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Well he must’ve done something right. You turned out pretty good.

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hey 👋 can i have some headcanons for mccree and prefall jack and gabe about if their s/o missed them so much from a mission they waited for the drop ship to come down (like waited in that area?) and greeted them or woke up bc the dropship coming down was loud? (hard to explain lol sorry!! love your blog ❤️)


• His face would light up, not expecting to see you greeting him as he came off the dropship

• He would drop his bags and absolutely bear hug you and smother you in kisses, happy to see you after a difficult mission

• Wouldn’t want to let you go, you find out later in private that the mission took a wrong turn and he wasn’t going to make it back

• Which means he now appreciates every minute with you even more

• You would definitely get some glances for how long you two were in each other’s embrace at the foot of the dropship


• Seeing your face amongst the crowd made his heart lift

• Being the Strike-Commander, he had to give a press release of the latest mission to the UN, but knowing you were there made him even more confident than usual

• He would make his way down to you after the statement, cool and graceful before taking your hand and kissing it; the epitome of a professional couple

• Behind closed doors he would kiss you passionately, twirling you around in a hug

• His persona is aloof and commanding in public, but with you in private he’s grateful to be able to just let go


• The dropship landed later at night, so he wasn’t expecting anyone to be greeting hin from the latest mission

• Safe to say he was shocked but delighted to see you standing there, a blanket around your shoulders and one of his beanies perched on your head, protecting you from the cold

• He tried to act casual, but his heart was pacing, practically sprinting over to you

• Pet names were just flying. Gabe was so grateful you took time out of your needed sleep schedule just to see him

• Happily walked you back to your shared room, one arm around your shoulders and snuggled into him

Haven’t Seen Her

Title: Haven’t Seen Her

Author: SomeonexSomeone

Pairing: Jacksepticeye x fem!reader

Word Count: 1766 

Summary: Jack has a new girlfriend?

A/N: This story is told as the reader is female. For my NonBinary/Male pals out there, if you would like for me to rewrite the story with genderless pronouns, just let me know and I’ll get it up as soon as possible

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Jack had a new girlfriend. The internet was buzzing, his community talking about it on every form of social media. Who had managed to catch the eye of the sweet, loud, Irish boy? More importantly, how had they not noticed? The clues should have been as clear as day, not to mention all the times he mentioned you.

       The first time he mentioned you, it was a passing remark. No one really took notice of it, too occupied laughing and focused on what the Irish man was doing. Smiling, he held up a handful of containers, and a small note with scribbles on it.

       “So, I got my make up here that was so generously loaned to me. (Y/N) put a little list here for me so I knew what order to put them on.”

       The second time was a few months later, when he was doing a new and improved house tour. Not much changed, though it was always entertaining to watch the shaky camera and the happy voice accompanying it.

       “This plant is very pretty. Its not mine though, I’m just watching over it while (Y/N) visits her family.”

       Yet, the fans still didn’t seem to pick up on anything. Sure, there were a few comments here and there about what he had said, but they were buried deep in the comments section, covered by links and click bait ads.

       The third time sparked interest within his community, more and more people noticing your name popping up here and there, casually as if he had already told them who you were. Had he? Or was this a new development?

       “What’s my favourite memory of 2015? Oh, that’d have to be the time a bunch of my friends and I went on a group camping trip. It was amazing. I never really get to hang out with people as much, not that I’m complaining or anything. It was just nice to get away for the weekend. (Y/N) and I had canoed down the river, and almost got lost if it wasn’t for her being smart enough to bring a compass.”

       By now, theories began to pop up. Did Jack get a girlfriend? An old family friend? A neighbour? No one could figure it out, and Jack had given them no clues. People began writing stories, drawing art, trying to guess who you were and what you looked like. It wasn’t until the four incident, when they finally got some clue into who you were.

       “Top of the morning to you laddies. My name is Jacksepticeye!”

       Thousands of people watched in confusion as Jack sat in front of the screen, his face being the only thing seen, awe and confusion on his face as he looked off screen, and not the game that was put in the title. That wasn’t the only thing that was off. The voice of the intro, however, wasn’t his. It was a woman’s voice, melodic and teasing as she practically screamed the line he was known for. Jack laughed, slouching over the table slightly before quickly standing up, only the corner of his jaw seen of his face, whispering something to someone off screen. There was a laugh, then Jack getting pushed back into view of the camera, before the video reset, playing the intro as it should have been, as if nothing had happened. An arm, a hand, and a glimpse of hair was all they got, but it was enough to explode the internet.  

       The fifth incident was different than the others. It was a vlog, nothing too unusual for Jack to do every now and then. However, this time, he stood in front of a hair salon, his green hair faded so much it was practically yellow.

       “Top of the morning to you laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome to another vlog! I know I’ve been doing quite a few of these lately, but this time, I’ve brought you to the hairdresser! Tons of people asked me to show me going to get my haired dyed, and the process of it. And in order to not bore myself. I’ve brought along a friend!”

       There was a cheerful hello in the background, but Jack hadn’t turned the camera, the voice hidden, and the person unknown. Was this (Y/N)? The girl that had started showing up in Jacks videos more and more? The audience waited in anticipation, enjoying themselves already.

       The video continues, Jack doing things here and there, cracking a few jokes and introducing the lady who was dying his hair. However, it was soon obvious whom he had brought with him, as the same name rang out half way through, and a woman walking behind Jack as he filmed himself looking in the mirror. The mystery girl had returned. Fans eagerly watched, hoping to catch another glimpse of her. However, the only thing they got was Jack retelling a joke you had said, or repeating a funny comment while you laughed in the background. It wasn’t until the end, when you were revealed again.

