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gentle old boyfriend soldier 76 anyone?

seriously I just want an age gap fic with soldier 76 where it isn’t total daddy smut. I feel like we’re missing the soft side a bit, where 76 is a gentle loving boyfriend who worries about his younger s/o in a non sexualised overprotective parent way. he helps out with the things in life that are difficult when you’re new to it an it’s scary getting older. he feels insecure about hanging out with his s/o’s much younger friends because he doesn’t want to seem too old and un-cool. he’s hesitant about sexual activity because he wants his s/o to be 100% certain this is what they want and he doesn’t want to rush them into something they aren’t ready for. a story where his younger s/o helps him enjoy life again and not be so bitter and grumbling all the time. where they teach him to play and be childish again and forget about the weight of his responsibilities. at the same time he feels a purpose to help his s/o and guide them through their hard times with the help of his experience. a gentle and sensitive kind of love with kisses on the forehead, cuddles on the sofa, protective bear hugs, friendly teasing, reassuring and caring whispers.

Overwatch Old Time Family (2)

Overwatch Old Time Family is my original AU, about Efi’s Family(Ana,Fareeha,Hana) and their Friends. It base on 1930s US.

Mei is Ecologist and Environmentalist. She is friend of Lena. She is committed to protecting the environment and eradicating animal cruelty. Her house is full of books. Mei always busy because her research and activities.

Winston is little gorilla that Mei saved from the circus. Now Lena is taking care of him. He is very smart and clever. AND He loves Peanut Butter!

Angela owns her hospital. She is Efi’s family doctor. She is one of Ana’s old friend. She always worried Ana’s health.

Lúcio is a jazz musician and songwriter. He is so talented and famous. He’s the star of Ana’s jazz club. He can play most of instruments, and All of his songs are hits. He knows he is the best.

Reinhardt was a soldier works with Ana. Now He owns his Candy Shop. He is so thoughtful and warm-hearted man. Whenever Efi comes to the store, he always welcome her.

Zenyatta is mysterious guy. He sell breadcrumb(bird food) at the Park. People call him “Bird Man”. He bandaged up all over his face and body and always keeps his hat on. Nobody knows about him. In some cases, Efi became friends with Zenyatta, and He taught Efi a lot of things about the world.

Aleksandra was talented weightlifter, Now She’s a gym teacher in school. Her motto is physical strength. Sometimes Amélie calls her gym nut . . Her most important thing is the children.

Hanzo is the son of Shimada Group(multinational finance company) Chairman and Vice Chairman. He always serious. He’s the perfect “business man”. But unfortunately He has no sense of humor..

Genji had to work for company like his brother, But He refused his father’s will. Now He owns ice cream truck and be the ice-cream man. He’s very optimistic and cheerful guy.

Jack and Gabriel were a soldier works with Ana, Now Jack is a lieutenant of homicide divison, Gab is a lieutenant of gang and narcotics division. They are best friend! Jack and Gab are different teams, but they work together to help each other. After work, They spend time with Ana at the jazz club.

Bastion is a music box made by Torbjörn when Efi was young. It was a gift for Efi. (The name Bastion was named by Torbjörn). Ganymede(Efi’s Bird) loves Bastion’s song, He loves to sings together.

“Overwatch is actually a TV show on Netflix” AU

- Jack and Gabriel went to the same acting school and without Gab, Jack probably wouldn’t have gotten the role.

- McCree is a latino city boy and actually wanted to play Reaper, but he just pulls off that cowboy shtick too well!
- Genji, Amelie and Winston have to spent a lot of time in make-up, but Amelie is the only one complaining (“Why does she have to be blue? I don’t know either!”)
- Tracer is the one with the most Diva-ish attitude, but still very nice. She’s also an animal rights activist.
- Hanzo and Genji are brothers IRL. When Genji was given the role he insisted on his brother being casted, too. Hanzo was written very late in the production cycle. He got more screentime from Season 2 onward.
- Ana is a producer, directs most of the episodes and basically runs the project.
- Pharah does a lot of charity work and uses her new found fame to point at social issues. Ana is very proud of her.
- Angela is a methode actress, so she spent months before the shoot in university, reading up on actual medicine.
- Zarya is an olympian turned actress. Through the show she found her now girl-friend Mei.
- Reinhardt improvises most of his dialogue. No one know if it’s because he can’t remember the script or because he’s too lazy to learn it.
- Torbjörn is actually 5′8, so he has to be greenscreened into the scenes to look small (a la The Hobbit).
- Lùcio and Hana were only supposed to be cameo characters, but they became so popular that they kept appearing more and more after Season 2
- Bastion is made in CGI.
- Jamison is basically Mark Hamill: He keeps droping hints and spoilers at cons and in interviews and it drives the fandom insane. He’s also an active twitter user.
- Even though Mako is already fat, he has to wear an additional fat-suit to get the right look. IRL he’s a father of two and a former wrestler.
- Zenyatta is played by Doug Jones

Best Friends

Imagine for vibing-waves

/Imagine where y/n has feelings for her best friend Jack Gilinsky/

“Move” Jack pulled you by your arm “Or we are going to be late. And do to my record, that doesn’t help me”

“Not my fault you are always late” You smirked as you made your way down the hallway to the History class “And you know how much I hate history”

“Not my fault you hate history” Jack smirked as he used the same words as you. 

