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Doctor, wherever, whenever you are — pay close attention now, ‘cause this is a postcard from the past. Do not ask how on Earth did the Tylers manage to breach the void and end up here without causing the end of the world (we don’t know that either, and the more questions we ask, the clearer it becomes they’re not so sure themselves) or why is a fairly startled Jackie staring somewhere awfully far from where she’s supposed to (this was the only photo Jack accepted, he apparently looked hot enough so yeah, there’s that) or what’s the meaning behind our little festive decorations (we think you have a pretty good idea, actually) or are the ball bearings edible (yes, says Rose, she has checked) or how do we know when is your birthday (you told us. The single-hearted you. He’s really quite obsessed with the abundant amounts of candles). Because the point is, it is your birthday and even though we have no idea which one exactly and no idea where you are or what you’re currently feeling like (we hope you’re not sad), we still want you to know there’s still a bunch of fairly crazy and potentially jeopardy-friendly humans somewhere, somewhen in the Universe who love you a lot. Happy Birthday, Doctor! 

Signed, respectively: Sarah Jane Smith (the last remnant of sanity), The King and Queen of Pete’s World and the Rest of Everything (why, not pretentious at all), the Intergalactic Princess (don’t even ask), Martha Star Jones-Smith, Mickey Mouse, Everyone’s Favourite Reindeer and, obviously, Jackie.

I finally finished. It’s not even half as good as I would like it to be, but oh well. I hope you enjoy it. And also, I’m still upset I couldn’t include Donna properly.

Elliot Fletcher will always be adorable, ...

… and I’m so here for some one educating Ian out of ignorance, but does Ian have to become the new Fiona (bouncing boyfriend to boyfriend when the first was probably right)?

The ONLY Pumpkin King and Queen

“Honestly! The nerve! I have never….Oh, this is so infuriating!”

Jack Skellington paced around in the hotel room, a stressed bony hand placed on his skull and the other on his hip. His long legs caused him to take around 4 steps through the room and 4 steps back, but his pacing was just as quick as ever. His thin limbs also prevented him from knocking into the expensive furniture around them. Not that it mattered; Mickey personally invited them a 3-month stay every year for free. A broken lamp was probably better than what Jack could manage if he tried.

Sally stepped out of the restroom and watched as the skeleton paced around. She took a seat on the edge of one of the beds and rested her hands in her lap. It was amusing to hear him banter to himself, sometimes. Jack could sometimes go on and on for hours about something if he felt strongly about it. And the way he complained about things made Sally giggle. So watching him pace around the room certainly was an opportunistic moment.

“Completely unacceptable!”

Jack threw his arms in the air, ducking them low enough so they wouldn’t hit the ceiling again. Sally sat forward and gave her boyfriend a curious look. What has him worked up this time?

“What happened?” She asked. Jack stopped his pacing to turn around and face her.

“Mickey introduced himself to the guests as the Pumpkin King!” He exclaimed. “Not only is that impersonation - it’s also degrading! I’ve spent 20 years working to earn my title and he tries to grab at it just because he’s the ‘Big Mouse’!”

The skeleton took a seat on the bed and frowned. The ragdoll leaned over to pat his back reassuringly. He looked up at her and saw the soft smile growing on her lips. He can’t help but to smile back at her. She always knew how to calm him down with that smile of hers.

“It’s okay, Jack, I’m sure he’s only doing it because it’s almost Halloween. You know how many guests come here dressed up like you.”

“-And none of them are close to horrifying!” He crossed his arms stubbornly. “I’ll tell you, Sal, sometimes I feel like people don’t take my position seriously.”

Sally suddenly scooted forward on the bed and wrapped her arms around his broad yet lean frame. She squeezes him momentarily, which earns a wide smile from Jack. He placed his large hands over hers and squeezed back. Oh, how he loved her hugs! Normally Sally only reached to just below his rib cage. It was rather nice to feel her arms around his chest now. He closed his eye sockets and let out a contempt hum.

Still! Mickey had no right to “borrow” his title, even if it was for Halloween! And just what was he implying with having Minnie serve as the “Pumpkin Queen”? He and Sally had already been used as a couples marketing tactic. He saw all the merchandise in the stores and the many, many pairs who dressed up like them. Surely this whole ordeal would only repeat itself unless he took action?

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“I was the sun and he was the moon
I was a desert and he was an island
I was war and he was peace
I was disaster and he was beauty
I was sorrow and he was happiness
I was death and he was life
He was my salvation, I was his d e s t r u c t i o n .” (insp.)

He’s not my boyfriend.
He can’t be.
He is so extraordinary. I can see the stars burning in his look.
My Doctor has shown me the whole universe. He usually saves the human race and people never will know it.
The Doctor is the best part of living. He is always hopeful. He’s genuine and he fights for the good.
The Doctor is a hero.

And I will defend him, at cost of my life.

Mickey can’t understand, but I don’t blame him.

The Doctor is like a star. When he is shining, everything around him is turning black.