       “Don’t I look soooooo pretty!”

       Jack’s voice was high pitched, hands pulling your hair so it curled over his head, which was partially dyed to match his, as he smiled sweetly into the camera. You laughed from behind him, quickly stealing the camera, and your hair back, from his hands and flipping the camera to filming him. However, the camera had turned to your face, and for a split second, the world saw your face.

       Twitter blew up minutes after the vlog was posted, the hashtag #WhoIsJack’sNewGirlfriend? spread like wildfire, single shots of your blurry face everywhere.

       The sixth mention, wasn’t as much as a mention, but more a video. The video was titled “HAPPY WHEELS CHALLENGE…WITH A GUEST?!?!”, no mention of who it was, or if they had been on a video with him before. Fans spectated the video, starting with the intro, just as it always was. However, the camera was placed differently, so that Jack was completely visible till his waist. His arms were behind him, and two smaller hands replaced them, high-fiving the air beside the camera. Jack laughed as the hand totally failed, but continued to do his intro.

       "Top of the morning to you laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome back to…HAPPY WHEELS! I have a very special guest with me today, (Y/N)! And this is a very stupid video we decided to do, because why not?! I’m going to have my arms behind my back, and (Y/N) is going to control the game for me, but she can’t see a thing! Hopefully this wont be a total disaster!“

       The video was full of laughs, screams, and Jacks new hands smacking his shoulder several times, which just made them laugh harder. It was hard not to laugh along, especially when Jack kept screaming while (Y/N) tried to do a spike fall. The fans hoped that they could at least see a small view of your face, however, Jacks back and shoulders covered everything that could have been seen.

       The seventh and final instance, was when the truth came out.

       Jack was filming another reading your comments video, a half a year after you were first mentioned. He started the first few as he normally did, a few silly one, a few serious ones with silly answers, and one serious one. And then, the moment of truth.

“Jack, can you please tell us who (Y/N) is? You’ve mentioned her a lot recently, and I know I’m not the one wondering. I’ve seen a lot of these comments recently, and yes, I have seen them and haven’t answered them. (Y/N) is a very special person to me, and I respect her enough not to be forcing her to do things she doesn’t want to do. She enjoys her privacy, and can be shy sometimes, so I don’t want to be forcing her to sit with me on camera, or be constantly filming what we do. When (Y/N) and I hang out, I don’t have to pretend with her. Not that I’m saying I pretend when I talk to you guys, but when I film, I constantly have to make things interesting, keep the energy going. (Y/N) is my rock, and I couldn’t imagine her not being in my life. When she’s ready, maybe she’ll introduce herself to you, but for now, please don’t pressure her into anything she doesn’t want to do. If you haven’t figured it out, (Y/N) is my girlfriend. We’ve been dating for almost eight months now, and honestly I’m so happy. I love her to death, and I hope you guys will love her just as much as I do. Okay, maybe not that much.”

       He ended the question with a giggle, and that was that.
       Of course you were mentioned more and more over the course of the year, Jacks face lighting up at your name and the stories he told. He apologized most of the time when a story got away from him about the two of you, but instead if receiving hate or comments that told him they didn’t want to hear stories about you, all the comments were positive. They loved hearing stories about you, about the life Jack had outside of YouTube. As soon as he started mentioning you, others did as well. Mark, Felix, and even Ken mentioned you at least once in their videos, excited for Jack and happy that he found someone to love as much as they had. Mark of course had to be the odd man out and have a whole story on one of his videos, but the fans loved it, laughing about how you got lost at the mall with them and had to huddle next to him until you two managed to find Jack again.

       It wasn’t until a year and a half later, when you were finally introduced to the world. It wasn’t a video like most hoped, a picture was what revealed you. Your face wasn’t in it completely, you were turned away, just the side of your face being seen, but Jack was full center. The pictured seemed almost better than a video when everyone saw the smiles on yours and Jacks face as he held your hand up, a ring on your ring finger sparkling in the light, did they realize that they didn’t need to see you to know that you made Jack incredibly happy. And that was enough for them.

You Can’t Wear That, Jack Maynard Imagine

Highly requested for story #1 to be with Jack Maynard, so here it is! Hope you enjoy:)

-Cute Pic-

-Jack has a crush on Y/N-


You walk out into the living room where you find Conor, Josh and Jack all sitting together.

“Guys? Does this look ok?” you had plans with a guy that night and didn’t want to make a bad impression. You were wearing shorts and a plain shirt and even you thought that it was kind of boring. The three of them look at you, Josh rolling his eyes, Conor actually judging the outfit, and Jack just checking you out.

“Is this for that guy?” Conor asks, Jack’s eyes widen a little at Conor’s words but they quickly return to normal when he calms down.You know Jack has always had a crush on you but he’s never made any moves so you just don’t bother trying to take it anywhere.

You nod your head yes at Conor and he instantly laughs. “Are you trying to bore him before you even speak?” he says still laughing, you not finding it as humorous.

“I’m not boring” you defend yourself.

“Y/N please” Josh joins in, “you literally spent all of last night reading instead of coming out with all of us”

Conor laughs and you look to Jack to see if he was going to join in.

“I think her outfit looks fine” Jack smiles at you sweetly before he looks down to his hands.

“That’s just because you don’t want another guy to look at her like you do” Josh rolls his eyes at Jack and Jack’s face instantly went red.