“Very original, Gilinsky” You rolled your eyes, looking for a sit for both of you.

You’ve never liked history, it was too boring, too long, too exhausting, too much of every bad thing there is. And having Jack, the love of your life, or as you have to call him, best friend, sitting next to you, doesn’t make the concentration any easier. You would always loose yourself, as you admired his profile. You loved the little frown he made very time he was trying to memorize something, or the way he would bite his lips as he tried to understand a subject. Everything about Jack was fascinating to you.

You didn’t know you had drifted off again until you saw Jack’s hand waving in front of your face.

“Sorry, what?” You asked trying to had the blush in your cheeks because jack had caught you staring at him.

“We have to do this project together” He chuckled “Why do you always space out so much?”

“I don’t know” You looked back at the board to see what the project was about “I guess I do it to not get bored”

“Okay whatever, back to the project” He replied grabbing his notebook to explain it to you.


“Stop it, Jack” You laughed as Jack spilled more water through his mouth, at your face. “It’s disgusting”

“And funny” He replied, cleaning your face “Disgusting and funny. That’s always the best combination”

“Off course, when you are not the one getting the face wet with water and saliva” You gave him a dirty look as he chuckled.

“You have to live a little, Y/N” Jack replied eating a grape from your food tray.

“Off course, I do” You smirked “I’ve been dead all this time”

“Quit it with the sarcasm” He rolled his eyes “But I mean it. You are beautiful, fun, and easy to hang out with”

Hearing the word “beautiful” coming out of his mouth when talking about you, made your heart speed up.

“You just don’t allow guys to approach you” He whispered looking at you.

“That’s because I already have my heart for someone” You replied looking as his eyes.

“Oh” Jack replied looking away. “He must be a lucky guy, then”

“He doesn’t know” You whispered.

“Why?” He asked looking at you again.

“I don’t think he feels the same way” You replied.

“He would be completely crazy if he didn’t have feelings for you” He made a half smile “You are amazing”

“It’s you, Jack” You whispered. You immediately looked away. You didn’t know why you have said it. You weren’t planning on telling him.

“What?” He asked as if he had heard wrong “You like me?”

“Stop making fun of me, Jack” You said as you tried to stand up.

“Wait” Jack replied, gabbing your hand, pulling you back next to him "Why haven’t you told me that?“

"Because we are best friends, Jack” You whispered “I not supposed to feel this way about you”

“Says who?” He looked at you as if you were crazy “Y/N, I have liked you since we met and I always thought you just wanted me as a friend!”

“You like me?” You asked smiling 

“Hell yeah, I do” He replied as he place his lips against yours, giving you a soft and gentle kiss. “Always had, always will”


Hope you liked it. I had written it earlier, but when I was bout to post it, I erased it by accident!

Das Herz einer Frau ist ein tiefer Ozean voller Geheimnisse. Aber jetzt wissen Sie, dass es einen Mann namens Jack Dawson gab, und dass er mich gerettet hat, in jeder Weise, wie ein Mensch nur von einem anderen gerettet werden kann. Ich hab nicht mal ein Bild von ihm. Er existiert nur noch in meiner Erinnerung.
—  Titanic (Rose)

Hey guys, so I have been observing the rate of how many people have been watching Revenge over the years and I am sad to say that the show is headed in a bad direction. Because of the low amount of viewers watching, it is most likely that season 4 will be the last season. The season finale of season 3 only had about 4 million views which is below the average for the ABC shows. If you want Revenge to stay on air (I sure as hell do) then spread the word and tell everyone to watch revenge. This show is my life and I always look forward to Sundays because of this show. 





If we can accomplish these goals then Revenge will stay on air for sure. Please use #saverevenge or any other way to spread the word. If we get over our set goals, then that would be our miracle. Good luck Revengers.



Things are seldom what they seem
Skim milk masquerades as cream…

A colour palette of natural shades dominates Unnatural Habits - neutral tones of black and white, brown and cream, beige and tan.  What appears natural masks what is unnatural - charitable institutions that are not, benefactors with ulterior motives, exports and cargo that include human traffic, people and their principles exposed.

A neutral colour palette usually provides a backdrop for bolder and stronger colours. But here there is little to break the bland and somewhat insipid palette -  it provides the background for something very nasty.

A romantic fishing trip on a shady bank, an idyll of natural browns and greens, opens the episode. Dot and Hugh’s picnic is the perfect central focus. Until Dot lands a dreadful catch.

The body’s discovery leads to a stately convent, which appears the epitome of protective piety in tones of pale sandstone surrounded by gentle greens.