And this is how I see him.
When I look at my Doctor, I see the light.
And I feel… better than ever.

By The Way, Know You've Always Been The One - Gallavich oneshot.

A/N: This is just a little something I had to get off my chest. Based on s6 spoilers. Warning: the ending is not happy. Title is taken from the song Hideaway by Karen O.

“Been a long time, Gallagher.”

“Yeah, three months.” The redhead responds, after putting the phone on his ear.

They stare at each other through the stained glass of the prison. Ian looks down. It takes a while after he decides to speak again.

“Sorry, I just…had a lot on my plate right now. Some stuff I had to figure out.”

Mickey is silent again, those blue eyes locked to Ian’s face like it would bore holes in it from the intensity.

“Don’t worry about it.” The brunet gets silent again, before asking: “you okay?”

It takes a few seconds for Ian to reply, but when he does, his voice is confident.

“Yeah. Yeah, I am, Mick.” He smiles a little.



They both laugh.

“You go first” Mickey says.

“It’s just I-I’ve been thinking since the last time I visited you here… about you. About us” He sighs. “You ever think of me, Mick?” The redhead looks at the other boy with a determined face, his eyes hopeful, but if you looked close enough, you could see the fear in them.

It takes a beat for Mickey to answer. Then he laughs. He laughs, but it’s humorless and doesn’t reach his eyes.

“If I think about you? Of cour-Fuck.” He sighs and looks so very tired and small. Ian wishes he could make Mickey smile like he had before. That kind of smile that made his eyes crinkle.

“I-I did something while you were gone. I thought you weren’t coming back, so I didn’t think I would ever have to show you this.” He pulls his shirt down to reveal the words written on the left side of his chest. Right over his heart.

Ian Galager

Mickey doesn’t say he did it because, since he thought he would never see Ian again, that the redhead had given up on them forever, he needed something to prove to him that it was all real. That it wasn’t all in his head, that he had had Ian once and they made each other happy, even if they were miserable half of the time.

“W-what?” Ian is speechless.

Mickey just looks down, his face falling and the shame beginning to creep on his chest.

“I just-I don’t, I’m sorry. But here’s your fucking answer.”

Ian just looks at him. After a while, he looks amused and even smiles a little.

“Who’s Ian Galager?” He asks.

Mickey looks annoyed.

“What the fuck, man? Are you doing this to embarrass me? You’re an asshole.”

Ian laughs. “Mick..”

“What?” The brunet asks, not looking the other boy in the face.

“Gallagher is spelled with two l’s” He says.

Mickey looks down at his chest. “No, it’s fucking not." 

Ian laughs again. Mickey can’t help but join because the redhead’s laugh is contagious and he looks so fucking beautiful when he laughs. 

No, Mickey can’t think like that. He has to do the right thing. Like he had planned. Before he can open his mouth, though, Ian is already speaking.

"I miss you.”


“Ian…Jesus. You can’t just-I don’t, Fuck.” Mickey runs a hand across his face. Then he looks at Ian and says what he has to. “I don’t want you to visit me anymore.”

Ian’s whole face falls.

“What do you mean?” He asks, his voice breaking.

And in that moment, Mickey almost changes his mind, almost allows himself to be selfish and tell Ian that he needs him, that he can’t go away. But he doesn’t.

“I mean…I’m gonna be here for years, Ian. I’m gonna be here and you’re gonna be there. You’ve so much ahead of you. You gotta…” Mickey struggles to say the rest. “You gotta move on and be happy. With somebody else.”

“No!” Ian says almost immediately. “I can’t do this. I want you, Mickey. I love you”.

Mickey’s heart sinks. Holy fuck. He can’t do this.

“I-I love you, too. But I have to do this. You can’t be trapped to me, Ian. You need to be happy.”

Ian stays silent for a while. Then, “is there anything I can say to make you change your mind?”

Mickey almost smiles at the irony of this situation. All Ian had to do was smile and he had almost begged him to wait for him. 

“No.” He lies.


Mickey swallow his tears.

"Hey, just do me a favor this time? Don’t date some fucking geriatric viagroid again, it’s gotta be bad for your health or something.” He says, but Ian doesn’t even smile.

With a sudden movement, Ian puts his hands on the glass. And suddenly, they are two young boys again, feeling such strong things, but unable to say it out of fear. 

This time, though, Mickey puts his hands over Ian’s.

“I’ve been taking my meds, Mick. I’ve been doing that for you” The redhead says desperately, full on crying now.

The sight is too painful.


“Time’s up, Milkovich.” A guard says.

Mickey takes one last look at the love of his life, trying so badly to memorize every single detail, before he stands up and walks away, ignoring Ian’s protest on the way back to his cell.

Only when he arrives there, does he allow himself to break down. 

He brings a hand over his chest, right where his tattoo is. He’s not sure if he’s trying to get some comfort from it or to take away the pain in his heart. Maybe both.

This was the right thing to do. But then, why does it feel like his world is ending?