“Seriously though, maybe wear like a dress or something” Conor gives your current outfit a disgusted look and then he looks away.

You sigh as you walk away to find another outfit. After frantically pulling clothes out of your wardrobe, you find a short black dress that showed off some cleavage.

‘This’ll get me some attention’ you think to yourself as you throw it on.

The dress sat perfectly on you and hugged your curves tightly, this guy was in for a real treat. You walk out of your room to go model the dress for the guys and are startled when you bump into Jack. He looks at your dress and his tongue swipes his upper lip, his eyes staring at you intensely.

“Is it bad?” you ask unsure about your choice now.

Jack looks up to your eyes and you could feel his stare in your stomach.

“You can’t wear that” Jack says bringing himself closer to you.

Was Jack Maynard about to make a move on you? Your heart raced as he got closer and closer,  you didn’t know if what was happening was true.

“Is something wrong with it?” you ask gulping as he nears your body. His chest was inches from your face and you could feel the warmth from his body.

Jack brings his head down to whisper, and what he says causes your heart to melt on spot, “If you wear that out, I wont be the guy who takes it off”.

He places his hand on your hip and brings his face down so his nose was centimetres away from yours. You wrap your arms around his neck and he lifts you up to wrap your legs around his body. He pushes you up against the wall and continues to kiss you sloppily.

His kiss was warm and wet, it was very sexual and it turned you on. His hands went around your waist as he rubbed up on you, creating friction. One of your straps fell from your shoulder and when Jack realizes, he takes his chance and begins to sloppily kiss your neck, leaving hickeys behind.

“AAAHHHH” Conor yells as he falls to the ground pretending to cry. He covered his eyes as you jump down from Jacks body. Both yours and Jacks faces were bright red.

“Don’t be so dramatic” Jack rolls his eyes trying to play it off cool.

“Yeah, at least i know i chose the right outfit” you laugh instantly getting a glare from Conor.

“This is disgusting” Conor whines as he stands back up shaking his head. He storms away angrily and you give Jack a cheeky grin.

Damn baby ~ Jack Maynard

Characters: Reader X Jack Maynard x Anna Maynard X Conor Maynard

Word Count: 1024

Summary: Your Anna’s friend and just turned eighteen. Jack whom you hadn’t seen for two years due to your move to the Caribbean, instantly falls for you. 

Requested: Yes, two requested combined

I’m sorry for not posting, school is a bore and my new job takes up most of the time. I hope you understand :( I had Its Been Years part four done but I have changed my mind on how to write seven times in two weeks, it WILL be up this weekened tho. I know I say i will post but seriously it will be up this weekend.


P.s I aslo found I am 1% of 7 billion people to have differnet coloured eyes, pretty fucking awesome if you asked me.

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“So you travel all the way to London, to and I quote ‘spend time with you’ but your leaving for a girly day with your friend?” Jack questioned his sister who was putting her shoes on. 

“Yes.” Anna huffed looking up at her two older brothers, “I haven’t seen her in two years and it was her birthday six months ago, I haven’t given her presents. She also moved her for uni last month and I haven’t had time to see her.”

“Do we know her?” Conor asked his eyes narrowed as Anna picked up her bag pack. 


“When did you know someone three years older than you?” Jack asked his eyebrows raised.

“She lived across the street from us.”

“Gappy Gabby?” 

“Gappy who? Look, I’m late you I’ll be back in like four hours and I’ll bring her back to the apartment okay? Okay, Bye!” Anna shouted running out of Jack’s apartment.

Conor turns his head towards Jack who was staring dumfounded at the door, “We just got played by our little sister.”

“We taught her well, Jack. We taught her well.”

Jack and Conor were playing Fifa when the door opened and loud laughter filled their ears. “Looks like we are meeting the new friend.” Jack commented waiting for Anna and her friend to walk through the door.

“-babe trust me; the boys are an A plus…” You spoke following her into a room which you guess was the living room. You felt yourself smirk seeing the Maynard brother you had been crushing on since you were kid, have in had an amazing glow up. “…but there was no Jack Maynard on the island.”

Conor and Jack froze in their seats for two different reasons.

For Conor, the girl he counted as his other little had returned back from moving to Caribbean. She had changed a lot and it scared him because if that happened to you in two years, what could happen to his little sister.

For Jack, however, well. The boy thought he had fallen in love. You weren’t chubby, the braces had disappeared, your skin was flawless with a gorgeous brown tan, your body was the perfect hourglass figure and your eyes shined bright.

He wanted you.

He watched as you smirked that gorgeous smirk before speaking, “Well, I was gone for two years and I don’t even get a hug? Shameful.”

Conor was the first to react jumping out his seat laughing, “Y/N it’s been too long!”

“Tell me about it. I missed my Maynard fam.” You pouted hugging the older Maynard, you noticed Jack looking at you in a dazed and mouthed ‘You the most’ with a wink.

Pulling back from your hug with Conor, you opened your arms ready for a hug with Mr. Jack Maynard. He was already stood up so he silently made his way other to you and pulled you into a hug, being the boy he is. He looked down towards your ass and noticed had big it had gotten, groaning he spoke aloud, “Damn baby, you got hot.”

Anna gasped as you pulled away with a confident look, “Thanks papi.”

Anna gasped again in horror and Conor laughed at his brothers face, which looked like he wanted to take you right there. “Can you two stop. I really don’t want my best friend and brother flirting.”

