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Robert: “This is where I come to masturbate.”

Gabe: “Let’s just get the job done.”

Finally finished my Dream Daddy x Overwatch Crossover fan art featuring the two edgiest dads from each game, Robert “Knife Dad” Small and Gabriel “Edgelord” Reyes!

Hope you like it!

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Our blonde dads aren’t too pleased…


This is the third and last part of my story Expecting. Thank you to the anon who requested it with so many details, it made it easier for me obviously. I’m sorry for it being so short. I know the end isn’t great as well but I wasn’t feeling well when I wrote it and I desperately needed to finish it. I hope you like it tho xx (I know that a lot of people don’t really like stories that involves kids and pregnancy stuff and to be completely honest, I don’t either but I’m still quite happy with this little story)

Part 1

Part 2

Joe smiled to himself as he finally climbed under the sheets next to his girlfriend. Y/N cuddled closer to him as he wrapped an arm around her and just as they were about to fall asleep, it was on again. And they both let out a sigh in frustration. “I’ll do it.” Joe offered as he lifted himself up but Y/N was already out of the bed. “No, it’s fine. It’s my turn.” His girlfriend smiled at him before stepping into the room where the crying was coming from. 

Y/N rubbed her tired eyes before bending to pick up her baby girl, Evie, in her arms and she started to move from side to side to sooth her down. As she tried to fight back a yawn, she felt a hand on the small of her back and Joe smiled up at her before picking up their baby boy, Harry. But despite the humming and the movements, they wouldn’t stop crying and they had already done everything they had to. Y/N sat down on the floor, her back against the wall as she was still holding Evie tightly and carefully against her chest and Joe did the same, the exhausting sound of the babies still echoing in the room. “I just want to sleep,for even just an hour.” Y/N said, just above a whisper as she leaned her head onto his shoulder. Joe softly kissed the top of her head before leaning his own against hers. “Me too.” Joe replied, brushing a thumb against Harry’s cheek.

The couple was exhausted and they hadn’t been sleeping very well ever since the babies were home. But they knew it would be hard and they had accepted it.

Joe lifted his head up as he heard some footsteps coming closer to the room and he frowned but his face softened as he watched Jack and Conor step into the room. And the siblings felt worried as they laid their eyes on their younger sister and their mate. The bags under their eyes were falling to the floor. Jack instantly kneeled down in front of his twin sister and brushed his fingers against her cheek. Y/N lifted her head up at the touch and smiled up at her brothers. “We came here to check on you.” Conor spoke up as he gently took Harry from Joe’s arms as he got up, fighting back a yawn. “And you both desperately need to sleep.” Jack continued as he repeated his brother’s actions, allowing Y/N to get up as well. Y/N kissed Jack’s cheek and then Conor’s as they both made their way to the living room to settle on the couch. “Thank you.” She said as the siblings all smiled at each other and Joe took Y/N’s hand to lead them both into their bedroom, quickly settling on their bed and falling asleep.

The brothers simply sat down on the couch, the babies in their arms. Jack was cuddling Evie and a smile grew on his lips. He loved taking care of his niece and she was so beautiful. Jack turned his head at the sound of Conor’s voice and his smile grew again. He watched his older brother sing to his nephew and soon enough, the twins were asleep, followed by the Maynard brothers.

Y/N blinked a few times before opening her eyes fully. She turned around and buried her face into Joe’s chest, his arm holding her tightly and he groaned. “Do you hear that?” She whispered, looking up to her lover whose eyes were still closed. “What?” He mumbled, half asleep. “Silence.” Y/N stated and a smile was forming on Joe’s lips as he pressed his lips on her forehead.

And a few minutes later, the couple was up and Y/N couldn’t help the smile as she watched her brothers both asleep on the couch, each holding their twins and she quickly snapped a picture. And Joe wrapped his arms around his girlfriend. “They make great uncles.” Joe admitted and Y/N simply hummed in agreement. She was glad to have her family by her side because she knew that she could count on them. Whenever. Wherever. And for whatever.


So I combined two request for this one, I hope you will enjoy! I just let this write itself as it came out of my mind, maybe you won’t like my humour but I think it is quite funny! 

WARNING : I know that waist of food isn’t something to laugh about and to make it really clear, it’s not what I’m doing here! And I have nothing against any girls named Emma here, I just had to came up with a name you know haha!

Y/N was worried. Worried because it had been about an hour since Jack had came home without even looking at her of their friends. He just walked past the living room, straight up to his bedroom. She wanted to go and see what was wrong with her twin immediately but if he was mad, she knew she had to wait. So she did. But still an hour later, he wasn’t here. And she was worried.