But behind the rolling manicured lawn and ecclesiastical exterior lurks a sinister theme of exploitation and unscrupulous discipline.  The natural tones remain, but are transformed to dark and grim.

The investigative team are very much part of this colour theme, evident in the semi-circle formed in the convent corridor; Phryne, central in white wool and fur coat with touches and trim of taupe and grey blends with the subtle tones of white-washed walls and tiled flooring; Jack’s gaberdine coat mirrors Perpetua’s lay outfit; the sisters’ habits bookend the composition of the shot.

These colours transition to those of the laundry workers’ uniforms. 

There is alarm in Phryne’s realisation that her luxurious lingerie is laundered in Dickensian conditions. 

The interior courtyard of the convent contrasts starkly the grand exterior, the cream sandstone elevation shields a grey stone interior courtyard echoing the disparity between seeming to be, and being.

Sanderson is placed centrally in the shot above, comfortable visually and thematically in the environment where girls are exploited and the harsh discipline they endure is hidden. His role is to reassure continuity of purpose and function.  The nun’s habit and crucifix are at odds with Sister Dominica’s demeanour, the clothing of Perpetua and Sanderson blending fluently with their surrounds.

To investigate, Phryne must don the habit of those she wishes to expose.  She needs to blend in to infiltrate.  How to do this?  Use the colour palette of the environment.

From laundry basket to the laundry itself, there is a blandness of hues and tones.  The depressing surrounds provide no colour to contrast conditions.  Phryne not only blends with the environment but the palette provides alignment of sympathies too.

There is a striking similarity in some of the dress in terms of colour and textures. But whilst there may be a case for, as it were, clothes being cut from the same cloth, the style and situation of the wearers only serves to juxtapose circumstances:

Some outfits that are true to the palette appear so similar that they seem to defy status and position.

The milieu of the docks and The Pandarus itself provide further exploration of the palette. Drab, depressing and sinister are evoked in the rusty galvanised warehouses, in the hessian and ropes, in the spars and cordage of the rigging. Black cars that contrast the surrounds suggest intrigue but also position and status. But rank associated with superiority and intrigue can lead to tested relationships, especially for our Jack (who’s hardly had a mention in this post - must do something about that…)

Phryne’s parlour provides some rare splashes of colour as investigations must move away from City South.  Jack has been side-lined and is not only caught between formal inquiry and Sanderson, but between Rosie and Phryne, and ultimately Rosie and her nearest and dearest.  The web of intrigue surrounding the case, and relationships among key players become inextricable entwined in a complex plot where allegiances are tested and trust shattered.

Rosie’s elegant outfit of aubergine and dark crimson reflects Phryne’s black coat, heavily embroidered with a brocade of crimson and gold -er #coughs# roses.  It is the only outfit Phryne wears in this ep (until her gown at the end) that diverges from neutral tones.

Despite the compatibility of colour and theme, the communication between the two women is terse.  Rosie accuses Phryne of making things more difficult for Jack - an attention that does not go unnoticed by Aunt P whose outfit remains true to the colour palette. 

Ironically of course, Phryne and Jack’s persistence with the case exposes both Rosie’s fiancé’s and her father’s illegal dealings and corruption. Jack battles past loyalties to Sanderson and is confounded by Sanderson’s handling of the case and his attitude to Phryne.  In addition he must confront Rosie’s role which is ambiguous. She appears in partnership with her fiancé, defends her father’s decisions, yet sets herself against Phryne in defense of Jack himself.  Where her loyalties lie is confusing.

Jack is often pictured as physically caught between the factions.

Somehow Sidney “The Spiv” Fletcher manages to ingratiate himself with the palette albeit a rather shiny version.  He and his fiancée do dress harmoniously.

And what of our Jack, whose dark suits, gab coat and fedora rarely stray from a sombre palette?  Can I make anything at all of his role in this particular exposé of the MFMM colour palette that warrants a mention, let alone a pic or two (or three or four…)? Why yes!

In this ep Jack emerges from shadows, both figuratively and literally. We see him, initially, blending with the grey stone interior of the convent - his coat and shirt reflecting the grey stone and mortar.

The shadows begin to appear in the morgue where Bernadette’s body reveals some gruesome details. 

Then there is THAT scene  - we have a Jack emerging from the shadows of reticence and reserve. We see him let down his guard in a moment of true intimacy.  The shadows cast by the blinds in the background emphasise the emergence of light from dark.  Unfortunately momentary…

Then there is the slow reveal of his erstwhile father-in-law’s, his superior’s, dealings - layer upon layer, darker and darker  - with his godson and fiancé to his former wife, and the trafficking of girls. Jack must initially challenge, then defy, then accuse his boss in pursuing the case.  The progress is constantly cast by shadows, dimly-lit rooms …

hazy docks…

murky boat decks …

shady deals.

But can something positive come from these tenebrous events?  Is there some phracking light at the end of the sombre tunnel? Is Jack abandoning some of his reserve to find an emotional attachment triggered by that physical one? Is there time?

“Is it too late?”