“Sorry babe.” You grinned throwing your arm around her shoulders, “You brother has always been hot as fuck but talk about glow up. Damn papi, you take a hot shot or something?”

Jack looked you up or down smirking, “Me? Baby I think you did. Look at you, you’re fucking gorgeous. ” He moved with his hand to your body.

“I prefer mami but thanks I know I am.” You smirked.

Conor laughed loudly, “I love this new Y/N.”

“I prefer the old one.” Anna grumbled jokingly making the three of you laugh.

Four months later….

“Take me here, right now.” Y/N smirked as she walked in on Jack shirtless doing push ups. Used to Y/N randomly walking into his apartment Jack looked up at her with a smirk before carrying on with his push ups. “Awh, you’re no fun.”

Jack laughed to himself not bothering to look up and pay the girl some attention started doing sit ups but it all stopped when he felt a weight on him stopping him from carrying on. Feeling his skin come in contact with skin leaving him with a burning sensation, he opened his eyes to see the girl that had been teasing him for months on end.

“Now that was rude.” Jack smirked, hands sitting comfortable on your waist. “I was trying to work out.”

“Baby you don’t need to work out, your one sexy motherfucker.” You smiled placing your hands on his chest. 

“I prefer papi but thanks I know I am.” 

You laughed loudly knowing he used the words you had said a couple of months ago, Jack looked up at you lovingly hearing your laugh.

God he loved that laugh.

You quieted down staring back into his eyes, you leaned forward so your nose was touching his. “When are you going to ask me Jack?”

“When am I going to ask you? Well I had this big date planned but since your so impatient.” Jack huffed, rolling his eyes jokingly he smiled. “Will you, Y/F/N, do me the honour of being my girlfriend?”

You laughed softly nodding your head, “Who would say no to a papi like you Maynard?”

Jack laughed before grabbing your face in his hands and crashing his lips into yours. Smiling through the kiss, you couldn’t think about how happy you are moving back to London. Feeling you smile, Jack smiled too knowing he was truly happy with you.

However, your little make out session came crashing down when to voices where heard through the apartment.

“WHOO, that’s my bro.”

“No. No, no. Y/N! Why! Why damn it!”

Laughing you carried on kissing Jack but both of your stuck you middle fingers in the air, to piss them off. It was silent for a while and both you and Jack thought they had left but…

“Okay but really cut it the fuck out, we brought pizza.”


Jack Maynard x Reader #1

Warnings: steamy af smmmuuuutttt 

Word Count: 1602

Requested: yup by @wroetominter  

Note: and i’m back with a bang! hope you love it mon ~ K 

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“Wait so you got two tickets for the concert?” you said down the phone to your best friend, well crush if you were being honest, as you put away the groceries at your flat.

“Well, of course, who else would I take you with me?” Jack replied sounding genuinely confused.

“You wanna take me?” an undeniable blush forming on your cheeks.

“Why else I would I tell you about this concert? Besides I’ve got the whole night planned, it’ll be great.”

“We tell each other everything.”

“And now I’m telling you to be ready for an awesome night next week,” he laughed.

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Instinct || Jack

Jack masterpost found here

Word count - 1,509

Summary - The one where you panicked and called your ex.


You and Jack had been broken up for only two months. You still weren’t sure what went wrong. Your strong, two year relationship ended so abruptly. One day you were coming over for a lazy day in, and the next thing you knew, you were sobbing in your car on the way home.

“Can you tell me what I did wrong? Please?” you sobbed out, not knowing what else to do.

“You didn’t do anything wrong!” Jack said, frustration evident in his voice. “I’m just, God I don’t know I’m just so overwhelmed right now. I just need to be alone again.”

“Why?” you almost shouted.

“I don’t know!” he yelled back. “I just have too much going on with YouTube and I’m not ready for this!”

“What, and you couldn’t have figured that out two years ago?” you said. “You’re telling me I’ve just wasted two years of my life on a boy who just now realized he’s not ready to be seriously committed?”

“You know what?” Jack huffed. “Yeah, I guess that is what I’m telling you.”

And now, two months later, you still felt empty. You had seriously imagined spending the rest of your life with Jack. You both talked about it from time to time and it felt like it was a solid plan in both of your minds. What had happened that made him change his mind?

You spent the weekend back home in Bristol, hoping that some time with your family would help relax. Of course, it didn’t, and you were still feeling a heavy weight in your chest on the drive home. You couldn’t have been more than thirty minutes away from London when your car made a horrible noise. The check engine light on your car starting flashing and, before you knew it, your car came to an abrupt halt on the side of the road. It was dark out now and you had close to no idea where you were. You got out of your car to open your hood and check your engine, but you couldn’t tell what was wrong. You were no car expert. “Hey sweetie!” some greasy looking man across the road yelled to you. “I can give you a lift! It won’t cost you a thing except a night at my house!”

“No, let me!” another man yelled. “She’s just the fine piece of ass I’ve been looking for.”

You quickly got in your car and locked the doors, feeling your whole body start to shake and tears to prick in your eyes. Before you knew it, full on sobs were escaping your body. You didn’t know what to do. You had no idea where you were and no way to get back to London. It was nearing 1:00 in the morning and you were instantly regretting not staying another night in Bristol rather than driving home in the dark.

Suddenly, almost instinctively, you had rung Jack. You were still crying and your head was feeling fuzzy. You didn’t realize how inappropriate it probably was for you to call him until he actually picked up the phone. “(Y/N)?” Jack answered. He sounded tired and confused. You wondered if you just woke him up or if he was just not in the mood to talk to you.