As Conor, Josh and Oli were all gathered on the couch with her, randomly talking about anything and everything. Y/N was staring at the ground, hesitant about knocking on his door and her older brother must have noticed. “What’s so fascinating about that floor?” He joked and everyone laughed. She looked up to him, an amused smile on her face by this comment. “Should I check out on him?” She asked and Conor glanced over his shoulder before looking back to her. “I think you should.” Conor replied, smiling and she instantly got up, almost running up towards the hallway and in front of the closed door of his room.

She knocked softly and she heard the muffled voices of him moving. “Can I come in?” Y/N asked and heard some sniffs which made her frown grew. “Go away.” Jack said, his voice barely audible and she sighed before pushing the door open slowly? She was surprised by what she saw, not that it had been the first time she has ever seen him like that but because she wasn’t expecting it. He was crying. As soon as he saw her, he turned his head, wiping his eyes because of course, it wasn’t manly to cry in front of others. Y/N didn’t know what to do so she stepped closer, sitting on the bed, facing him. Jack was looking down to his lap, avoiding her glance. She put a hand on his knee and this time, he looked up, eyes rimmed red. She hated this. And she gave him  a comforting smile as he opened his arms out for her to hug him, like an upset child would do towards his mother. She leaned in closer, wrapping her arms around her twin brother, letting all of his emotions out. Y/N simply rubbed his back, soothing him. “Tell me everything.” She ordered gently as she pulled away to look at him, wiping a few tears on his cheeks. He sighed and he looked down to his lap. “I was going out over to Emma’s and as I walked in, she was..” He stopped, looking up to his sister for her reaction, because he knew she would be pissed. “She what?” Y/N frowned, waiting for the rest of the explanation. “She was making out with someone else.” Jack blurred out and Y/N flinched. “She cheated on you?” She questioned but it sounded more like an affirmation, her voice growing slightly as the anger started to build up inside of her. Jack nodded shyly and Y/N instantly got up, tugging at his hand for him to follow which he did. 

He followed her through the hallway and the living room. The boys all snapped their heads to them as Y/N was putting a jacket and shoes on, leaving them confused. “Josh, Oli, you take care of him, without any teasing.” She ordered, pointing at the two and they exchanged a look. “Conor, you are coming with me.” She said as she grabbed the keys to their car, Conor looked a bit lost but he did so because he knew she had a plan. “Don’t worry, I’ll be right back with ice cream to play a game of Fifa.” She winked as she looked at Jack who smiled widely as he knew what she would do. “I’m waiting for you in the car.” She told Conor as she walked towards the front door. “And grab some eggs!” She yelled loud enough for him to hear. Conor laughed as he heard the crazy words coming from his sister’s mouth but still grabbed the eggs before climbing up in the car with her.

They drove for about 10 minutes before parking in front of a big house. “What the hell are you planning?” Conor asked, looking at her like she was nuts. “My revenge.” She smirked at him as she eyed Emma’s car and front door. “You don’t break my brother’s heart like that.” She smiled over at him again and his smile grew. Y/N took a few eggs and put them in her pockets as she let the rest down to Conor. “This family is absolutely mental.” Conor whispered to himself but it amused him so much to see her so determined. “Hey, you’re a part of it too.” The siblings both chuckled before Conor put the rest of the eggs in his own pockets. “Just let me do my thing but when I’ll talk to her, each time I’ll look over at you, you’ll throw an egg on her car.” She explained, pointing at the car facing their parked one. “And then what?” Conor laughed, shaking his head in amusement. “And then we drive off.” Y/N laughed with him. “Understood?” She asked, holding her fist to him. He looked at it first and then connected hers with his, high-fiving each other. “Hell yes.” Conor said before they both got out of the car, Conor simply facing the other car and waiting. Y/N walked up to the house, looking up to her bedroom window. The thing is that Emma used to be a friend of hers so she knew exactly the structure of her house. She took an egg out and threw it to the window where it shattered to pieces, leaving the liquid to stick onto it. And she threw another one. And another one. Y/N was actually good at throwing things. It didn’t took long for the girl to open her window. “Y/N? What the hell?” She yelled, throwing her hands up in the air.  “Get down here, you bitch!” Y/N snapped back, the anger floating back as soon as she saw her face. 

