jack's bar

Second episode in the first season of Samurai Jack: 

Jack is confuzzled about the future and wants a drink. He heads into a bar and feels so out of place in this time. After getting into a minor scuffle at this bar, Jack befriends a group of talking dogs who request his help in getting out of forced labor. Tons of funny jokes are littered throughout the episode :D

Second episode in the fifth season of Samurai Jack:

Light comedy from Aku which is quickly zapped from you as it focuses back on Jack. 

Jack is tired. He thinks about suicide as his attackers try to kill him. He ends up killing one of Aku’s bots but SIKE it’s a real person which causes Jack more emotional trauma, since he has never killed a human before. As he bleeds out from getting stabbed, he falls into a fast paced river which could ultimately drown his unconscious body.

Oh and a white wolf dies, blood staining its coat and its eyes open and dull, from its attackers as well. :(

Hey do you ever think about the possibility of Kaidan just. Overhearing snippets of things in me2?

Like say Shepard is at a bar with Jack or Zaeed while the Normandy is at the citadel for a supply run. Kaidan also happens to be on the citadel to report in and has a few hours to himself, so he goes to the bar. And walks in right as Shepard and companion are discussing their close calls. But he doesn’t notice where they are- right at the bar behind him- until Shepard starts ranting like “and as if Horizon wasn’t enough(Kaidan spits out his drink at the sudden realization of who’s right behind him) THEN there was all that shit on the COLLECTOR SHIP and BEING AMBUSHED and how it JUST SO HAPPENS that THAT was the ship that ACTUALLY KILLED ME blah blah blah” and he just. Sits there like “what the fuck what they fuck oh my god what thefuck shePARD WHAT THE FUCK” until they leave

Or maybe he’s investigating some shit on Omega and Shep and Garrus and Tali walk by like "okay so you’re sure we have everything” “well I can’t think of anything we’re missing” “I hope you’re right bc it would suck if we went through the omega 4 relay and THEN realized that we’re missing heat clips or some shit” “haha yeah that would suck” and poor Kaidan is just shrieking on the inside because DID THEY JUST SAY THE OMEGA 4 RELAY. THE OMEG- OH MY GOD THEY’RE GONNA FUCKING DIE

Shepard walks right past him without noticing and he thinks they’re being petty until he sees Garrus chasing Shepard down like “shepard, SHEPARD, what are you DOING, you haven’t slept in a week and a half, this isn’t(hi Kaidan) the time to hunt down gang bosses shePARD WAIT” and they just. Keep stomping towards their goal. And Kaidan’s like “oh god dammit they’re not sleeping. Fuck. Fuck”

Or they’re in the same weapons shop and the little person goes up to Shepard like “you were just in here a month ago your gun shouldn’t be that severely damaged” and Kaidan’s like “what” and Shepard pulls out this melted and dented mess of a gun and just says “Tuchanka” And Kaidan has to duck out because he’s choking on laughter

Just random snippets of shit. Some of it is funny, some of it is horrifying and some of it is just…sad. it’s such a tropey idea but I can’t stop thinking about it

  • Spot: So, Jack Kelly. It's been a while. I see you haven't matured since we last saw each other.
  • Jack: I see you haven't grown since we last saw each other.
  • Spot: yoU SON OF A BITCH
Jack Pearson sets the bar higher.

In yesterday’s live chat with Milo and Mandy before west coast premiere of the finale, a fan commented saying she (we all lol) has set the bars higher for men after watching Jack and MIlo said that Jack’s not perfect. You know what? Of course he’s not perfect. Rebecca isn’t either. No one is. The reason why we’ve set our bars higher after watching Jack is BECAUSE we see the imperfections in him and we see the multiple ways he has tried to overcome it. He drinks a lot for a year when the kids were little, he stopped immediately after Rebecca told him off, immediately determined he’s going to be the 200% parent Rebecca expects him to be. He knew they were drifting and he made an effort to rent their old house and put lights and shit for Rebecca just to make sure she knows he loves her more than anything in the world still. He wanted to steal from a bar last night and he stopped because he noticed Rebecca and I bet you a hundred bucks the reason he stopped isn’t because it’s true love at first sight, it’s because that true love at first sight made him think that woman deserves a better man. In the last scene, he got drunk and he knows it, he doesn’t know how to make it right again (he mumbled on going to support group) but he knows that if his wife wants him out, he will be because he respects her. He gave the most beautiful speech and still walked out, why? Because that’s what a respectful man does, he knows he did wrong and she needs space. He’s not perfect but he tries to be better ALL THE FREAKING TIME and THAT is why we’ve set our bars higher on our choices in men after watching the show. 

Imagine Jack getting overprotective when you talk to boys because he’s like your big brother.

Some boy: Hey, there. Can I buy you a drink?

Y/N: Of course. Some rum would be nice. *winks*

Some boy: *smirks and walks to the bar*

Jack: Hey, Mate. Whatcha doing talking to that girl?

Some boy: Why does it matter?

Jack: *throws a punch; possibly breaking the boy’s nose* Yeah, don’t talk to her again.

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