“I know I shouldn’t call you,” you said, your voice shaking. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know what else to do.”

“What’s going on?” he said, sounding a bit more alert than before.

“My car broke down,” you answered, trying to control your breathing. “There are these guys across the street and they keep looking at me and I’m scared and I don’t know what to do or-” You cut yourself off by crying again.

“Hey, I need you to relax okay?” Jack said gently. “Tell me where you are.”

“I don’t know!” you cried out. “I, I don’t know, Jack.”

“(Y/N), pull up your maps and tell me where you are.”

You had been in such a panic you didn’t even think to do the obvious and check your phone to see where you were stranded. When you did, you rattled off the location to Jack. “Are you in your car?” Jack asked, rustling heard on his end of the line.

“Yeah,” you said, your voice small.

“Alright, stay there, I’m coming to get you,” he said. “Don’t get out of your car, you understand me? Keep the doors locked and don’t get out of the car.”

“Okay,” you said.

“Promise me,” he said sternly. “Promise me you won’t get out of the car.”

“I promise.”

Less than a half hour later, a pair of headlights appeared behind your car. You looked in your rear-view mirror and saw that it was Jack. You got out of your car almost bashfully and walked up to Jack. He immediately pulled you into his arms and held you tightly to his chest. “Are you okay?” he asked. “Did they come up to you? Did they touch you?”

“I’m okay,” you said softly. “Look, Jack, I’m really sorry I called you.” You could feel the tears falling from your eyes again. “I crossed a line. I shouldn’t have called you. I just, it was like my instinct. I’m sorry-”

“Babe, look at me,” Jack said, holding your face in his hands. You could hardly look him in the eyes. Those damn blue eyes. You noticed the bags under them and the way they weren’t as bright as they usually were.

“You look different,” you said suddenly. “Are you okay?” Jack gave you a sad smile.

“I’m alright,” he said. “Just haven’t been sleeping too good.”

“And now I call you at the dead of night,” you sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright,” he said. “Come on, let’s get you home.”

The ride back to your flat was eerily silent. Jack never turned on the radio and as badly as you wanted to, you knew that sometimes, Jack just enjoyed silence. So, you sat there sulking in your thoughts, focusing on not crying again. When Jack pulled up to your flat, you couldn’t get yourself to get out of the car. “Jack-”

“I’m sorry,” Jack said. You looked up at him immediately, confusion written across your face. “I’m sorry I left you. It was pathetic. I shouldn’t have done it. And, I miss you. I-” He stopped himself, letting out a big sigh. “I miss you so fucking much, (Y/N).”

You were shaking your head, tears streaming down your cheeks. “What are you doing?” you said quietly. “You don’t have any right to do this to me.”

“I need to tell you how I feel,” he said. “It’s been eating me up. Why do you think I haven’t been sleeping? It’s because I miss you. It’s because I need to hold you and I can’t.”

“Then why did you leave?” you yelled.

“Because I couldn’t do it!”

“Do what?”


Jack reached in his coat pocket and pulled out a small velvet box. Your hands flew up to your mouth in shock. He didn’t even open the box, just twiddled it in his hands. “I bought it but I was too scared to actually do it,” he said, his voice small, sounding defeated. “I tried day after day, week after week, to find the perfect moment to ask you, but I chickened out every fucking time. So I ran away, because I thought if I didn’t have the balls to propose to you, what else could I do?” Tears were still falling from your eyes and you were getting a headache from all the information being thrown at you. “I know I can’t propose and pretend like everything is fine now,” he said quietly. “But I’m begging you to take me back so we can get to that point again. And I won’t chicken out then. If you give me another chance, I promise you that I will ask you to be my wife. Please, (Y/N).”

You stared at Jack, feeling overwhelmed with emotion. Logically, you knew you shouldn’t forgive him or take him back. He hurt you so badly. But deep down, you knew Jack. You knew that he was just a little scared and that he needed to leave to realize he had to tough it up and face his emotions. You loved him too much to stay away and cause either of you to keep suffering. You reached out and laid a hand on his cheek, making him close his eyes and lean into your touch. “You are the love of my life,” you said quietly. “But you can’t keep running when you feel too much.”

“I know,” he said. “I’m not gonna run again. I promise.”

Not being able to help yourself, you leaned in and pressed your lips against Jack’s. He eagerly kissed you back, keeping the kiss gentle and loving. Maybe, you thought, there was a reason your car broke down that night. Maybe there was a reason your instinct was to call him. Maybe, just maybe, this was why.

Your Just Jealous - Jack Maynard

Requested: Yes

Request: Open

A/N: Super, super fluffy and cheesy, and sappy

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You and your boyfriend, Jack Maynard, had been dating for a year and three days. You had been counting, of course. You and Jack loved each other so much, strangers you meet would often ask if you guys were married. You dreamed that you would get married to him someday. Currently, Jack and you were doing nothing but laying in bed, cuddling, like you always do on Saturday mornings. Jack was on Snapchat, taking snaps of you and him. You were laying on top of his bare chest, his chin on your shoulder. While scrolling through Instagram you saw a picture of one your friends and her boyfriend doing a cute yoga pose. She was being lifted up in the air by her boyfriends feet, while holding hands for support. 

“Hey babe?” you said.

“Yeah.” said Jack.

“Can we try to do this?” you said showing the picture to Jack. He laughed. 

“We are never going to be able to do this.” he laughed. 

“Yes we can! Let’s do it! Please!!!” you pleaded with him. 