She watched as Emma pushed the window down and she walked towards the front door. Emma angrily opened the door and Y/N was trying her best to remain calm and not punch her in the face. “Oh, it’s been so long! How have you been?” Y/N said, faking the words coming out of her month and smirking proudly. Emma blinked up at her, confused. And then it was on. Y/N looked towards Conor and gave him a small nod. Conor quickly understood the message and threw an egg on the car. “Hey, stop!” Emma yelled, watching him. Y/N snapped her fingers in front of face and she looked back to her. “Okay so what’s his name?” Y/N asked and she looked so confident that it was actually impressive. “What are you talking about?” Emma said, crossing her arms. “The guy you cheated on Jack with. Come on, tell me.” Y/N replied, crossing her own arms. Emma opened her month to say something but it shut close. And Y/N nodded at Conor, who did the same action as before, admiring his sister’s confidence. “Now let me be clear.” Y/N started, taking a step closer and felt proud when Emma stepped back. “If I ever see you in a street or a club or whatever, you better not meet my glance because I swear to god, I will punch you so hard that your heard will fall down to the floor.” She continued, the hard stare still directed towards her as she looked into her eyes. “I warned you, Emma. I told you to not break his heart and twins have promises. Do not mess with my brother. And you did. You’re a defined bitch, I always thought that about you anyway.” She finished, smirking as she watched Conor threw the last ones on the car, smashing them everywhere. Y/N turned on her heels, walking back to her car as Emma was speechless. Conor snapped a picture of he had just done to her and climbed up into the car with his younger sister as they drove off.

The siblings entered the flat, laughing their heads off as they talked about what had just happened, a few shopping bags in their hands. They stepped into the living room to see Oli, Josh and Jack talking and laughing on the couch, watching some sports on the tv. She smiled as she watched her twin threw his head back in laughter at something that Oli had said. She really could count on Josh and Oli to make him feel better. She took a few things out of a bag and handed it to Jack who frowned. “Ice cream. Snacks. A good ol’ horror movie as we all like them.” She said as she put everything single thing down on the table one by one. “And last but not least, a memory card that you desperately needed to buy for tomorrow.” She finished and Jack had no words. She really knew him well. Jack got up and hugged her tight. “I love you so much.” He whispered in her ear. The ‘I love you’s from Jack were quite rare and it warmed Y/N’s heart when she heard him. “I know, I’m amazing.” She said, pulling away and he laughed. “Don’t go too far.” Jack joked and she hit his arm playfully. “Hey, I’ve helped too!” Conor exclaimed watching the both of them and Jack laughed before walking up to his brother and hugging him quickly. “Thank you, bro.” Jack said and Conor simply smiled at him. “Now, who’s ready to get their asses kicked?” The ginger tree exclaimed and Y/N ran up to the couch after taking her jacket off and sat between Oli and Jack. Conor, Jack, Y/N and Josh took the four controllers and left Oli with nothing as they turned the Xbox on. “Wait, why aren’t I playing?” Oli exclaimed, looking between the four of them. “Because you suck.” The four others replied all in sync and Oli protested, the boys starting to tease him about it. Jack leaned in close to her ear to speak. “What were you doing with eggs though?” He asked, frowning and Y/N smirked before exchanging a look with Conor. “Oh, that’s between Conor and I.” She admitted and ignored her twin’s rambling questions about it. It was only fair to say that Y/N was good at kicking asses and not only at Fifa.


My new Jack/Joseph vid.  :)

I deleted the video file so all I had was a default quality with some minor errors.  But I hope you enjoy anyways.

justlikeabaroness  asked:

Joseph Lasile/Jack Benjamin (you had to know I was going to ask for it), Graham Humbert/Emma Swan, and Bucky. Just Bucky.

Jack Benjamin/Joseph Lasile

It would be easy to admit to himself that the reason he told Joseph he no longer wanted to see him was for his own benefit, so that his eventual ascension to throne and crown would be sealed; really, he tells Joseph he doesn’t wish to see him because he can no longer bear keeping him in the shadows, seeing Joseph’s eyes filled with the hurt that he is so willing to accept for the sake of his love.

Graham Humbert/Emma Swan

Emma tells herself that she’s a realist, that when someone is dead that they are gone, never to be seen again with the exception of in one’s mind and heart; she never believed in fairy tales, but if it meant that Graham might come back she would.

Bucky Barnes

In a box which he thinks he has cleverly hidden under his bed at the orphanage, Bucky keeps a stack of letters, all but one unopened, some of the envelopes faded yellow from time and neglect; the only one opened is scrawled in the hand of a little girl, slanted across the page, declaring how much she misses her big brother.

5 sentence AU meme | Jack Benjamin/Joseph Lasile [office setting] requested by redmargret

It had been many hours since the offices of Benjamin Enterprises had officially closed for the day. Silas Benjamin, the founder and president had left promptly at six o’clock, as he had done every day for the previous fifteen years, the second to last to always leave the building. The last, for the past five years, had been his son, vice president Jack Benjamin, whose body was bowed over his desk, working diligently on reports given to him a few hours ago by his father’s leggy assistant.

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