the green eyes who looked at me again “Nah I’m fine” he crossed his arms across his chest to mimic my actions as he gave me a side smile. Urghh this guy is a dick, but a hot dick. He so frustrating.

“Okay well, I’ll just get a vanilla smoothie ….. pleaseee

Ever since Derek came into my work with Mikey, he’s been on my mind. How can I get so hung up on one guy that I met briefly. I mean I didn’t even speak to him, this is mad!

But it just so happens that today when I came downstairs that my thoughts became a reality.

“No way man, I’m not going to hang about while you suck the face off your girlfriend” I heard Mikey moan. Yeah I get that, Derek and his girlfriend were not a treat to be around, all they done was suck face.

“She said that her cousin might be there?”

“Who? The one from last time? No thanks, I think I’ll pass”

“Well dude it’s your choice but I’m going to go and get me some!” I walked into the kitchen as Derek hopped off the counter.

“Hey sis, maybe you should keep Mikey company because it looks like he’s going to be all by himself again!” He pointed to Mikey laughing before he left the kitchen leaving me and him in an awkward silence.

“You look … different.” I looked over to see him looking me up and down. I had a shift button up dress shirt on today and my makeup and hair was done to perfection. The sexual tension in the room between us was palpable, it’s like our breathing had gotten heavier and suddenly that’s all I could hear, he’s all I could feel.

“Well I don’t actually wear the wicker hat all the time. Sorry to disappoint you” I quipped. I pulled myself up onto the island that Derek had just left, sitting myself straight across from him.

Mikey pushed off the counter and walked towards me, biting that red lip as he came closer. “That’s a shame, I really liked that hat.” He moved in a little closer and placed his hands at either side of me, trapping me between his arms and piercing gaze.

“But I like this look better, who knew what was under that hat” he mumbled, brushing some hair out of my face. I closed my eyes for a second at his touch, my mouth parting slightly as my breath stuck. “What are you doing?” I managed to eventually say. My body wanted this but my mind was a little taken aback. Should I give in to my feelings?

“I see the way you look at me Y/N, you look like you’d like to see what’s under here too. Am I right?” He purred, licking his lip as he waited on my response. He green eyes expectant as he stared at my lips, eager for the words to come out.

“Yeah, you’re right” I said as I yanked on his jacket, pulling him closer to me before crashing my lips against his. All of my fears and doubts just melted away as soon as he was on my lips. His hands slipped up my back, holding me closer to his body as he slipped his tongue across my bottom lip. I parted my lips and he deepened the kiss, exploring my mouth with his tongue. I wanted to taste more of him, my body was aching for him.

I reached my hands up and ruffled them in his hair, holding his face close to me while I moaned into his mouth. He pulled my bum to the edge of the counter, pressing his groin against me. I could feel him twitch beneath his jeans and a rush of heat swelled over my body, I wanted him completely.

I pulled away from the kiss and Mikey continued to kiss all down the side of my neck “Take your clothes off!” I said in a hurried whisper. He stopped kissing and looked back up to me, his lips a little swollen and his eyes wild.

“Are you sure?” He asked hesitantly.

“Yes, I’m sure” I hooked my fingers in the waist of his jeans and pulled him closer to me, trying to unbutton them quickly but the rough fabric was proving trickier than I first anticipated. Mikey pulled his T-shirt up and over his head like a kid in a locker room. His skin was beautiful though, it caught my eye immediately. His shoulders looked bigger, stretching out a lot further than I thought. My fingers faltered for a second, the glimmer from his chest distracting me. Mikey started working on the buttons at the front of my dress, making quick work of them.

I managed to undo his jeans eventually and pulled them down along with his boxers. His dick stood hard and tall, it was a lot bigger than I’ve ever seen before. The veins running along it were thick and pulsing, running up to his pink cherry tip. He looked up to my stunned face, cocking his pierced eyebrow at me.

“Disappointed babe?” He purred. He knew he was big and there was no hiding the surprise on my face about it.

“You can stop with the smug grin all the time” I pushed against his shoulder slightly, trying to wipe that smirk off. He laughed lightly but continued to do it. 

“I think that you like it, I think you like when I’m a little bit of an asshole to you” Well he wasn’t wrong, he was actually right on the money. I did like it though, it made me want to punch him and kiss him all at the same time, extremely frustrating.

“You don’t know what I like yet” I winked at him before finishing undoing my buttons on my dress and sliding it off my shoulders. Mikey reached around with one hand and undone my bra in a quick second, pulling it off and throwing it to the floor.

He let out a groan at the sight of my chest and wasted no time attaching his lips to my neck again, fondling my breasts lightly. I tilted my head back to give him better access to my neck and chest.

He was working my body up, leaving me breathless as he touched me in all the right places. I slipped my hand between us and grabbed his cock. Pumping him slowly to begin with then working my speed up. He stopped kissing my neck and started nibbling on my ear, letting me hear every soft moan and breathless gasp that left his lips.

“Y/N please … I’m going to cum” He mumbled in my ear.

“Do you want to cum all over my tits and stomach Mikey?”

He shook his head a little as his head tilted back “No baby, I want to cum with you” He whined, clearly finding it hard to talk whilst I was pleasing him.