“Fine, fine, lets do this thing.” he gave in. He set his phone on the side table, and then grabbed yours and set it next to his. You got up off of him and stood up on the bed. Jack kicked the duvet back and put is hands and feet up in the air. You grabbed his hands and he put his feet on you waist. 

“Wait.” you said. Jack stopped. 

“Is everything okay?” asked Jack, concerned. 

“Yeah,” you paused, “Just don’t drop me on the floor.” Jack chuckled. 

“You worry to much.” he said. Jack slowly lifted you in the air and the higher you got the more you squeezed Jack’s hands. Jack was very wobbly, but he kept his grip on you. You let out a giggle. Jack let you down slowly. You stood up. 

“Again!” you said with excitement. 

“But we did it already!” whined Jack.

“Oh, come on Jackie-poo!” you said. You got down and kissed him. “For me?” You batted your eyelashes for extra cuteness. 

“Okay, just one more time.” he said. You scrambled up and got back in position. Jack put his feet on your hips again and grabbed a hold of your hands. He lifted you in the air again. You were giggling like mad. He lowered you a little bit so your face could reach his. You pecked his lips with a smile on both of your faces. Jack put you back in the air again. All of a sudden you heard a voice. 

“What are you guys doing?” asked Conor, Jack’s brother. Jack lost focus and dropped you. Luckily he dropped you on top of him. Jack let out a grunt. 

“What the fuck Conor? Why are you here?” asked Jack. You crawled off of Jack and sat next to him in bed.

“Why would I not be here?” retorted Conor. “I was standing there for two minutes straight and you guys didn’t notice me. You guys have to many sickening cute moments with each other.”

“Your just jealous Conor.” you teased. 

“Whatever, I can get girls when ever I want.” Conor shrugged it off. 

“But you can never get one to stay like I can!” teased Jack. He gave you a big sloppy kiss on the cheek. 

“Ew! Jack!” you giggled. You were only in your Calvin Klein bra, so you used a pillow to wipe of the spit that was left on your cheek. 

“You guys are gross. I’ll be in your kitchen, eating everything there.” said Conor leaving the room. 

“Your just jealous!” called out Jack. 

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45 for rhack?

this got long….but i ended up with an idea i really liked so 

“Mmm? What’d ya say, pumpkin?”

Jack had been on the verge of falling asleep, half on top of Rhys with his face nestled between Rhys’ soft pecs. He snuffled into wakefulness as he heard Rhys talking to him, squinting up at his omega’s face. 

Rhys raised an amused eyebrow at him, mismatched eyes peering at Jack over the rims of his glasses. Jack still didn’t totally get why Rhys bothered wearing them, considering the whole cybernetically enhanced eye and all, but Rhys looked cute wearing them so Jack didn’t harp on it that much. 

“You were falling asleep, weren’t you? Jack, it’s not even nine yet.” Jack chuffed, blowing a strand of gray hair out of his eyes.

“Don’t you call me old, pumpkin…” Jack snuggled Rhys closer, pressing his cheek affectionately into the omega’s chest. Rhys set aside the tablet he’d been working on, metal and flesh fingers coming up to comb through Jack’s hair.

“Wh’ were you sayin’ anyway? Wanted to ask me a question…”

“Oh, right,” Rhys chuckled, idly parting Jack’s hair, “um, well…I was gonna say…you should tell me a secret.”

Jack snorted, not sure he’d even heard Rhys right the first time. He turned his head up, nestling his chin in the cleavage between the omega’s pecs as he looked up at him. 

“A secret? You’re kidding….”


“Rhys….how long have we been married…”

Rhys’ smile was soft and affectionate.

“Seventeen years…”

“And yet you’re askin’ me to tell you a secret like we’re a pair of tweens on a first date.”

Sooo you’re saying you don’t have any secrets left to tell me?”

“I-I….well….” Jack stammered, biting his lip as he tried to think. Though Jack was a man of many, many secrets, he actually couldn’t think of many he hadn’t told Rhys. Rhys knew about his scar, about his childhood, about his first two marriages. There was little that Jack had been able to keep from him over the years that Rhys hadn’t either inadvertently figured out of Jack hadn’t eventually broken down and told him about out of guilt.  

“Rhysie….I’m tired….can’t the secret just be ‘I love you’?”

“That’d be like, the worst kept secret ever.” Rhys snickered at Jack’s pout, smoothing the older man’s hair back against his head before letting it spring into place. Jack puffed in frustration, eyebrows knitted together as he tried to think of something, anything so he could go back to napping on his omega’s cute little chest. He was about ready to give up and just try to initiate sexytimes as a last minute distraction, when suddenly he thought of something.

“Wait wait, I know something…” Rhys raised his eyebrows at him, expectant, as Jack levered himself up on his elbows, looking his omega right in the eyes. 

“Before…listen, this is corny but….before we officially met…you know, at that one meeting when you were still working under Hendy…I’d seen you before that.” Jack lifted his hand, the gold and blue ring on his finger winking against his weathered skin as he cupped Rhys’ cheek, forefinger spreading against the delicate little creases around the omega’s mouth. 

“We’d intercepted some illegal communications going down on lines built outside of Hyperion regulation. The usual shit, trying to funnel out trade secrets and plans and junk, alongside black market goods and all that. Mostly routine. But there was this one scumbag who was getting pretty chummy with a hired hitman. Worked in Analytics.”

Rhys’ eyes brighten in understanding. 

