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Meet the Parents (Nate Maloley Imagine)

 Anonymous Request: Hi babe :))) can you do an imagine where you’re Steph curry’s daughter and you’re dating Nate and he never knew Steph was your dad until you took him to meet you’re family and your little sister Riley loves him and they play together and it’s super cute and when you get home he gets all fan girly and also talks about a future BC he loved playing with you’re little sister ?? Sorry if your not taking requests 😂 btw I love your blog 😍🙏🏼🔥

Nate and I have been dating for about a year now and he still hasn’t met my family. Why? Well let’s just say that my father is the infamous Steph Curry and I was scared of what Nate might think when he finds out. But there was no avoiding it now, my dad was demanding to meet the guy that stole his little girls heart.

I was currently sitting in the passenger seat of Nate’s car as we drove to the Curry residence, otherwise known as my home.

“Take a left here, and it’s that house in the corner.” I told Nate.

“So you grew up in a gated community huh?” Nate asked smirking.

I rolled my eyes with a small smile on my face and looked towards him, “It wasn’t always like this.“ I mumbled.

We pulled up the gate and he rolled down his window as Roberts voice came through the intercom. “How may I help you?”

Nate looked over at me with a smirk on his face, I rolled my eyes and leaned over his seat, “Hey Rob, it’s me. Can you let us in?”

“Of course Ms.Y/N.” The gates opened and Nate drove through.

“Of course Ms.Y/N” Nate mimicked. I slapped his arm as we reached the front of the house.

He parked his car and got out heading towards my door. “Ms. Y/N” Nate jokingly bowed as he opened my door.

“You’re never gonna let this go, are you?” I muttered, getting out of the car.

“Not a chance.” I sighed and grabbed his hand, leading him towards the front door.

Robert opened the door for us and sent a smile our way, “Ms.Y/N what a pleasure.” From behind me I heard Nate chuckle.

I mentally rolled my eyes at Nate and smiled at Robert, “It’s good seeing you too Robert.”

The moment we stepped into the threshold my ears were met with the sound or small feet bounding down the stairs.

I laughed and bent down as Riley ran into my open arms. I picked her up and twirled her in circles, her giggles echoing around the room.

I stopped and carried her over to where Nate stood, “Riley, this is Nate” She shyly hid her face in the crook of my neck as Nate giggled and grabbed her small hand.

“Hi babygirl.” Riley lifted her head off my shoulder to smile at Nate.

“Where are mom and dad?” She jumped down from my arms and grabbed onto Nate and I’s hands, leading us to the backyard.

As we step onto the porch I was hit with the smell of freshly cut grass and my parents sitting at a nearby table.

Riley dragged us to the table until we were standing in front of my parents.

I cleared mt throat and coughed as I smiled at my parents, “Mom, dad, this is my boyfriend Nate” Nate’s eyes widened momentarily until he coughed and shook hands with both my parents.

“It’s nice to finally meet you Mr. and Mrs. Curry.” My mom smiled up at him as my dad stared him down.

“I don’t know if I can say the same.” I glared at my dad who was currently staring down Nate while he fidgeted nervously.

“Stop scaring the poor boy.” My mom laughed hitting his arm. “Take a seat.”

We sat down across from my parents and Nate laid his hand on my thigh, a habit he had gotten accustomed to.

“Take your hand off my daughters thigh before I get my gun from inside.”Nate tore his hand off my thigh in lightning speed making me let out a small giggle.


We had just finished dinner and Nate managed not to get shot, so everything went well.  My parents and I now sat at the table watching as Nate played with Riley. I laughed as he raised her up in order for her to throw the ball in the basketball hoop,

“You really like him?” I turned towards my dad who watched Nate interact with Riley.

“Yea, I love him.” I smiled looking at my boyfriend.

“I like him.” I stared at my dad confused.

“Dad you were practically staring daggers at him throughout dinner.”

“I had to let him know not to mess with my little girl.” I laughed and shook my head as Nate walked over with Riley in his arms. I stood up and nodded at Nate.

“It’s getting late, I think we’re gonna head out.”

“Come back soon baby.” My mom stood up hugging us both. Nate shook my dad’s hand while I just laughed as I saw Nate shake his hand in pain. “Bye dad.” I giggled while hugging him.

“Bye Nate!” Riley yelled jumping in Nate’s arms. He laughed and twirled her around before setting her down and kissing her cheek. “Bye Riles, I promise I’ll come back soon.” She nodded eagerly as she came and hugged me goodbye.

We finally finished our goodbyes and we walked towards the door. “You did good.” I smiled looking up at him.                                  


We now sat on the couch as I slowly ran my fingers through Nate’s hair.

“We should have a baby.” I choked on my own spit as I sat up and looked at Nate with wide eyes.

“What?” I asked still stunned.

“Yea, I think we’re mature enough and while I was playing with Riley it just got me thinking about our future and having a small us running around.” Nate spoke with a smile on his face.

“Don’t you think we’re too young?” And my dad would kill you.”

Nate laughed while pulling me into his chest. “I guess it could wait, but I want you to be the mother of my children and only you.” I smiled as I kissed his cheek.

“Someday baby.” I smiled up at him as he kissed my lips.

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Pairings: AHOT6 (focus on Michael/Gavin/Geoff)

TW: Suicide-ish

Summary: He had no idea when the feelings started, they just came on all of a sudden one day and consumed his every waking moment. Everything got harder and harder and he figured that this was the only way for it all to end.

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