I slowed my hand down and he grabbed at my underwear, tearing it down my legs. His eyes were locked on my dripping core now.

“You’re all wet babe … so .. so wet” He slicked two fingers up my entrance and lightly traced my clit. I lay back on the cool marble of the island spreading my legs for him and watching him harden even more.

“Please Mikey … please” I pleaded with him as he lined himself up with me. He grabbed my hands, entwining his fingers with mine before pushing in. All I could feel in every part of my body was pleasure. Mikey’s eyes darkened as he held onto my hips, grabbing at the skin before pounding into me.

“Oh fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” I cried out whilst he continued to snap his hips forward, reaching deeper and deeper inside me.

“Say my name baby, say Michael. I wanna hear you scream it.” He lulled.

“Michael, please Michael! Please, please” I was right on the cusp of my orgasm. My stomach was tightening and that delicious feeling was spreading through my body. Michael brought his hand down to my clit and started to rub soft sloppy circles around it.

“SHIT MICHAEL! YES!” I grabbed onto his forearms and dug my nails in slightly, my orgasm washing over my full body. Michael continued to rub my clit softly to ride me through my orgasm. His hips slowing as he reached his sweet release.

“I’m cuming, I’m cuming Y/N. Shit” He breathed out a loud gruntled moan at the end. The kind that makes my insides erupt, hearing that sexy sound. He took a second before he pulled out but he didn’t pull away, he helped me sit back up and wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

 He kissed the top of my head “That was amazing” he breathed out.

“Yeah it was” I settled into his chest, hearing his heart beat slow back down again.

“Maybe we shouldn’t tell your brother about this” he giggled a little.

“Yeah, I agree” I laughed pulling out of the hug and redressing again.

“I mean, I’d rather that we were dating if I was going to tell him anything” he squinted his eyes a little.

“Is that your lame attempt of asking me out Michael?” I used his full name, he obviously likes it better and so do I.

A huge smile spread across his face and his eyes closed a little as he smiled. “Kinda” he laughed.

“As long as you never mention that hat ever again.” I bit my lip as I slid off the counter, looking up into those green eyes.

“I can’t make that kind of promise babe.” he chuckled.

Masterlist | Mobile Masterlist


Description:“your born with half of a tattoo somewhere on your body, and when you meet your soulmate the tattoo becomes complete.”
( okay so I’m feelin inspired. First thing tho for this au I made it so when you meet your soulmate it has to be in person. Also when the tattoo completes itself it hurts like hell. And this takes place at pax east. Enjoy.)

Jack sighed. This was the fifth blind date he’d had in a month. The girl was nice and all, but she wasn’t his soulmate. He didn’t feel anything when he meet her. Everyone says you feel something. He let out another sigh. ‘Oh well, he thought. He walked over to his computer, and opened up Skype. He clicked the call button, and waited for a response. A familiar face popped up.

“Hey!” The other man said, a chipper smile on his face. “Hey Mark.” Jack said. “Didn’t go well I guess?” Mark asked, giving Jack a sympathetic smile. “No it went fine. She… She just wasn’t the 'one’” Jack put air quotes around the word 'one’. “I’m beginning to think all this soulmate stuff is a load of crap.” Jack said bitterly. “Come on, you’ll meet the 'one’ one day.” Mark said. “Yeah whatever.” Jack pouted. “You just gotta be patient. It’ll happen before you know it.” “Yeah. Anyway, it’s later here I think I’m gonna work on some videos. Bye Mark.” Mark waved bye as Jack ended the call.

Jack didn’t really feel like talking to anyone. He’d only called Mark cause he felt like Mark deserved to know how it went. Jack wasn’t sure why he felt that way. He rubbed his face with his hands and looked at the half completed tattoo on his right forearm. He traced the design with his finger. 'Where are you?, Jack thought.

Jack bit his lip. He was so excited. His flight had just landed in America. He was attending PAX east. But he was mostly excited to meet everyone in person. He bounced on the balls on his heels as he waited for Mark, who was picking up from the airport. He couldn’t wait to meet the guy in person and to meet all his fans. 'Man this is goin be awesome! I hope no ones disappointed. Oh man I-’. His thought where interrupted by a hand on his shoulder. He spun around to see Mark’s smiling face.

“Hey Jack!” Mark said. Jack was about to respond when he felt a burning sensation on his forearm. His right forearm. He cried out in pain and grabbed his arm. He looked up at Mark to see he was in the same amount of pain. 'What the fuck is goin on?, Jack thought. He squeezed his eyes shut trying to bloke out the pain.

Then, just like that the pain was gone. He looked up at Mark, who was just as surprised. Suddenly it dawned on him and Jack rolled up his sleeve to check his tattoo. The incomplete tattoo he had gotten so used to over the years was now complete. “Oh my god!” He heard Mark exclaim. He looked at the older man to see him holding out his arm. Mark’s arm had a completed tattoo on it. In fact it was the same tattoo as Jack’s. “Wait. So does this mean…” Jack meet Mark’s gaze. The older man smiled. “Told you all you had to do was be patient.” Mark teased before pulling Jack into a hug.


Couldn’t fit these into my set, but like…Nathan’s butt and Essie’s adorable hopping. Would be a crime not to post