“Security wanted my approval on what to do with these guys and….well…they sent me all the files of evidence to look over. Asshole was pissed off about a promotion being stolen from him, wanted the ‘problem’ taken care of. And that’s the first time I ever saw your face.”

Jack brushed his finger over Rhys’ stunned, plush lips. 

“I knew from the moment I saw you….dunno why….but I knew I never wanted anything bad to happen to you.” Jack leaned in and pressed a little kiss under Rhys’ eye, his cheek glowing blue as his eyelid fluttered. 

“So the next morning, I had him airlocked.”

There was a rush of movement and suddenly the distance between them closed and Rhys was pressing a kiss against Jack’s lips, his arms falling to loop around Jack’s neck as he tugged the alpha close. Jack willingly pressed forward, kissing the omega back until the both of them were breathless. 

“Jack…” Rhys panted as their kiss parted, blush high on his pale cheeks. “You mean to tell me….all this time…you saved my life before I even met you.”

“Well, I’ve saved your life a whole bunch of other times too.” 

“And I yours, don’t forget…” Rhys winked, bringing Jack in for another tender kiss. “But this is….wow…”

“It was no biggie. Wasn’t about to let some taint take out such a cutie from stupid alpha jealousy. ‘Specially since now I got a husband and pups outta the deal.” Jack snorted, though he’s more than pleased to see the affect sharing this secret has had on Rhys. Especially when the omega’s touches turn more seductive, his hands running down from Jack’s neck to his chest. A purr builds in the omega’s throat as he looks up at Jack with half-lidded eyes. 

“I’m thinking Mr. Secret Hero deserves a special reward.” Rhys smirked, hands brushing over Jack’s hairy chest. “Unless of course….you’re too tired.”

Jack grinned, showing off eager teeth as his hands find Rhys’ slim hips.

“Nah, pumpkin, now I’m wide awake.”

How you  Interact: Them visiting you at Work.

So this is a Mark, Ethan, Jack and Tyler fic where I write what I think they’d do if they were walking past/ came to your work-place. 

I had a friend today visit me at work and it was ridiculous. He was dragged out by security because he was being an ass-hat and not allowing me to work. 
Anyway, enjoy! 


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I feel like Jack wouldn’t be very disruptive if he visited you. But he’d try making your day a little brighter by just popping by and saying hello. 

He’d wear a silly outfit, or have some sort of ridiculous hat on just to make you smile.

But on the other hand, if he was in a silly mood, I think he’d try and distract you while being outside the premises. 

Which would include random dancing and making funny faces at you through the window. 

Once, he ran to your workplace just to show you something he bought from a dollar shop. He was so excited that you couldn’t be mad at him for barging in. 

“(Y/N) look, look! Isn’t it cool!” 
“How far did you run to show me this?” 
Physically sweating and slightly out of breath, “Not very far”

If you in an office he’d defiantly call your workplace and ask to speak with you. At first being professional about it, dragging out the joke until he lets something slip. 

As soon as you realise who it is though, you’d hang up and sigh. But it would bring a little smile to your face. 

Jack would also bring you lunch/dinner/breakfast, depending on what time you started work and/or what time he visited you. 

He’s always friendly with your workmates, and they always wave and point you out for him. Jack doesn’t stay long, because he doesn’t want to drag you away from work to often for too long. But they’ll be occasions when you’ll sneak out with him for an hour. 

No one will notice. 

Your boss is polite with Jack.  But sometimes asks him to leave so you can get back to work. Which Jack apologizes and leaves right away. He doesn’t want you to get in trouble because of him. 

If you forgot something he’d bring it to you. If you walk home or catch a bus, he’d go to your workplace on rainy days and bring you an umbrella. The of you would huddle underneath it, hurrying home as quick as possible. 

You look forward to his visits at work. He lights up the place and makes the rest of your day a little easier. 

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He’s a little shy going into your workplace.

He doesn’t want to intrude or cause a scene.

But like Jack, he’ll bring you little gifts or food to brighten up your day. 

Since you complain a lot about work, we wants to make the days easier for you. 

On your breaks he’ll sit in the lunch-room with you and just talk. It’s nice, and on occasion he’ll bring your favorite treat.

He’ll encourage you throughout the day. Texting you every so often a joke or reminding you that there’s only a few more hours to go till you get home. 

He also leaves little funny voice-mails on your phone. Going from asking you if you needed something at the shops, to loud, tuneless duets with Mark.

You share them with your friend at work. Who laughs and gossips with you about them.

If he passes by your window at work, he’ll wave and smile. Again, he doesn’t want to embarrass you or make a fuss. So he’ll do his thing and leave quickly. 

He’s usually pretty busy himself with all the stuff with his channel and possibly helping Mark with his. So, the two of you understand that it’s exhausting. And at the end of the day he’ll give you a hug and you’ll just lounge around the house. 

On really bad days, he’ll come into the workplace and take you out for your break. 

Whether it be just a walk down the street or a quick bite at a bakery. He doesn’t want you to feel too stressed about whatever is making your day worse. 

Your boss thinks Ethan is a little sweet-heart and adores him greatly. They have little chats, usual small talk about the weather and how they’re fairing. It’s nice to know you don’t have to worry about your boss throwing him out. 

Ethan is an elusive creature at your workplace. He’ll turn up, chat for a bit and walk out. You enjoy his little visits. 

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He’s a little sweetheart. 

Mark makes sure you brought food to work and if you didn’t, don’t be surprised if you find him carrying a plastic bag full of home-made delicious choices to your desk. 

Sometimes you purposely forget your lunch because you want some of his chicken dumplings. 

But when Mark does visit you, expect him to take a while to get to you. 

He talks to everyone! He knows everyone by name. Your boss will literally stop what they’re doing to say hello to Mark. 
You don’t really mind, but the smell of that food makes you really hungry. 

Other times, Mark will just duck in and give you a kiss on the cheek and leave without saying a word. 

Once you didn’t even realise he was there. You were working hard, your mind elsewhere, and suddenly there was a pair of lips on your cheek. Before you had even spun around, Mark was halfway across the building and running out the door. 

It became a little game and your boss keeps score of how many times Mark can sneak up on you. 

Mark is winning by two points. 

He got bonus points for tying a balloon to your belt without you noticing. It was rather surprising when you turned and found an inflated rubber ball floating behind you.

Like Jack, Mark doesn’t want to disturb you too much during work. So, his visits are quick but heartfelt. 

However, everything went out the window when he brought Chica to work. 

She ran straight to you but everyone wanted to pat her. You hid Chica under your desk when your Boss strolled over. 

But they were just as taken by the Lab as everyone else.

Also, if Mark catches your eye walking past a window he just happens to be besides, Mark will blow you a kiss and make weird faces at you. 

You just shake your head and walk away. He pouts at you till you give him a smile. 

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Like Ethan, Tyler is an elusive creature at your workplace. His visits are rare but he makes the most out of them. 

He’ll bring you a flower and place it somewhere so you can see it while working. 

Little treats are a must. He brings chocolate or pastry’s. Things that are sweet so you can keep your spirits up. 

He got into the Boss’ good books by bringing a box of goodies from the nearby bakery for everyone to share. 

Tyler is now allowed to waltz into the building whenever he likes. You called him a suck-up and he replied with a wink.

He’ll pick you up from work and drop you off, depending if you have a car or not. Sometimes he’ll do it just so he can see you smile before work, and make up for a bad day on the way home. 

If he spots you through a window he’ll wave and smile. Not wanting to distract you. 

Sometimes he’ll sit at you desk/workplace and just chat. Breaks are always nice when Tyler is there. He’ll chat with everyone in the lunch-room, not wanting to be rude and ignore everyone. 

If you’re working late, Tyler will bring you a coffee and dinner. He doesn’t mind dropping by at night because he wants to make sure everything is ok. 

On stressful days, he’ll drive you to a park after work and the two of you will just lounge on the grass. 

The Statue Headcanon

Gabriel stood outside in the early morning hours long after the dedication ceremony and reception had ended. All the dignitaries disappeared to their beds, drunk on their sense of righteousness and more than a little alcohol.

With the cooling night air of the Switzerland spring, Gabriel felt the warmth of his drunken stupor fade. Simply staring at the larger than life figure of the First Strike Commander was enough to burn sobriety into him.

It stood tall. Solitary in the courtyard. A symbol of hope and justice. Who was he to refuse the masses their drug of choice? The perfect image of the all American hero was what the world wanted.

Spotlights illuminated the massive representation, keeping the darkness at bay. Fitting.

“Gabe?” a tired voice interrupted Gabriel’s thoughts. Jack turned a corner. His suit still pristine even this late after the events. One sign the Hero of Overwatch had not had an alcoholic drink this evening. “What are you doing out here?”

Gabriel shrugged. Where else would he be? “That has got to be the stupidest look I have ever seen on your face.”

Jack Morrison pinched the bridge of his nose. “It’s not like they asked me to pose for the damn thing.”

“You should demand a redo.”


“Or even a touch up.”

“It’s not a photo. How much did you drink?”

Gabriel ignored the question. “The least you could do is put in a complaint to the artist.”

“Gabe, it was a gift. If it bothers you so much you put in the complaint.”

“I’m not the one with the statue.” Gabriel smirked at seeing the annoyance in Jack’s eyes. The poor man would never live this down.

Clichés: Chapter 2

Someone asked me to tag them in this so they could know when it was updated…but i’m a moron and didn’t write their url down. So if you wanna be tagged/mentioned when there’s an update, send me an IM or an ask. I’ve added a button on my blog that will allow you to read Clichés in chronological order.

Once your blush faded away and you were composed enough to not look like an idiot that was in love with their boss, you went to go talk to your other boss, the one that you weren’t majorly crushing on. Not that Jack Morrison wasn’t attractive with those stunning blue eyes and sexy blonde hair and fit, muscular body with arms that probably felt like heaven lying in… what was the point again?

You walked up to him just as that bitchy reporter was leaving. You could see the frown on her pretty face as she huffed and turned away, walking towards the elevator with purpose. Jack groaned once she was out of sight, those blue eyes you had just been thinking about rolling in annoyance.

“Didn’t think she was ever gonna leave.” He huffed, turning around and sitting on top of your desk. You moved to stand beside him, offering a comforting smile.

“How’d it go?” You asked him, eyes darting to the mug of coffee resting dangerously close to the corner of your desk. The coffee you made that morning was no doubt cold and gross by now, but if it spilled, you’d have to clean it up. Or the janitor, Jamison, would and he could be a little intense. Luckily Jack seemed to notice the mug on the brink of suicide and picked it up before he accidentally knocked it over.

“She didn’t take it well, but she’ll be out of our hair for now,” He informed her, “‘World’s Okayest Secretary’?” He read the text on the mug, deep chuckle escaping his lips.

“Yes, it was a Christmas present from Mister Reyes.” You recalled the memory fondly.

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